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<Bullying in our society>

The theme I want to focus on is ‘Bullying’. With my point of view, this topic

is quite ironical. Most of the people in our society have basic knowledge about

how bad bullying is. But why is ‘Bullying" a big problem in every school all around

the world? In my opinion, the base of this problem is the desire of being superior

to the weak ones. Julian, the guy from the movie ‘Wonder' is a wonderful example

of my topic. Julian is a smart, neat boy with no doubt. As he has no problem in

paying attention in his class, he will definitely know how unethical the bullying is.

However, he kept teasing Auggie with his weak point. Starting from their first

meeting Julian hurt Auggie deeply in his heart by asking a number of rude

questions directly to him. In my opinion, this kind of Julian’ s attitude was created

in order to protect himself. People use to hate and tease others when they

recognize one another as a ‘special person’. In the movie, Auggie was perceived as

a ‘different’ or ‘special’ guy in his class. Therefore, to my way of thinking, if Julian

did not make fun of Auggie, he might have lots of good acquaintances besides

him. However, as guys like Julian cannot stand looking at others getting attention
from publics besides him, he chose a method ‘Bullying’. When organizing my

opinions above, the main reason for ‘Bullying' is directly related to the human

desire of gaining ‘superiority'. Thus, people who control their desire and have the

ability to find other’s strong point can solve the problem ‘Bullying'. The example of

this can be ‘Summer' and ‘Jack Will'. At the scene when Summer seats next to

Auggie in a cafeteria, no one understood her at that moment. Some said, " She

got germs on her hand" and looked unkindly at her. However, Summer didn't

consider others attention, she only focused on her interest in Auggie Pullman. The

second example is Jack Will. He is also shown as a positive character in the movie,

but he is a little bit different from Summer. If Summer can be explained as a sunny

side of human, Jack Will can be defined as a normal human being. By talking with

Auggie on the first day of school, he got interested in Auggie and wanted to get

close to him. Therefore, he maintained a good relationship with him, but not in

front of Julian and his friends. He did care others eyes before becoming Auggie’s

genuine friend at the end. This is how most of the people act when they witness

bullying in one community. And this is why even though every people have their
special individuality that can attract others, ‘wallflowers’ always exist in societies.

To sum up, it is inevitable that bullying happens anywhere people gather together.

However, by expressing our honest feeling to the opponent such as ‘ I am definitely

interested in you’ can be a big help to the ones having a hard time. Just like