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ws ov000'26 25 wg “ang wanioeg see eo oped ‘roe oeyound ee "aesuue9 sot feed | nm seek mat oe -vonpronuaon euue9| GoNAe wewmeerie| scene @i-ez-s0 seseyoung Aousbiowa Mayor Andy Berke May 22, 2019 Mr. Justin Holland Administrator, Public Works Department Waste Resources Division 1250 Market Strect, Suite 2100 Chattanooga, TN 37402 Subject: R18SS81 — Eme Waste Resources Divisio sency Purchase - Replacement of WNOO Radio Tower = Public Works Dear Mr, Holland: Report of the emergency purchase for Replacement of WNOO Radio Tower ~ Waste Resources Division - Public Works due to the tower being damaged during sewer maintenance, We have attached the emergency justification letter from the department describing the circumstances of this emergency. Respectfully yours, Emergency purchase approved and should be entered in the minutes of the City Council as stipulated by Ordinance 5608, Section 3. Bonnie Woodward, Director of Purchasing Justin Holland Administrator, Public Works BWiab Attachments 101 E. 11th Street, Suite G13 + Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402 + Office: (423) 757-5184 + Faxc (423) 643-7244 wwwichattanooga gov ae SS City of Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke May 20, 2018 Ms. Bonnie Woodward Diractor of Purchasing City of Chattanooga 100 East 11” Street Chattanooga, TN $7402 9 for Emergency Purchase Re: Waste Resources Divislon’s (WRD’s) Reque cr eal Tower & Antanna Replacement WNOO ~ 1100 Hendricks Street, Chattanooga, TN 37405 Dear Ms. Woodward, (On May 16, 2019, Sewer Maintenance was clearing sewer easements with a tracked shredding ‘machine that hit and destroyed guy wires holding up the 208' radio tower broadcasting for WNOO radio, taking the station off the air. The City will need to get the tower replaced as quickly as possible in order to prevent the station from losing ad revenue and their listening audiance, to whatever extent possible. Currently WRD has found a wiling local contractor who is assessing the site withthe assistance of Sewor Maintsnance and a geotechnical engineer on contract with the City. The contractar is working up a quote and wa wil attach that to the requisition in Oracle as soon as possible, WROD Is requesting authorization of @ Purchase Order to Centerine Communications not to excond $300,000, for ne Tower & Antanna Replacement Time is of the essence. Sincerely, Justin Adminis Development Resource Center + 1250 Market iret, Suite 2100 » Chattanooga, TIN 37402-2713, Phone 423.645.6000 + Fax 423,643 6008 + www.challanooga gov