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Heritage Boxes
Constructed from our line of Heritage Corrugated Boards, these
boxes offer excellent strength and rigidity.

Available in a number of standard and custom sizes and styles.

See chapter on
Archival Storage


Colloidal nano-particles of
lime for stone and plaster

See page 5 for more information.
When a custom size is not enough,

have TALAS engineer a unique

solution for your needs.

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Lascaux Restauro Adhesives Lascaux Medium for Consolidation

An aqueous dispersion of an acrylic copolymer with ex-
cellent penetrating power due to its low viscosity. Al-
lows for safe and efficient consolidation of loose and
chalking paint layers, even on water sensitive surfaces
such as gilding or thin layers of distemper.


1 Liter $104.65 TAD073001

Lascaux P 550-40 TB-Acrylic Resin

A 40% solid content of butyl methacrylate in benzine 100/140. Soluble in
Technical Data: Thermoplastic copolymer butyl-methacrylate dispersion; white spirits, VM & P naptha, xylene, toluene and acetone. It is partially
the two types 360 HV and 498 HV are thickened with acrylic butyl-ester, soluble in ethanol and isopropanol. Used for the consolidation of paint layers,
the type 498-20X with 20% xylene. All types have a pH 8–9 and are biocide
Synthetic Adhesives

for the lining of fine textiles, & as a final varnish. Also referred to as Plexisol
stabilized. P-550.

Film properties: 360HV 498HV 498-20xMin. Film SIZE PRICE ITEM #

Formation Temp approx. 0°C approx. +5° approx.0°C Liter $108.00 TAD021002
Glass Transition Temp approx. -28°C approx. +6° approx. +6°
Elongation at break approx. 1000% approx. 400% approx. 400%
Min. sealing temp approx. 50°C approx. +68-76°C approx. +68-
76°C\Dry film sticky elastic hard elastic hard

Solubility: Water-thinable, insoluble in water after drying. Lascaux Welding Powder 5060
Permanently soluble in acetone, toluene, xylene etc.
Textile Welding Powder
Insoluble in White Spirit, V.M.&P. Naptha etc.
A thermoplastic resin (Nylon 12) with a melting
point of approximately 80ºC. Used extensively as a
Application: For light and ageproof, non-crosslinking linings, marouflages,
hot melt adhesive for textiles and leather, and can
laminations, collages etc.; for wet application or reactivation of dry film on
also be used for mending tears in painted canvas.
absorbent and non-absorbent supports such as paper and cardboard, textiles,
wood and fibreplates, polyesterplates, plaster and concrete, glass and acrylic
glass, aluminum etc.
250g $52.80 TAD022002
500g $85.50 TAD022003
Lascaux Acrylic Adhesive 303 HV is extremely elastic; the dry film
remains permanently tacky. Can be used as a contact adhesive when doing
hot-sealing linings. Has replaced 360 HV.
Lascaux Acrylic Adhesive 498 HV has a strong elongation at break, suit-
able for wet and dry applications (reactivation with solvents). Lascaux Hydrosealer 750
Lascaux Acrylic Adhesive 498–20X is suited for strip-lining, fabric ma-
rouflage, mounting and hobby adhesive. A 30% aqueous dispersion of pure
acrylic, solvent free and of extreme-
ly fine particle size. This product
303 HV 1 Liter $78.00 TAD018004 is soluble in water, acetone, alco-
hols, and aromatic solvents.
498 HV Qt. $63.60 TAD019002
498 HV 5 Liter $277.60 TAD019003
498-20X Pt. $39.90 TAD020001 8 Oz. $23.25 TAD023001
498-20X Qt. $63.60 TAD020002 1 Qt. $87.10 TAD023003
498-20X 5 Liter $277.60 TAD020003 5 Liter $321.50 TAD023004

4 tel: 212-219-0770

Jade® No. 403 (PVA)
Jade 403 sets the standard for PVA used in bookbinding, conservation, and fine art
applications. Commonly used for book and box making applications, adhering paper to paper,
cloth to wood, leather, filling in cracks in art canvases and repairing ceramic objects. Holds
firmly to plastic materials, and can be used on vellum. It can also be mixed with wheat paste
or methyl cellulose to slow down drying time. A general purpose, resin based, internally
plasticized polyvinyl acetate emulsion that contains no solvents.
Fast drying, very long lasting and forms a transparent, flexible film.
Jade is thermoplastic and can be also used to form a heat set adhesive.
Adhesive is water soluble when wet, and permanent when dry. pH neutral,
8 oz. $6.90 TAD007001
Pt. $11.90 TAD007002
Qt. $18.60 TAD007003

