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Repeat 10 times each affirmation with emotion & intention. Visualize yourself experiencing the
affirmation. Feel it. Own it.

1. Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better. - Émile Coué
2. I Love Myself
3. I Can Do Anything I Put My Mind To
4. I Am Important
5. I Am Successful In Whatever I Do
6. I Am Loved
7. I Am Strong
8. I Am Hopeful
9. I Am Making Things Happen
10. I Persist With Confidence
11. I Trust Myself In Making Great Decisions
12. I Embrace My Fears Fully And Calmly
13. I Am A Wonderful Person
14. I Deeply Love And Accept Myself
15. I Am Able To Solve Problems Creatively
16. I Am Vibrant And Have Lots Of Energy
17. I Think Like A Winner
18. I Appreciate Every Moment Of The Day
19. There Is A Solution To Every Problem
20. I Feel The Joy Of Abundance
21. The Universe Provides For My Every Want And Need
22. I See Endless Opportunities Before Me
23. I Am Inspired To Take Action Every Day
24. I Am Powerfully Positive In Everything I Think, Do, And Say
25. I Radiate Positive Energy
26. Everything I Do Turns Into Success
27. I Am Living My Full Potential
28. I See The Bright Side In All Situations
29. I Am In Control Of My Life
30. Today, I Will Spread Joy In Random And Beautiful Ways