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The SET SEG Foundation, partnering with the Michigan Association of School Boards,

is awarding $2,500 to TEN educational programs within Michigan public schools and
ISDs to continue their positive influence on their students and community.

We’re looking for programs that change lives and impact • $2,500 to expand your program
students’ futures. Programs must focus on one or more • Commemorative trophy
of the following categories: • Education Excellence road sign
• STEM/Literacy • Congratulatory email to your principal and
• Bullying/Suicide Prevention superintendent
• Community Involvement/Family & Student Engagement
• Social Responsibility AWARD CEREMONY AND MEDIA
• Health & Safety SET SEG will work with the winners to schedule an award
ceremony that best suits each winning school. Whether it is
ELIGIBILITY a pep assembly, monthly board meeting or special event, a
• Programs must be in operation for at least one year representative from SET SEG and/or MASB will present the
prior to Dec. 14, 2018. award and congratulate the district on their achievements.
• Programs must be operating in a local or Winning programs will be featured in news releases sent
intermediate school district in Michigan. to local papers, and members of SET SEG, MASB, MASA,
• Programs that have won in the past are eligible to MASSP, and MEMSPA.
apply if they won prior to May 2017.
• Programs must be original to the applicant and GRANT PROCESS
cannot be affiliated with commercially or nationally Program submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges

aligned programs such as Reading Recovery, Parents involved in public education in Michigan.

as Teachers, HOSTS, PALS, LINKS, RIF, Kiwanis Submissions will be awarded points based on criteria and
Keyclub, Dave Ramsey programs, PBIS, etc. point allocations for each question within the application.

Questions? Email

Please download this form and submit your
completed application, with no more than five
attachments (i.e. photos, charts, graphs) to by Dec. 14, 2018
Millennium Middle School

South Lyon Community Schools


61526 Nine Mile Rd. South Lyon 48178



Team Time
PROGRAM TITLE (Each application must have a program title)

Ross Baker

Administrative Intern

248-573-8200 x 8209

Kelly Gallagher


Melissa Baker


c I understand that by submitting this application, information about my program will be made public if it is awarded
a grant. Additionally, the program coordinator may be contacted by other districts interested in the program or
for more information.

Questions? Email

Please download this form and submit
your completed application, with no more
than five attachments (i.e. photos,
charts, graphs) to
by Dec. 14, 2018
1. Program details:

7th and 8th graders

What grade level(s) participate in your program?___________________________________________________________

Three years
How long has your program been in operation?____________________________________________________________

approximately 700 students
How many students participate in your program?___________________________________________________________

Categories improved by your program (check all that apply):

c STEM/Literacy
c Anti-bullying/Suicide Prevention
c Community Involvement/Family & Student Engagement
c Social Responsibility
c Health & Safety

How did you hear about the Education Excellence grant (check all that apply)?

c If other, please explain:_________________________________________________________________________________

2. Explain the history and mission of your program. (200 words or less)
Three years ago we started our Where Everyone Belongs (WEB) program for our 6th grade, and wanted to have something for our 7th
and 8th graders to reflect on the important aspects of being an adolescent. We created our "Team Time" program as a way to do just
that. We believe that fostering our student's ability to understand themselves and those around them helps with creating a culture of
understanding that will continue to better our school climate.

We run our Team Time about once a month for an hour. Each Team Time lesson is created by our staff and focuses on one specific
aspect of life. Topics such as identifying stressors, cooperation, growth mindset, recognizing rumors, relying on yourself not others,
helping others, sportsmanship, and study skills have all helped our students and our school culture.
Please download this form and submit
your completed application, with no more
than five attachments (i.e. photos,
charts, graphs) to
by Dec. 14, 2018

3. Explain your program and how it operates. (500 words or less)

Team Time days are set up to allow all of our 7th and 8th graders an opportunity to meet in their Team Time groups and work on a
lesson or activity that allows them to better understand the world around them and what it takes to be successful.

