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Beachcomber 2019 Official VisitOrs Guide
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Mayor: Her Worship Pat Skatch
Councillors: Rick Saler,
Frank Taylor, Jim Dowsett.
Mark Blais, Grant Butler
and Tom Dowsett.

We welcome you to Minnedosa and hope that

you will enjoy your visit to our beautiful valley.
The valley, the surrounding hills, the Little
Saskatchewan River and Lake Minnedosa
combine to make this area an oasis on the
Canadian prairies with a proud, rich heritage.
Enjoy our community and the friendly folks that
have made Minnedosa a choice
community to visit or reside.

“Committed to Pursue an Excellent Community;

the Foundation of Health”
P.O. Box 426 Minnedosa, Manitoba R0J 1E0
Phone: (204) 867-2727 Fax: (204) 867-2686

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Minnedosa History

he town of Minnedosa is situated in a valley with the Little Saskatchewan River running through it. The valley of
the Little Saskatchewan River came into existence some 12,000 years ago. The valley was created as melt water
from the receding glacier ran its course into the nearby glacial Lake Aggassiz. The rushing waters, at some points
measuring more than a mile wide and 200 feet down to the river’s edge, carved the valley out of the prairies.
The Little Saskatchewan River forms at Lake Audy in Riding Mountain National Park, some thirty miles north of
Minnedosa, and flows south into the Assiniboine River at Brandon.
Archaeological discoveries date the presence of human habitation back to the time of the glacier receding with the
finding of Clovis and Folsom points.
The recorded history of this area dates back to the mid 1700s as fur traders began to enter the area. Two small fur
trading posts, one by the Hudson’s Bay Company and the other by the North West Fur Trader’s Company, were built in
the immediate area in 1818. After the amalgamation of these two companies in 1821, both posts were abandoned.
The first settlers in the Minnedosa valley arrived in the early 1870s. One of these settlers was John Tanner. He opened a
crossing on the Carlton trail and operated it until 1883 when the railroad came through. In 1874, the North West Mounted
Police established a post at Tanner’s Crossing. This site is marked by a stone cairn which is located along the Beach Road
approximately 1/4 mile east of Main Street.
Pioneers began arriving to this area in great numbers in the late 1870s and began building homes and businesses. By
1879 a grist mill had been built. The Manitoba and North Western Railroad built track to the area in 1883, the same year
that the Town of Minnedosa was incorporated.

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Fun Fest

ince 1963, Minnedosa has hosted an unforgettable
3-day summer celebration! Over the years there have
been a number of name changes for this festival but no
matter what you call the current Fun Fest, there is something
special for the whole family.
The festivities kick off with Kiddies’ Day targeted toward the
children. There are numerous games and activities planned
as well as a Kiddies’ Parade. During the parade, many
children like to dress up in costumes and decorate their bikes
or wagons to show off to the parade spectators.
The big Fun Fest Parade is held Saturday morning and
features floats, marching bands, animals, vintage cars and
tractors, and pretty much everything else a parade should
Other popular Fun Fest attractions include a kids zone,
great food, social gatherings, dances and many other unique
attractions. A Market was introduced in 2010 and proved to
be such a success that it continues each year.
If you happen to be in the area during early July, be sure to
take in some Fun Fest activities. There is something for every
member of the family to enjoy.

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Emergency 911
e hope your visit to Minnedosa is enjoyable and that during your time in our community you will not require our
emergency services. However, if you do need emergency assistance, our community is prepared with a high level
of quality services.
Minnedosa is served by a dedicated team of well-trained emergency responders, whether it’s firefighters, paramedics or police.
The Minnedosa Fire Department, located at the corner of Main Street and 5th Avenue N.W., includes three fire trucks, a pumper
truck, a pick-up truck with small pumper unit, a portable tank, and a top-of-the-line rescue unit, all equipped with the latest
rescue tools and equipment.
If you happen to become ill while visiting Minnedosa, our community offers a medical clinic, located at 333, 1st St. S.W.
For more information about clinic services call 204-867-2722. In the event of a medical emergency, our area is served by a
dedicated EMS team of paramedics’ with fully equipped ambulances. The Minnedosa District Health Centre is located on 1st
Street, S.W., Our health care facility features 27 acute care rooms and offers public health, lab and x-ray services.
Located just north of the hospital is the local detachment
office of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which serve our
community as part of the Spruce Plains Area RCMP.
Whether you require the assistance of our fire department,
Emergency Medical Services or Police, dial 911 for assistance.
The Minnedosa Beachcomber is the Official Visitor’s Guide to Minnedosa,
135 Years
Manitoba, Canada. Since 1996, The Beachcomber has been published
annually by The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. The publication is distributed free of Find out what’s
charge throughout the year to several locations in Minnedosa and throughout
happening 14 3rd Avenue S.W.
Manitoba and Canada. (just west of the Main Street fountain)
Editor: Darryl Holyk in and around
Phone 204-867-3816
Graphic Design: Heather Horner Minnedosa! Email
Photo Credit to Candace Shorrock, Corinne Lochhead, Available at various
Discover Minnedosa and The Minnedosa Tribune.
Minnedosa locations.
All contents are copyright 2019

Dr. James D. Comrie

240 Main Street North
Dr. Regan Skelton Minnedosa, MB

Dr. Troy Gowan 21 newly Renovated Rooms!

