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Power of Advertisement

“Just Do It”. This is a Slogan of the brand Nike. One of the founders of Nike,

Phil Knight did not recognize the necessity of advertising in the beginning. It is

because numerous advertising agents made him tired for a long time. But suddenly

he realized that he is losing a big opportunity in the sports market. Therefore, he

began to find out a new way to advertise Nike around the world. He wanted to

create a brand image full of desire and endeavor. So he started to search for a

short but strong slogan. Finally, he came up with a wonderful idea that fits his aim.

The phrase “Just Do It” shows Phil Knight’s intention to create a passionate image

related to the word “Challenge”. Nike’s new advertising strategy made a big success.

Thanks to “Just Do It”, the corporation’s global sales rose to 9.2billion$ from 8

billion$. Just like this, advertising has the power to bring the enterprise into the

public eyes whether the reason is negative or positive. Anyhow, many corporations

experienced huge effects of advertisement for centuries. This indicates that

commercial definitely has power in image-making of the brand.

Then what is the brand image? The first thing that comes to your mind
when you think of polar bear is the soft drink brand Coca Cola. Like this, It is like

a personality of human. Many companies all around the world try their best to

deliver the brand identity to the consumers. This is how day exists in the

competitive market. Also, this is why they put lots of their effort into creating

fantastic advertisements. In other words, the brand image signifies the relationship

between the corporation and the consumer's brand awareness. To successfully carry

out this important task, companies use various tools to create better commercials

than their competitors. This tools can be the name of the brand, slogan, and symbol,

etc. While making the commercial, brand identity can be associated with social

issues or the specific personality of the company and its products. However,

advertisement is strong enough to cause social problems. These days, commercials

are almost everywhere in our daily lives such as SNS (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) or

television. So huge amount of people will be influenced by them easily. Then this

trait of commercial will lead to evaluations of the public on the brand. This will

naturally cause the changes in the image of the brand.

Thus, advertising gives positive effects and negative effects on the brand
image. First of all, the typical case of the positive image making is the advertising

strategy of “Apple”. Apple never simply advertise how it’s products perform well.

Instead, they work hard to provide customers with high-quality products. Then they

form a trustful relationship between the consumers naturally. The company's

attitude let the customers focus on the designs and emotional impacts the products

give. The commercial of AirPod can be a great example. In the advertisement, a

woman walks around putting her airpods on. A woman keeps dancing. It seems

like she is living in her own world full of music. Suddenly she bumps into a man.

Then a woman and man start to dance together as if a man is influenced by her

atmosphere. Just like this sentimental advertisement, Apple gives the perception to

the public that "Using Apple product means you are sentimental and refined." This

strategy helps to manage existing potential customers. Consequently, because

Apple concentrated on a different part of the products, they could successfully

form a positive image of their company. This is why Apple’s advertising strategy is

a good example to show how commercial influences brand image.

As much as advertisement gives positive effects to brand image, it can also

result in many negatives. The causes of the result are similar. It is due to the various

strategies companies use. Then what makes the difference in consequences? A

good example of this is an advertisement for "Pepsi". In 2017, a soft drink

manufacturer Pepsi released one commercial. It was a parody of a woman who

gracefully blocked the police officers in order to show confidence. Her brave acting

gave a big impact on the movement of African-Americans. In the Parody, the main

model "Kendall Jenner" leads a group of young people. The crowd of people was

handling the slogan "Join the conversation". Pepsi intended to deliver a message

about peace and harmony of the world. However, the peed back they got from the

public was surprising. People said the advertisement was an example of

“Whitewashing”. It means that instead of the corporation’s intention, the

commercial cheapened the original meaning that real movement gives. Just like

this, although Pepsi used a social issue in their advertisement the same as other

companies, the result was different. Therefore, it is clear that there is a close

correlation between brand image and advertisement.

The two examples mentioned in upon paragraphs show the power of

advertisement. It truly influences the brand image due to the huge attention of the

public. Sometimes that attention can ruin a whole marketing plan of one

corporation. However, is it possible to classify good commercials and bad

commercials? The answer is “No”. It is impossible because there is no way to expect

the reaction of the public before release. Also, the main aim of a corporation is

"profit-making". They must create commercials to advertise their brand to people.

Thus, it is necessary for big corporations to recognize the impact they will make in

society. As long as to cause and effect the advertisement makes exist, an enterprise

should be careful. Even though they have a desire to make profits in a short period

of time, they must concern their brand image. Just like the example of "Nike", when

the corporation forms a good brand image, this means they have a good

relationship with the consumers. Therefore, the brand can have a long run. Lastly,

if enterprises start to create advertisements that can give positive effects to society,

our world can be a better community than now. For this reason, I wish all

corporations can concern about social issues carefully before they create

commercials. To sum up all of my essays, advertisement absolutely controls brand