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2 The Calvert County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019

North Beach VFD President Matt Weber and Chief Chris Mills pose in front of Company 1.



North Beach prepares for a busy summer




Showing off the winning Dragon Boat trophy Migratory bird season proposed






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Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Calvert County Times Local News 3

Health Officer Gives County a Checkup

the damage to the prefrontal cortex • Dopamine responses are more
and the more permanent the effects explosive.
on emotional resiliency. • It is a period of greater emotional
• Social and Mental Health Impacts on insecurity.
Addiction A copy of Dr. Polsky’s full presen-
• Desires to fit in with peers also de- tation including the county’s April
creases PFC (prefrontal cortex) 30 Opioid Report are available on the
activity. county website.
• All these factors are particularly
problematic in adolescence since:
• The PFC has only partially matured.

By Dick Myers So, what’s going on. The best scien-

Editor tific evidence, Polsky said, was that ad-
diction was about 50-50 genetics and Southern Maryland Oils
Calvert County Health Officer Dr. environment. He said, “Approximately
Larry Polsky has put his stethoscope up 100 genes have been identified to thus Healthy Living with CBD Oil
to the heartbeat of Calvert County and point that influence susceptibility to OVERALL HEALTH
proclaimed things looking pretty god addiction.” Highest Quality BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS
but with still some lingering, persistent “A Psychoactive substance has one JOINT DISCOMFORT
and serious health issues. or more specific receptors that it binds Hemp-Derived SLEEPLESSNESS
The health officer visited the Calvert to in our brains,” he said, adding that CBD Oil Available! DIGESTION/IMMUNE
County Board of County Commission- “each drug attaches to its own brain ENERGY LEVELS

ers sitting as the county board of health, receptors.” Pure. Potent. Effective. STABLE MOODS

for his semi-annual report to them on All addictive substances have a com- NON-GMO & ORGANIC
June 11. The pretty good prognosis mon pathway to produce pleasure. With 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
comes from the Robert Wood Founda- increased drug use, natural activities
tion which ranked Calvert fifth healthi- that produce pleasure are reduced and
est in the state. But he said Calvert still only that drug activity will work. Then
has problems with obesity and overdose damage from drug use to the prefrontal
deaths. cortex (PFC) reduces one’s ability to • 301-481-6697 Now at SOF Market
Polsky spent a lot of time talking “male conscious deliberation prior to CBD Spirit
about the causes and effects of opi- action,” Polsky explained.
oid abuse. But to put the problem in Polsky said. “A partial list of what we
perspective, he reported that of the 52
deaths in 2017 for those 17 and under,
motor vehicle and fire deaths by far led
need to better understand,” includes:
• Genetic underpinning of addiction
and mental health conditions
Bowen's Grocery
Family Owned & Operated Since 1929
the way. Only two, or 3.8 percent were • Intersection of mental health and
drug related. drug dependence The Charm and Quality of the Past with the Convenience and Variety of Today
He said in Calvert the number of drug • Better methods of treating acute and USDA Choice Beef
overdoses declined from 2017 to 2018, chronic pain
but the number of fatal overdoses re- • Policies that decrease the potential of “Our Own” Freshly Ground Chuck
mained about the same, 29 versus 27. people turning to drugs (early child-
hood development) and support re- “Our Own” Frozen Hamburger Patties
The demographics know no age bar-
rier, but for those in the 18-24 range, the covery efforts Steaks • Roasting Pigs
nationwide number of overdose deaths • The societal and mental health im-
pacts of addiction include: Boar's Head Deli Meats & Cheeses
has remained steady in recent years,
while the numbers for upper ages, such • Chronic stress (adrenal glands) and FULL LINE OF GROCERIES, MEATS, PRODUCE
anxiety (amygdala) inhibit dopamine
35-44 and 45-54 continue to climb.
Also, nationwide, the number of
deaths from heroin and natural opioids
release and disrupt prefrontal cortex
function, e.g., the ability to assess
Fresh Maryland
have levelled but the number of deaths
from synthetic opioids have soared.
risks resulting from behaviors.
• The earlier in life, the more profound
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4 Local News The Calvert County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019

CELEBRATE FATHER’S DAY Studies Show Declining

Wentworth Nursery Creek Water Quality

By Dick Myers A scale was show where the years

Fire Pit Kit Big green egg Editor 2017 and 2018 were compared to all of
the other years since 1987. Oxygen algae
Based on the most recent studies of and bloom levels were compared. They
water quality in Calvert County creeks show the two years were the second and
by researchers from the Chesapeake Bi- third worst for oxygen levels being low.
ological Lab (CBL) in Solomons, there For algae the levels are in the middle
has been a decline in that water quality. range of the scale and algae blooms are
Reports for studies done in 2017 and in the poor range.
Get A$10000 Get A$5000 2018 were pre-
Gift Certificate Gift Certificate sented to the
Block Only Calvert County
Only 58988
with Large or
with Small or
Medium Board of Coun-
ty Commission-
Poly AdirondAcK chAirs ers (BOCC)
at their June 4
A memo from
Rhododendron Knockout Roses the county’s en-
Special Special vironmental
Order Your 3 gal Size 3 gal Size planner Will
Color Today Reg $49.99 each ONLY Hager reported,
BUY 4 for 150
$ “The long-term
27 88
ea. trend for the
Poly BAr height PuB Hibiscus Rose Bloom Struck most important
chAirs & tABle of Sharon water qual-
ity parameters
(chlorophyll-a Map of Solomons Harbor showing the testing locations.
and dissolved
oxygen) in the The worst year on record for low dis-
Mill Creek system shows a negative solved oxygen was 2003, which was a
trend, but the decline is very slow. Over- record for rainfall. Infusions of fresh wa-
5 Off
$ 00
$ 00
Any Endless
all water quality in terms of chlorophyll- ter lower oxygen levels for sea life that
Any Proven
Order Today
Winner® Summer® a and bottom water oxygen was worse in thrive on the salinity of our creeks.
All Colors
Shrub Hydrangea 2017 and 2018 compared to recent years, The Solomons Harbor creeks annu-
but the cause is currently uncertain.” ally tested are Mill, Back and St. John’s
Now ScheduliNg For Summer iNStallatioN Studies of Solomons Harbor have creeks.
been conducted since 1987 but have Rain is a factor in the findings, Dr,
call today to Schedule aN eStimate 800-451-1427 been extended to other county creeks in Harris reported. “In Solomons Harbor
recent years. The studies were originally we see this connection between whether
conducted by legendary CBL scientist there was a lot of rain or not and how
Dr. Walter Boynton, who is now retired. that impacts the response of the system,”
They have been taken over by Dr. Lora she said. For instance, 2018 was wet but
Harris and Dr. Jeremy Testa. Dr. Har- most of that occurred later than normal,
ris gave the findings summary to the in July.
Fountain Sale commissioners. “You’ll see that 2018 responded in
Harris said the monitoring program a way we might expect when there’s a
Enjoy the soothing sounds of water in your garden. was intended “to take the heartbeat of lot of rain pushing groundwater from
Choose from Massarelli, Athens, Henri & more. what was happening from the watershed the septics and run off from the water-
Pick up the coupon at o
Over 25 running fountains to choose from. side in the very closest tidal waters that shed into the system to encourage algae
SAVE 50 $ 00
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100 00
Any Fountain Priced
connected our county to the bay. And blooms,” she noted.
so, these are places like Island creek,
and get a $25 per tree
time of purchase of any
The cost of the sampling program Tree priced at $75 or
$150 to $350 Over to $399 St. Leonard Creek, Hunting Creek, Hall in 2017 was $24,095 and in 2018 was IN REQU
creek, places that we all probably go $32,771.
*There is a list of qualify

From Our Project Yard boating or kayaking or fishing.” According to the memo from Hager,
She said the word “nutrification” is “The report’s propose that Calvert Coun-
on thetrees.marylan

used to describe some of the problems ty take several actions: continue water
plaguing the water quality of the Ches- quality monitoring; continue to support
apeake Bay and its tributaries. “That and implement sewer upgrades; installa-
means that we have an excess of nutri- tion of enhanced nitrogen removal septic
ents that cause a lot of blooms of algae. systems; and riparian and other vegeta-
And when those blooms of algae happen, tive buffer zones; encouraging the use of
Colonial Gray & Edge Stone 6”x 8”x 2” Shredded Hardwood we have all kinds of side effects. So, a the pump-out facilities by boaters; and
Natural Stone Pallets $ 88 each Edge way to think about this is that as a doc- continue to support environmental edu-
Only 1
piece your Mulch
tor in estuarine biology, I would give a cation. It is recommended that the Board
298 88
When you buy 2 or more pallets Only 3
Only ea. $ 76 per gardens bags for
$ 50
foot easily! 10 37 diagnosis of a disease to the Chesapeake of County Commissioners consider
Bay of nutrification and the symptoms these actions and implement the Calvert
Wentworth Nursery that the bay is experiencing have to do WIP (Waterway Improvement Plan) to
Prices Good Thru
June 25th, 2019
with low dissolved oxygen, lots of phy- the maximum extent practicable, focus-
toplankton blooms, a loss of a lot of light ing on practices and locations where ef-
Charlotte Hall Prince Frederick Oakville
30315 Three Notch Rd, 1700 Solomon’s Island Rd, 5 minutes North of Hollywood
Charlotte Hall 20622 Prince Frederick 20678 41170 Oakville Road
Mechanicsville 20659
through the water columns so that we fectiveness would be the greatest.”
lose our sea grasses and a whole host of
301-884-5292 410-535-3664
800-558-5292 1-866-535-3664 301-373-9245 • 800-451-1427

SPRING Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8-7, Sat. 8-6, Sun. 9-6 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30-6, Sat. 7:30-5 other issues.”
Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Calvert County Times Local News 5

North Beach Prepares

for a Big Summer

North Beach waterfront

By Dick Myers for town businesspeople this spring. 12 pm The Bootleggers

Editor Councilwoman Gwen Schiada reported
that about a dozen town business people 2 pm HydraFX
If Memorial Day weekend is any in-
dication, this will be a smash summer
for North Beach. The North Beach Town
Dubbed Let’s Talk Business, accord-
ing to a report from Schiada, “The event
JUNE 4 pm Outside the Wire
Council was informed at their June 6 was designed based on business recom-
meeting that the number of visitors to
the town waterfront jumped from 1,820
mendations from the first summit. They
requested access and connection to re-
to 4,528, almost a three-fold increase. sources to support their businesses. “
The number of town residents at the The event featured a panel with Bob
waterfront remained about the same: 516 Carpenter, Calvert County Chamber
versus 455 last year. That brought the to- of Commerce; Hillary Dailey, Calvert
tal for the 2019 weekend to more than County Tourism; Danita Boonchaisri,
5,000. Calvert County Department of Econom- VENDORS
The statistics were included in a writ- ic Development; Veronica Owens, North
ten report to the council from Water- Beach Circuit Rider and Lisa Garrett,
front Manager Richard Ball. Visitors North Beach Director of Eco-Tourism. CHILDREN'S
were from all over, with Prince George’s A number of actions were recom-
County leading the pack followed by mended out of the summit and follow-up ACTIVITIES
Charles County. is planned.
The town is also making a splash in Also, in anticipation of increased foot
places other than at its beach. A crew traffic in town for the summer, the Twin
from a TV show call Nu Day Cleveland,
which is on a Fox TV affiliate, spent two
Beaches Patrol of the Calvert County
Sheriff’s Office is planning enhanced Noon—6 pm HOPS TO IT!
days in the area filming a segment that enforcement of motorists obeying the
will air later this month. crosswalk regulations. The enforcement Tickets: Eventbrite - Historic St. Mary's City BeerFest
Also, Fox 5 DC will be coming to town will begin with warnings and an educa- 47414 State House Road, St. Mary's City, Maryland / 240-895-4960
on July 5 to do live reports from the wa- tion campaign that also will include in- / @Historic St. Mary's City BeerFest
terfront as part of their regular Zip Trip forming walkers to use the crosswalks
series, according to the town marketing and to look before crossing and not just Hosted by Historic St. Mary's City Foundation
coordinator Dawn Richardson. dart out into traffic.
In preparation for the tourist sea-
son, the town’s Economic Development
Committee hosted a follow-up summit Proceeds support HSMC programs and research
6 Local News The Calvert County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019

Bernie Fowler Wades In for 32nd Time

Rep. Steny Hoyer takes Bernie Fowler’s measure Master of Ceremonies Greg Bowen
The 2019 wade in
after the wade in

