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UNIT 1,2
Full Name : ______________________________________ N° Orden : ____
5 º GRADE: A y B. Date : / 2019
Competence: Write correctly Skill: Recognize
Part I Complete the black space with the correct month of the year.
1.- _____________________ 2.- February 3.-March 4.-______________
5.-May 6.-_____________________ 7.- July 8.-______________
9.-______________________ 10.-_____________________ 11.-November 12.-_____________
Part II Circle the correct option
My parents________ dancing.
a) are b) is c) am
My sister______jumping on the sofa.
a) is c) are d) aren’t
Mary and Katy ________ swimming in the pool.
a) is b) am c) are
Marly_______ drawing in the classroom.
a) is b) are c) am

Part III Listen and circle the flags.

1 2 3 4 5

Part IV Read and number.

1 2 We’re from Brazil.

We’re from the USA.

3 4 We’re from Australia.

We’re from the UK.

Competence: Read correctly Skill: Analyzing

Part I Write questions and circle the correct answers.

1 2 3

1 ____________ do you ____________? I live in a city / town.

2 Where _________________________? I live in the suburbs / countryside.

3 ________________________________ I live in the suburbs / a city.

Part II Make questions about the family and the country

________________________________ _________________________________

________________________________ _________________________________
Part III Read the text answer the questions

Dear Mom,
I’m so happy I’m writing this letter for you because I miss you so
much. My vacation is going on excellent. Right now, I’m sitting on a shirt
writing this letter. My friend Karla is cooking some delicious Lomo
Saltado because we love it so much. Carlos is playing with the dog and
Mario is swimming in the river. Brenda and Mark are taking pictures and
my brother is sleeping in the bedroom. Really, mom! This is the best
vacation for me.

1.-Is Carlos cooking Lomo Saltado? ______________________________________________

2.-Are Brenda and Mark taking pictures? ______________________________________________
3.-What is Rita’s brother doing? ______________________________________________
4.-Why is Karla cooking Lomo Saltado? ______________________________________________
5.- Is Rita is the city? ______________________________________________