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Minutes of Extraordinary General Meeting of Tameer Holding Investment LLC (the “Company”) held in Centria Building, 7" Floor, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on 14 May 2013 at 10:00 am Present: Eng. Anmad Al Rajhi Eng. Ibrahim Al Rajhi 24 Notice and Quorum ‘The Shareholders agreed that (i) 100% of the voting capital present waived the requirement to provide 21-day notice for this meeting as stipulated in Article 11 of the ‘Company's Memorandum of Association; and (ii) that quorum was established, Accordingly, the meeting was declared open. Business of the meeting ‘The business of the meeting was to discuss and approve the new Board members for the Company’ DISCUSSION: The Shareholders confirmed accepting the resignation of Zubair Daruwala, Philippe Aki and Federico Tauber and confirmed all actions taken by each of them as a Board Member of the Company and thanked them for their service. The Shareholders also confirmed that Mr. Omar Ayesh’s name is being removed from the Board of Directors as he no longer serves on the Board of Directors. ‘The Shareholders agreed the following persons shall be the Board of Directors: 4 Ahmed Ibrahim A Al Bassam, 2 Mona Mohamed Moneeb Agha, 3. Khalid Hamed O Jaberah ‘The Shareholders confirm Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim A Al Bassam as the Chairman of the Board Confirmation of the Shareholders Directive from the Extraordinary General Assembly of 24 December 2010 for the new Board members DISCUSSION: The Shareholders confirmed that, consistent with the 21 December 2010 Extraordinary General Assembly and the 22 September 2011 Extraordinary General ‘Assembly, the new Board members and the Management should continue running the Company on the capital available, 100% of the voting capital present voted in favour of Page 1 of2 the motion on behalf of the Company, while reserving all rights against Omar Ayesh as contractual parly to the 2007 Share Sale and Purchase Agreement by and between Waleed Al Marzoogi, Mr. Omar Ayesh and Ahmad Al Rajhi, dated 11 December 2007 and all its contents and obligations. The Shareholders confirmed that the indemnification of the new Board and the existing Management as set forth in the Minutes of the 21 December 2010 Extraordinary General ‘Assembly continues as set forty therein. For the avoidance of doubt, this indemnification does not extend to Mr. Omar Ayesh in any capacity at any time in the history of the Company. 2.2 Any other business; a. _Noother business. together referred to as the "Decisions* Resolutions Following consideration, IT WAS RESOLVED that the Decisions would be in the best interests of the Company and its Shareholders, Filing Make all necessary and appropriate entries in the books and registers of the Company and amend the Memorandum of Association in accordance with the minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting, Close There was no further business and the Shareholders declared the meeting closed at 11 am on the date confirmed above —— Eng. Ahmad Al Rajhi a a Eng. ahi ‘Shareholder Page 2of2