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Our Mission: To love Jesus Christ and to share His Love

Our Vision: To be a Christian community where Christ is transforming lives
East Stroudsburg United Methodist Church Volume V Issue 24 June 16th, 2019

What a great and uplifting service it was this past Sunday, June 9th, to welcome into membership
fourteen young people who all actively participated in the service beyond their vows and for some,
their baptisms! Though you saw their photos in last week’s Trumpet Call, as well as on the front of
the bulletin and on the screen, here’s one last opportunity to see them as a group, in a photo taken
just after the service on Sunday. One confirmand, Mia Price, was not available for the group photo, so
she is included in the inset to the group photo. This photo also serves as a reminder to you that as
you pass them in the hallway or see them out in the community, to please congratulate them and
seek any opportunity to help them grow in their faith!
June is considered a “happy time” of the year as we celebrate weddings, graduations, and of course, confirmations. June
9 was also a special day for Karen and me as we celebrated 40 years of marriage together, and thanks to all of those
who have wished us well. It also helps that we have more hours of sunlight in June than any other month of the year.
June is also a challenging time for us as a church as we seek to reach out to our community in powerful ways, and those
ways include the weekly block parties (with the exception of July 4) in June and July, the recent carnival on June 8, and
the upcoming Summer Bible Camp (formerly VBS) running for five nights beginning Sunday, June 23.
We have noticed that in all of our outreach efforts, there seems to be a (small) core group of people who sign up ahead
of time and faithfully show up. Then there are others who have not indicated either way whether they can volunteer, who
then show up and do a great job. The third group are those who neither sign up nor show up, and often this is because
they already had other plans or were going to be out of town when the event took place. I can’t emphasize enough how
important it is to commit and to sign up ahead of time for any of these outreach activities! Those who are planning these
activities need to know ahead of time whom they can count on to make the event successful, so when the time comes to
sign up, I urge you to do so. It would be a tragedy if an event needed to be canceled, only to find out that two or three
times the number who had signed up planned to actually come and help.
That said, I invite all of you again this week to volunteer to help in some way with Summer Bible Camp. It is especially
critical knowing that the final night of SBC is a Thursday night and also the night of our fourth block party, when we will
be stretched especially thin volunteer-wise. Please see, call, or email Erica Dorsch to let her know that she can count on
Finally, as I write this, Karen and I are readying ourselves to go to Annual Conference, which begins on Thursday, June
13 and runs through dinnertime on Saturday. It is with great sadness that we remember our lay member for many years,
Linda Drake, is not with us this year but has preceded us to
God’s great banquet in heaven. We remember Linda at this
year’s conference even as we give thanks for Gloria Ladlee
stepping up to represent our church on the laity side. My
wife, Karen, will represent our North District as a lay
equalizing member. I invite you to pray for Conference, and
Gloria, Karen, and I will make a report to the congregation
when we return. 1
Blessings in Christ,
Pastor Jim


ESUMC would like to formally recognize our 2019 High School and College graduates!
If you, or someone you know from ESUMC is graduating (walking or not), please let us know! We are collecting the
following information for all of our graduates, so please be sure to include:
• A photo of the Graduate
• The Graduate’s Full Name
• Graduate of (School Name)
• Degree Awarded
• Future Field of Study (if decided)
• Future University, College or Tech. School Name (If applicable. Or other intended plans)
Please send this important information to the Trumpet Call email address,, by Tuesday,
June 17th. Thank you!

Full Name Full Name Full Name Full Name Full Name Full Name Full Name
School Name School Name School Name School Name School Name School Name School Name
Degree Awarded Degree Awarded Degree Awarded Degree Awarded Degree Awarded Degree Awarded Degree Awarded
Field of Study Field of Study Field of Study Field of Study Field of Study Field of Study Field of Study
University, College or University, College or University, College or University, College or University, College or University, College or University, College or
Technical Technical Technical Technical Technical Technical Technical
School’s Name School’s Name School’s Name School’s Name School’s Name School’s Name School’s Name

All meetings are
held downstairs in
the Community Room of
the Education Building
*excluding GriefShare*

Keep It Simple
Thursdays &

Serenity House

Just For Today

#3 van reserved for Second Harvest New Beginnings

(Women’s Group)

ESUMC’s Staff and administration

has a new data management
program. If you haven’t updated
your information recently, please 8:00pm-9:00pm
call the Church Office during
business hours to do so. Thanks!
GRIEF Official Church email Communications questions, requests and suggestions
3 6:30-8:00pm Prayer requests (for our phone, text, or email prayer chains)
Oberholtzer Hall Servant keeper questions or help eNews requests; TC articles DEADLINE: Wednesdays, 12pm
Summer Bible Camp Donation List
200 Tin cans - different sizes (washed with labels removed)
4 cans compressed air
Ping pong balls
1 bag gummy frogs (5lb)
4-5 electric campfires
1 jar tomato sauce (large jar)
10 cans whipped cream
50 small circular wire mesh baskets (Dollar Tree)
50 soft tortilla shells
10 packages of shredded mozzarella cheese
10 boxes powdered doughnut holes
12 circular plastic tablecloths
10 containers blueberries
10 containers strawberries
` 3 bags of marshmallows (mini)
1 container of vanilla ice cream (3 gallon or larger)
1 container of chocolate ice cream (3 gallon or larger)

Make a difference at ESUMC! Volunteer to serve on our Audio Visual Team!

Visit our website for the full volunteer service position description.
Go to:
Nursery Staff Position The Case of the Missing Chairs
ESUMC’s Infant and Preschool Nursery is looking for Attention Church Family: We are attempting to track
special, caring individuals to meet the needs of a down a bunch of folding chairs that belong to the
growing ministry in our church. Paid nursery staff Church. If you have borrowed any folding metal chairs
provide child care and teach lesson on Sundays from for graduation parties, birthday parties, family
8:15-12:15 and work special events, church services, gatherings, or other special occasions and not returned
and retreats throughout the year. You must be 18 years them, please be sure to bring them back to ESUMC as
or older, receive all of your clearances, plus mentoring soon as possible!
and training are provided. For more information contact
With our Thursday night Block Parties and other
Michelle Traub or Erica Dorsch at
outreach or ministry events on the horizon, we’ll be in a
tight squeeze this summer without them! Please make
sure to return them quickly, - or be prepared to share a
seat with a friend this summer! :)
Thank you so much!

ESUMC’s Faith Promise Mission Partner

One of our Faith Promise Missions is the Pregnancy

Resource Center of the Poconos, and this is the time of
the year for our Baby Bottle Boomerang! This Mother’s
Day Sunday, we invited you to pick up a baby bottle
Van Driver still needed!!!
from the table in Fellowship Hall and begin filling it with
loose change around your house. Please return the Our 2019 Russia Missions Team is looking for someone
bottle on either Father’s Day, June 16th or the following
to drive the Missions Team, in the Church van, over to
Sunday, June 23rd, at the same table in Fellowship
JFK on Thursday, August 8th (mid morning trip), and/or
home from the airport on Sunday, August 18th (time
Please also be sure to sign your name on the list when TBD). Volunteers are suggested to (1) be comfortable
taking a bottle and thank you so much for your support driving the Church van and (2) having some experience
of this life encouraging ministry! driving in the city/NYC. Please call Harriette Fulmer on
For more information, please contact, Jill Malefyt, her cell at (570) 369-0842 or at home at (570) 424-5095
Lynn Pappalardo orJenni Poole. if you are willing to help serve in this capacity!
Tape Here

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