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Mrs. Dorothea Williams-Arnold

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Being yourself is more important is more than identifying with a group because you can

stand out and evolve rather than blend in. When Eaton addresses how “individuality is more

important than nationality”, he is stating that is better to be yourself than just being a part of a

homogeneous is. When you are yourself in a big group you can bring new things/ideas and help

advance society in different ways. Some very important events and/or movements in American

history that support individuality are the Women’s Suffrage Movement, The Black Lives Matter

Movement, and the LGBTQ Community.

First, the Women’s Suffrage Movement was women advocating for the right to vote in

spite of men and other women wanting them to conform. Women as individuals were staying

themselves and not being conformed by others; further, women did not allow men or other

women sway their stance of equality. Despite other citizens being rude this is a great example of

how women stayed true to themselves and did not allow someone mold their beliefs.

Further, the Black Lives Matter Movement was the injustice of African Americans

against the legal system despite being told to be yourself and not conform to “societal norms”. It

is true that African Americans showed their individuality by not conforming or changing into

what society wants; as long as, they do not infringe on others rights. Trayvon Martin was a

sixteen year old male walking back to his home from the store; when Martin, who had just so
happened to be wearing a hood and was; subsequently, shot unjustly. The Black Lives Matter

Movement replied to this incident by strongly encouraging citizens to be themselves; also, to not

be persuaded or allow yourself to be molded into something you are not.

Additionally, the LGBTQ Community strongly encourages individuality. Jeffrey Star and

James Charles are two of many famous people who did not listen or reduce themselves to fit into

“societal norms”. Star and Charles own two separate successful beauty companies; also, who are

big in media.

However, there are negatives to believing in individuality or being an individualist; even

so, you can be discriminated against, chastised, and bullied. Nationalist, people who believe in

nationalism may benefit a citizen in a lot of ways; for instance, claiming that you were a part of

the National Honor Society in highschool, may help you when applying for colleges because it

shows that you are a well-rounded person who is involved in their community.