On Team Time days we run an adjusted schedule to allow our students an opportunity to meet in their Team Time groups without
students missing class to attend. We shorten all of our daily classes by 10 minutes to allow an hour for Team Time groups to meet.
We run Team Time just before lunch in an effort to allow students who were late or need to leave early an opportunity to attend.
Before we start our first Team Time of the year we sort the students into Team Time groups, and assign one teacher to each group.
We work hard to make sure these groups are set up to allow students the opportunity to have an environment where they can share
their feelings openly and discuss the sometimes personal topics we cover. We keep this group together for the year to provide the
students an opportunity to get to know each other and their mentor teacher.

Each Team Time throughout the year will cover a different topic. Many times the topic will change if we notice something that is
becoming more relevant, or if there is a major event that takes place that would require further discussion or learning. Often times, we
realize there are certain topics that impact the kids the most, such as empathy and community involvement. We will see a quick shift
in how the students treat each other after we have a good activity and discussion on empathy. We notice how students begin to think
of ways they make a difference and actually follow through with them after a community service lesson.

After every lesson we make sure our support team is ready to talk with students who need some extra time to process or deal
emotionally with the information. We quickly see the impact it can make on students.

4. Explain how your program helps improve the categories you selected under
program details within your student body, school and community. (300 words or less)
Our Team Time helps our students understand a lot of different aspects of what life may throw at them, and gives them an opportunity
to think about how they would respond. One lesson that we do is completely on empathy, and trying to put yourself in another
student's shoes. We then talk about different issues that student may have going on in their life the students begin to realize how a
simple kind gesture could make a difference in saving that student from feeling down or a suicide attempt.

We have a lesson in on community service and each group works on a service project for the greater good. They write cards for
different holidays to senior care facilities, pack bags with different donations they bring in for our veterans and work on acts of
kindness that can help our community and the culture of their home town.

Of all the things we do I feel the social responsibility piece is our biggest component. We try hard to give kids an opportunity to
understand empathy, put themselves in each other's shoes, and build upon their own understanding of how to be responsible. We
watch short clips and respond in small groups about what we would do. If it were one of our friends, how our school would handle
different situations. In everything we do we try to bring in home, to Millennium Middle School. Ask the kids how would we handle
it and how should you handle it. What were the other students doing? If it were you how would you want others to react. Anything
we can to help them mature into socially responsible young adults. This leads its self into the safety aspect as well. Giving reasons
why each of us are important and worth living.
Please download this form and submit
your completed application, with no more
than five attachments (i.e. photos,
charts, graphs) to
by Dec. 14, 2018

5. How do you plan to continue your program and expand on opportunities

utilizing the $2,500 Education Excellence grant. (500 words or less)
As our program covers a lot of different topics, there are a lot of different ways the Education Excellence grant could help our Team
Time grow. With our goal being to bring the students authentic learning experiences that help them develop into more mature
adolescents, this money would help us open more service project opportunities, more meaningful lessons and exercises, and possibly
even a guest speaker that would help drive our point home.

One of the many things our students take away from Team Time is a since of pride. A pride in themselves and in our school.
Through this grant money we would be able to purchase reusable items, such as yarn, cards, dice, or other various items that allow the
students to work in a team setting towards a goal. After each of these types of lessons we debrief, and discuss the meaningfulness
behind what we did and the real world connections that are implied. These events give the students an opportunity to reflect and grow.

The grant money would also allow us to open more service projects for our students. While these projects typically run without much
cost, being able to pay for things such as postage, or simple materials to get the project started would help us open our projects to a
wider spectrum of possibilities. This would allow the students to pick something that may have more meaning to them, without us
having to worry about the small costs to get it started.

Having a speaker come talk to the kids is something we have tried with great success in the past. This grant would allow us to bring
in someone that the students could learn from. Someone who has walked the walk, and the students can relate to.

While there is a variety of ways we may spend the grant money if chosen, there is no doubt it will further our Team Time program,
and help the students identify with the important messages we try to reach them with.

Note: You will receive a confirmation email when your application has been processed.