By Dick Myers senting Calvert and St. Mary’s counties. one who hears about it: “What it tells to II veteran and advocate for the veteran’s
Editor At this year’s annual wade in at Jef- them is that we need to be concerned. community, with a framed display of
ferson Patterson Park and Museum, on We need to be cognizant of the impact the stamp issued in commemoration of
He walked out to a depth of almost four a cool, dreary day for this time of year, that we have on a daily basis,” not just the 75th anniversary of the Normandy
feet before he lost sight of his sneakers. Fowler once again thanked those who on the Patuxent, but on our environment, invasion.
It’s known as Bernie Fowler’s “sneaker joined him in his crusade to save the “on what God has given us to keep and Three of the Calvert County commis-
index” and for 32 years he has been wad- river and “their determination to never preserve.” sioners, President Tim Hutchins, Steve
ing into the Patuxent River with his fam- give up.” “We’re not nearly so connected to the Weems and Buddy Hance were in atten-
ily and friends to gauge the clarity of his Congressman Steny Hoyer, who lives land as they were when I was a kid and dance. Hutchins noted Fowler’s support
beloved river by seeing how far he can on the river on the St. Mary’s side, noted certainly when Bernie was a kid just a for preservation efforts on the Port To-
go and still see his sneakers. He remem- that Bernie’s sneaker index is admittedly few years before,” said Master of Cer- bacco River while Hutchins was a del-
bers as a child on Broome’s Island how an unscientific gauge, with water clarity emonies Greg Bowen, who worked for egate from that county.
clear the river was and how far he could varying depending upon existing weath- 32 years in Calvert’s planning depart- Director of the Morgan State Univer-
walk using that tried and true measure. er conditions, such as the amount of ment, including a stint as director, and sity Patuxent Environmental and Aquat-
Fowler is a former Calvert County rain. But he also noted about the aware- now heads the American Chestnut Land ic Research Laboratory (PEARL) Scott
commissioner and state senator repre- ness that the wade in conveys to every- Trust. Knoche also spoke. The lab is a neighbor
Bowen added, “We don’t know where of Jefferson Patterson Park. He talked
our food comes from. We don’t know of the oyster restoration successes in one
where the fiber comes from. We don’t
Sell it - Buy it get out there in the winter. Now we’re
out there on the waterways and that’s a
Eastern Shore river and how that could
lead to a doubling of the number of crabs
there by improving their habitat.
problem because we don’t do so much to
at protect it.”
Bowen said although the trust has
The attendees were entertained by
Calvert County environmental educator
Gayle Bylan, who played a recording of
concentrated on the Chesapeake Bay her students singing “The Oyster is Our
side of Calvert, this year they have ad- Friend.” She handed out the lyrics and
Real Estate │ Business & Inventory │ Personal Property/Estates opted two Patuxent tributaries, Hunting everyone sang along.
│ Farm Equipment & Machinery │ Livestock │ Storage Units │ and St. Leonard creeks. “We are start- Congressman Hoyer in his talk noted
Benefits/Fundraisers │ Certified Personal Property Appraiser ing in those watersheds to encourage the absence for the first time in the wade
EXCITING FUN ● FAST ● EFFICIENT ● people both to get out there and appreci- in’s 32 years of Bernie Fowler’s beloved
EXCITING ate it and also to be stewards for those wife Betty, who passed away since the
watersheds.” 2018 wade in. He said Betty was a part-
Large Multi-Estates Public Auction The trust is doing paddle out events in ner to Bernie and a friend to this who
July in Hunting Creek and August in St. attended the event. “Lord, we thank you
Leonard Creek for the public. for giving us Betty for the years that you
2010 Hyundai Tucson (approx. 47,000 miles); Tiger Oak Player Piano (Nice!); Acting director of the wade in’s host did, and we thank you for giving us Ber-
Oak Hall Tree; Roseville; Vintage Oak Ice Box; Wicker Patio Furniture; Tiger Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum nie Fowler,” Hoyer said.
Oak Buffet/Side Board; Sumphonion Music Box; Butcher Block Kitchen Rachelle Green said, “It was this event Fowler said his wife always lived by
Island; Noratake China; Hummel Collection; Gustav Becker Wall Clocks & that inspired me to seek out new oppor- the motto of “faith, hope and love,” and
Others; Flat Screen TVs; Pepsi-Cola & other Advertising Signs/Items; John tunities for Jefferson Patterson Park to she passed that on to everyone she met.
Deere Pedal Tractor; Dining, Bedroom & Living Room Furniture; Tools; further our environmental education of- He quoted FDR in saying the world
Antiques/Collectibles; Much More! ferings.” She said that led to partnering would be a better place if everyone be-
with the Maryland Humanities Coun- lieved in God.
cil, Smithsonian institution and Calvert Conceding the successes on the Patux-
Saturday, June 15th & 4 pm County in a new exhibit called H2O. ent River over his 32 years of wading in
Westfield Farm Arena “Not only is this on display here in it, Fowler concluded with the message:
26689 Laurel Grove Rd - Mechanicsville, MD Calvert County, but this exhibit is na- “we have to do better,”
tionwide. Our event is getting publicity And then he and everyone there fol-
all across the country from our small lowed Fowler down the riverbank to the
county here in Southern Maryland. And, Patuxent shoreline for the wade in. After
Senator Fowler also graciously donated a returning to shore, Hoyer measured the
A Southern Maryland Professional Auction Company pair of his sneakers to help our exhibits,” watermark on Fowler’s overalls and it
she said. showed 47 inches, 10 inches better than
She added that in visiting the exhibit last year but no better than some previ- “together we will continue to inspire fu- ous years.
ture generations of Marylanders to pre-
301.904.3402 serve and protect our aquatic resources.”
Hoyer presented Fowler, a World War
Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Calvert County Times Local News 7

Solomons Deemed Waterway Improvement

State’s Most Authentic Fund Awards $13.5 Million
Two Chesapeake Beach Projects Make List
By Dick Myers

The state of Maryland has ranked Sol-

omons Island as the Number One place
to visit to experience “Authentic Mary-
land.” Solomons made the top of a list
of 20 plus locations to find authenticity.
Historic St. Mary’s City, at Number Picture of Drum Point lighthouse that
12, was the only other Southern Mary- accompanied the Visit Maryland ranking for
land location to make the list, although Solomons. Photo courtesy of Calvert Marine
it does mention Blue Crabs stadium
in Waldorf as one of the state’s classic 9. National Harbor
ballparks. 10. St. Michaels
The website Visit Maryland says this 11. Maryland Crab
about Solomons Island: “Positioned 12. Historic St. Mary’s City
where the Patuxent River meets the 13. Horse Racing: The Sport of Kings
Chesapeake Bay, Solomons Island is the 14. Annapolis
perfect launching point for a day on the 15. World-Class Art Museums
Bay. Stroll the Riverwalk or set sail for a The Maryland Department of Natural Included in the list of projects were
16. Classic Ballparks
day of Chesapeake fishing or a leisurely Resources is providing $13.5 million in two n Chesapeake Beach: $160,000 for
17. Scenic Byways
cruise. The kids will love seeing ancient Waterway Improvement Fund grants in maintenance dredging in Fishing Creek
18. Antietam National Battlefield
fossils at the  Calvert Marine Museum, Fiscal Year 2020 to enhance and im- and $80,000 for repairs to access piers at
19. Harriet Tubman Underground
and you can   finish off a fabulous day prove public boating access, facilities, town boat ramp
with dinner on the waterfront. “ and navigation throughout the state. “Maryland is committed to expanding
20. Havre de Grace
The other 20 plus Authentic Maryland This funding will go toward 58 proj- boating opportunities so that our citi-
21. Lacrosse in Maryland
locations are: ects in 16 counties, including grants for zens and visitors can appreciate all that
As you can see some on the list aren’t
2. Ocean City statewide projects and emergency needs our waterways have to offer,” Maryland
really specific places and others are
3. Fort McHenry such as ice-breaking. Projects include Secretary of Natural Resources Jeannie
more generic, but the state hopes you get
4. Assateague Island new public boating access, amenities, Haddaway-Riccio said. “These grants
the point anyway.
5. Rocks State Park and facilities; dredging of navigable wa- will enhance safety, improve access, and
6. C&O Canal terways; emergency vessels and equip- maximize enjoyment for all boaters.”
7. Baltimore Harbor ment for local first responders; and other
8. Adventure Sports Center International important infrastructure and initiatives. Press Release from MD DNR

Kirwan Commission Funding Workgroup Formed

Senate President Thomas V. Mike Mill- within each Kirwan Commission policy and Former Vice Chair of the Senate • Monique Davis, Assistant Superinten-
er, Jr. and House Speaker Adrienne A. recommendation Budget & Tax Committee dent for Anne Arundel County Public
Jones today announced membership of the   “As a member of the Kirwan Com- • Dr. Alvin Thornton, Chair of the Prince Schools and former Deputy Superinten-
Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Funding mission for the past two years, we cannot George’s County Board of Education dent for Prince George’s County Public
Formula Workgroup. Today’s announce- underestimate the impact that implementa- • Delegate Maggie McIntosh, Chair of the Schools
ment is a result of a request from the pre- tion of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future House Appropriations Committee • Budget Secretary David Brinkley, Ap-
siding officers to the Commission on In- will have on the children of the State,” said • Senator Bill Ferguson, Vice Chair of the pointee for Governor Larry Hogan
novation and Excellence in Education that Speaker Jones. “We have a solid set of pol- Senate Budget & Tax Committee  The Funding Formula Workgroup will
a special workgroup determine funding icy recommendations and we are asking • Eloise Foster, Former Maryland State make recommendations to the full Kir-
formula decisions before the 2020 legisla- this esteemed group to work out the details Budget Secretary wan Commission by November 1, 2019 for
tive session. for funding before the next legislative ses- • Cheryl Pasteur, Former Principal and approval.
  “I am grateful that leaders from the sion. The law that we passed this year is member of the Baltimore County Board
of Education Press Release
executive branch, the legislative branch, an important step forward but we need full
and leaders in the education and non-profit implementation to ensure our students are

world are committed to finding a path competitive nationally and globally.”
forward on this monumental task,” stated The members of the Workgroup
Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, include:
Jr. “The steps the legislature took in April • William E. “Brit” Kirwan, Chair of the
will add over $1 billion into our K-12 edu- Kirwan Commission, Former Chancel-
cation system and only by working togeth- lor of the University System of Maryland
er will we be able to further these achieve- • Harford County Executive Barry
ments over the next year.” Glassman
 The Workgroup will: • Former Chair of the Senate Educa-
Make recommendations for the distribu- tion, Health and Environmental Af-
tion of funds recommended by program- fairs Committee, Senator Joan Carter
matic area included for recommendation
of the Kirwan Commission policy report
• Matt Gallagher, President of the Gold- LOCAL COMMUNITY NEWS
by the LEA and State/local cost share seker Foundation and Former Chief of SERVING CALVERT COUNTY
Prioritize order of funding for program- Staff to Maryland Governor
• Sean Johnson,  Assistant Executive Di-
matic recommendation of the Kirwan ON NEWSSTANDS EVERY
rector of the Maryland State Educators
Commission policy report
Make recommendations for specif-
ic funding formulas for ongoing costs
• Richard Madaleno, Montgomery Coun-
ty Director of Management & Budget
County Times St. Mary’s County ● Calvert County
8 Cops & Courts The Calvert County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019

Suspect Arrested in St. Leonard House Fire

Safeway Armed Robbery Under Investigation
On June 05, 2019 at 5:20 AM, depu-
ties of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Of-
fice responded to the Safeway gas pumps
on West Dares Beach Road for the report
of an armed robbery.
The adult victim was in the process
of pumping his gas when he was ap-
proached by a man with a handgun. The
victim was assaulted, and the suspect
attempted to place the victim in hand-
cuffs. The handcuffing of the man was
thwarted by a brave Calvert County citi-
zen who confronted the man and threat-
ened to call the police. The victim was
robbed of his wallet and the suspect fled
in a vehicle. Dante D’Anjel Tyler
Detectives of the Calvert County
Criminal Investigations Bureau assumed The suspect has been identified as
the investigation and quickly identified Dante D’Anjael Tyler of Hyattsville,
the vehicle involved. The detectives ini- Maryland. He is in custody and faces
tiated a multi-jurisdictional search that numerous charges to include Armed
led to the arrest of the suspect by Mary- Robbery, Assault in the First Degree, Photo courtesy of Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire Department
land Transportation Authority Police as and various felony handgun possession
he attempted to cross the Bay Bridge charges. By Guy Leonard fire companies, two adults and one dog
around 1:20 AM the following morning. Anyone who has any further informa- Staff Writer were displaced as a result of the fire.
Calvert County Detectives learned of tion about these cases is encouraged to There were no injuries as a result of
call Detective Yates at 410 535 2800 ext. Units from the St. Leonard and Prince the fire, fire companies reported.
numerous similar armed robberies oc-
2151. Frederick volunteer fire companies re- The Maryland State Fire Marshals Of-
curring throughout the DMV area on
sponded to a house fire on Turkey Foot fice is investigating the cause of the fire.
June 05, 2019 and contributed their ef-
Calvert Sheriffs Office Press Release Road in early morning hours of June 8.
forts to help identify the suspect in all
According to reports from responding
cases for the surrounding jurisdictions.

Taylor Gas Company offers full service installation and repair for a
breadth of propane related systems.
The customer is our top priority here at Taylor Gas. We provide 24 hour
emergency service and deliveries to the Sourthern Maryland area.
Combining extensive training with 68 years of on-the-job experience,
you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best service available.
Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Calvert County Times In Our Community 9

Dragon Boat Race Goes to Alternate Plan

Change Forced by Windy Weather
By Dick Myers line. The unique event prompted End Hunger -- $7,000. Awards
Editor spirited competition throughout were also handed out for the next
the day and something different five place finishers and for other
The winds and choppy Chesa- for spectators to watch and cheer categories.
peake Bay on Saturday, June 8 on. All monies raised will be used
forced organizers of the Annual After 30 races the victors, to help feed the hungry in Calvert SOLDIER JUST GOT BETTER
End Hunger in Calvert County decked out in bright orange tee County, not only the unemployed Farmers Insurance believes that your courage and
Dragon Boat Races in North shirts and with matching hairdos, but the working poor. End Hun- service to our nation should be rewarded. That’s why
Beach to a Plan B for the safety of were the Dragon Boat Z team, ger warehouses the food and it’s we offer special preferred rates for soldiers. Your
the participants.
bravery is appreciated! Contact a local Farmers agent
sponsored by Geico, with a crew distributed by 72 partners. The to start saving today.
The boats, instead of being largely from Chesapeake Church non-profit organization is also
filled each by one team, had in Huntingtown. They bested the beginning a fundraising cam- Call today for the savings you deserve!
split teams front and back. The Dirty Oars team. paign to build a new, much larger 301.842.7587
boats were lined up parallel to The Dragon Boat Z team posed warehouse next to Chesapeake Riverside Farmers Insurance
the shoreline in a protected area at the awards ceremony along Church, whose pastor Rev. Robert Your Local Agent
along the boardwalk. When the with their large trophy. During Hahn was End Hunger’s founder. 22888 THREE NOTCH RD STE 301

starting gun sounded the two the ceremony a team from Nep-
teams did a modified tug of war tune’s Seafood Pub was honored

to see which could turn the boat for raising the most money for
around and head for the finish

Prompt, Personalized, Professional


25741 Three Notch Rd. • Hollywood MD

The Dragon Board Z team poses with their winning trophy.

HAVE AN EXTREME RODENT PROBLEM? We have an experienced extermination
trio for adoption! May we introduce Grayson, Crush, and Tuna. They are a part of
Linda’s Working Cat Program, meaning they are an eco-friendly, non-toxic pest
control! Although they are not suitable for the typical home environment, they
would make wonderful working cats! With the beautiful weather we have been
having, these guys are ready to be back outside! If you are interested in adopting
a single Working Cat, or possibly a trio, please contact us here at the shelter. This
trio has been neutered and are up to date on vaccines! Since they are our pets of
the week their adoption fee will be waived for qualified adopters!
The Linda L. Kelley Animal Shelter is located at 5055 Hallowing Point Road in
Prince Frederick. We are open for adoptions Tuesday through Saturday. For more
information about this week’s Pet of the Week or any of
our other adoptable pets please check out our website or give us a call at
410-535-PETS (7387). Please follow us on our Facebook
Page @ Calvert County Animal Shelter and Instagram
@ CalvertCountyAnimalShelter.

