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NBA FINALS, GAME 6 Raptors 114, Warriors 110

18% fare
EPIC FINALE hike over
AT ORACLE 7 years
Directors change course,
compromise on charges
By Rachel Swan

BART will raise fares by 18% over seven years,

a controversial decision its directors rejected at
first Thursday, drawing angry rebukes from the
general manager and board president. The two
BART leaders were so alarmed that they per-
suaded the board to vote again a few hours later.
The tense flip-flop came during an eight-hour
meeting that cemented BART’s fate for the next
several years. The directors also approved a $2.4
billion budget, decided to lower ticket prices for
low-income riders, and grappled with how to
carry an exploding population of East Bay com-
muters across San Francisco Bay.
Officials lingered over the fare hike conversa-
tion for two hours under the fluorescent lights of
the boardroom, In a morning session, the board
had nixed four scheduled fare increases, putting
at risk $400 million that General Manager Grace
Crunican and others said was vital. They ap-
proved a compromise fare hike later in the day.
“It wasn’t really what I wanted,” said Director
Santiago Mejia / The Chronicle Mark Foley, the crucial swing vote, who at first
Stephen Curry exits after the heartbreaking loss to the Raptors in the Warriors’ last game at Oracle Arena. opposed the higher fares. He later flipped, con-
vinced that financial stability — and a good bond
Thompson injured as curtain falls on memorable era rating — are hugely important for BART.
“I think they landed in a good place,” said
Crunican, weary after a day of alternately scold-
The end. ing and praising her colleagues. She retires next
Of Oracle. Of the season. Of a month, and Thursday marked her last board
dream. Of a championship run BART continues on A7
and, perhaps, of a five-year dynas-
tic run.
In an epic send-off game, on a
“strange, unique night,” as Steve
Kerr christened it, the Warriors’
magic ended.
Newsom handed
“Boy, do they compete,” Kerr
said of his players. big wins, a few
None more so than Klay Thomp-
son, who re- losses in budget
ANN turned to the
floor to shoot
KILLION free throws after By Alexei Koseff
suffering a torn
ACL in the third quarter. SACRAMENTO — The budget proposal that
Even without Thompson, they Gov. Gavin Newsom introduced in January gave
competed to the very end. In one of California’s new leader his first major opportuni-
the most thrilling games in the Gabrielle Lurie / The Chronicle
ty to stake out how he would accomplish the am-
53-year history of the building, the Fans’ sad and shocked expressions reflect the feelings throughout bitious agenda he touted on the campaign trail.
Warriors lost 114-110 to the Raptors Oracle Arena at the home team’s narrow loss to the Toronto Raptors. Many of those plans overlapped with the prior-
in Game 6. Toronto won its first ities of the Legislature, and they are reflected in
NBA championship in the last Inside Stephen Curry missed it. The final the final $215 billion budget deal reached over the
game in the Warriors’ home build- seconds were a confusion of a tech- weekend. Lawmakers passed the budget Thurs-
ing. 1 Farewell to Oracle: Fans cheer nical, timeouts, reviews and fouls. day, sending it to Newsom for his signature. The
beloved arena, reminisce. A7
It wasn’t the end the Warriors Finally, the buzzer sounded as Senate vote was 29-11, and the Assembly ap-
wanted. But it was definitely a 1 ‘We’re not done’: Warriors players the moan of “Warr-i-orrs” rever- proved it 60-15.
finale that the old building de- promise dynasty will continue. B1 berated around the rafters. Oracle But several key Newsom initiatives were reject-
served. Thrilling. Deafening. was over. The wounded, decimated ed or still await action in budget follow-up bills
Heart-stopping. 1 Bruce Jenkins: In the end, the Rap- Warriors were finished. that the Legislature will consider in coming
tors had to stop Curry — and did. B1
The man who made Oracle home “Amazement that we’re sitting in weeks. Those differences underline challenges
to the greatest show on Earth had a 1 Scott Ostler: The Warriors showed this position, with a chance to win the governor will face to achieve signature cam-
clean look at a potential winning the heart of champions, even while the game and force a Game 7 and paign promises such as creating a universal
3-pointer with 8 seconds left, but losing their title. B1 Killion continues on A7 health care system and building 3.5 million homes
by 2025.
Budget continues on A6

Bob Dylan’s
Yosemite park rangers ready
superb 1970s
road show,
to save visitors from wild river
the Rolling By Steve Rubenstein
Revue, gets PARK — Ten people jumped into
the frigid, fast-flowing Merced
a rollicking River on Thursday morning,
revisit in a hardly ever a good idea.
“That,” said park Ranger
new Martin Jason Deger, “was really cold.
Scorsese You’re at the river’s mercy out
there. The river’s going to do
documentary with you what it wants to.”
on Netflix. E1 What the river wanted to do
with Deger was dash him to
pieces on a pile of gray rocks.
But his friends in the yellow
Sporting Green helmets — all members of Yo-
semite’s famed search-and-
Justin Rose takes lead with record-tying rescue team — were not about Yalonda M. James / The Chronicle

round in U.S. Open at Pebble Beach. B3 to let that happen. Jim Reynolds of the Yosemite search-and-rescue team puts on
Deger and his pals were swim fins as he trains for Merced River swift-water rescues.
spending the day in helmets,
wetsuits and life jackets, prac- themselves trapped in the dead- flowing beneath Sugar Pine
Weather ticing how to rescue the hand- ly torrents that whoosh Bridge was 46 degrees, which is
Low clouds, ful of Yosemite visitors who through Yosemite National unbearably cold, and traveling
then sunshine. each year ignore warnings, Park like an RV bearing down 20 mph, which is unbelievably
Highs: 63-87. ignore signs, ignore all vestiges on the last vacant campsite. fast. Right now, park regulars
Lows: 51-58. D4 of common sense and then find On Thursday, the water Yosemite continues on A6