Karen Bramley, Kathy Soltys
• Non Smoking Rooms
& Hayleigh Maximchuk • Complimentary Breakfast Frid
• Outdoor Gazebo with Fire Pit Micr ge,
TV & wave,
in ev ternet
ery r
Phone: 204-867-3917 • Coin Laundromat oom
• Pets Welcome!
Fax:204-867-5304 204-867-2729
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Lake & Spillway

innedosa’s greatest attraction is its lake. Minnedosa Lake is a man-made
body of water which was originally created for the production of hydro
electric power by damming up the flowing waters of the rustling Little
Saskatchewan River.
The official birthday of Minnedosa Lake is April 10th. It was on that day back in 1912 that water first flowed over the
original Minnedosa spillway. That was the very same day that the doomed vessel, Titanic set out on its maiden voyage from
England. Minnedosa’s spillway would experience its own disaster in May 1948 when the aging, crumbling dam collapsed,
draining the lake and sending its water rushing through the town, causing severe flood damage to downtown Minnedosa.
Fortunately, though there was a major cleanup to contend with, the flood of ’48 did not result in any loss of life!
The current dam and spillway we see today was built between 1950 and 1952 and in recent years has undergone a
major re-structuring by the provincial government to strengthen the structure in hopes that Minnedosa never again experiences
a flood as a result of a collapsed dam.
You can walk across the current spillway and dam, located at the south end of the lake and admire the flagwalk which
features flags from various locations around the World.
Along the east side of Minnedosa Lake is the beach, boat launch and campground area. The unique building located
on the east shore, near the sandy beach is the Centennial Pavilion, which was constructed as a project to commemorate
Canada’s Centennial in 1967. This building is still used for special functions and is currently home to the Minnedosa Tourism
Minnedosa Lake is a year-round attraction. In summer, it is a popular spot for swimming, boating, kayaking, canoeing,
etc. and in winter, the ice surface houses a number of ice fishing shacks. The pavilion/beach area also serves as the starting
point for a number of local snowmobile derbies. Each February, during the long weekend, Minnedosa Lake comes alive with
activity during the Skate the Lake outdoor pond hockey tournament, which this past year introduced a curling aspect.
No matter what time of year you visit Minnedosa, the lake is a great place to visit and our most popular must-see
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Minnedosa W
The Siren
hen visiting Minnedosa you will most likely
hear a wailing siren at certain times during the

day. Do not be alarmed, the siren sounds three
times a day at 8 a.m., 12 noon, and 6 p.m.
The sounding of the siren dates back to before
Minnedosa was incorporated as a town in 1883. Three
years earlier, the start and end of shifts at the local grist
mill was marked by a steam whistle. This whistle was
first used to signal a fire and summon the fire department
in 1889. Following the loss of the mill to fire in the early
1900s, the Canadian Pacific Railway signaled fires with a
whistle salvaged from an old steam engine.
The Town of Minnedosa purchased a large bell in
approximately 1905 and installed it in the tower of the old
Town Hall, which was located where RBC Royal Bank is
today. This bell was not only used for signaling fires, but

also as a curfew bell for youth and the beginning of the

y o u
morning, noon and night signals that continue today. This

r a i c a l
bell can now be viewed at the Heritage Village.
F eu t
The current siren was installed in the community
rm ds!
by the Federal Government in 1963 to be used in the

P h a
event of a missile attack. Such sirens were installed in
communities following the Cuban Missile Crisis and
escalating Cold War. The siren is currently located at the
Town’s Public Works Shop in the Industrial Park in the
northwest corner of Minnedosa.

automotive • farm repair • a/C

110 Crerar Bay

• Photo Finishing
Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0
P: 204-867-2558 8:00–5:00

• Health & Beauty Aids monday–friday

• First Aid Supplies

• Sunscreen
9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday - Friday
e in
Din Out
9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Saturday
We specialize in Chinese and Canadian dishes!

Excluding holidays
Tuesday - Sunday
8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Lunch Buffet Tuesday - Friday
11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
77 Main Street South ● Minnedosa 13 Main St.
Supper Buffet Friday - Sunday

4:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Phone 204-867-1913

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Megan McVey
Fusion Mineral Paint
Wednesday 5 - 8 p.m.
Saturday 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Law Office
Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint 617 3rd Street NE,
DIY Inspiration Minnedosa, MB
Refurbished Furniture
Creative Workshops 51 MAIN STREET SOUTH
BOX 65
Open Friday’s
5:00 - 7:00 p.m. PHONE 204-867-2935
June 21st to FAX 204-867-3448
September 13th EMAIL:
Join us Sundays
July 7th, August 4th
101 4th Ave. S.W.
and September 2nd
from 11:00 - 2:00 p.m.
at the beach!!! Local Baking, Prairie Produce and Unique Crafts!

Minnedosa District Museum

and Heritage Village Corp.
Four blocks East of Main Street on
3rd Avenue N.E.
Open 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
7 days a week.
Admission rates vary for individuals,
families and groups. Season passes available
Join us Saturday, August 17th for
Group and School Tours HERITAGE DAY
Weddings A day of food, fun, and
Nature Walking Trails entertainment for the whole family.
Trout Pond Bring your own lawn chair.
Suspension Bridge Outdoor Evening Movie!

