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SCANNED MAY 0 2 2018 2949309700507 8 re 990 Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax | 2% S00" Under scton 0, 52,0494) tthe nara Revenue Gade cet prt funds — ccseingtsttgtman |» Donatenier scl secur eunbes on is om sma be made pl pea cence > iormaon spout Fem 00 an is nsiylons sat ware gov/onn090 \J Iliieeasated 2016, and ending jupe30 20 [© encioreiceniteain naar DD sasesscxnge [Sarg asm 470915576, TO Name cnange” [Birr and ses (2 FO Tox Tosi nt Gedo sess | Roos ETamphom novo DD innaeetm — |2.0.80x277 652.696.7004 Di rrareumnenina) hyo on, is & BON Cay AEE oT wa oe D snansesraun 1530778 Covoesrcopes 10,806,918 Tralee gan mumteretacranr] vos J Website: > www { Hic) Group exemation number FR I ‘Summary Hi Wt stort tse Yer CIN T1No- attach a ee cn) MS. 1 Briely describe the organzalion’s mission or most sgniicant action! in altance wah Misseippi Unveraties and other | relatednonprotennes, Dea Heal Aliance, in 5 dane nadia underserved regions of §] 2 Checktnis box Lin the organization ciscontined is operations or disposed of more than 25% of ne asl, | 3 Number of voung members of the governing body (Part VI line 1a) ee ta 5 | 4 Number of independent voting members ofthe governing body Part Vi,ine 1b) |). | a 5 B) 5 Tatiranec cen ena e200 Phe 25) Dl Zs 3 | 6 Total numberof voluters estimate il necessary) 2) Ee &] 7a Total unrelated business revenue trom Part Vil, column (C).ne 12...) Te 0 bb_ Net unrelated business taxable income from Form 990-7 line 34 eeeelae ° Fr vowr Sarat | 8 Contnbutions and grants (Part Vil ine th) Fee 16.155,065 1.56676 2 | 9 Program sence revenue (art Vil, ine 29) pit 2718202] 1193629 | 10 Investment income (Part Vill, columa (A) ines 3, 4, and 7) + s 7.293] 2148 lt Otherrevenue (Part Vil, column (A), bnes 5, 6,8, Se, 10¢, and 116) 35,93 esse 42__Totalrevenue—add ines 8 through 11 must equal Part Vl, column (4 ne 12) waar 7aan6 915 18 Grants and similar amounis parc (Part x, column (A), nes 1-3) 3,505,202 14 Benefits pald to or for members (Pat IX, column (A, tne 4) 4g [15 Salanes other compensation, employee benetits (Part IX, cok wess19 “anezay 7,400,384 # | 189 Professional fundrasng fees (Part IX, column (A), line 176) i 1b Total fundraising expenses (Part IX, column (O}, dine. 25) De 17 Other expenses (Part IX, column (A, tines 112-1 fo RECENED 270.68] 3940 203 18 Total expenses. Add ines 13-17 (must equal Pdrt KreolumnAl- ine. 25)—, 77399,156 79,40.337 19 _Rlevenve less expenses. Subtract ine 18 from uhgt2 I 1,578,097 (533422) FF | HAR LE ZOTE | opera of Curent ox] tad owr $B)20Totlassas Pan x tno 16 30958,30] 13,683 18 Sq]21 Total iabites (Par x, ine 26) | 445431 21809 He Tee re eee cuit idaxsBDEN, UT | 5.50459 sania FEMHN Sianature Block Under penis of pry, | dice Dat rave Srarined satan, nding seconpanyng seheddey and waterloo te eat fy rowedGe Bd US TE tre. corel | Decora of peor chr tan eco sane on lors wh reper has 7s ) LH Lileiaiaely Sign Type or pram ane eae Here YP Fyanace o Norte STRATTON oa b sei Prepare sara oagel™ Preparer Use Only | sane Ease fay the IS ciscuss ths return with the preparer shown above? (eos instructions). ~~ Lives Dine For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the separate instructions. ‘oat No 182" Ferm 990 0 $ om 50 16 age Statement of Program Service Accomplishments Checkil Schedule O conta a response or note Yo any tne ints Pat 7 Baty describe the organization's mesion ce wih Msiip ivr and oe clted no-pofit nies Daa rsson ate advo, ‘velop, and plement programs to morove the healthcare and ducaioal needs fe most depressed and under served Did the organization undertake any significant program services Guring The year which were not Usted on the prior Form 990 or 990-£27 a . eee Clea \tYes" deserve these new services on Schedule O. 3 Bid the crganation cease conducting, or make sgnicant changes fn How Ht conduct, any program senices?.. eta ee 228 yes) i "Yes," descr these changes on Schedule. 4 Describe the organization's program service accomplishments for each ofits three largest program services, as measured by expenses. Section 501(c\3) and 501(c\(¢) organizations are required to report the amount of grants and allocations to others, the total expenses, and revenue, if any, for each program sarvce reported a _) Expenses $____ 3264875 ncuding granls 183284675) Pevenue § Tags) iianola Promise Communty, “a (Code) @xpenses $___ alivon - Early Headstar “4a Other program sewices (Describe in Schedule 0.) (Expenses $___ 6.515.721 Including grants of $ __ 6,615,721) (Revenue $ 15721) Ze Total program senice expenses Ta a8, Fom 890 0076) pOMoe ‘Form 390 ote) Page 3 Chachist of Required Schedules 11 te crcantzaton desobed in section 501(X8) or 49471) (ther than a pate foundation? “Yes, complete Schedule A ily 2 _Isthe organization required to complete Schedule 8, Schedule of Contnbutos (see instructions?» . 