Gal. $53.40 TAD007004
Rhoplex 5 Gal. $225.85 TAD007005
N-580 - IT’S BACK! Used to bond lightweight papers without cockling
in collage & chine colle. Aqueous acrylic emulsion, provides excellent
adhesion on paper, fabric & hard to bond surfaces. Can be used as a contact
adhesive. pH 8.4; high molecular weight.
SIZE PRICE ITEM # Jade® No. 711 (PVA)
Gal. $71.25 TAD025003 An acid free PVA adhesive with all the same properties of our popular Jade
5 Gal. $320.65 TAD025004 403, but the chara cteristic odor has been greatly reduced. Excellent for all

Synthetic Adhesives
bookbinding and general use applications. Excellent adhesion for paper, fabric,
MC-76 - acrylic resin emulsion designed for formulation into coatings board, canvas, leather and film.
for cement and masonry surfaces. It is milky white in appearance and low SIZE PRICE ITEM #
in viscosity. pH of 9.5-10.0. 8 oz. $7.55 TAD008001
SIZE PRICE ITEM # Pt. $12.15 TAD008002
Qt. $22.50 TAD025006 Qt. $21.40 TAD008003
Gal. $60.75 TAD025007 Gal. $62.75 TAD008004
5 Gal. $211.10 TAD025008 5 Gal. $262.10 TAD008005

1950 - Formerly sold as Rhoplex LC-76. A high solids acrylic binder for
high performing sealants and patching compounds. Tg°C -50, pH 5, 63%
solids, density 9.1 lb/gal.

Qt. $22.50 TAD025010 Our Jade line of adhesives now includes a water reversible formulation. This
Gal. $60.75 TAD025011 acid-free archival adhesive provides a very strong bond similar to that of the
5 Gal. $211.10 TAD025012 Jade 403 with the added advantage of being reversible with water after it has
dried. Ideal for conservation treatments where reversibility is required.
AC-2235M - An acrylic polymer binder with high mechanical stability; Excellent for bonding paper, board, fabric, canvas, leather and films to other
good flow and leveling; fast dry/rapid hardness development; resistance to like surfaces. Dries quickly to a clear flexible film, and is easily cleaned with
cracking, peeling, flaking, fiber raising, adhesion loss; excellent resistance water.
to UV light.
Pt. $12.85 TAD009004
Qt. $22.55 TAD009001
Qt. $22.50 TAD025013
Gal. $64.70 TAD009002
Gal. $60.75 TAD025014
5 Gal. $211.10 TAD025015

Most synthetic liquid adhesives are subject to permanent damage

at temperatures below freezing. Plextol B500
Please anticipate your requirements during winter months. Commonly used as an adhesive for canvas lining and for
consolidation treatment of special plasters. Aqueous dis-
Special arrangements can be made for winter shipments
persion of a butyl acrylate and methyl mathacrylate
depending on geographic location. based copolymer. Medium polymer hardness, good frost
resistance. pH 9.5
The recommendations accompanying this section are for guidance only. Plextol is thermoplastic, high transparency, high light-
Concentrations may be varied and mixtures of two or more adhesives may fastness, and can be diluted with water.
produce desired results.
1 qt $46.50 TAD074002
It is suggested that references in the literature be read and that
experimentation and testing precede application.

D Double-Sided Heat Activated P Pressure Sensative R Reversible Water Activated 5

Acrysol WS-24 (Primal WS-24) Acrysol ASE-60
An acid containing, cross-linked acrylic emulsion co-polymer. When the
An acrylic dispersion resin that is supplied in wa-
emulsion is diluted with water & neutralized with a base, each emulsion
ter and can be soluble readily to combine the ad-
particle swells greatly. The emulsion clarifies under these conditions and be-
vantages of outstanding flow and pigment dis-
comes highly viscous.
persion characteristic of solution polymers with
Effective in improving low shear rate viscosity, resulting in paints that have
some of the toughness of emulsion polymers.
highly shear thinning characteristics. Offers a high degree of resistance to
Commonly used for consolidating plaster, wall
bacterial and enzymatic attack, resulting in long term paint viscosity stabil-
paintings, bones, & material from archaeological
ity. Ideal for use in textured paints, or as a secondary thickener to control
sagging in paints having too much flow.
1 qt. $20.50 TAD025016 1 qt. $18.10 TAD094001
1 gal. $54.00 TAD025017 1 gal. $64.10 TAD094002
5 gal. $179.95 TAD025018 5 gal. $256.00 TAD094003


