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The Downs of migrating

I came to a conclusion of Enrique's Journey By Sonia nazario,we are going to be talking

about how immigration can have good or bad for the immigrants themselves and their
home countries in the U.S .While Enrique travels to the usa he experiences some good
and bad things,but today we are going to tell you the bad things.In the book there are 12
downs about immigrants and those are that they will get their family's endangered and
they could also get them self also in endanger by going over to the U.S, and they could
also get them self in a bad case that they could not make it or they could also kill the self
by riding the train or they would also get killed by the train or by the police
immigration.One bad quote is that ´Employers can pay poorly and treat them badly´ that
quote shows that many of the employers don't really like the migrants themselves.

​ ​The ups of migrating

After reading i notice that there are some ups and downs of immigration. While Enrique
migrates he finds some things that could be good.The ups for the immigration is that
they are able to see any family members that live in the usa,in the usa those immigrants
are able to earn more money than they earn in the usa.When Enrique found his mom he
was full of joy and was happy that he found his mom in america.In the book it says “At
first neither Enrique nor lourdes cries.He kisses her cheek again.She holds him tight.He
has played this out in his mind a thousand times.It is as he thought it would be ¨.This
quote shows how much enrique wanted to find his mother in america.Overall migrating
could be good or bad for the migrates themselves.

● They are able to see any of there relatives that have been separated from you.
● They are able to earn more money than they earn
● They are able to not get murdered or raped they have a better life in the USA.
● As a result of enrique’s journey he went through dangers like crossing the river.
● Going to the U.S can be bad for immigrants that have family their. The immigrant might/
most likely react to their family negatively to their family and hate each other after they

​ The bad things

● Will they could get hurt in the train and where they are going
● The people on the train would die or even caught.
● They will need to be careful when they are getting on the train
● They will need to find a place to sleep and find food and clothing as will
● They will need to find clothes and food in order to survive

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