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​​ ​Primary Sources ​ Secondary Sources

Definition:​A ​primary source​ is an original  Definition:​For a historical research project, 

document or other material that has not  secondary sources​ are generally 
been changed in any way. It is a reliable  scholarly books and articles. A s ​ econdary 
first-hand account usually written at or  source​ interprets and analyzes primary 
near the time the event(s) occurred. ...  sources​. ...​Examples​ of s
​ econdary 
Primary sources​ are distinguished from  sources​ include: A scholarly journal 
secondary sources​. S
​ econdary sources  article about the history of cardiology. 
are ​documents​ based on ​primary   
Examples   ● Textbook  
● Diary   ● Book written by a person's view 
● News   ● Encyclopedias  
● Interviews   ● Biographies   
● News paper  
● Authors  
● Photos