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Last month alone, we retrofitted over 60MWp When we talk of Solar PV plant, most of the
of plants with our IOT based monitoring people think about green energy, saving the
platform – EagleSun SCADATM. There are environment, reducing carbon footprint etc.
several more in the pipeline! But the investor of the project thinks about his
ROI (Return On Investment). He expects the
Surprisingly the SCADA systems which were plant to generate as per the guarantee given
replaced were not ordinary one’s; they were by EPC, consistently for 25 years! With this
from reputed suppliers. In fact the hardware background, lets come back to our question.
equipment used in their SCADA panel were of
very high quality – global brands. We felt bad Reason #1:
that we had to scrap these world-class
products. But it was customer’s call as they Plant owners & developers have realized
felt that was the right thing to do for the that Remote Monitoring SCADA is the most
business! essential tool to monitor the performance of
their asset.
So, the question is: Why are customers
getting rid of their SCADA and opting to In the EPC phase of the project, the focus was
retrofit, when they have State Of Art all about getting all the approvals, connecting
equipment lying in their PV Plants? to the Grid and commissioning the plant
within deadline. Most of them didn’t bother
From our experience, we were able to cite to validate the data in the SCADA installed.
several reasons, few of the prominent one’s This has created a large void in most PV plants.
shall be discussed in this article. They now realize that they need to “Watch
The Plant” and monitor the equipment
The picture below depicts the lifecycle of a remotely. This awareness has prompted them
typical ground mounted plant of >1MW plant. to search for a reliable suppliers of SCADA.

[ To Be Continued… ]

Author: Somashekar T H [CTO @Avi Solar]