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Living in Minnedosa
f you are looking for a new permanent residence, Minnedosa and the surrounding area may be just the place for you to call home.
Over the years, our community has attracted many new residents of all ages from young families just starting out to couples looking
for a pleasant, quiet and safe community to spend their retirement years.
The natural beauty of our landscape is one-of-a-kind with rolling hills, waterways and generous vegetation. Whether you are
looking to reside in town or in the country, the Minnedosa area has a diverse selection of housing opportunities awaiting new residents.
Whether its an apartment or condo, modern contemporary home or historic home, senior or affordable housing, a small acreage or a large
farm operation, this area offers something to meet every taste and budget.
Minnedosa is centrally located with easy access and close proximity to the City of Brandon to the south and Riding Mountain
National Park to the north.
Our community offers a good selection of businesses to meet most of your needs without having to
travel out of town.
Minnedosa is home to the Rolling River School Division. There are education opportunities
for all age levels in our community starting with a community co-operative daycare, numerous
home-based daycares, a nursery school, Tanner’s Crossing School for Kindergarten to Grade
Eight and Minnedosa Collegiate to take students through Grade 12 graduation. Minnedosa
is also home to an Adult Learning Centre for those seeking their Mature Student High
School Diploma.
When it comes to healthcare, Minnedosa offers a full range of services. A
community funded state of the art brand new medical clinic, the Dr. Ajai Khandelwhal
Primary Care Centre opened last fall. Minnedosa also boasts a hospital, Personal Care
Home and health related services such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, dentistry and
Minnedosa is home to six churches offering worship services in various faiths
and are many opportunities for recreation, arts and culture, heritage and volunteerism.
Minnedosa really does offer something for everybody!
When looking for a new community to call your own, consider Minnedosa –
we would love to welcome you and call you a neighbour and friend!

Repair 60 Main Street South
21 ARMITAGE AVE . 204-867-6350
We Repair: Monday to Friday
GOLF CARTS, ATV’S & SNOW MACHINES, 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
CHAINSAWS, AUGER ENGINES 9:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
24 Hour ATM
34 Years Experience (cirrus/interac/mastercard/circuit)

Ph. 867-2737
Owners/Operators Hope you enjoy your stay in Minnedosa!
Sally & Ken LaBelle

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Downtown Shopping

eave the hustle and bustle of city shopping behind and
enjoy a relaxing shopping adventure in downtown
Minnedosa. Our business district is centrally located in the
heart of Minnedosa and is made up of numerous restaurants, stores
and unique shops each with its own special line of treasures for
Minnedosa has a strong Chamber of Commerce with over
100 members. The Chamber membership list, found elsewhere in
this publication, reads like a who’s who of the Minnedosa business
district. Throughout the year, the local Chamber is active with bi-
weekly lunch meetings and initiatives.
The Chamber hosts a town-wide garage sale during May long
weekend, Ag Appreciation BBQ in June, Unlock the Magic of Main
Street Christmas promotion and Santa Day with free photos with
Santa in December. The Chamber also sponsors the community
parade during Fun Fest.
No matter what it is you are in search of, you are sure to find
it in one of our Minnedosa businesses. Take some time to stroll
along Main Street and drop in to browse, shop, and support our
many friendly business places. The friendly, qualified staff will
assist you with any questions or inquiries. Take advantage of the
many benefits and opportunities that await as you shop downtown

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Agricultural Fair

T he Minnedosa Agricultural Society has been in existence longer than

the Town itself! Historical records indicate the local ag society was
formed in 1882 while the Town of Minnedosa was incorporated in 1883.
Since it’s very first exhibition in 1883, the local ag society has
continued to stand the test of time and continually host a fair for 136
years. Although a much smaller event than in decades past, the local fair
continues to showcase the best of the best. A big part of the local fair is the
various horse classes. From youth riders to skilled, long-time exhibitors
there are classes in English and Western, miniatures and Heavy Horse.
Minnedosa Fair is also known for its Home Living exhibits which
include competitions for home baking, preserves, fruits and vegetables,
flowers, grains, art, photography, crafts, sewing and more. There is also
always delicious selections available to purchase from the Ag Society
In recent years, the local Ag Society has undergone a major
move from its original location to the far west end of its property. With
this move came two new outdoor arenas and a brand new barn/display
Each year in May, the Ag Society hosts a Party in the Dirt social
evening which serves as a fundraiser as well as a kick-off for its season.
The two-day Minnedosa Fair takes place in early July. If you are
in Minnedosa during that time, be sure to head out to the ag grounds
along 6th Avenue N.W. and take in the sights, sounds and smells of one
of the oldest running summer fairs in Manitoba.

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Minnedosa Ho


of Commerce
Agricultural; Automotive; Midnight Metalworks MNP LLP Minnedosa Chiropractic Centre 77
Manufacturing 204-867-7111 116 A Main St. S 3 - 115 Main St. S 20
Minnagro 204-867-5550 204-867-5290
ATPR Farm - Blaauwijkel Family Th
204-727-4641 79 Armitage Ave. Minnedosa Credit Union Minnedosa Vet Clinic 29
204-867-6010 60 Main St. S. 335 6th Ave. N.W.
All About Leather
204-867-6350 204-867-3917 Lo
204-868-5808 Minnedosa Auto Wreckers
Sims & Company BO
Highway 16 Minnedosa Insurance
Four Seasons Repair 137 Main St. S. 76 Main St. S. Co
21 Armitage Ave. 204-867-3946 204-867-2717 53
204-867-2737 Minnedosa Service Centre
RBC Royal Bank Retail 20
142 Main St. N.
Haven Trading Canada Inc. 61 Main St. S. Da
204-867-2882 A & B Dalrymple’s Country Farm
204-826-2120 1-800-769-2511 11
Morris Industries Ltd. Greenhouse
Heritage Co-op Agro & Crop Sharon’s Town & Country NW 6-15-17 W 20
284 6th Ave. N.W.
Supplies Insurance 204-867-3317 Fa
100 Heritage Way 48 Main St. N 20
Park Line Automotive Inc. Blazer’s
204-867-2749 204-867-3607
214 Main St. N. 140 Main St. N Fa
Heritage Co-op Gas Bar & 204-867-2694 Professional; Legal; 204-867-5254 50
Car Wash Medical 20
Straight and Easy GPS Steering Flowers on Main
28 2nd Ave. S.E.
- Marty McNabb Alexander Jackson Law Office 204-867-1915 Ga
204-867-3322 204-867-0043 24
B-116 Main St. S. Frontier Trading
Hopkins Welding & Mechanical Wilson’s Wheels Auto Sales 204-867-3981 151 9th Ave. S.W. 20
204-867-0260 337 6th Ave. N.W. 204-867-5551 He
Be Easy Massage Therapy
Husky Oil 204-867-2699 75 Main St. S. Gold Leaf Events 20
500 1st Ave. N.W. 204-990-4154 204-573-8040 Lo
Windmill Farms
204-867-8100 204-867-2919 Brio Massage Therapy Heritage Co-op Administration Mo
Integra Tire Auto Centre 204-867-2048 120 Main St. S. 28
Accounting; Financial;
11 3rd Ave. S.W. Burgess Law Office 204-867-2295 20
Insurance; Investment
204-867-3145 51 Main St. S. Heritage Co-op Food Store Mi
Backswath Management Inc.
J.P.B. Repair Jacqueline Gerrard Associate/ 204-867-2935 120 Main St. S. Lo
204-867-2489 Consultant Elissa Crompton - Registered 204-867-2773 20
204-868-5658 Massage Therapist Heritage Co-op Home & Mi
Kingdon Machine Works
56 1st Ave. S.W. BDO Canada LLP 204-727-0472 Lumber 13
204-867-2308 39 Main Street S. Liberty Physiotherapy 48 Centre Ave. W. 20
204-867-2957 115 Main St. S. 204-867-3723 RD
M & M Autobody
Catharine M. Gijsbers - 1-800-818-5529 9M
18 Armitage Ave. Certified General Accountant
204-867-2083 20
213 2nd St. N.E.