Avanse MV-100 Resin Used most often as an adhesive for bond-

AVANSE MV-100 is one of the first products from the new AVANSE tech- ing glass, dries clear and can be thinned
nology platform and represents the latest technology in waterborne acrylic with aromatic or ketone solvents thus
polymers for high performance and low VOC industrial maintenance coatings. enabling the application by air brush and
Synthetic Adhesives

One of the components used in making heat set tissue as detailed in the ab- reversed with methylene di-chloride.
stract prepared by Lauren Varga & Jennifer K. Herrmann at the 2015 annual Surface to be bonded is best cleaned with
meeting of AIC. A1100 Amino Silane Solution.
SIZE 1-3 4+ ITEM #
1 qt. $21.50 $18.75 TAD073102 60 gm kit 45 gm A, 15 gm B $30.00 TAD014001
150 gm kit 112.5 gm A, 37.5 gm B $70.00 TAD014002
3 lb. kit 2.25 lb. A, .75 lb. B $375.00 TAD014003
10 lb. kit 7.5 lb A., 2.5 lb. B. $975.00 TAD014004
A1100 Amino Silane Pre-Treatment
Used as a treatment onto the surfaces of Rollataq Adhesive System
which Hxtal is to be applied. The addition
of the A-1100 facilitates bonding of the
Hxtal with the glass, and ultimately makes
a stronger bond and repair.
Comes pre-mixed in anhydrous reagent
grade isopropanol, and is ready to be used
out of the bottle. It is either sprayed or
wiped onto the surfaces and allowed to dry
Metal rollers apply a thin uniform layer of acid-free adhesive. This cold,
either by air or with a hairdryer. Ships as a
easy to use adhesive can be repositioned and burnished to create a perma-
hazardous material.
nent bond. This is an ideal way of mounting photographs and laminating
Qt $30.00 TAD014005 paper, board and fabric. The adhesive is an acid-free non-yellowing glue that
Gal $80.00 TAD014006 remains positionable for up to 10 minutes.

Hand (2.5") $21.35 TAD024001 16oz $8.15 TAD024005
24" Desktop $705.00 TAD024003 32oz $14.70 TAD024006
36" Desktop $1065.00 TAD024004 Gal $44.25 TAD024007
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UHU Glue Stick 
Glu-Bot Adheres paper, cardboard, fabric, photos and
The only glue bottle that will not drip or spill. Easy-
plastic. Odorless & non-toxic. Water soluble;
squeeze bottle features a unique two-chamber design
neutral pH, dries clear. Handy paste applicator in
that pulls the glue back after squeezing.
stick form; great for students.
SIZE 1-19 20 + ITEM #
See Chapter on Tools & Brushes Small, 8g. $ .90 $ .72 TAD013001
for more Information... Medium, 21g. $1.80 $1.44 TAD013002
Large, 40g. $2.60 $2.08 TAD013003

6 tel: 212-219-0770


Hide Glue In Cake Form

Fish Gelatin
Sheets of amber clear fish gelatin. Should first be
soaked then dissolved in a double boiler. Import-
ed from Italy, sheets are 9” x 21/2”.

1-11 12+ ITEM #

$ .85 $.74 TAD026001

Fish Glue
A high-tack adhesive commonly used as an adhesive in A natural animal hide glue reconstituted into cake form results in a more

furniture restoration where long drying times are pre- easily dissolving form of hide glue than typical granules. Excellent adhesive
ferred. Adding 10% glycerin will give greater flexibility strength for gluing difficult surfaces, and removable with heat or steam.
& reduce shrinkage. Permanently remoistenable with SIZE PRICE ITEM #
water, pH 5-8, shear strength: 3200 PSI with 50% 5 lb. $23.80 TAD033002
wood failure (ASTM D 905). 10 lb. $39.80 TAD033003
Pt. $17.10 TAD027001
Qt. $27.35 TAD027002 Rabbit Skin Glue
Gal. $75.35 TAD027003

Animal Adhesives
The finest quality French hide glue in granular form.
An excellent adhesive, and commonly used for sizing
canvas. Bloom strength 400.
Gelatin, Photographic Grade SIZE PRICE ITEM #
1/2 lb. $7.85 TAD034001
Type B 1 lb. $12.45 TAD034002
Virtually free of mineral contaminants, suit- 5 lb. $58.80 TAD034003
able for conservation of photographs and can
be used for the preparation of photo sensitive
coatings. Bloom strength of 220. Obtained
by Alkaline Hydrolysis from calf skin. Sturgeon Glue (Russian)
Genuine finest quality, blood
and rust free. Salianski Isinglass.
1/4 lb. $8.75 TAD030001
Should be soaked for 24 hours,
1 lb. $24.15 TAD030003
kneaded and dissolved in a double
boiler. Forms transparent, high
tack film suitable for adhering
paint layers.