Dragon Boat Z (in orange) and Dirty Oars (in red) fight it out for the champion’s trophy.
10 The Calvert County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019
Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Calvert County Times In Our Community 11

CalvertHealth Holds 10 Reasons Why You

Annual Awards Banquet Should Use a Travel Agent
As a travel professional, I am of- will spend planning and manag-
ten asked why should use a Travel ing your dream vacation. Always
Agent? It is no wonder that the con- ask the travel profession what they
sumer is confused because of the charge because some fees may vary
overwhelming number of sources be agent.
for travel information on the internet #7 The Extras – A travel agent will
that has turned into a huge search plan every detail including transfers,
engine optimization and paid-for flights, excursions and they also of-
listings. Perhaps, the increased ac- fer travel insurance to protect your
cess to online travel and vacation vacation investment.
information has made the role of a
Travel Agent more important than #8 Personalized Service – You have
ever. access to your travel agent via direct
line, email, and text. If you cannot
USA Today reported that “travel get in touch with them immediately
agents are more than just agents; by telephone, they will return your
they are advocates for the trav- call and you always talk to the same
eler.” It only makes sense to use a person. You will not be frustrated by
trained professional to plan your calling a “1-800” number and speak-
vacation, honeymoon or wedding. ing to a total stranger.
They are just like any other profes-
sional service you may need. You #9 Problem Solvers on your Side –
would not attempt to “do it yourself” Problems can arise on your vacation.
if you needed a lawyer, accountant If you plan your vacation on your
or electrician. Unlike other profes- own and you have any issues, you
CalvertHealth President and CEO Dean Teague with Helen Marcellas. Marcellas began sional services, a travel professional are left to take care of them. If you
at CalvertHealth in 1942 and is credited with bringing the first blood delivery and X-ray is your personal planner and their work with a travel professional and
equipment, among other advancements, to Calvert County. personalized services are FREE to your flight is late, you miss the ship,
you because the supplier pays them or any other emergency arises, your
At the 44th Annual Employee Awards others. Hedderich, who joined Calver- commission. travel agent knows who to call and
Banquet held recently , top awards for tHealth in 2015, was recognized for her what to do to solve these problems.
10 Reasons Why You Should Use a This is a part of their services to you
service and leadership, as well as a nod contributions to providing a safer envi-
Travel Agent so travel agents are a powerful advo-
to the hospital’s longevity, culminated ronment for patients as well as demon-
in a “Cheers to 100 Years” themed strating excellent leadership skills. Six #1 Knowledge – Travel agents are cate on your side. Should you need
celebration. other leaders were also nominated. They experts because they are continually to file an insurance claim for any
In his opening remarks, President and are Jessica Barker, Jennifer Beall, Greg engaged in new training as they at- part of your vacation, they will initi-
CEO Dean Teague commented on the Matthews, Shelley Morgan, Rich Pel- tend webinars & conferences, gain ate that process.
hospital’s more than 100-year history, legrino and Bobbie Vess. certifications on a regular basis. #10 A Long-Term Travel Partner-
“As we face an unprecedented transfor- The program, held at the Rod ‘N’ Reel Much of their travel is for education- ship – When you work with your
mation in healthcare – I am proud of our Resort, also celebrated years of service. al purposes and not pleasure as you travel agent, over time, you will
workforce and your ability to change, In all, 158 employees were honored for might think. develop a true partnership. As you
adapt, and embrace the future. The hos- their combined 2,205 years of service to #2 Best Prices & Offers – They develop a trusted relationship with
pital was formed because of the vision of CalvertHealth. This includes nine retir- have access to dozens of booking them you will find that they are able
four physicians – and 100 years later, we ees who together contributed 235 years. engines that are exclusive to travel to know your preferences and target
choose to carry on their legacy, adapting The top service award went to Marilyn agents and they know where to find the right vacation or cruise for you
to our community’s needs – while pro- Montgomery for 45 years of service. the best prices, latest offers, addi- without even having a conversation.
viding exceptional care.” In honor of the hospital’s 100th Anni- tional credits and upgrades. Honestly, a phone call, text or email
Emergency Department Charge versary, Teague also recognized several to them could result in your next va-
Nurse Chad Lankford and Food Service individuals who’ve had a significant im- #4 They know first – They know
first about a new resort, cruise ship, cation - already planned. 
Worker Crystal “Chrissy” Johnson were pact on the hospital’s growth. Marine
named Co-Employees of the Year at the Thomas retired from CalvertHealth in tour or an itinerary. How to find a good Travel Agent?
annual awards banquet. Lankford joined 1995. She was honored in 1975 at the #5 Save Money & Time – Not only Begin your search is by asking your
CalvertHealth in 1995 and is a skilled very first employee awards banquet, also do they save you money in most friends, neighbors or coworkers who
clinician known for building a great rap- held at the Rod ‘N’ Reel. Helen Marcel- cases, but they save you time! The they would recommend. Perhaps the
port with colleagues and patients alike. las, who celebrated her 99th birthday in average trip will take you at least 5 best way is by using Google Busi-
Johnson, who joined the CalvertHealth March, was also recognized. She served hours to plan. Instead of spending ness Search in your local area and
team in 2010, is credited for increasing as the hospital’s chief nurse and then hours searching the internet for op- consider agents who only have a
breakfast sales by more than 300% and administrator from 1942 until 1967. tions and the best deals, they are the 5-Star google rating. Read the re-
finds a way to connect with each guest in She and Bernie Fowler, Sr., also in at- experts and that is what they do. views to see what their clients say
a personal way. tendance, are credited with facilitating about their experience and relation-
In addition to Lankford and Johnson, many of the hospitals technological and #6 Your FREE Personal Shopper/ ships with them. Most travel agents
the other nominees for Employee of the physical advancements over the years. Planner – You do not pay them by work from a home office and 99% of
Year were Robert Blackwell, CoraJo “As a County Commissioner, Bernie the hour or a percentage of the trip their business is done over the inter-
Tozzolo, John Gleissner, Todd Mattingly, knew the need for exceptional health because the supplier pays their com- net, phone or text messages. There is
Loree Magtutu, Dan Lewis, Paula Wills, care in Calvert. When the hospital board mission. The travel agents personal no need for you to spend time going
Debbie Cuthrell and Stacey Bittner. didn’t have the funds to build the three- service that you receive is FREE to to their storefront or office.
Nicole Hedderich, executive direc- story facility in the 70s, Bernie Fowler you. Most agencies charge a very
tor of quality and risk management, re- found a way to make it happen,” said small booking fee for the entire trip. By Jeneva Lucianetti
ceived the medical center’s Leadership Teague. Paradise Travel Team has a $19.95 Certified Sandals Wedding Specialist
in Excellence Award, presented to a booking fee and that is all you pay Owner & Vacation Specialist at
department head who exemplifies out- Press Release from CalvertHealth for the many hours that the agent Paradise Travel Team
standing leadership skills and inspires
o r e
The Calvert County Times


Thursday, June 13, 2019

Co m e Ex
L e o n ar d to w n
Leonardtown Wharf

FABULOUS PRODUCTS Artist • Crafters • Makers
Local Handmade Products
Saturday • June 15th • 9 AM - 3 PM

Coastal Arts 06_10_19.indd 1 6/10/19 2:12 PM

Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Calvert County Times 13

Craft Guild Shop

Hand Knit & Crochet Items
for You & Your Home
A Co-op Shop of Locally Sourced Art & More!

outside flags,
Open 7 new artists, new
Days A crafts. Stop
on by!
301-997-1644 •
Located inside Shepherd’s Old Field Market
26005 Point Lookout Road • Leonardtown, MD 20650 (behind the Leonardtown Volunteer Fire Dept)
Located Next to Maryland Antiques Center
Email or Call 301-247-7611

Something for all from

Primitive to Yesteryear



14 Feature The Calvert County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019

North Beach Volunteer Fire D

By Dick Myers he had been chief. He quickly became assistant chief Mills said that the company has better coverage for
Editor in North Beach and became chief when the then chief fire than for rescue. He explained, “A lot of it has to do
moved. He was elected chief six months later. with the National Registry EMT. Since they did away
The North Beach Volunteer Fire Department was Weber is retired from 25 years with the District of with the Maryland EMT, it’s harder to obtain your na-
Calvert’s first volunteer fire or rescue squad, hence it’s Columbia Fire Department. He volunteered in Prince tional registry.” He said he has eight or nine people right
Company 1. It received its certificate of incorporation George’s County before moving to North Beach in 1994. now in class. “It’s tough. I mean over the last four to five
on August 4,1926 as “a non-profit organization for the He comes into the fire station every day, regularly still years when they started this National Registry EMT,
purpose of protecting life and property in North Beach runs calls and is routinely in the Top 10 of the com- we’ve had 25 to 30 people take the class and only five
and the surrounding vicinity.” Since there were no oth- pany’s responders. or six pass it.”
ers in Calvert County that surrounding vicinity went all Weber explained, “The president runs the company Mills also noted that the tragic loss of Pat Osborne
the way south to Solomons Island. meetings and the administrative side of the business on last year while she was making a call put a huge dent in
The original charter members were: President Jacob this firehouse.” He also represents the company before their ability to respond. She accounted for almost 700
Delpm. Vice President Merrill Ward, Secretary Robert the county commissioners. It’s akin, he admits, to be- ambulance calls a year. “For me to find somebody that
G. Wickes, Treasurer Oscar Marshell, Fire Chief Wil- ing president of a corporation and in this case one with can do what she did, it’s impossible. “
lard S. Ward Sr., and Arthur Clark, Clarence King, a more than $1 million budget. He also oversees six Osborn was among those honored June 2 in a ceremo-
Marion Tucker, Wade Tucker, Benard Loveless, Wilbert committees. ny in Annapolis for fallen firefighters at the Maryland
Ware and Robert S. Meade. Mills said the chief’ “is in charge of all the day-to-day Fire and Rescue Memorial.
According to an official history, “In its early days of operations, the mutual aid with the other departments Mills added, “Nobody wants to do anything for free.
operation the fire department operated out of a garage in and counties involved, which would be Anne Arundel When Matt and I were younger, it wasn’t nothing. When
North Beach. This continued for several months before and Prince George’s. I’m also in charge of the budget someone said you’re going to go help out and have some
the first fire station was built at Third Street and Dayton to make sure that monies are spent properly and wisely, fun at it and learn something and get a good education
Avenue. The land used for this station was deeded to the ordering apparatus and making sure that the officers un- at it, we jumped all over it. Now it’s almost impossible
North Beach Volunteer Fire Department, Inc., by Mrs. derneath me adhere to their jobs. “ to recruit anybody.”
Dora West on October 27,1926. In the early days of ser- North Beach’s official corporate name is in North Part of the problem is that many people leave the
vice, hand-held chemical extinguishers were placed at Beach Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad. Twin Beaches during the day for jobs in DC, although
various street corners to assist with extinguishing fires.” Incorporated. Mills explained, “The fire department the company still has recruited some recent retires with
The first fire engine, a used 1925 Studebaker, was pur- and EMS operate together. We have a chief. assis- impressive resumes or people who are on shift work.
chased in the late 1920’s. Ambulance service began in tant chief, a deputy chief of fire, and a deputy chief And several members, like Mills, are part of the area’s
the mid 1960’s with the purchase of a 1965 international of EMS. And then we have a safety officer. We have charter boat captain contingent.
Travel All. three captains, three lieutenants and four sergeants.” Weber noted that there are many volunteer opportuni-
The history goes on to say, “As the community grew, Mills has been active in the movement towards a career ties for those unable or unwilling to make the fire and
so did the fire department. In 1973 the Dunkirk Fire Sta- staff to supplement the volunteers and was one of the ambulance calls. Fundraising is one. Every Tuesday
tion, which was known as North Beach Company 5, was volunteers chosen to speak before the commissioners they have bingo. They also rent out the hall for special
annexed. This annexation lasted until the early 1980’s just before they made their final decision to start with occasions. And they sell Christmas trees. They will be
when the ties were severed between our two companies.” 25 paid paramedics beginning in October. He said about doing National Night Out this year at the department.
The current fire station was built where an old school- his involvement, “The reason I’m interested is because And they are in the middle of a mail campaign. All of
house once stood. The county commissioners leased the citizens of Calvert County and the citizens of the that takes volunteer help.
the land to the company. The history could raise some twin beach community and surrounding area that we Although activities pick up in the Twin Beaches dur-
questions that may perplex some community members cover, they need to have an ambulance respond when ing the summer, Mills said the department stays busy
because the current North Beach Volunteer Fire Depart- it’s called. We can’t guarantee that the ambulance is go- year-round. “It’s constant all year long. We run approxi-
ment is now located in Chesapeake Beach and it is not ing to go out the door or the firetruck. And since 87 mately 2,100 calls a year, so we stay pretty busy.”
only a fire department but also a rescue squad. percent of our calls are EMS-related, a good start is the The company has an active cadet program in the high
The answer to both questions, according to Company ambulance. We need to know that we have somebody schools in an attempt to attract younger recruits. He
1 Chief Chris Mills, rests in that history. The name had here 24/7 to get on that ambulance and make the call.” said, “We have a young lady, Janella O’Connell and she
never been changed to adhere to that long tradition. Mills said this isn’t something that has just come on does a fabulous job with it.” They are started at the
Mills and President Matt Weber sat down to talk to them. They’ve been thinking about it for quite some time. age of 13 to 15. “They’ll come in and they do their own
The County Times on June 10 as part of our monthly “Anytime an ambulance fails to respond from here, that drills. They do their own learning, but when we have
series on all of the county volunteer fire and emergency could be my family, your family, and it’s somebody’s drills, they’re allowed to participate in certain things
services companies, which will soon no longer be the family member that needs the help. Right now (for the that we do.” Mills explained.
state’s sole all volunteer service with the introduction of year) it’s 4.8 percent (scratch rate) and last month it was He also said some of the older cadets have been re-
paid paramedics. 11.9 percent. That’s an unacceptable amount. As the fire cruiters from the younger ones.
Mills came to North Beach from Dunkirk where chief, I take it to heart.” The message to the cadets: “helping people -- they see
Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Calvert County Times Feature 15

Department: Company 1

Honor guard at the June 2 ceremony for fallen firefighters including North Beach VFD’s Pat Osborne at the Maryland Fire
and Rescue Memorial.

the self-satisfaction that you get out of it.”