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Home Hardware SUBWAY Builders & Tradesman Crocus Upholstering
37 Main St. N 64 Main St. S. 151 1st St. N.E.
Birch Construction Ltd.
204-867-2802 204-705-2345 204-867-5014
Inspire Studio Sun Sun Chinese Restaurant 204-867-0400 Destinations Plus
71 Main St. S. 13 Main St. N. 48 Main St. N.
Burgess Electric
204-210-1993 204-867-1913 204-867-5777

Kim’s Quality Foods Recreation & Double M Towing
70 Main St. S. Entertainment C. Burton Enterprises Ltd.
115 Crerar Bay 204-210-0013
204-867-2821 Minnedosa Bowl Elinor Murray
Minnedosa Pharmacy 200 Main St. N. 204-922-0248
tre 77 Main St. S. 204-867-2827 Copperwood Enterprise
204-867-5458 enJoy Salon & Spa
204-867-2071 Minnedosa Community 25 Main St. S
The Bargain! Shop Conference Centre Fairmount Solar and Electrics 204-867-2533
294-867-2522 63 Main St. N. 204-867-7153
HairWorks by Colleen
Lodging & Restaurants 204-867-2272 Glenndosa Glass 115 Crerar Bay
Minnedosa Golf & Country Club B-119 Main St. S. 204-867-7764
BOHO Soul Market
61 6th St. S.W. 204-867-3643
Corner Stone Grill Johnston Yard Care Services
204-867-3151 Gord Kelly Plumbing & Heating
53 Main St. S. 204-476-4705
Minnedosa Fitness Centre 204-867-2084
204-705-4549 Jordan Appraisal Group
35 Main St. S. Hillside Plumbing & Heating
Dari Isle Drive In 204-868-5735
arm 204-867-2250 204-868-5358
11 6th Ave. N.E. KC Recycle & Waste
204-867-3601 Minnedosa 50+ Activity Centre JMK Electric
31 Main St. S. 204-867-7392
Fairmount B & B 204-867-0145
204-867-1956 Kim’s House/Business Cleaning
204-874-2165 Parish Backhoe Services Services
Minnedosa Rec Commission 204-874-2134
Farmhouse 50 39 Main St. S. 204-867-3272
50 Main St. N. 204-867-2250 Prairie Redi-Mix KS Hunters Barbershop
204-867-2292 299 1st Ave. N.W. 75 Main St.S.
Rockin’ the Fields
Gateway Motel Flr 2 103 Main St. S. 204-867-3853 204-724-7465
240 Main St. N. 204-867-3848 Saler’s Backhoe & Trucking Lakeside Septic Service &
204-867-2729 Ski Valley 619 3rd St. N.E. Water Hauling
Heather’s Catering SW 34-15-18 W 204-867-0180 204-867-7558
204-867-3162 204-867-3509 Wahoski Mechanical Ltd. Leona’s Studio of Image
Lorelei Restaurant - Valley Real Estate 204-867-3121 67 Main St. S
ion Motor Lodge 204-476-5185 204-867-2287
Re/Max Valleyview Realty
28 Main St. N. Rick Taylor Westhope Builders Minnedosa Calvary Church
204-867-5858 204-867-7551 204-868-5012 52 2nd Ave. S.W.
Minnedosa Campground Re/Max Prairie Mountain Services 204-867-5342
Lot 4 Z Minnedosa Beach Gwen Usick, Realtor Minnedosa Community
Q Country 91.5 FM
204-867-3450 204-867-4657 Childcare Co-op
880 CKLQ/94.7 Star FM
Minnedosa Inn Sutton/Harrison Realty 204-726-8888 49 2nd Ave. N.W.
138 Main St. S. Peter M. Harrison 204-867-3313
Central Plains Cancer Care
204-867-2777 204-867-5444 Minnedosa Funeral Service
RD’s on Main Portage la Prairie 34 3rd Ave. S.W.
9 Main St. N. 204-857-6100 204-867-3868