Translucent, colorless, brittle, solid substance, extracted from the collagen in- 1 oz. $ 48.10 TAD035001
side animals’ connective tissue. Dissolved easily in hot water or most polar 4 oz. $171.20 TAD035002
solvents. Commonly used as an adhesive, as well as an internal or external The first commercially available stone consolidant based on
sizing agent for paper. nano-materials is the product CaLoSiL®.
1/4 lb. $6.95 TAD031001 You may also consider...
1 lb. $16.00 TAD031003 Round Glue Brushes
Fine European brushes made of
natural bristles for hot or cold glue.
Ground Hide Glue Raw wood handles, pure blonde
Pure animal glue in low foaming fine granules. Excel- hog bristles with rust free ferrules.
lent for bookbinding, conservation, & other applica-
tions. Bloom (gram) strength of 222 grams. Glue Pots
Electrically heated with thermostatic
control, & removeable liner. Does
1 lb. $9.65 TAD032001
not require water in the outer jacket.
5 lb. $38.60 TAD032002
Preset to 140°F - 150°F.
10 lb. $64.65 TAD032003
For more information see chapter on
Tools & Brushes.

D Double-Sided Heat Activated P Pressure Sensative R Reversible Water Activated 7

Colloidal nano-particles of lime for stone and plaster consolidation

CaLoSiL® contains nano-particles of lime hydrate [Ca(OH)2] suspended calcium hydroxide after evaporation of the alcohol. That converts into
in different alcohols. Typical concentrations are between 5 and 50 g/L. calcium carbonate in a way similar to traditional lime mortars by reac-
The average particle size is 150 nm. The extremely fine size of the syn- tion with atmospheric carbon dioxide. All alcohols evaporate without
thetic nano-lime results from its preparation, which is based on chemi- any residues. Chemicals or residues deteriorating stone or mortar are
cal synthesis. Ethanol, iso-propanol or n-propanol serves as solvents. not formed.
Due to the low particle size stable sols are formed that means the solids
do not sediment for a long time. CaLoSiL® can be applied using either a flow coating procedure, by dip-
ping, spraying or injection. It is important that the complete weathered
CaLoSiL® is a ready-to-use stone and plasters consolidate. Treatment of zone of the stone down to the sound is treated.
stone, mortar or plaster with CaLoSiL® results in the formation of solid

Calosil E25 Calosil Marble Powder White

The E series CaLoSil are for strengthening near the surface. E25 is for For strengthening of deeper zones. IP5 is for the treatment of fresco, pow-
strengthening of porous stones, mortars and plaster near the surface. dering surfaces, less porous mortars, plaster and stones.
SIZE 1-4 5-14 15+ ITEtM # SIZE 1-4 5+ ITEtM #
.5 Liter $33.10 - - TCD082201 1-5 um $9.75 $8.75 TCD008171
1 Liter $55.00 $49.50 $41.25 TCD008202 5-25 um $9.75 $8.75 TCD008172
2.5 Liter $118.50 - - TCD008203 12-80 um $9.75 $8.75 TCD008173