That’s what Drew Weber at the age of 16. “The rea-
son I decided to join because my friends did it and I
wanted to give back to the community, help out, the
very self-satisfaction and I stuck with it ever since.”
Mills says the company is in good shape as far as
apparatus. Weber said the company has been plan-
ning for years for a two-story addition that would add
space for the apparatus. But several other companies
are ahead of them for new facilities and their project is
not in the county’s six-year capital improvement plan.
The company does a lot of community outreach,
especially during Fire Prevention Month. They also
cover fireworks displays at Breezy Point and Chesa-
peake Beach.
The two leaders were asked what their personal mo-
tivation was when they started and what satisfaction
they have gotten out of it. Weber said, “I’s just satis-
faction from what I do plus it keeps me out of trouble.
And which is, I say, very rewarding to help go out there
and help somebody that’s in need.”
“This is my full-time job here being a president.”
Mills, a Northern High School graduate, said, “My
father was a career fireman in Prince George’s County.
Jimmy Hayden • Realtor
I went to work with him a few times and I liked it. 22894 Three Notch Road • California, MD
When I was 16, I joined the Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Office: 301-863-2400 • Cell: 240-925-1928
Department and I just enjoyed being around the fire-
house and the camaraderie and the friends that I made
and helping the people. That’s good.”:
He conveys that message to the new recruits by ex-
ample. “I’m an encourager and a motivator. I was a kid
once and I never forgot that. So, kids are going to be
kids and let them do their thing. But also leading by
example. I’ll be the first one to tell you when we need
Get Your Hero Rewards®
something to be done around here, I’m the first one to Average savings when using
do it. And the kids just follow suit.”
Homes For Heroes is $2400
Editors Note: This is the third of a monthly series
of articles about the county’s emergency responders.
16 Sports The Calvert County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019

Migratory Game Bird

Hunting Seasons Proposed
The “S” Word
By Ronald N. Guy Jr. plete state economic control (this
Contributing Writer would be counter to American en-
trepreneurship). Fact: The right isn’t
This came to me in a daze. seeking to dissolve all government
During a long afternoon with fel- economic presence (unrestrained cap-
low Maryland residents at a mobbed italism lacks conscience). More facts:
Loveville MVA last week, my mind We are all socialists and capitalists.
drifted. I needed water. Food. Space. Americans of all political persuasions
Fresh air with normal oxygen to car- correctly celebrate and benefit from
bon dioxide ratios. An open highway capitalism and a free market economy
and loud rock ‘n roll. Where was the while a host of federal, state and lo-
USS Enterprise? Scotty…come in cal government (socialist) programs
Scotty…beam me up. Battling Klin- simultaneously provide essential ser-
gons I can handle; this I cannot. vices (including an ability to address
There was no escape. I was shack- wealth concentration). Socialism and
led to this experience like everyone capitalism are on an economic con-
else. Have mercy on us, MVA. For- tinuum (both are needed) and are sep- Public Input Complete, Federal Ap- ments from Oct. 12-19, Nov. 16 -29
tunately. the patrons were patient and arate from our precious democratic proval is Final Step and Dec. 16 – Jan. 31, 2020 with a
the staff did its best. Human volume political system - and the representa- After receiving and reviewing public daily bag limit of six, including two
was the enemy. The equivalent of four tive government it promises – that is input, the Maryland Department of Nat- canvasbacks; the mallard bag limit is
lanes of traffic were cramming down a universally supported pillar of our ural Resources has selected the 2019 – now two birds (maximum of one hen)
a single-lane road. Freedom would shared American identity. 2020 migratory game bird hunting sea- per day;
come eventually for all; for me it As with most things in life, the sons. These recommendations are now • Migratory Atlantic Population Cana-
would arrive only after securing the world of sports mirrors society’s co- awaiting final approval from the U.S. da goose hunting segments from Dec.
primary objective - my daughter’s existence of socialism and capitalism. Fish and Wildlife Service. 20 to Jan. 4, 2020 and Jan. 14 to Jan.
learner’s permit. From a socialist perspective, public In addition to close consultation with 31, 2020, with a daily bag limit of one;
After accepting the reality of the parks provide soccer fields, tennis Governor Hogan’s Wildlife Advisory • The special season for sea ducks in the
situation, my mind sought a diversion courts and baseball diamonds. Recre- Commission and the Migratory Game designated zone from Nov. 2 – Jan.10,
and wandered to this week’s “View”. ation and Parks and public schools of- Bird Advisory Committee, the depart- 2020; and
“Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” it fer youth access to a variety of sports. ment conducted an extensive public out- • Mourning dove season segments from
occurred to me that this wouldn’t just Further, at the federal level, Title IX of reach effort to develop and propose the Sept. 2 – Oct. 19, Oct. 26 – Nov. 29,
be any “View”…it would be the 300th the 1972 Education Amendments re- 2019-20 migratory game bird hunting and Dec. 21 – Jan. 10, 2020.
edition (truly humbling). “Have to do quired federally funded institutions to season package. The complete list of recommended
something special,” I thought, while provide all students, regardless of sex, “These interactive steps involving migratory game bird seasons can be
holding piles of personal information equal access to athletic opportunities public input are a critical component of viewed online and once finalized will
substantiating my daughter as a hu- our annual season selection process.” appear in the 2019-2020 Maryland
and athletic scholarships proportional
man, an American and a Marylander Wildlife and Heritage Service Director Guide to Hunting and Trapping and on
to participation rates.
Paul Peditto said. “We strive to offer the department’s hunting webpage.
and the all-important MVA ticket From a capitalist’s perspective,
hunting seasons that work for all Mary- Licenses, stamps, and permits may be
with our call number. there are few freer “markets” than landers and we sincerely thank all those purchased online by phone at 855-855-
F4 was my MVA-issued Wonka high-level, competitive athletics. who took the time to provide input into 3906, at a Natural Resources Service
golden ticket to the vehicular prom- Performance rules in this realm. Ex- this process.” Center or at any one of the more than 250
ise land. I clutched it as a Bingo-hall- ecute or the bench will become well- Highlights of the department’s recom- Sport License Agents statewide.
worthy amount of other letters and acquainted with the curvature of your mendations include: Hunters with questions should call
numbers were broadcast over the in- derriere. Race, religion and economic • Youth waterfowl hunting days on Nov. 410-260-8540.
tercom. Then it hit me: This is con- status are transcended; performance 2, 2019 and Feb. 8, 2020;
fluence of socialism and capitalism. is paramount. Moreover, regardless • Regular duck hunting season seg- Press Release from MD DNR
Must write about the great debate. of level, competition extracts the best
Why not? Away we go. Let’s whip out of individuals and teams. It is all a
this into a sports-and-politics-and- beautiful thing.
economics-infused frenzy.
With under 18 months to the 2020
presidential election and a crowded
As for my trip to the MVA, F4 was
eventually called and, like many of
my fellow Marylanders, I exited with

The County Times Fisheries Com
is one of the
10 Local News

mission in Financia
l Trouble
The County Times
Thursday, June 28,
2018 Thursday, June 28,

Governor Hogan Annou

The County Times
Local News 11

field of Democrats, one that resembles the primary objective accomplished

as well as the other Kirwan Commission nces $18.6 Mil. for
Education Initiatives Recommendations,
At- taxpayer money
lantic Coastal states. and federal grants.
It has operated since The report pointed
ects, both oyster out a pair of proj-

best methods for

1958 and controls preservation projects,
licensing of commercial that cost the commission $400,000.
Career and Technical
Programs, Teacher Educational Grants,
Before and After

the 2016 list of Republican candi-

and recreational fishers This took a heavy
Scholarships, and

and enabled, by this state-run, “social-

School Safety FundingSchool
and anglers alike. sions operating funds on the commis-
The appreciate, according they did not fully Governor Larry
commission to the audit.
is based in Colonial According to the
report the commis- Hogan today an- academic program offered before
Beach, Va. sion diverted revenues
from all oyster nounced $18.6 mil- after the school day, or in summer
lion in new educa- a school with a high concentratio for

advertising my
The audit found licenses, surcharges
that identification inspection taxes and n of
the commission increas- tags to these projects. tion funding to go students in kindergarten through
living in poverty eighth

dates, vying to tangle with (presum-

ingly cannot operate The audit chided toward a series

ist” entity, to go forth and contribute

the commission for of and at risk of falling
without spending
expending so much
on one portion initiatives, includ- behind academic requirements,
its reserve accounts of fisheries preservation at the expense of ing recommenda with $500,000 for
the recruitment, train-
and -
it does little to regulate all else. of Photo courtesy of tions from Mary- ing, and ongoing development of
its own spending. “While the preservation
of the oyster
Office of Governor land’s Commission teachers.

events – it is also the

“During fiscal 2017, population is important, concentrating Hogan’s website.
on Innovation and An additional $4.9
million will
the commission
all funding efforts
in this area without Excellence in Edu- used by the Interagency Commission be
cation, known as

ably) Donald Trump, the political sea-

$80,000 in cash restrict- gard for other areas of responsibility re- the Kirwan Commis- School Construction (IAC) to conductOn

in some small way to Maryland’s and

ed for future projects the need for funds for ongoing and sion. While the Commission statewide facilities a
Potomac River Fisheries
trative operations adminis- its final findings will present assessment.
Commission to cover operating and The governor also
ex- ability to remain could result in the in- at the end of 2018, recommendations ditional $1.8 million authorized an ad-
penses when there
By Guy Leonard was the audit stated. a viable going concern,” preliminary recommenda
this funding reflects
cal year in the current fis-
Staff Writer no operating tions made through for need-based scholarships

best source for me

in tenuous financial cash avail- Concurrently, the audit earlier this year.
condition, a report able,” the report stated. the Maryland
from state’s Office
of Legislative Audits “As mission had problems found the com- “Every child in Maryland Commission (MHEC). Higher Education
The Potomac River states. the commission had of June 30, 2017, counting for all recording and ac- deserves ac-

son is, for good or ill, upon us. Among

Fisheries Commis cess to a world-class In addition to the

America’s free market. To call that

not of its financial transac-
reserve for these funds. reimbursed the tion; it did not less of what neighborhoo education, regard-
Kirwan funding for the
have accounting personnel d they happen released recommendations, Hogan also
“At the end of fiscal with adequate knowledge to grow up in,” said
commission’s deficit year 2017, the of account- Governor Hogan. $40 million in school safety
for restricted funds ing standards to do so, according to “That’s why our administrati funding that had
been restricted
totaled approximatel the on has pro- legislature
y $145,000, an in- report. vided record funding in the budget. This by the

to catch up on all
crease of $55,000
over the fiscal year The commission does for four years in a row for K-12 education includes: $23.5 funding
2016 deficit.” secure location where not even have a mitted to innovative and has been com- capital improvemen for safety-related
it stores the back- and outside-the-box ts;

the rhetoric slung from both sides, a

The report stated
the commission op- ups to its servers, according to the education strategies, grants to local school $10.6 million in

a beautiful thing too would be over-

erated at a loss of $84,000 which makes them audit, and our ACCESS such as P-TECH systems to en-
demonstrating an for fiscal 2017, “subject to damage, Initiative. These new hance school safety; $3 million
“inability to operate destruction or loss.” investments are yet
another way we are Maryland Center for School Safety’s
for the
with a positive cash The commission responded giving our students
The commission’s
balance.” to the au- even more opportu- operations, including 13 new positions;
revenues decreased dit saying it had heeded the advice given

the local news and

nities to learn, grow, $2.5 million to help
from $815,685 in fiscal and was searching and thrive.” with newly required
2016 to $790,589 for ways to The new funding school safety
Sell it - Buy it
in fiscal 2017; the problems. correct the for Kirwan Com- evaluations; and $1
commission gets mission initiatives for Hate Crime School million

popular early right-winged initiative

revenues from licenses its Safety Grants.

stated, but the effective collaboration

$2.5 million for an “Keeping our kids
but also from Marylandand surcharges guyleonard@countytimes.n early literacy pro- safe is one of our
and Virginia gram, providing additional most
reading sup- Hogan.important jobs,” said Governor
atBuy it at
et port to eligible students “This past session Sell It,

through 8th grade. in kindergarten we enacted
landmark school

events, especially
safety legislation
$2 million for the Teaching create aggressive, to
Maryland Scholarship, Fellows for for school statewide standards Real Estate │ Business

will cover 100 percent a program that Maryland Center expand the work of the │ Farm Equipmen & Inventory │
Personal Property/E

is to label all Democrats “socialists,”

of the annual cost for t&
require each school School Safety, and

of government and private citizen sug-

of tuition and mandatory Benefits/Fundraisers Machinery │ Livestock │ Storage states
OF THE WEEK versity of Maryland, fees at the Uni- system in Maryland │ Certified Personal Units │
College Park, or 50 to develop assessment teams in order Property Appraiser
percent of the cost identify potential to EXCITINGUpcoming
tory fees at a private tuition and manda- ing together, we safety threats. Work- Auctions
& Events

those related to
nonprofit institution can ensure greater EXCITING
In the month of July, Farrell ●
of higher education safe-
Looking to add for eligible students ty in our schools and a greater sense conducting a few Auction Service
benefit/private auction will be
a SUPERHERO to who commit to becoming security for students of
your life? Then you $250,000 to encourageteachers. and parents.”

an increasingly inflammatory and

During the 2018 auctions out of events;
need to adopt

gested a broader context worthy of a

the top 25 Hogan legislative session,
me this month!
My name is BATMAN
percent of high school advocated
each county to consider graduates from er levels of schoolfor significantly high-
the National Auctioneethe local area and attending
and I’m a FRIENDLY, becoming safety Internatio r’s Conference
AFFECTIONATE, ers by increasing teach- funding than nal Auctioneering and the
SUPERHERO KITTY awareness of avail- those ultimately adopted by the General Contest. Our next

our County’s rural

looking for my furever able financial aid
programs for teaching Assembly. He proposed an additional auction will be in public
trained and good home. I’m litter August.
with other cats. box candidates. $125 million to accelerate
excitement to your And I’m SO CUTE! and enhance
life! You can tell I will add $2 million to promote safety improvemen
SPECIAL I am. Don’t just by looking at high-quality, as ts in schools, as well

misunderstood term. No word yet if

me how innovative Career an additional $50
miss out because

column and personal contemplation.

that call today and JUNE IS ADOPT tion (CTE) through Technical Educa- operating funds million annually in
Multi-Estate Auction
A CAT competitive grants for new school safety
BE MY MIRACLE! for local boards of
PLEASE CHOOSE education to partner grants that could be used for school SAT, AUG 4th @
ME! with community
colleges, businesses, source officers, counselors, and re- 8 AM

And remember, and industry to develop tional safety technology. addi- St. Mary’s Co. Fairgroun
if there is room Furniture – Tools ds
in the heart, there
I the house! and implement
Purple Post Real Estate RECENTLY AND IN is room in an innovative CTE
curriculum frame- was to be allocated through the gover-
The funding
– Horse Saddles
Come meet me work that will align
with the skills that nor’s education lockbox proposal, which Glassware – Collectible & Tack – Books – THE LAST 20 N and the wonderful

the FCC, a government entity (oh, the

m Shelter (6707 Animal
gang at Tri-County
local employers need. would provide an
additional $4.4 billion s - More
Years! 1713 for more information. Road, Hughesville) or call
301-399-3089 G To see more of my 301-932- $120,000 for a study
to assess the ad-
in education spending
available for adoption,
Animal Shelter Southern “like” us on Facebook amazing friends equacy of funding
for nues, and is moving from casino reve- A Southern Maryland
in Maryland, to be special education dum in the upcoming forward as a referen-
@ Tri-County professional auction
MD. individuals, bu company providing
completed by Sept. statewide election esses an - services to
2019. in November. anizations
R The governor also OPTION SOLUTIO
ty of purposes.
lion for the Learning provided $4.5 mil- R

Ronnie Farrell I in Extended Aca-

irony), is going to add “socialist” to its

demic Program (LEAP), Press release from
which is an Office of the Governor

Send comments to

Farrell Auctions :


infamous “Seven-dirty-word” list.