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Minnedosa Places of
of Commerce Worship
Minnedosa Regional Library Government; Utilities;
45 1st Ave. S.W. Education
MB Liquor Control Commission Calvary Church
Minnedosa Tribune 16 2nd Ave N.W. 52 - 2nd Ave. S.W. Minnedosa
14 3rd Ave S.W. 204-867-2838 Sunday Services: 11:00 a.m.
Manitoba Hydro
Modern Looks Unisex Hair 1-888-624-9376
Minnedosa Adult Learning
75 Main St. S.
204-867-5694 Evangelical Covenant Church
Neepawa Banner 101 - 4th Ave. S.W. Minnedosa
Minnedosa & Area CDC Sunday School: 9:30 a.m.
39 Main St. S. Sunday Services: 10:30 a.m.
Puddle Jumpers Daycare 204-867-3885
Minnedosa Collegiate Institute
Satori Counselling 74 Armitage Ave.
204-868-6173 204-867-2794
Service to Seniors/Handivan Holy Ukrainian Catholic Parish
Minnedosa Regional Archives
31 Main St. S. of the Holy Ascension
45 1st Ave. S.W.
204-867-5190 202 - 5th St. N.W. Minnedosa
Transformative Electrolysis R.M. of Minto - Odanah
204-867-596-5111 49 Main St. S.
Westman Communications 204-867-3282
Group Tanner’s Crossing School Minnedosa United Church
Brandon 90 Armitage Ave. 48 Main Street S. Minnedosa
1-800-665-3337 204-867-2591 Sunday School during Service
Yellowhead Regional Town of Minnedosa Sunday Service: 11:00 a.m.
Employment 103 Main St. S.
133 Main St. S. 204-867-2727

St. Alphonsus Catholic Church

142 - 4th St. N.W. Minnedosa
Sunday Service: 9:00 a.m.

St. Mark’s Anglican Church

108 - 2nd Ave. S.W. Minnedosa
Sunday Service: 11:00 a.m.

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sa & Area!
Enjoy your visit to Minnedo

Toll Free 1.844.877.7767
#7 � 515 � 4th Avenue
Burlington Place, Shoal Lake, MB


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ICE CREAM, SLUSHIES 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
ȅƺƏǼȒȸƏȸƺǔȸƺɀǝǣȇǕƬȒǼƳƫȸƺɯƏȇƳ ƴ'JI 'WJFPKFXY
ƺȇǴȒɵɀȒȅƺǼȒƬƏǼƺȇɎƺȸɎƏǣȇȅƺȇɎِ‫ڛ‬³ƺƺ ƴ1NHJSXJI5FYNT Monday - Friday

GAS & DIESEL 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.


 204-867-2882 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Sundays & Holidays

Minnedosa Auto Wreckers

Towing ● Automobile Parts & Service ● Lockouts


Phone: 204-867-3877

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n recent years, Minnedosa has been
home to motocross events hosted at
a challenging race course known as
“McNabb Valley Motocross”. McNabb
Valley is located just a few minutes
northwest of Minnedosa, just off Highway
Local motocross competitor, Ryder
McNabb has made quite a name for himself
in the sport. Competing in his first motocross
race at only three-years-old, the now
eleven-year-old has won numerous awards
and accolades from various Motocross
associations and organizations in North
Manitoba Motocross Association is
scheduled for the Minnedosa venue
May 26th. Race action will return
to McNabb Valley for the Nationals
held on June 15th and 16th. Watch
for signs posted on Main Street and if
you are in the area during a motocross
weekend, be sure to check out the fast
paced, roaring, high flying action at
McNabb Valley Motocross. This event is
a family favourite and sure to be enjoyed by
people of all ages.

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Sharons Insurance

R.D.’s on Main

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Splish Splash
Water Park

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Heritage Village

ithin the town limits of Minnedosa sits another little town – the Heritage
Village. The Minnedosa District Museum moved to this site in 1995 and
since that time a number of historic buildings have been moved in and
restored to create a quant pioneer village. The Heritage Village is open daily during
the summer months and by appointment during other times of the year.
During your visit to the Heritage Village you will see thousands of pioneer
artifacts, some common everyday items and others which are rare and unique. The
artifacts are housed throughout the village buildings which include a log barn, a one-room
schoolhouse, a blacksmith shop, a 1910 family home, a small trappers cabin, a country church
and a log house dating from 1880. The current administration cottage was once a small family home and the brick building at
the Heritage Village is a former hydro electric generating station which is original to the site. The highlight attraction at the
Heritage Village, when it comes to its building collection, is the large, two-storey, octagon shaped building which originally
served as an agricultural display building for the local Agricultural Society. This uniquely constructed, fully restored structure
is a provincially designated heritage building and one of only three such buildings still standing in Manitoba.
Other attractions at the Heritage Village include a windmill, suspension bridge over the Little Saskatchewan River,
wooden waterwheel, the old Town bell, antique farm equipment and a trout pond for fishing.
When visiting the Heritage Village be sure to give yourself at least an hour-and-a-half or longer to see it all without
being rushed!
Each August, the Heritage Village comes alive during Heritage Day. If you are fortunate enough to be in the area for
this event you can step back in time to see how things were really done back in the “good old days”.
Last year, Minnedosa District Museum and Heritage Village placed second out of 32 Manitoba museums in an online
Travel Manitoba contest in which people voted for their favourite museum! Come see for yourself and explore the little pioneer
town within the Town of Minnedosa.

