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My name is Yuliza Hanifa, usually called by sasa.

I currently study at university of

Sriwijaya, My major is science of chemistry. Before that, I don’t take any role as member
AIESEC. So that why I want to take role as oc marketing on x-fair ogip. I dare to apply becouse I
want get much experience in AIESEC how to get deal with each other and ect.

Based on experience that I have got. Experience can make you being open minded.
Becouse you can know what you don’t know and you need more and more. I have planning in
this year to get much of experience. Try to learn much. So that why I want start it by apply as oc.
For me, being oc x-fair ogip is way to learning much this organization from the basic. I can
maintain my time and be responsible with the task that had believed much people. I can develop
in everthing such as quality, skill and ect. I like to help the department that I interest and give my
best to contribute at this entity, as oc x-fair ogip . I have a big curious with how to deal project
that such as work like professional and even have a deal with important people. And I would to
make the curious become my motivate to explore and learn more and more. I hope I can give my
best at his entity, and you can give me a chance to be an OC X-Fair OGIP.


Yuliza Hanifa