Fact: The left isn’t arguing for com-


St. Mary’s County ● Calvert County

Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Calvert County Times Education 17

Arts Council Announces

Scholarship Applications INVESTMENT VECHICLES
For seniors Pursuing College ART degrees FOR YOUR RETIREMENT
We’ve discussed the importance of asset allocation to your success as an
investor. Harry Moscowitz won a Nobel prize for inventing modern port-
folio theory in 1954 based on the concept that if you allocate your assets
across a broad enough spectrum of equity, fixed-income and other types of
investments, and one of your investments declines in value, the others are
The Arts arship covers all art spectrums: visual likely to take up the slack and keep your investment returns on an even keel.
Council of Cal- arts, music/vocal, theater and dance. Pundits refer to asset allocation as the “Rule of 92” meaning 92% of your
vert County The deadline is Friday, May 3. success as an investor is directly attributable to whether you allocate your
announces the Established in 2011, the Mary Beth assets or not.
application pro- Harry Scholarship has awarded $12,500
cess is open for to local high school seniors pursuing a Ok, now we know that allocation is the way to go. But, one big problem
the 2019 Mary further education in the arts. Please re- with asset allocation is, how does an ordinary investor select the proper
Beth Harry Art Scholarship. The schol- view qualifications and submit all re- allocation of stocks versus bonds? The big mutual fund companies like T.
arship is specifically for Calvert County quired documents indicated to director@ Rowe Price, Vanguard, BlackRock and others think they have it all figured
Seniors pursuing a further education in or mail to Arts Council out. They do the allocation for you.
the Arts. of Calvert County, PO Box 2569, Prince
Please visit, for Frederick, MD 20678.
Scholarship information, and peruse the
Target date funds contain a mixture of stocks, bonds and cash. They have
qualifications and application for the Press Release from a future date in the title you can select to correspond to your retirement
scholarship totaling $1,500. The schol- The Arts Council of Calvert County date. As you get older, the asset allocation within the fund changes and
gets more conservative over time. The fund manager will put fewer assets
into stocks which are inherently risky as you get closer to retirement. You
Schools Recognize Volunteers of the Year do not have to take any action. The fund manager does that for you. You
simply pick the date when you think you will retire. For example, suppose
you will turn sixty-five in 2020. You pick the 2020 Retirement Fund. You
can buy the fund at any age and with a minimum investment, but the target
date is what matters.
The big boost for target date funds came in 2006 when pension laws
changed so that employers could choose investments for employees who
had not designated investments for their 401(k) plans. Target date mutual
funds became the most popular investments for employers to offer and
to use as a default if employees failed to designate anything else. Fidel-
ity launched its target date funds in 1996; Vanguard in 2003 and T. Rowe
Price in 2002—together, those three fund companies control about 75%
of the market. Fees for the allocation are included the cost of the funds
The Board of Education of Calvert County Public Schools recognized the Volun-
teers of the Year at a ceremony held during the May 23, 2019 Board meeting. The LIFECYCLE MUTUAL FUNDS
honorees are selected by every school from among the numerous individuals who Lifecycle funds include cash, stock and bonds and may include both U.S.
dedicate hours of service to the school community. and foreign securities. The percentage of funds in each asset class is deter-
Superintendent of Schools Dr. Daniel D. Curry said, “Our schools are better places mined by the fund manager who attempts to earn the highest return pos-
because of the contributions of our many volunteers. We are proud to honor them for sible by switching portfolio weightings in each type of asset class by market
their dedication.” conditions. Lifecycle funds generally include three or four “portfolios”
The 2019 Volunteers of the Year are: with varying percentages of funds in each asset class. The portfolios are
Barstow Elementary - Donna Farrington designed by fit investors of various ages or risk tolerance levels.
Beach Elementary - Jennifer Kuhle-Parker ACTIVE MANAGEMENT
Calvert Country School - Kyrstin Wainwright Active management involves the use of a portfolio manager who works
Calvert Elementary - Jennifer Hess directly with you on your investments. This clearly is the most custom
Calvert High School - Tracy Fiore tailored to your wishes. Your portfolio may include everything from se-
Calvert Middle School - Michelle Lozier curities to real estate. The manager in this case reviews all of your assets
Dowell Elementary - Susan Jones and your personal goals with you and selects those types of investments
Huntingtown Elementary School - msan Faidley that will give you the most return for a risk that meets your expectations.
Huntingtown High School - Patricia Strong The upside of professional management is that your strategy is tailored for
Mill Creek Middle School - Keall Frye you. The fees involved will be a percentage of the assets and, as your as-
Mt. Harmony Elementary School - Jeanette Pence sets grow, the fees will grow. This means at the very least that the portfolio
Mutual Elementary School - Mary Profit-Gower manager has a vested interest in seeing your portfolios grow.
Northern High School - Franka Dennis
Northern Middle School - Megan Roberts Whether you choose target date, lifecycle or active management, the
Patuxent Appeal Campus - Sharon Campbell principal is the same. Your success as an investor and an investor prepar-
Patuxent High School - Sandy Estep ing for retirement will be directly attributable to whether you allocate your
Plum Point Elementary School - Kelly Danford assets or not. As usual, I advise you to investigate before you invest. Take
Plum Point Middle School - Cynthia Eversole a look at all of the options available to you first, then decide. No one will
Sunderland Elementary School - Michelle Rubio protect you like yourself.
Southern Middle School - Kristin Atwell Join me for a free seminar on this and other topics on the third Wednes-
St. Leonard Elementary School - Jenell Nukolczak day of every month at 11am at 8906 Bay Avenue, North Beach. Call 301-
Transportation - Michael Salvagni 855-2246 to reserve your spot.
Windy Hill Elementary School - Andrea Hoover
Windy Hill Middle School - Cathy Szeszulski
By Lyn Striegel
Press Release from CCPS
18 Education The Calvert County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019

Calvert High School

Haylie Alexis Browning Thomas James Denton Anthony David Garcia
Gabrielle Rosen Bubin James Wilfred Desrosiers IV Miranda Garcia
Khalilyah LynDaria Moenay Buck Justin Matthew Diehl Calderon Dartavius
Robert Wesley Burroughs Andrew Maclin DiMaggio Kavon Gaskin
Joshua David Bush Charles Anthony Ditmars Izak Andrew George
David Michael Allwine III
Trinity Samantha Butler Parker Alan Donnelly Emily Grace Gibson
Emily Ann Altomare
Nathaniel Ryan Callahan Jameela LaShawn Dorsey Kasey Rae Giggey
Kayla Simone Anderson
LeAndre Reid Campbell Brianna Nicole Douglas Jaclyne Dannielle Gleeson
Selena Davis Antosh
Kross Owen Canter Brittney Marie Douglas Jared Andrew Gott
Devin David Ardekani
Angelia Joy Carson Haylee Mae Dowling Ayanna Shanice Gray
Troy Joseph Arias
Rachel Eileen Carson Gavin Tanner Edge Leslie David Green II
Benjamin Anthony Aris
Manuel de Jesus Castillo-Jaimes Maren Marie Eells Michael Anthony Green
Liam Robert Aris
Neil Morrison Chapman Jr McKenzie Ross Eller Antonio Jawan Gross
Gabriele Marie Backus
Jeremiah Jacob Clark Maurice Allen Enfield Zaniya Shavaughn Gross
Carin Elizabeth Bailey
Jordan Leigh Clements Christopher James Erwin Madison Elyssa Grover
Jourdan Anthony Batson
Cody Joseph Cochrane Alexis Lenai Evans Arrington Kristianna Gutrick
Meredith Anne Baxter
Jenna Marie Cockrell Clayton Thomas Evans Grace Helen Guyton
Brianna Kay-LeAnn Beckett
Victoria Ann Cole Matthew Tanner Fellows Andrew Wesley Habert
Chinar Beknazarova
Alexis Renee Commodore Marcquan Tyrik Fenwick-Davis Jeanette Carol Hall
BrendanJames Bell
Craig Damone Commodore Dominic Charles Fiore Taydrion Ralonye Hall
Michaela Amanda Bell
Kiara Rena Commodore Arianna Alexis Fleet Connor Charles Hallberg
Autumn Rose Bevard-Terwilliger
Anthony Davis Covington Tyler Camden Fling Kelsea Mishelle Hancock
Jacob William Bowen
Jagr Stan Croson Justin Patrick Fluharty Christopher Michael Hans Jr
Joseph Donald Bowles
King Nova Cupid-Ramirez Kayla Nicole Ford Matthew Williams Harris Jr
Austin Charles Brehm
Luiz Henrique Da Silva Santos Kayla Nichole Forrest Maurice Harris
Kayla Rose Brennan
Maddie Nicole Dahlberg Kyra Noelle Foster Mikka Alexander Harvey
Jayquan Delonte Brogden
Ashley Rose Dakis Che’ Alexa-Rae Fox Dakota Rae Haynes
Colin Gabriel Brooks
Cody Mitchel Dalrymple Nicholas Giovanni Fratantuono Dylan Kirk Hicks
Matthew Robert Brooks
Holly Marie Ann Dalrymple Justin Lee Freeman Zachary Matthew Hilpipre
Victor Charles Brooks Jr
Jonathan Laveille Davis Jr Sydney Anna Friedel Jason Kevin Hoffmann Jr
Faith Marie Brown
Melvin Francais Davis Leonard Frieson III Audaysia Charmaine Holland
J’Kayla Chyanne Lenora Brown
Alora Grace Deller Megan Leigh Galvin Rommel Cox Hollinger
Phillip Haden Brown

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Grandos 06_10_19.indd 1 6/10/19 1:39 PM

Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Calvert County Times Education 19

Graduating Class of 2019

Iyonna Janae Holston Ethan John Matteson Jadon Patrick Preston Hailey Ann Staniewicz
Alexis Marie Honig Taylor Brooke May Elias Domingo Prieto Joseph Thomas Stout
Kaylyn Elizabeth Hooper Hannah Marie McBride Jaden Alexis Prowinski Tayler Joyleen Strobel
Caleb Douglas Hostetler Malachi Daileon McCain Thomas Peter Pullen Megan Elizabeth Supanich
Asaun Jaziah Hudson Andrew Cameron McCorison III Morgan Alexus Pumphrey Angel Brooke Swank
Jason Finn Huesman Jamie Elease McCoy Ryan Joseph Rachic Cyntaya Pearleta Tapper
Josephine Serena Hughes Gary George McDaniel Laura Reid Ragen Jessica Lynn Taylor
Ryan Matthew Hurst Billie Jean McKee Maaz Rahman Toby Lee Tenuta II
Melissa Leigh Jacobs Akilah Imani McLean Sarah Beth Rannacher Kyle Wakefield Thomas
Joshua De Andre Janey Alyssa Madelyn Melton Derrick Sinclair Redden Clare Ann Thompson
Alexander Joseph Jenkins James Michael Merica Jr Nevin Anthony Reid Gabrielle Lucinda Toney
Keontre Antoine Johnson Dylan Thomas Merkle Christopher Daniel Rerig Samuel Wes Turner
Matthew Taishon Johnson Alyssa Taylor Meyers Christian Raymond Reynolds McKinsey Ann Vallandingham
Tayla Rene Johnson Hunter Stephen Micciche Adam Christopher Ridge Heydi Adelayda Vasquez Saenz
LaNea Renee Jordan Kyra Elizabeth Middleton Abby Tomiko Rieve Gabrielle Emart Bucad Vicmudo
Thomas Samuel Kempster Celeste Maureen Milani Isaiah Jude Roberts Hunter Daniel Waddell
Jameela Khatoon Khan Patrick Sean Miller Colin Jay Rowley Sofia IsabelWalker
Peyton Robert Kimmel Brianna Lauren Mims Victoria Louise Russell Kendal Marie Ward
Angel Lyn Kontra Jessica Ann Misiorek Ryan Michael Sams Janaya Cheyenne Washington
Jake Thomas Krankowski Haley Elaine Moore William Michael Schooley Rayna Renee Washington
Megan Elizabeth Kupper Tavian James Moore Ethan Joseph Schultz Corey John McArthur Watson
Benjamin Joseph Lash Anna Leigh Morris Destiny Renea Schwallenberg Ada Hope Weems
Elizabeth Lynn Latchaw Justin Kobe Morsell Kayleh Elizabeth Settie Elizabeth Marie Weems
Nicholas Joseph Lautieri Mikah Ruben Murphy Umar Farooq Shah JaJuan Stewart Weems
Sindy Vanessa Lemus-Santos Carson Thomas Myles Emily Ann Shatuck Savaughn Jamel Weems
Claire Elizabeth Libby Jarron Antonio Nathan Sophia Antoinette Shenberger Hannah Elizabeth Wessels
Garrett Anthony Libby Josue Armando Navarro Matthew DouglasShort Kathryn Mackenzie White
Bradley Edison Litz Jr Valerie Renee Nehf Christopher Rowan Shugart Tyrod Kerion White
Christopher Thomas Long Jr Makaylee Aideen O’Gorman Victoria Meilynn Simmons Isaiah Sylvester Willett
Amanda Noelle Lynch Shivang Virang Parekhji Colin Michael Sloane Brooke Cheyenne Williams
Micaela Nicole Lynch Kayla MaKenzie Pauley Chad Joseph Smialek Nicholas Isaiah Williams
Dre’vaughn Marquis Mackall Travis Lee Pettko Jr Ashley Marie Smith Camry Renee Wills
D’Angelo McQuade Magruder Kayla Anela Phan Ashley Michelle Smith Bradley Michael Wilson
Ryan Alexander Maines Gabriel Michael Piatt MaKenzie Keirnan Smith Eric Delanta Wilson Jr
Myranda Alexzandra Maldonado Joshua Robert Pietros Ryan Austin Smith Anthony Ryan Windsor
Nathan Javier Maldonado Munoz Charynce Danee Pittman Ryan Charles Smith Haley Lynn Withers
Jeffrey Thomas Malone Jared-Lee Todd Pixton Shelby Lynn Smith Ryan James Wojciechowski
Sarah Katherine Malone Tyhir Malik Plater Arianna Nicole Soffos Katherine AlmaWojcieszek
Jonathan Wayne Marlowe Cara Ann Poole Susana Soriano Jingjing Xu
Alexis Rose Marshall Anita Denise Pope Paola Alanis Sotomayor Veguilla Emily Marie Young
Patricia Bronwen Massie Alex Keith Pourhashemi Mya Nicole Spaet
Andrew Robert Matteson Theluji Allen Prather Jr Morgan Allaire Spaulding
20 Education The Calvert County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019