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Golf & Country Club

he Minnedosa Golf and Country Club is one of
our community’s greatest attractions. Throughout
the golfing season, the local course attracts golfers
from near and far, whether it’s for a relaxing day of golf
with friends or competing in one of the many tournaments
hosted by the club.
Minnedosa’s 18-hole golf course is one of the most
picturesque courses with beautiful landscaping, and well
manicured greens throughout. Located in a pristine valley
setting, the Minnedosa Golf Course features elevation
changes of over 120 feet. From some of the higher
points of the course, golfers can see why many choose
to visit this beautiful community, nestled in the Little
Saskatchewan valley. A game at the Minnedosa Golf
Course offers relaxation and enjoyment while at the same
time challenging your game skill.
In addition to the game, the Minnedosa Golf and
Country Club offers a fully equipped Pro Shop. Our
PGA of Canada Professional, Patrick Law, and his
knowledgeable staff, are available to help meet all your
golfing needs. The Pro Shop carries a full line of golf-
related goods as well as top quality apparel for men and
ladies. Private lessons, special golf packages, and cart
rentals are also available. Members of the Minnedosa
Golf and Country Club benefit from a number of special
services such as member tournaments and complimentary
driving range.
The Country Club Kitchen offers a full range of menu
items from drinks and light snacks, to main dishes from
breakfast, dinner, or supper.
Whether a beginner or a pro, a visit to the Minnedosa
Golf and Country Club will be an unforgettable, enjoyable
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18 holes $37.00 weekday
$39.00 weekend
9 holes $25.00 weekday
$23.00 weekend
TWILIGHT (after 5 p.m.) $25.00
LEAGUES $15.00
18 Holes 18 holes
9 holes
Full Practice Facility POWER CART
Restaurant 18 holes $35.00
9 holes $23.00
Trial Fee - Daily $10.00
Small bucket $5.00
Large bucket $10.00
Adult - Unrestricted
Adult - Restricted
Family $1,640.00
Intermediate $499.00
Student $350.00
Junior $175.00
Private Storage $150.00
Electrical Fees $40.00
Trail Fee Seasonal $130.00
Also available
9 hole & 18 hole
punch cards!
Sunday & Monday - Skins Game
Tuesday - Senior Men’s
Wednesday - Senior Ladies’ & Ladies’ Night
Thursday - Men’s Night
Call Pro Shop for details and other weekly events.


Find us on Facebook and Twitter

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• Ch
• Tr
• M
• Va

Events Calendar
• M
• Fu
• M
• Go
Mark your calendar and stay in the loop about event
dates and details by checking our online community
calendar at

January •
• Curling Bonspiels ► •
• Valley Snowhawks Snowmobile Derby
• Hockey Tournament A

February •
• Hockey Tournament •
• Clanwilliam Bonspiel •
• Firefighters Relic Run Poker Derby ►
• Skate the Lake
March •

• Rolling River Festival of the Arts •
• Commercial Hockey League Tournament
• Rotary Club Book Sale ►

• Minnedosa Grain Growers Banquet

• May Long Weekend Townwide Garage Sales
• Rockin’ the Fields Par 3 Golf Tournament
• Ag Society Party in the Dirt
• Manitoba MotoX Round 2 ►

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• Chamber of Commerce Ag Appreciation BBQ
• Triple Crown RockStar MotoX Nationals
• Mixed Open Golf Tournament
• Valley Cruizers “Spring Into Summer” Cruise ►

• Minnedosa Drama Club presents “Those Were the Days”
• Fun Fest Slo Pitch
• Minnedosa Valley Beach Run
• Golf Tournaments

• Canada Day Celebration ►
• Fun Fest
• Agricultural Society Fair
• Golf Tournaments
• Rockin’ the Fields of Minnedosa
• Golf Tournaments
• $1,000 Draw Golf
• Heritage Day

• Terry Fox Run ►
• Golf Tournaments
• Heart and Stroke Big Bike Ride

• Recreation Commission Sports Dinner ►

• Remembrance Day Service
• Hugh Dyer Legion Banquet and Awards
• Minnedosa and District Foundation Grants Luncheon
• Hockey Tournaments
• Minnedosa Drama Club Production

• Santa Day ►
• Unlock the Magic of Main Street Shop Local Promotion
• Hockey Tournaments
• Heritage Memory Lights
• Christmas Cheer Board
• Community Christmas Dinner

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Business and Industry
ur valley setting is not only ideal for life and play. In fact, our geography creates a number of strategic advantages
for business and industry.
Situated at the intersection of Provinicial Highway’s 10 and 16, Minnedosa is at the crossroads of two
major routes. Highway 10, one of Manitoba’s primary north-south travel corridors is used
daily by commuter traffic as well as access to Riding Mountain National Park.
Highway 16, part of Canada’s Yellowhead Highway, is a major commercial
overland route connecting Portage La Prairie to key communities across the
northern part of the Provinces.
Our location, combined with the opportunities for industrial and
commercial development both in our Crerar Bay industrial park as well as
available rural properties, opens the door for numerous possibilities.
Major employers in the area include the agriculture industry,
the Prairie Mountain Health, Heritage Co-op and Husky
Energy. With a wide service area supporting surrounding
communities beyond the 2,500 Minnedosa residents
itself, our community’s appetite to support new ventures
is a healthy one.
To explore your Minnedosa opportunity, contact
the Minnedosa and Area Community Development

RD on Main
East I day Night

r e a k fast
ay B
Sund uffet
. - 2 p.m.
9 a.m
Take Out Chicken & Pizza
Licensed - Beer and Wine
Monday - Sunday 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
9 Main Street Minnedosa, MB

