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Name: Connor McKellar Week: June 3 - 7 Date:

Weekly Time Log and Reflections

Day Name of Activity Nature of Involvement School or Total In Paid

Community Hours Class ?
Monday Banquet Awards Today I spent the class getting the awards out of the display School 1.15 1.15
June 10 case in corridor 4 across from the office.
Tuesday Blowing Up balloons Today I spent the whole class helping blow up balloons for the School 1.15 1.15
June 11 athletic banquet.
Wednesday Banquet set up and Today we spent the class setting up for the banquet. Then later School 4.15 1.15 3
June 12 Athletic Banquet that night I attended the banquet as an athlete.
Thursday Portfolio Work Today we spent the class working on class work and added it School 1.15 1.15
June 13 to our portfolio.
Friday Banquet Awards On Monday I took the awards out of the display case and School 1.15 1.15
June 14 today I put them back.
June 15 - 16

Reflections​: ​In sentence form​, w​rite about what you have learned from your school and community involvement this week. What
did you learn about leadership? About yourself? What would you do differently? How does your experience connect to theory we
discussed in class? You do not need to answer all of these questions, just those that you feel apply to this week. ​Remember – these
reflections will become notes to yourself to help with your term end exit interview!

I enjoyed attending the Athletic Banquet. It is always a great event.

Forest Heights Athletic Leadership