Huntingtown High School

Jaden Devaughn Bundy Donovan Reese Evans Alena Renee Jones
James Patrick Bunn Cheikh Ahmet Tijani Fall Berek Lian MacRae Jones
John William Bunting III Owen Patrick Flanagan Braxton Jaylon Jones
Jonathan Curtiss Bury Victoria Ann Fletcher Hayden Bratcher Jones
Jacob Ryan Abuelhawa Sierra Grace Butler Ian Fokum Jenna Carolyn Jones
Shannon Christy Albright Joshua Taylor Calautti Justin Joseph Foreman Ruby Nichole Jones
Ashley Grace Anderson Meagan Elisabeth Callahan Margaret Rose Foulkes Faith Elizabeth Kachurak
Zachary Hunter Angell Aileen Marie Campbell Michael Welton Fowler II Weston George Kerley
Jacob Ryan Antonielli Alexander Beniamino Caniglia Austin Lee Fowler Rachel Marie Kiggins
Brayden Kai Archer Zane Alexander Carey Samantha Nicole Fowler Carter Jack Kimball
Rachel Marie Arledge Erin Elizabeth Carista Danielle Michaela Frye Griffin TiberKing
Jake Lee Armacost Joshua Carmen Carrillo Molly Catherine Gall Benjamin Michael Knight
Hanna Elizabeth Ash Robert Mannie Chapman III Yinghui Gao James Michael McKenzie Koppers
Madison Nicole Attick Augustine Anthony Ciardiello Diana Grace Gardner Cody Daniel Kortie
Ronald Vernon Bailey Jr Easton Robert Joseph Cipressi Wyatt Joseph Garrett Sydney Paige Koteff
Alysa Haley Baker Shaquita Renee Claggett Haley Elizabeth Gates Alex Mason Kramer
Carlos Esteban Balazs Shawna Marie Clark Caitlyn Emma Gay Kaylah Rose Kramer
Caitlin Amber Ball Miyah Paullynne Cobey Olivia Jordan Gillick David Troy Kreitzer
Joshua Travis Ball Robert Francis Coggins Jordan Alexander Gonyea John William Krell IV
Katherine Ann Banholzer Dylan Christopher Coker Mary Margaret Gorman Paul Ray Kretzing
Devin Deshon Banks Kyle Joseph Coker Kathryn Leighanne Goucher Carter Andrew Kuntz
Joseph Michael Jabez Bannister- Joshua Efrain Colindres Elisabeth Kimberly Green Samuel David Kutz
Pesce Oliana Douglas Cooley Frankie Edward Greever Jr Hailey Belle Lagimoniere
Aaron Robert Barber Kolby James Cox Monica Nicole Gregory Clayton Dean Lambert
Dylan Michael Barber Dakota Skylar Cram Benjamin Joseph Griese Colton Thomas Lambert
Robert Bowie Barkley Jr Morgan Taylor Croson Erin Morgan Gross Branden Lee Latvala
James William Bartlebaugh Alexander Tyler D’Leon Torin Mehmet Gurbuz Bailey Elizabeth Lauer
Nicholas Daniel Bartlett Thomas Edward Dalrymple Hunter Christopher Hagen Carissa Anne Lauer
Taylor Nicole Beach Shane Allen Daugherty Emily May Hall Matthew David LeRoux
Amanda Louise Beahm Madison Leigh Davern Kelsie Jean Halwick Evan Dean Lively
Adam James Beall Jaidan Sierra Davis Dylan Nicholas Hampshire Melvin Loc
Jacob Michael Bello Rachel Elizabeth Davis Thomas Lee Harris Reid Elisabeth Lucas
Gabriel Charles Makulu Benny Hailey Marie Dawson Carrina Maris Harwell Nichole Elizabeth MacEwen
Jesse Lynn Betz Nicholas Payne DeCesaris RichardnEric Hassel II Jade Lenora Mackey
Summer Fawn Blacklock Declan Daller Deere Skylar Jean Haug Autumn Danielle Magnuson
Connor James Bobo Matteo Guiseppe DeGennaro Daniel Raymond Henkelman Morgan James Maldonado
Darren William Boggs Diana Yanitza Delgado-Campbell Steven James Heys Angelina Crisi Malone
Kyle Daniel Boggs Cassandra Elizabeth Demino William Douglas Higgs Andrew Joseph Mandile
Alexander Howlin Boone Hunter Andrew Dempster Alexis Parran Hill Alexis Adair Mann
Maddison Brooke Fitzgerald Bowen Marigrace Theresa DeStefano Zachary William Hill Bryan Florendo Marti
Nicole Kaylee Bowen Ethan Lewis Desverreaux Alyssa Denise Hodges Jacob Cawthorne Martin
Malik Devin Bowens David Scott Devere Jr Eva Josephine Hoetzlein-Sirman Gabrielle Elizabeth Martini
Melanie Alyse Bowes James Ryan Dickens Dylan Edwin Hutchins Nicholas James Matthews
Shania Jojo Bracey John Leo Dickson-Burke Mia Tracey Isaac Olivia Leigh McClung Ryan
Hunter Christian Bray Grace Adeline Dimmick Kasia Brianne Ivener Patrick McCormick Jr
Michael Antonio Brickus Jr Vincenzo Ray Dodato Shelby Brianna Ivy Ruth Marie McGraw
Meredith Nicole Brosofsky Brandon Arthur Duffany Trinytee Ocean Jacobs Ryan Joseph McGuffin
Karissa Ru Hua Brown Celeste Paige Duran Abigail Juanita Johnson Emily Claire McLean
Olivia Roxanne Bryant Parker Lewellyn Dyer Samantha Jo Johnson Brandon Michael McNally
Emily Marie Buckalew Trayton Jarel Easton Ahmad Ashby Jones Taylor Lauren Chase McNeil
Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Calvert County Times Education 21

Graduating Class of 2019

Dylan James McPhillips Sarah Elizabeth Pardieck Robert Allen Saulten Jessica Renee Terrill
Steven Ray Meadows Shawn Jaehyun Park Robyn Melissa Scher Maci Jean Thomas
Tyler Lee Meadows Kelly Marie Pate Vincent Anthony Schiavone Emily Grace Tolomei
Jaden Lee Merrell Amitha Uday Patel Daniel Allen Schug Melissa Kathryn Torre
Veronica Li Mettam Justin Stone Patin Camren Marcellus Scott Taiyo David Tougas
Justin Paul Miller Kayliann Rose Peake Travis Wayne Shaffer Hannah Dakota Tucker
Katherine Rose Miller Jacob Warren Percival Sydney Brooke Shapiro Hayli Dakota Tucker
Faith Stephana Mitchell Nicholas Charles Hutcherson Perry Gina Elise Sheehi Spencer Dean Turner
Allison Ella Moan Roslyn Katherin Perry Sadie Lenae Sherbondy Ashlee Michelle Unger
Patrick Bernard Moore Moira Ann Pessagno Jessica Michelle Shoemaker Steven Michael Wahlgren
Rachel Alexandra Morales Joshua Alexander Petkovic Justin Michael Siehl Nebuchuel Bruce Walker Jr
Drew Riley Moreland Lukas Helmut Pfalz Tedra Cierra Simms JacobJ ames Walls
Sarah Ashley Morgan Kevin Wayne Phelps Jacob Maurice Smith IV Tomasz Patrick Walsh
Cole Brandon Morris Kylee Marie Phipps Gabriella Linette Smith Bryce Gardner Want
Steven Anthony Moure Jr Abigail Letty Pike Jasper Greggory Smith Ciara Gloria Ward
Joseph Kasprzak Mozingo Kirsten Tamara Plater Maleah Lanay Smith Trent David Watson
Carter Victoria Mulvihill Justin Robert Poissant Suzanne Amber Smith Kaitlyn Nicole Weaver
Jacob Steven Munoz Grace Lauren Pomilla Frederik August Sneeuwjagt III Reghan Keeley White
Joseph AdrianMurray Ethan Michael Poore Caden Bryant Speaks Sarah Josalene Whiteman
Sydney Elaine Nader Jaime Mikhaela Pope Sidney Alexandra Spence-Cockrill Damonte Terell Williams
Keaton Elizabeth Neal Hannah Elizabeth Powell Haley Addison Stallard Jennaveve Kaylee Williams
Christopher Tyrell Nelson Matthew Levin Pritchett Ashley Marie Stansell Seth Allen Williams
Bao Nhat Nguyen Ralph George Proctor IV Hannah Catherine Steele Blaine Damon Willoughby
Hannah Marie Nimez Emily Jade Prosper Aleya Juanita Sade Stenson Hannah Brooke Wilson
Richard Michael Nixon III Kyle Raymond Ptack Talmadge Todd Steuart Taylor Anne Wilson
William Nicholas Noble Corrigan Paige Railey Abbigale Reece Stickell Kevin Ayers Winters
Harley Vincent Noel Alexis Marie Redding Nick Joseph Stoetzel Trenten Joel Wong
Jillian Lorene O’Connor Nicholas Aiden Reynolds Shelby Rose Stogdale Thomas Patrick Woodburn
Kevin Michael O’Dell Janelle Rosemary Ridgewell Shannon Renee Stoneburner Carleen Paige Woolsey
Seamus Kevin O’Hara Morgan Fay Roberts Joseph Michael Strachan Rebecca Katherine Yoder
Gracey Katriel Oberman Jocelynn Evonne Rodriguez Abigail Elizabeth Strauss Jessica Marie Yost
Mark Daniel Oller Gabriela Cristina Rodriguez-Velez Hayleigh Marie Strong Anthony Charles Young
April Christine Ortega Christopher James Romero Gavin Michael Studds Tristan Thomas Zahringer
Gabriel Thomas Ortiz Taylor Lynne Rowder Adam Perry Sullivan Joseph StephenZawislak
Kyle Anthony Osburn Laura Anne Roy Justin Alan Summers Madison Jane Zegel
Bryahna Willow Overly Cyrus Lourenco Santos Hannah Ann Swank Megan Kristine Zegel
Jordan Starr Kathleen Paddy Natalie Kate Sasscer Babak Sebastian Talebi Sammie Jean Zeigler
Katlynne Jade Palensky Jennalynne Noelle Saul Ryan Charles Terrents Maggie Arin Zentner

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22 Obituaries The Calvert County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019

In Remembrance
The Calvert County Times runs complimentary obituaries as submitted by funeral homes
and readers. We run them in the order we receive them. Any submissions that come to after noon on Mondays may run in the following week’s edition.