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Rockin’ the Fields

innedosa has become known as the home of
“Canada’s Premier Classic Rock Festival”. This
year will mark the sixteenth year for Rockin’ the
Fields of Minnedosa being held over the August long weekend.
Rockin’ the Fields is Minnedosa’s longest running, most successful
music festival drawing fans from across North America each year. Prior
to Rockin’ the Fields arrival in 2014, Minnedosa was home to two earlier short-lived attempts
at a similar classic rock weekend.
Rockin’ the Fields is a fan based, fan driven non-profit co-operative that works with local
service clubs to give back to the community. Volunteers from these service clubs lend a helping
hand to make the August long weekend festival run smoothly and in return, they receive a portion of the
festival’s profits. Since this partnership began, well over $300,000 has been donated back to the community in addition to
the economic and tourism spinoff from the festival.
In addition to great music, many Rockin’ the Fields fans have become close friends and continue to return each year
for their favourite family reunion. It’s a time to leave your worries and cares at the gate, let your hair down, live it up and
enjoy a weekend singing and dancing to some of the best music Canada has to offer.
During its first fifteen years, Rockin’ the Fields has proven its saying power. The festival has grown from small
beginnings to greater success each year and as a result, the festival has received numerous awards and accolades such as
awards from Westman Tourism, being voted the number one festival in Manitoba in 2012 and coming in as the fifth most
popular festival in all of Canada in a West Jet contest.

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Arts and Culture

t is not only large urban communities who have a rich art and
cultural following, small rural communities also have much
to offer in these areas.
For those with an eye for art, Minnedosa will please
your craving! If you enjoy creative photography, there are
many exciting opportunities and subject for you to capture in
If creative, artistic painting is more your thing, there
are a number of local businesses and artists happy to share their
products, tips and talents with you so you can create your own Minnedosa, a variety of performers make their appearance
masterpiece or you can buy a piece of one-of-a-kind artwork in Minnedosa each year through the Expressions Concert
crated by one of our talented artists. Series. There are also numerous talent showcases, live band
There is no shortage of musical talent in our community. performances at various venues throughout the year. For the
A number of local singers and musicians of all genres of music young up and coming performers, there is the annual Rolling
perform at various venues or showcases throughout the year. River Festival of the Arts held each spring.
There are some long running dance programs in our area which If it’s live theatrical performances you enjoy, the
teach a variety of dance skills from traditional Highland or establishment of the Minnedosa Drama Club a few year’s ago
Ukrainian dance to couples dancing and more modern moves. will be something you will want to check out. This talented
For those who enjoy live music, there are a variety of group of local actors, actresses and musical vocalists have hosted
options in Minnedosa. In addition to the annual August long a number of productions to sold-out crowds.
weekend classic rock music festival, Rockin’ the Fields of

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Sports And Recreation
M innedosa is known for its deep-rooted interest in sports and recreation all year long. Throughout the community, there
are numerous walking, jogging, running and cycling trails and paths to explore. These are highlighted on the community
map found elsewhere in this guide.
In the Spring and Summer months you can attend various sporting activities to cheer on athletes in baseball, rugby, soccer
and golf. Each of these sports feature local teams of various ages from beginners to experienced. The community’s main baseball,
rugby and soccer action areas are located at the Minnedosa Regional Events Centre site which is designated to be the future home of
a new arena. This area can be found along 6th Avenue N.W. next to the Ag Society grounds.
There are also sports fields and game areas at Minnedosa Beach, Tanner’s Crossing
School and Minnedosa Collegiate.
If you are a bowler, be sure to check out Minnedosa Bowl for
year-round five-pin bowling action and the Minnedosa Recreation
Commission runs a wide variety of programs throughout the year.
As Minnedosa is fortunate to have its own lake and the Little
Saskatchewan River running through the community, there are many
opportunities for swimming, kayaking, canoeing and motor water
sports. Fishing is also a popular pastime along the river, at the lake or
at nearby Anton’s Lake which is located at the junction of Highway #10
and #16 northwest of town.
West of Tanner’s Crossing School, along 1st Avenue N.W. is
River’s Edge Recreation Park. Here you will find walking trails, a skate
park, a dog park, bike park and nine-hole disc golf course.
While in Minnedosa, get active, play safe and most of all, have fun!

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Winter Fun

route within town limits. The Snow Hawks and other

groups host various snowmobile derbies throughout the
winter months.
Like most Canadian communities, hockey
and curling are a big deal during Minnedosa winters.

uring the long, cold Manitoba winter months, Throughout the season, the local hockey arena and curling
Minnedosa remains active. club are packed with players and spectators at various
Our community’s greatest winter attraction games, tournaments and bonspiels. The arena also plays
is Ski Valley which offers nine downhill ski runs from host to the Minnedosa Figure Skating Club. Each February,
beginner to advanced skiers. Located 7 km northwest of during the Louis Riel long weekend, the Skate the Lake
town, Ski Valley is a prime downhill ski destination that outdoor pond hockey tournament hits Minnedosa Lake. In
offers lessons from qualified ski instructors, a chairlift and 2018, Skate the Lake added a fun, outdoor curling aspect to
chalet. its weekend.
For cross country skiing, there is the Squirrel Hills Ice fishing is another popular pastime during the
Trail located one km west of the intersection of PR #355 winter months and a small village of ice fishing shacks and
and Highway #10. shelters appears on the lake each winter.
Snowmobiling is another fun outdoor activity During the Christmas season, a number of special
Minnedosans enjoy and the local snowmobile club, events are held to celebrate the season in Minnedosa
the Valley Snow Hawks promotes family oriented including an evening Santa Claus Parade, Santa Day, school
snowmobiling fun and safety. Minnedosa is connected to a and church Christmas concerts and more!
groomed snowmobile trail system and there is a designated

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Your local snowmobile club
supporting Minnedosa and
Manitoba’s Best Snow! surrounding communities.

