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Grievance Status for registration number: GOVHY/E/2019/02991

Grievance concerns to:
Name of Complainant: Naresh Kadyan
Date of Receipt: 14/06/2019
Received by Department of Haryana
Grievance Description:

Chairperson, Haryana Khadi and VI Board.

Subject: Sanction of leave on medical grounds: Sickness - fitness certificates are genuine -


Please find attached here with proof as per descriptions in Index along with Police report
about sickness - fitness that both are genuine along with leave rejection order dated 25-4-
2013 dispatched on 4-6-2013, create doubt, whereas Appeal against said orders, still
pending undecided before Chairperson.
It is humble submitted as under:
1. On 4-3-2013 on advice of Sarodaya Hospital, Faridbad, which is recognized by Haryana,
I proceed on leave up to 1-5-2013, fit to join duty on 2-5-2013 but I placed under
suspension on 29-4-2013.
2. Unnecessary delay in release of pay, to inquire its reason, I was present at HQ and came
to know about joining of Chairman, to welcome him never treated as mistake, whereas I
traveled in my own vehicle at my own risk and cost.
Keeping in view the genuineness of sickness - fitness certificates, rejection orders passed by
Pardeep Kasni, then CE turned Congress worker may kindly be set-aside, sanctioning
leave on medical grounds from 4-3-2013 to 1-5-2013, allowing appeal against CE orders.

Yours Scouting’s,

Naresh Kadyan, TSL (Rtd),

C-38, Rose Apartment, sector-14, Prashant Vihar,
Rohini, Delhi - 110085.

Copy forwarded for information, necessary action in complaint 110 of 2017 to:

1. Lokayukta of Haryana.
2. Registrar, Punjab & Haryana High Court.


1. Sickness certificate from 4-3-2013 3

2. Description of treatment 4-3-2013 to 1-5-2013 4-5
3. Fitness certificate on 1-5-2013 6
4. Faridabad Police verified both certificate, found genuine 7
DRGPO/E/2016/00420 bearing No. 2166 dated 9-11-2016
5. Civil Surgeon comments on sickness 8
6 Govt of Haryana recognized Sarvodaya Hospital, Faridabad vide No. 9-10
2/276/2012-1HB-lll/ 35 dated 4-1-2013
7. Rejections of leave orders dated 25-4-2013 dispatched on 4-6-2013 11
8. Appeal before Chairperson still pending, bearing No. 1653 dated 18-7-2013 12
9. Appeal before Chairperson still pending, bearing No. 2963 dated 21-10-2013 13
10. Appeal before Chairperson still pending, bearing No. 2966 dated 21-10-2013 14
11. KVIB letter No. 1967 dated 21-6-2013 about release of pay during 1-4-12 to 15
30-4-2012 and 1-5-2012 to 13-5-2012.
To clarify the delay in payment, on my own risk I visited HQ then came to
know the joining of Chairman, two different charge sheets on same reasons,
two different inquiry officer with bad intentions were appointed against
payment, misusing power & authorities, then never examined the sickness –
fitness issuing authority.
Mental Pardeep Kasni now Congress worker needs punishments.

Naresh Kadyan, TSL (Rtd),

C-38, Rose Apartment, sector-14, Prashant Vihar,
Rohini, Delhi - 110085.

Jat by birth: Cobbler by profession: Activist by mission: Humanitarian by choice