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ETM 45 Data Sheet - N00326

3-phase Transducer for Alternating Current or Voltage Page 1/3

September 2002

• Conversion of three input Aac or Vac in three output signal

• For sinusoidal alternating current variables. 61 62 63 64 65 66 14 13
• Linear measuring range Hartmann & Braun

• Electrical isolation between input, output and power supply. TRANSDUTOR ETM 45

• Class: 0,5% or 0,25%

• Response time better than 200ms.
• Reduced size.

Technical data
1 3 4 6 7 9

Current: (3x) 0…1A; 0…2A, 0…5A,0…10A.

Voltage: (3x) 0…100/110/220/380/500V.

Frequency : 50; 60 Hz ± 10 % (other on consult)

Additional error above: 1,2IrtdI or UrtdI: ≤0,2% (1)
Power Current input: ≤ 0,15VA
Temperature: ≤0,2%/10K (1)
Consumption: Voltage input: ≤ 0,65VA
Power supply: ≤0,05% (1)
1VA for class 0,25
Overload Current input: Permanently: 2x In;
Short time: 50 x In/1s, Imax. = 250A / 1s Auxiliary power
Voltage input: Permanently: 1,5xUn, supply: 85…265Vac/90…300Vdc
maximum. 570V (power consumption ~4VA)
Short time: 4xUn / 1s 20…60Vac/Vdc
(power consumption ~4VA)
(3x) Current 0…1/5/10/20mA, 4…20mA (other on consult). Electric Tests:
Current limitation: max. 1,5 x Isnon All circuits mutually: 2,5kV 1min. 60Hz
Load: Exception with Power Supply to output
Rc = ___15.000 (mV) ____Ω Surge Voltage: 5kV; 1,2/50us; 0,5Ws
max Signal output (mA) Radio interference: 2,5kV,1MHz, 400 pulses/1s.
Ex.: Rc = 750Ω for output 4…20mA
Construction and Mounting:
(3x) Voltage: 0…10V (other on consult) Housing: Surface mounting case
Voltage limitation: 25V; Ra = infinit. Fixing: for top-hat rail mounting.
Load: Rc ≥ 500Ω Electric connections: terminals for ring shaped cable shoes.
Output x Output: 500 V Type of protection: IP50 (housing)
IP20 (connection terminal)
Residual ripple: ≤ 0,5% (peak to peak) Weight: ± 0,7kg

Response Time: ≤ 200ms Climatic capabilities:

Operating temperature: -20…+60ºC
Influence Magnitudes: Functioning temperature: -25…+70ºC
Erro limit: 0,5% (standard); 0,25% (option) Transport and storage: -40…+80ºC
Reference Relative humidity: ≤75% annual average, slight
conditions: Input: UE = UrtdI (2) condensation tolerated.
IE = IrtdI (2)
Frequency: frtdI+2% Mechanical stress:
Form factor: 1,111 Impact: acceleration 30g, during 11ms
Power supply: Uax ±2% Vibration: acceleration 2g, frequency 5..150Hz.
Load: 0,5Rc max.
Ambient Notes:
Temperature : 25ºC±2K (1) With respect to the output span
Heat up time: ± 20 min (2) UrtdI = Rated voltage
IrtdI = Rated current
ETM 45 Data Sheet - N00326
3-phase Transducer for Alternating Current or Voltage Page 2/3
September 2002

Electric Connections: Usage Mode

The next items describe precautions and informations that must be
followed by the user, for a good performance and functioning, as
Current well the instument conservation and instalations security.

Certify that the currents and voltages to be connected in to the
instrument are compatible.
The instrument must be desconnected from the eletrical instalations
before been removed.

Instalation instructions
Follow the ambient temperature band. Verify the vibration, dust, dirt
and humidity levels, that must be between the limits by the type
of case protection and climatic group, quoted in this
For flat surface mounting, use two M4 screws.
Voltage For top-hat rail mounting , use the fitting placed in the instrument
The connection can be done with ring shaped cable shoes or pin
shaped cable shoes terminals.

Usage instructions
After the connections been done, turn the instrument on and verify
the transducer functioning, in the output terminal.

1,3; 4,6 e 7,9: Input Aac (current)

2,2a; 5,5a; 8;8a: Input Vac (voltage)

Is1; Is2; Is3: Output mAcc

Us1; Us2 e Us3: Output Vcc
Uax:13,14 Auxiliary power supply (Vca)

Dimensional Drawing
Dimensions in mm
ETM 45 Data Sheet - N00326
3-phase Transducer for Alternating Current or Voltage Page 3/3
September 2002

Ordering information:

Transducer triplo ETM-45 N 0 0 3 2 - - - - - - -
In surface mouting case 6
Rated Frequency
50Hz 1
60Hz 2
400Hz 3
Measuring range:
Voltage: 0… 10V/0 …20Vca 1
0… 21V/0… 50Vca 2
0… 51V/0… 97Vca 3
0… 98V/0…180Vca 4
0…181V/0…340Vca 5
0…341V/0…600Vca 6
Current: 0…1Aca 7
0…5Aca 8
Power supply:
20…60Vac/20…60Vdc 12
85…265Vac/90…300Vdc 13
Output signal
0…1mAcc 1
0…5mAcc 2
0…10mAcc 3
0…20mA 4
4…20mAcc 5
0…10Vcc 6
Other (by consulting) 0
Error limit 0,25% 1
Standard ( without options) 5
Additional information
Complement C
Standard 1

Transducer ETM45
Construction: In surface mouting case
Frequency: 60Hz
Measuring range: 0…5Aac
Power supply: 85…265Vac/90…300Vdc
Output Signal: 4…20mA
Code number: N003262813551


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