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Skate The Lake

from Skate the Lake are donated back to the community

in support of some local project. Over the years, this
weekend event has donated $10,200 to the Minnedosa
Community Child Care Co-op, $93,500 to Minnedosa
Regional Events Centre/ Minor Hockey and $5,000 to
Minnedosa’s Beach Enhancement Committee which is
fundraising to replace the children’s play structure at
Minnedosa Beach.
In 2018 Skate the Lake added a new outdoor curling
component, known as Rock The Lake. The weekend hockey/
curling event always sees good registration numbers with
five-person teams coming from near and far. In 2019, there
were 25 adult hockey teams, 16 youth hockey teams and

uring the Louis Riel long weekend in February, the
16 curling teams who participated in the outdoor on-ice
frozen surface of Minnedosa Lake becomes one
of the busiest sporting spots in town! Since 2007,
If you happen to be in Minnedosa in February 2020,
an outdoor pond hockey tournament weekend, known as
be sure to stop by the lake and take in some of the action
Skate the Lake, has been a popular attraction during the
taking place during this annual pond hockey fundraising
winter months.
weekend. Skate the Lake 2020 is scheduled to take place
Not only does this weekend feature a lot of great,
Louis Riel Long Weekend. Hope to see you there!
outdoor hockey, beer gardens and other attractions, it also
serves as a community fundraiser. Each year, proceeds

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Country Cafe Create Your
Signature Style
& Bakery We pride ourselves
on creating custom,
73 Main Street personalized designs
Join us for... that will bring your
MEETINGS kitchen to life, while
Welcome to Third Thursday of the
providing a hands
on approach to
Minnedosa! month at 7:00 p.m. at every project large
or small. From the
Tanner’s Crossing School. design process, to
Fresh Baking Daily BINGO material selection,
delivery and install,
Breads Every Tuesday at the we take care of
Ukranian Hall at 7:00 p.m. every last detail.
Donuts Call 204-867-3996
for more info
Pastries Kitchens | Design | Renovations Stop in and see us at
Hot & Cold Drinks
Cabinets I Countertops 382 Park Ave East
Flooring I Tile Backsplash Brandon, MB
204-867-2661 R7A 7A8
204-727-5528 |

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Bison Park

ocated along Highway #262 between downtown
Minnedosa and Minnedosa Lake, you will find a herd of
bison housed in a large, fenced compound known as the
Bison Park.
Decades ago, bison herds, numbering in the millions roamed
the plains and crossed the Little Saskatchewan River Valley as
part of their natural migration route. In March 1996, the bison
returned to Minnedosa, thanks to a tourism project developed by
the Minnedosa Lake Rehabilitation Committee. For the past 22
years, our local herd of bison have been a popular attraction for
both local residents and visitors to our community.
The bison park is designed to provide a spacious grazing ground
for the herd as well as visibility for spectators from all sides.
The bison remain onsite at the local compound year-round,
so it does not matter what time of year you visit Minnedosa, you
can always visit the bison! If you are fortunate enough to be in
the area during April or May, there is a great chance you will see
newborn calves roaming close to their mothers.
Bison bulls live for an average of 20 years and weigh in
at an average of 900 kg or 2,000 lbs. The female bison (cows)
have an average lifespan of 17 years and usually weigh in the
neighbourhood of 545 kg or 1,200 lbs. Bison calves are born
between April and May and weigh an average of 27 kg or 60 lbs.

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Historic Sights M
innedosa is a community steeped
in history. The Town of Minnedosa
was incorporated in March 1883.
Throughout the community are numerous
heritage highlights, monuments and buildings
paying tribute to the past.
A small peaceful parklike setting,
marking the area’s early beginnings as
Tanner’s Crossing can be found along the
Beach Road just before reaching the Bison
Park. The Tanner’s Crossing site can be found
by travelling east on 2nd Avenue S.E. from
Main Street (turn at the historic clock tower).
Just south of Minnedosa Beach, near
the east entrance to the walkway across the
spillway are a number of historic sighting
posts. Here, you will find a number of plaques
depicting some specific historic points of
interest. There are also various historic plaques
along the flagwalk on the dam at the south end
of Minnedosa Lake which will lead you to
Minnedosa’s Museum and Heritage Village.
Tanner’s Crossing Park, just east of
the Main Street bridge also holds a number of
historic plaques as well as a decommissioned
train engine and caboose which are definitely
worth checking out!
Nearby you will find the community’s
war memorial featuring a cenotaph and
decommissioned Sherman tank. These are
located at Main Street at the corner of 1st Ave.
In the downtown business district,
there are a number of Founders Parks located
at various street corners. Each small park
features a plaque honouring some of the
influential men from our community’s rich
past. If you enjoy historic architecture, you
will see many older homes and building as you
walk or drive along the streets of Minnedosa.
In addition to wood and stucco, Minnedosa
boasts a number of older brick and stone
buildings. Here are just a few of the historic
buildings worth seeing while in Minnedosa:
Civic Centre on Main Street with its tall clock
tower, St. Mark’s Anglican Church (108 2nd
Ave. S.W.), Kruk Castle B&B (149 2nd Ave.
S.W.), Canadian Pacific Railway Station (just
west of the Main Street rail crossing), Octagon
Display Building (at Heritage Village) and the
Court House at the corner of 3rd Ave. and 1st
Street S.W.
For a spectacular view of Minnedosa,
be sure to climb the Lions lookout tower,
located at the top of the cemetery hill – the
steep gravel road on 2nd Ave. S.E. directly
east of the Civic Centre (clock tower).
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Minnedosa Food Store Minnedosa Agro Centre
120 Main Street & Cardlock
100 Heritage Way
Minnedosa Gas Bar, Minnedosa Home Centre
C-Store & Wand Wash & Lumber
28 2nd Avenue SE 48 Armitage Avenue

Proudly serving the communities of

Minnedosa • Brandon • Wawanesa • Erickson • Sandy Lake • Strathclair • Rivers

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