2 Le 3 isthe ergaizaton engage in director ndrect pliical campaign aches on behalf of on oppostion to candidates for pub office? I "Yes," complete Schedule ©, Part! a| |v 44 Section 501(c) organizations. Did the organization engage in lobbying ates, or havea section S01) fection in ffect during tho tax year? I "Yes," complet Schedule C, Pat «| |v § Is the organization a section §01(c)4), 501(ci5), or 501(c)\6) organization that receives membership dues, assessments, or similar amounts a8 defined In Revenue Procedure 98-197 If "Yes," complete Schedule. Parti : s|_|v 6 id the organization malntaln any donor acvised funds or any similar funds or accounts for which donors have the right to provide advice onthe distnutlon or investment of amounts In such funds or accounts? It “Yes,” complete Schedule D, Part | o| |v 7 Did the organization receive or hold & conservation easement, ichcing easements to preserva open space, the environment, histor land areas, or strc structures? "Yes," completo Schedule. Pat I 7 8 ee omntzaten man colacone of wrk of a Hore estes, esr 8871s, complete Schedule, Part I! e| |v 8 id the organization report an arnount in Part X, ine 2, for escrow or custodial account abit, serve as @ gated or arr not aa Fat Xo oe et cour, Set manga et 58 oF debt negotiation serces? Yes," complete Schade D, Part V o| |v 10 Did the organization, tect or though a related organzaton, hold assets im tomporaly resicted endowments, permanent endowments or quasiendowments I "Yes,"complete Schedule D, Part 10 41.1 the organization's answer to any ofthe folowing questions i “Yes,” then complete Schedule D, Parts VIL Vil Bor Xasapphicte. 19 Did the organization report an amount for land, builsings, and equipment in Part X; line 10? If “Yes,” complete Schedule D, Part sal v bb 01d the organization report an amount for vestments othr secures in Part X, ne 12 that is 596 of more of ts total asets reported n Pan, 16? IVs,” complete Sched D, Pat Vl so] dv «© Did the ganization report an amount for vestments program related In Part X, line 12 that Is 5% or more ofits total asets reported in Part % line 167 “Yes,” complete Schedule D, Part Vl se} |v 4 Did the organization report an amount for other asset Pat X ne 15 thaws 6% oF more ofits toa asets reported in Prt X. line 162 "Yes," complete Schedule D, Pat ra] lv «© De the organization report an amount for other bits in Part X, ne 25? if-Yes," complete Scheauie D, Pat x [Ate Z ath exganiato's separate or consotteg tania statement fr the tx year include afotnote tat seses the crgarzaton' tality for ucetan tax postions under FIN 48 ASC 1407 "Ye“compete Schad, Par X= [axe |v 12a id the organization obtain separate, Independent aucted far stterents forthe tax year? IY," complete SehediteB, Parts Mand X tly Was the organzation inched in consolidated, independent aucted fancial statement fr the tax year? If "Yes," andthe orpanzation answored "No" fo ine 12a, then completing Schedule D, Pats and ws optional | a6] |v 13 Is the organization a school described in section 170(b){1)(A)iil? If "Yes," complete Schedule E 13, vo ‘44a. the organzation mantain an office, employees, o agents ouside ofthe United States? . ia] —}¥ Did the erganizalon have aggregate revenues or expenses of more than $10,000 from grantmaking, fundraising, business, investment. and program series actitles ouside the United States, or aggregate foreign vestments valved at $100,000 or more? I "¥es,"complet Schedule F, Pars and. |xgp| | ¥ 415 Did he organtationreprt on Part IX, cola Ine 3, mere than $5,000 of grants o other assistance to or for any foreign organization? I "Yes," complate Schedule , Parts and ss|_|v 16 Did the organization report on Part 1X, column (A, ne 3, more than $5,000 of aggregate grants or other assistance too or freign Inchaauals? "es," complete Schedule F, Parts Il and WV we| |v 17 Did the organization epoca total of more than $16,000 of expenses fr professional fundraising services on Part, column (A ines € and 116? if "Yes," compete Sehedue G Part I(oee instructions) Lz lv 18 Did the organization report more than $15,000 total of fundratsing event gross Income and contributions on Parl nese and 852 “Ye,” complote Schedule G, Pat epee iat 19 04d he organization report more than $16,000 of goss income fom gaming actives on Part Vil ine 9a? ites" complete Schedule G, Part il sol |v Fem 880 (2076