Earle Wilson Donald Earl Busl, Sr. was raised in Prince George’s County,
graduating from Suitland High School
Joyce Ann Fox
“Sonny” Young, Jr. Donald Earl and then earning her Bachelor’s of Edu- Joyce Ann Fox,
Busl, Sr., 70, of cation from the University of Maryland 81, of St. Leonard,
Earle Wilson Owings passed College Park. She married James C. Fisk MD passed away
“Sonny” Young, Jr., away June 4, 2019. in 1967 and they have lived in Dunkirk June 3, 2019. She
84, of Solomons, He was born March since 1983. She was employed as a food was born April 5,
MD passed away 1, 1949 in Balti- science teacher with Prince George’s 1938 in Washing-
on May 10, 2019 at more, MD to the County schools and was later the Mag- ton, DC to Harry
Asbury-Solomons late Earl Linwood net Coordinator. Ellen enjoyed comput- William and Geor-
Health Care Center. and Mary Jeanne erized machine embroidering, which gia (Roberson)
Born September 5, (Krebs) Busl. Don- she was very talented at, and also loved Coleman. Joyce
1934 in Washing- ald was raised in Oxon Hill and graduat- spending time with her husband, James. graduated from Bladensburg High
ton, DC, he was the ed from Oxon Hill High School. He was She is survived by her husband James School in 1955. She was employed as
son of the late Earle Wilson Young, Sr. employed as a bus driver with Prince and brothers Vincent Maiorany of an international labor specialist with the
and Florence Agnes (Stanford) Young. George’s County Public Schools. Fol- Charleston, SC and Thomas Maiorany United States Department of Labor for
Sonny graduated from Gonzaga College lowing his retirement, Donald started of Marlow Heights. 52 ½ years, retiring in 2008. In her spare
High School in 1951. He graduated from a second career as a corrections officer Memorial contributions may be made time Joyce enjoyed playing BINGO and
George Washington University with a at Haynesville Correctional Center in to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, 3 In- cards.
Bachelors of Science in Mechanical En- Haynesville, VA. In his spare time Don- ternational Drive, Suite 200, Rye Brook, Joyce was preceded in death by her
gineering in 1960 and he graduated from ald enjoyed photography, taking photos, NY 10573; 888-557-7177; Link:https:// husband Walter J. Fox, parents Harry and
Catholic University of America with a fixing things, crossword puzzles and Georgia Coleman, stepfather William R.
Masters of Science in Engineering in classic TV shows. Funeral arrangements were made by Kleppinger and daughter Lisa Sachs.
1970. Sonny married Joan Regina Fla-
Donald is survived by his son Thomas Rausch Funeral Home. She is survived by her children Walter
herty on February 12, 1955 in Annapo-
Allen Busl and wife Jennifer of Ow- Joseph “Joe” Fox, Jr. and wife Laura of
lis, MD. He was an Engineer for NASA ings, grandchildren Amanda, Desiree, Shady Side, daughter Joan Lutz of St.
Goddard Space Flight Center in Green- Daniel, James, Jr., Kassandra, Jenna, Bonnie Sue Campbell Leonard and Michael Fox of Harwood,
belt, MD for thirty five years, retiring in Natalie, Tiffany, Alyssa and Joseph, Bonnie Sue 9 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren
1990. He moved to Calvert County in great-grandchildren Isabella and Tyler Campbell, 77, of and sisters Barbara Donatelli and Patri-
2018 from Queen Anne’s County. Sonny and daughter-in-law Jessica Busl, as well St. Leonard, Mary- cia Porter, both of The Villages, FL and
enjoyed golfing, fishing and woodwork- as a niece and 2 nephews. He was pre- land passed away Dorothy Chester of Crofton.
ing and was a member of the Elks Club,
ceded in death by his children Donald E. on June 9, 2019 Memorial contributions may bre
the NRA and the Chesapeake Bay Envi- Busl, Jr. and James E. Busl and brother made to Calvert Hospice, P.O. Box 838
ronmental Center (CBEC). at her home. She
Charles A. Busl. was born in Balti- Prince Frederick, MD 20678; 410-535-
Sonny is survived by his children, Visitation will be Thursday, June more, MD on Oc- 0892; Link:
Deborah Anne Schanberger (Carl) of 13, 2019, 10-11 a.m. at Rausch Funeral tober 12, 1941 to Funeral arrangements were made by
Tracys Landing, MD, Kelly Young Day
Home-Owings, 8325 Mt. Harmony the late Gloyd and Rausch Funeral Home.
(Patrick) of Lusby, MD, and Stephen
Lane, Owings, MD 20736. A memorial Olive Haines. Bonnie was a car-
Earle Young (Lisa) of Stevensville, MD;
six grandchildren; two great-grandchil-
service will follow at 11 a.m. at the fu-
neral home.
ing and loving person to everyone.
Beloved wife of 60 years of Howard
Judith Ann
dren; and sisters, Susan Dugan of Fort
Myers, FL and Karen Dashiell (Michael) Kelly Campbell, and devoted mother Pagliaro Miller
of Stuartstown, PA. He was preceded in Ellen Maiorany Fisk of Connie Lynn Mahaney and her hus-
band John, Howard Kelly Campbell,
Judith Ann Pa-
death by his wife, Joan Young on Octo- gliaro Miller of
Ellen Maio- Jr., Steven Lee Campbell and his wife
ber 15, 2016 and his daughter Stacey Lee Dunkirk, Mary-
rany Fisk, 76, of Stacy and the late John Allen Camp-
Boyd. land passed away
Dunkirk passed bell. Sister of the late Jacqueline E.
A Celebration of Life will be held on peacefully on May
away June 6, 2019 Lee, she is also survived by 11 Grand-
Saturday, June 22, 2019, from 12:00 pm 30, 2019. She was
at her residence. children and 11 Great Grandchildren.
until 2:00 pm at the Asbury-Solomons born to Marie Eva
She was born June Memorial contributions may be made
Auditorium, 11100 Asbury Circle, Solo- Bellosi and Joseph
24, 1942 in Cohoes, to Calvert Hospice. P.O. Box 838
mons, MD 20688.. Francis Pagliaro in
NY to Vincent Prince Frederick, MD 20678, 410-535-
Funeral arrangements were made by Washington, DC
and Mary (Smith) 0892; Link:
Rausch FDuneral Home. on March 15. Judy attended St. Fran-
Maiorany. Ellen Funeral arrangements wetre made by cis Xavier and Immaculate Conception
Rausch Funeral Home.

Now Offering...
Calvert County’s
ONLY On-site Crematory
Where Heritage and Life are celebrated.
Serving Calvert, Anne Arundel, St. Mary’s, and Prince George’s Counties

Lusby Owings Port Republic

20 American Ln. 8325 Mount Harmony Ln. 4405 Broomes Island Rd.
410-326-9400 410-257-6181 410-586-0520
Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Calvert County Times Entertainment 23

n A
High School in Washington, DC.
Judy was a devoted sister, aunt and
attended Surratts-
ville High School
Fu& G ME there
41. Ridicules
43. Allied Powers vs. Central
12. Space station
14. Gene
19. Satisfy
3. Derek and Jeff are two
god mother. She spent most of her pro- where she met her Powers 23. Livid
4. Disfigured
fessional career as an accountant and future husband
45. Produce 24. It comes after “et”
47. Ancient kingdom near 25. More (Spanish)

bookkeeper working closely with her Wallace R. Aley, Jr.

Dead Sea
49. Hebrew unit of liquid
26. Electronic data processing
27. Buffer solution to separate
5. Hawaiian dish
husband John and her brothers. Judy was during her sopho-
50. Type of sword
28. Primate 6. What a hack drives
a kind and loving aunt to all her nieces more year. She
55. “Sin City” actress 29. Scattered
56. Female reproductive cells 34. Evergreen tree 7. Horse gear
and nephews. Spending a great amount and Wallace were
57. Afflicted 35. What engaged couples
59. One point north of will say 8. Do away with
of time over the years taking care of married August
northeast 36. Barbie’s friend
60. Garland 37. Midway between south 9. Narrow straits between
them and helping them grow into pro- 29, 1964, and she
61. Spiritual leader and southeast
62. Negative 39. A position from which Sinai and Arabian
ductive, positive adults. Judy also loved graduated from Suitland High School
63. Tooth caregiver progress can be made
64. Cheek 40. Showed up
animals. She was especially fond of in 1965. They lived in the Suitland area 41. Insecticide
42. Type of milk
13. Corrie
dogs and over the years loved her Min- until moving in 1977 to Dunkirk, MD CLUES ACROSS 17. Type of horse 1. Form of “to be”
2. A hand has one
44. Verandas
45. Annoyingly talkative
iature Schnauzers, Mulligan, Corey Ann where they raised their three children.
1. Sacred bull (Egyptian 18. Volcanic craters
3. Thought 46. Abba __, Israeli politician 14. Hawaiian flower

myth.) 20. Type of graph (abbr.) 47. “Heat” director
4. Physical body
and Lucy Lou. We are sure that they are For the past twenty nine years they have necklace
5. One-time European money 21. Supporters

5. Removes 48. Plant genus
8. Disfigure 22. North and South are two 51. Swiss river
6. One who perpetrates
happy to be together in heaven. lived in Owings. Judy was an editor and
11. Polish city 25. Spread
13. Move quickly on foot 30. Adjusted wrongdoing
7. Make one
52. Prejudice
53. Actor Idris
17. Midway between
Judy was preceded in death by her supervisor with the U.S. Navy Depart-
14. Landlocked West African 31. Vietnamese offensive
country 32. Nazi architect 8. Kate and Rooney are two
9. __ Ladd, “Shane” actor
54. Freedom fighters (slang)
58. Criticize northeast and east
husband John C. Miller, mother, father ment, retiring in 1994. She was also
15. Used in aromatherapy 33. Nigerian peoples
The greatest of all time 38. When you hope to get 10. Makes fun of
18. Insecticide
and brother John C. Pagliaro. Judy is sur- censed real estate agent in Calvert Coun- 20. Comfort
vived by her three brothers, Joseph F. Pa- ty for over ten years. Judy was a member
22. Town in Galilee
gliaro of Huntingtown, Maryland, Carl of the First Lutheran Church of Calvert
L. Pagliaro of Annapolis, Maryland, County. In her leisure time she enjoyed 27. Informal greeting
Leonard S. Pagliaro of Bowie, Maryland knitting, crochet, making scarfs, flower 28. Relative biological
and her two sisters, Rosemarie Presley of gardening and raising house plants, and CLUES ACROSS 41. English synthpop duo effectiveness (abbr.)
Columbia, Maryland and Mary Jane Pal- spending time with her family, especial- 1. Mathematical term (abbr.) 45. Mars crater 29. Used to check the heart
migiano of Dunkirk, Maryland. Also, ly her grandchildren. 4. Seaport (abbr.) 46. A lot 31. Western India island
many loving nieces and nephews and Judy is survived by her husband Wal- 7. “Unforgettable” singer 47. Small organelles 32. Credit card term
great nieces and great nephews. lace R. Aley, Jr., a daughter Denise M. 50. By reason of 33. Female deer
10. The GOAT
Burial will be held at 1:30 pm on June Balon and husband John of King George, 54. “Growing Pains” actor
15th at Southern Memorial Gardens in VA, sons David B. Aley and wife Dana, 11. Used to harvest agave 37. British football team
Kirk 38. Persian jurisdiction
Dunkirk, Maryland followed by a cel- and Darren R. Aley and wife Jamie, all cactus
55. Free from contamination
ebration of life. of Huntingtown. She is also survived by 12. Luke’s mentor __-Wan 39. Freshwater mussel
17 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren, 13. Muses 56. Genus in the mahogany genus
Judy Ann Aley and a sister Janice M. Beers of Solomons. 15. IBM operating system family 40. Opposite of happiness
Memorial contributions may be 16. Hungarian village 57. Body part 41. Ban on trade
Judy Ann Aley, 72, of Owings, MD made to Calvert Hospice, P.O. Box 838 59. A belief in a supreme 42. Bitterly regrets
19. Popular conversation
passed away June 4, 2019 at her resi- Prince Frederick, MD 20678; 410-535- being
dence. She was born February 14, 1947 0892; Link: topic 43. Assented
60. Talk a lot 44. Well-proportioned
in Washington, D.C. to Helen Pauline Funeral arrangements were made by 21. N. Atlantic island
61. Actors’ group
(Dreher) and Charles Russell Beers. She Rausch Funeral Home. 23. Fail to discern correctly 47. Part of (abbr.)
was raised in Hillcrest Heights, MD and 24. The President has one 62. Unit of measurement 48. Indigenous people of
25. Irish Gaelic language 63. Slick Thailand

Historic St. Mary’s City

26. Gasteyer and Ivanovic 64. No seats available 49. A man of your stature
are two 65. A way to change color (abbr.)
27. Garnished 51. Advantageous

Hosts Annual BeerFest

30. National capital 52. Female sibling
34. Basics 1. Belongs to the daughter 53. Electronic
35. Initial public offering of Chaos countermeasures
36. Winged horse 2. Wardrobe 58. Swiss river
Historic St. Mary’s City on June 22, from 12 pm to 6 pm, will be hosting the 9th
annual BeerFest! The outdoor festival has a full day planned, including special tours
of the Van Sweringen’s Inn exhibit, beer making demonstrations, a children’s activity
tent, and learning opportunities with museum staff.

Live music will be playing throughout the day on the lawn of the State House,
with heavy-hitting local bands: noon will feature The Bootleggers; 2 pm has the
sounds of HydraFX; and 4 pm rocks on with Outside the Wire.
BeerFest offers the opportunity to taste the products of regional microbreweries,
shop among select craft vendors, or grab a bite to eat from local food vendors. All
proceeds from this event go towards the Education and Research departments of
Historic St. Mary’s City.
Tickets are available to purchase on the BeerFest event page, StMarysCityBeer-, or through Historic St. Mary’s City BeerFest. Tickets for
tasters are $25.00 and include four sampling tickets and a commemorative glass.
Tickets for designated drivers (and youth 15-20 years of age) are $10, and youth age
14 and under are free.
Parking is recommended near the State House at 47418 Old State House Road, St.
Mary’s City, Maryland. For information regarding the event, please email PorziaP@, or call 240-895-4960.
Historic St. Mary’s City is a museum of living history and archaeology on the
site of Maryland’s first capital in beautiful, tidewater Southern Maryland. For more
information about the museum, contact the Visitor Center at 240-895-4990, 800-
SMC-1634, or

Press Release from HSMC

24 Calendars The Calvert County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019

Community Calendar
To submit your event listing to go in our Community Calendar, please email with the listing details by 12 p.m. on the Monday prior to our Thursday publication.

available for sale. Tickets $20 online, $25 at the door, and
UPCOMING available at 410-326-2042. cal-
Texas Hold’em and Cash Games
Julie Rogers Studio of Dance, 4120 Old Town Rd.,
Intergenerational Summer Camp Huntingtown
Grandparents and their elementary school-aged grand- 7:00 PM
children, ages 5-11. Calvert Pines Senior Center, 450 W. Same Price - More Chips!!! Benefit the Patricia Leone
Dares Beach Road, Prince Frederick, July 8-12 from 10:00 Saturday, June 15 Rogers Educational Scholarship Fund. Doors open at 6:00.
AM - 2:00 PM. $50 grandparent-grandchild pair; $25 for Lighthouse Adventure Cruise – Southern Bay Buy in $80; early registrati extra $1000 in chips. $10 50/50
each additional grandparent or grandchild. Registration Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons additional $4000 in chips. Food, beer and sodas included!
includes all materials and ice cream sundae party. Space 7:45 AM - 5:00 PM
limited register by June 21. 410-535-2003. Aboard a private charter vessel to tour the Southern Bay
and see six lighthouses. $130 for the day-long trip. Space Sunday, June 16
The Calvert Amateur Radio Association (CARA) limited; pre-registration required. Purchase tickets at bit. FATHER’S DAY
National Amateur Radio Relay League Field Day. Noon, ly/CMMLighthouseCruise. 410-326-2042. Calvertmarine-
Saturday, June 22, until Noon Sunday, June 24 at the Drum Father’s Day Breakfast
Point Clubhouse, 465 Overlook Drive, Lusby. CARA in- American Legion Post 206, Chesapeake Beach
vites everyone for amateur radio demonstrations and to Car Wash Fundraiser 8:00 - 11:00 AM
learn how to use amateur (ham) radio equipment, discover Results Fitness, 230 West Dares Beach Rd., Prince Honor Dad by treating him to the Master Chef’s Waffles
proper techniques in practicing emergency response. Info/ Frederick with Strawberries and Cream, Sausage, Ham, Scrapple,
confirm a visit, go to or just join us at the Drum 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, Home Fries, Biscuits, Fresh Fruit,
Point Clubhouse Benefit the Huntingtown High Marching Hurricanes. Pastries, and Chip Beef. Drawings for Gifts for Dad. Host-
ed by the American Legion Auxiliary in the upper level
Fossil Field Experience
ONGOING Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons
Dining Hall. Open to the Public. Adults $12; kids 6-12 $6;
kids under 6 free. Bloody Marys available for a nominal
Robin Hood 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM charge. 410-257-9878.
Presented by the Twin Beach Players, June 14-23, Fri- Explore the fossils of Cove Point with a trained museum
days and Saturdays at 8:00 PM; Sunday matinees at 3:00 educator. After lunch tour our paleo hall and fossil prep Father’s Day Brunch Cruise
PM.9021 Dayton Avenue, North Beach. twinbeachplayers. lab; explore the museum at your leisure! Ages 8 and up. Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons
org $20. Space limited. Pre-registration required; visit 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
CMMfossils to register. 410-326-2042. calvertmarinemu- A perfect way to say “You’re the best!” $30 adults, $15
Calvert County Farmers Markets ages 12 and under. Pre-registration required; visit
Tuesdays in Prince Frederick, 2:30-6:30 PM, Calver- WmBTennisonCruises to register. 410-326-2042. calvert-
tHealth Medical Center parking lot. Father’s Day Fishing Derby
Thursdays in Dunkirk, 3:00-7:00 PM, Dunkirk District North Beach Pier
Park. 10:00 AM - Noon Father’s Day Evening Cruise
Fridays in North Beach, 6:00 - 9:00 PM. Bay Avenue Free event. Ages 6-16 w/parent or guardian. Over 16 Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons
between 5th and 7th Streets. must have a fishing permit. Space limited. RSVP lgar- 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Saturdays in Lusby, 8:00 AM - Noon, Sneade’s Ace A perfect ending to Dad’s special day! $30 adults, $15
Hardware. ages 12 and under. Pre-registration required; visit
NAACP Community Day WmBTennisonCruises to register. 410-326-2042. calvert-
Glory Days of Bayside History Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum, 10515 Mackall
Bayside History Museum, 4025 4th St., North Beach Road, St. Leonard
1:00 - 4:00, Wednesday-Sunday 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Threads of families, activities and places over the past A day of Family Fun, Food and Fellowship with family Tuesday, June 18
130 years presented in a quilt of fun, tradition and culture. and friends. Free Admission. Michael Kent, 410-474-9420. Bingo
410-610-5970. North Beach VFD, Rt. 261, Chesapeake Beach
Open Farm Series 6:00 PM
Friday, June 14 Freedom Hill Horse Rescue, 7940 Flint Hill Road, Join friends and neighbors and support your local first
responders. Games at 7:30. Food and drinks for purchase.
FLAG DAY 3:00 - 4:00 PM Jackpot - possible prize $1,000.
Meet and greet the horses, learn about programs and vol-
Annual Pat Collins Golf Classic
Chesapeake Hills Golf Course, Lusby
unteering, have a pony ride, enjoy a game or activity, have a
tour of the farm. Entrance is free, pony rides $5.00 Wednesday, June 19
7:30 AM, registration SMADC Town Hall Meeting
The Arc Southern Maryland host this event named in Moon Light Cruise on the Miss Lizzy SMECO Auditorium, 15035 Burnt Store Rd., Hughesville
honor of Pat Collins, a former board president. Tournament Rod n’ Reel Dock, 4165 Mears Ave., Chesapeake Beach 6:30 - 8:00 PM
begins at 8:30. Proceeds support individuals with intellec- 7:00 - 9:00 PM Hosted by the Regional Agricultural Center to hear up-
tual and developmental disabilities and their families. $150 Dr. Ralph Eshelman, specialist in maritime history dates on the Westham Butcher Shop, the soon to be com-
player. of the Chesapeake Bay, will talk about many interesting pleted Amish-operated slaughter facility. Participate in the
things about the Bay. $32 person. Tickets online at chesa- discussion and share questions, concerns, and ideas.
Flag Day Ceremony or at Town Hall 410-257-2230.
American Legion Stallings-Williams Post 206, Chesa-
peake Beach
6:00 PM
Acoustic Music Thursday, June 20
American Legion Stallings Williams Post 206, Chesa-
Upper level Parking Lot. All members and the public are peake Beach Calvert Toastmasters Club
invited to attend. 410-257-9878. 7:00 - 11:00 PM Community Resources Building, 30 Duke Street, Prince
In the Lower Level Lounge hear music from Ross Frederick
John Conolly and Rob van Sante Crampton. Public welcome. 410-257-9878. http://post206. 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Harms Gallery, Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons Visit and find out how we can help you develop your
7:00 PM speaking, listening, and leadership skills in a non-threat-
An evening of thought-provoking, tuneful, and often ening environment!
outrageously funny songs.Doors open 6:00. Beer and wine
Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Calvert County Times Calendars 25

Alzheimer’s Caregivers Support.

7:00-8:30pm. Get tips and support from
For more information & to register for events visit

Thursday, June 13 Tuesday, June 18

Summer Fun--Mr. Jon & Friends.
10:00-11:00am. Mr. Jon & Friends
YoungatHeart By Office of Aging Staff
other caregivers. Facilitated by Jean- makes music for kids and their families
nette Findley & JC Hooker. Please reg- that inspire fun, laughter and dancing. Early Closing Ceramics
ister. Calvert Library Prince Freder- His second family album called Get On Wednesday, June 26, all se- Make beautiful works of art
ick, 850 Costley Way, 410-535-0291 or Your Move On is available now. The mu- nior centers will be closing at 1 with our instructor Pat Dinota.
301-855-1862. sic of Mr. Jon & Friends is sure to bring p.m. for staff training. Lunch will Southern Pines Senior Center,
a smile to your face! All ages. Calvert be served at 11:30 a.m. Monday and Thursdays; North
On Pins & Needles. 1:00-4:00pm. Library Twin Beaches Branch at North- Beach Senior Center, Tuesday,
Bring your quilting, needlework, knit- east Commmunity Center, 4075 Gordon Intergenerational Summer 9:30 a.m.; Calvert Pines Senior
ting, crocheting, or other project for an Stinnett Avenue, Chesapeake Beach, Day Camp Ages 5-11 Center, Wednesdays and Fridays.
afternoon of conversation and shared 410-257-2411. Grandparents and their el-
creativity. Calvert Library Prince Fred- ementary aged grandchildren are Calvert Pines
erick, 850 Costley Way, 410-535-0291 or Summer Fun--Mr. Jon & Friends. welcome to join us for our an- Senior Center
301-855-1862. 2:00-3:00pm. Mr. Jon & Friends makes nual summer camp, July 8 – 12, Enjoy a musical flashback with
music for kids and their families that in- 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at Calvert Pines American Soul: The Music of
Senior Center. Arts and crafts, Motown, Friday, June 21, 12:30
Friday, June 14 spire fun, laughter and dancing. His sec-
ond family album called Get Your Move games, public safety, a magic p.m. There will be singing, danc-
On Pins & Needles. 1:00-4:00pm. On is available now. The music of Mr. show, and reptiles to see! $50 per ing and a choral group. The youth
Bring your quilting, needlework, knit- Jon & Friends is sure to bring a smile grandparent/grandchild, $25 each choir will be singing popular
ting, crocheting, or other project for an to your face! All ages. Calvert Library additional person. Call Ed Sulli- songs.
afternoon of conversation and shared Fairview Branch, at Dunkirk Volunteer van at 410-535-4606 for more in- Paint a beautiful masterpiece
creativity. Calvert Library Prince Fred- Fire Department, 3170 West Ward Road, formation. Pick up a registration with Rock Art, Tuesday, June 25,
erick, 850 Costley Way, 410-535-0291 or Dunkirk, 410-257-2101. form at your local senior center. 10 a.m.
301-855-1862. Deadline to register is July 3.
Geocaching for Tweens! 6:30-8:00pm. North Beach Senior Center
Saturday, June 15 Tweens - get ready for a summer of ad- Fitness Facilities Take a look back with a blast
venture with an Introduction to Geo- Each Senior Center has a fitness from the past with 1970’s Music
Brain Games: Mahjongg, Scrabble caching! We’ll learn all about this “un- room with treadmills, ellipticals, Videos with Kathy, Wednesday,
& More. 12:00-3:00pm. Want to learn derground” activity; how to find caches, exercise bikes, and weights. Call June 19, 11 a.m.
Mahjongg? Hope to make your Scrabble and even make one! Please register. Cal- any senior center for more infor- Enjoy making works of art as
skills killer? Games are a great way to vert Library Prince Frederick, 850 Cost- mation. Free for seniors. we Kraft with Karla, Thursday,
keep your brain sharp while having fun! ley Way, 410-535-0291 or 301-855-1862. June 20, 10 a.m.
Join us! Please register. Calvert Library Legal Aid
Prince Frederick, 850 Costley Way, 410- Attorney services are available Southern Pines
535-0291 or 301-855-1862. Wednesday, June 19 by appointment regarding SSI, Senior Center
Summer Fun - Mr. Jon and Friends. benefit denials, disability pay- Calling all musicians! Bring
Teen Dungeons and Dragons. 1:00- 10:00-11:00am. Mr. Jon & Friends ments, and more. An attorney your instruments and join us for
4:30pm. Meet up the 3rd Saturday of makes music for kids and their families will be at Calvert Pines Senior an Open Jam Session, Wednesday,
each month. Players of all levels and in- that inspire fun, laughter, and dancing. Center, Thursday, June 13, 1 – 3 June 19, 1 p.m. Celebrate World
terest welcome. Please register. Calvert His second family album called Get p.m. Please call 410-535-4606 for Music Day with us.
Library Prince Frederick, 850 Costley Your Move On is available now. The more information and to make an The Maryland Insurance Ad-
Way, 410-535-0291 or 301-855-1862. music of Mr. Jon & Friends is sure to appointment. ministration will be here Tuesday,
bring a smile to your face! All ages.We June 25, 11 a.m. for Insurance
Monday, June 17 now have text reminders. If you would 101. Have your questions regard-
like to get reminders for Special events ing insurance answered.
Monday Morning Fun. 10:00-11:00am. for children this summer, text @sum-
Join us for dancing, stories, movies and merso19 to the number 81010. Calvert
fun. We now have text reminders. If you Library Southern Branch at Patuxent-
would like to get reminders about cer- Appeal Campus Building, 35 Appeal
tain special events for this class, text @

Eating Together Menu

Lane, Lusby, 410-326-5289.
mmfpf to the number 81010. Calvert
Library Prince Frederick, 850 Costley
Way, 410-535-0291 or 301-855-1862. Thursday, June 20
Summer STEAM. 2:30-3:30pm. Monday, June 17
Dyslexia-friendly Book Club Discus- Seafood Salad on a Bed of Thursday, June 20
Shoot for the stars this summer as we Pork Roast, Gravy, Mashed
sion & Movie. 6:00-8:45pm. Which do explore space through tech toys, stories Lettuce, Pickled Beets, Corn, Dinner
Roll, Apple Crisp Potatoes, Seasoned Spinach, Dinner
you prefer, the book or the movie? Join and hands-on STEAM activities. Snack Roll, Strawberries
us for a discussion of the book The In- provided. Grades K-5. Calvert Library
vention of Hugo Cabret as well as a Fairview Branch, Rt. 4 and Chaneyville Tuesday, June 18
viewing of the hit movie based on the Road, Owings, 410-257-2101. Turkey a la King, Rice, Tossed Friday, June 21
book. No worries if you haven’t read the Salad w/Chick Peas and Dressing, Baked Chicken Leg, Tossed Salad
book yet--you can pick up a copy to take Broccoli, Dinner Roll, Peaches w/Dressing, Scalloped Potatoes,
Drop In, Hang Out for Teens. 6:00-
home after the movie! This book club is Carrots, Dinner Roll, Cubed
8:00pm. Do crafts, play games, or just
open to readers of ALL abilities. Please Wednesday, June 19 Cantaloupe
hang out! Calvert Library Prince Fred-
register. Calvert Library Prince Freder- erick, 850 Costley Way, 410-535-0291 or Turkey, Gravy, Stuffing, Mashed
ick, 850 Costley Way, 410-535-0291 or 301-855-1862. Potatoes, Carrots, Fresh Seasonal
301-855-1862. Fruit
Lunches are served to seniors, aged 60-plus, and their spouses through Title IIIC of
the Older Americans Act. Suggested donation is $3. To make or cancel a reservation call:
Calvert Pines Senior Center at 410-535-4606, North Beach Senior Center at 410-257-2549,
or Southern Pines Senior Center at 410-586-2748. Lunches are subject to change.
26 BusinessDIRECTORY The Calvert County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019

Cross, Wood
Cross, W & Wynkoop
ood & Wynkoop
And AssoCiAtes, inC.
and Associates, Inc.
28231 Three The
Road, Suite 101 •Since 1994 MD 20659
301-884-5900 (office) • 301-934-4680 (office) • 301-884-0398 (fax)
Group Health Insurance • Individual Market Health Insurance
Dental • &Vision
Life Insurance • Short & Long Term Disability
Payroll Services
Julie E. Wynkoop John F. Wood, Jr.
President Vice President
Call 301-884-5900 • 301-934-4680 • Fax 301-884-0398 •

Fax 301-884-2884


46924 Shangri-La Drive • Lexington Park, MD



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-855-9054 24 HOUR
-535-5172 EMERGENCY
7605 GINGER • MD
AUTO 301-855-9054




• Windshield Replacements
• Rock Chip Repairs
• Water Leaks
• Shower Door Enclosures
• Storefronts Bdlg. &
• Windshield Replacements
• Vintage Auto Glass • Patio & Storm Door Glass Entrances • Rock Chip Repairs
• Window Motor & Regulators
• Insulated Window Glass • Herculite Tempered Doors • Water Leaks
• Mirrors • Table tops • Vintage Auto Glass
• Heavy Equipment Machinery
• Window Screens
• Aluminum Commercial
Windows • Window Motor & Regulators
• E-File of Insurance Claims
• Marine • Fireplace
• Picture Frames • Door Repair • Heavy Equipment Machinery

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tomotive Glass
• Beveled Glass & Mirror
• Panic Hardware
Door Closures
• Safety

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Table Tops & Screens

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Doors, Mirrors, Windows And So Much More!

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Shower Door $135 OFF
Shower Door
Over $1000
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