Calosil E5 Calosil NP5

CaLoSiL® Consolidants

The E series CaLoSil are for strengthening near the surface. E5 is for the For strengthening in deep zones. NP5 is for the treatment of fresco, powder-
treatment of fresco, powdering surfaces and pre-treatment of dense stone. ing surfaces, less porous mortars, plaster and stones.
SIZE 1-4 5-14 15+ ITEtM # SIZE 1-4 5-14 15+ ITEtM #
.5 Liter $20.25 - - TCD008101 1 Liter $46.25 $41.50 $34.50 TCD008602
1 Liter $36.85 $33.25 $27.75 TCD008102
2.5 Liter $84.50 - - TCD008103 Calosil Sample Boxes
Fresco Sample Box 1: 100ml each of E5, IP5, E25 grey & 20 ml Sample Box
Calosil E50 2: 100ml of E25, E50, IP25, NP25.
For strengthening near the surface. E50 is used for the strengthening of very DESCRIPTION PRICE ITEM #
porous undergrounds and filling of micro cracks. Fresco Sample Box 1 $52.50 TCD008181
SIZE 1-4 5-14 15+ ITEtM # Product Line Sample Box 2 $57.00 TCD008182
.5 Liter $49.00 - - TCD008301
1 Liter $96.50 $87.00 $72.25 TCD008302
2.5 Liter $211.10 - - TCD008303 Calosil Paste-Like
Contains calcium hydroxide nano-particles in concentrations much higher
Calosil Grey than in all other products. Based on a special production technique, calcium
CaLoSil® Grey is very good for strengthening of fresco and materials with an hydroxide particles in concentrations up to 120 g/L are stable dispersed in
impressive surface without curing. ethanol. The particles have sizes in the range between 50 nm and 1 µm. That
SIZE 1-4 5-14 15+ ITEtM # means they are greater than in the colloidal CaLoSiL® products but still much
1 Liter $78.25 $70.75 $59.00 TCD008802 smaller than in conventional lime hydrate suspensions.
CaLoSiL® paste-like is used for filling voids, pores as well as cracks or fissures.
t It can be applied for gluing of detachments.
Calosil IP25 SIZE 1-4 5-14
1 Liter $306.00 $275.40 $229.50 TCD008902
15+ ITEM #

The IP series is for strengthening of deeper zones. IP25 is for strengthening

of porous mortars, plaster and stones.
SIZE 1-4 5-14 15+ ITEtM #
1 Liter $102.25 $92.00 $76.50 TCD008502 CaLoXiL Injection Grout
Fine calcium carbonate fillers in combination with CaloSiL® paste like which
acts as binder. All components are characterised by particle sizes smaller
Calosil IP5 than 6µm. The injection grout has free flowing properties and is able to
For strengthening of deeper zones. IP5 is for the treatment of fresco, pow- fill also small voids and fissures. After hardening, porous masses are formed
dering surfaces, less porous mortars, plaster and stones. which demonstrate high capillarity. All masses are hydrophilic and are able
SIZE 1-4 5-14 15+ ITEtM # to act as capillary-active, zone-bridging mortar surfaces, mortar structures
.5 Liter $22.00 - - TCD008401 and masonry. Good adhesion to historic mortar components. The injection
1 Liter $46.25 $41.50 $34.50 TCD008402 grouts are able to adhere single mortar pieces. Pre-treatment with CaLoSiL®
2.5 Liter $94.50 - - TCD008403 E25 or other CaLoSiL® types enhances the adhesion if the formed mass to
surrounding surfaces and results in an additional structural consolidation.
1 Liter $96.50 TCD008143

8 tel: 212-219-0770


Beva 371, Gel, and D–8 adhere to each other BEVA 371 Dry Resin Mix
in most forms of application. A non-flammable form of Beva 371 solution, which can be easily shipped overseas
without restriction. Contains the resins necessary to formulate one gallon of liquid
Beva. Instructions included for proper formulation.
$69.00 TAD036001

An aqueous dispersion of acrylic and
BEVA resins, easy to apply, adheres to
a wide range of surfaces. When
partially dried Beva Gel is a strong

contact adhesive with excellent
adhesion to canvas, polyester, and Beva
371 coated surfaces. When fully dried
Beva Gel is a heat set adhesive.

For easy application, BEVA 371 solution SIZE PRICE ITEM #

has been sprayed into film form for easy Qt. $23.00 TAD040001
workability without the use of flammable solvents, and in applications where Gal. $75.00 TAD040002
liquid Beva may not be suitable. Transparent, ideal for relining dark canvas

BEVA Adhesives
with Mylar or Stabiltex. Very smooth, will not trap air bubbles, not tacky at
room temperature, non-toxic, non-flammable. Most often activated by the
BEVA D-8 Dispersion
An aqueous, non-ionic dispersion which consists of ethylene vinyl acetate emulsified
use of heat thus eliminating the need for ventilation of evaporated solvents. 1
by a volatile solvent material which evaporates during drying, without leaving a
ml. thickness suitable for mounting of lightweight papers and fabrics. 2.5
residue. Application in dispersion permits the use of resins of still higher viscosity
ml. thickness is for use on canvas and heavyweight materials. The 2.5 ml is
and greater flexibility than BEVA 371, hovever BEVA D-8 requires more aromatic
now also available in 54” wide rolls, eliminating the need for multiple strips
mixtures for removal than the 371.
of adhesive on larger surfaces. This product has the same properties including
BEVA D-8 dries to a clear, colorless film which is not soluble in water. Extensive
reversibility as BEVA 371 solution.
testing found D-8 to be removable in toluene and exlene. After prolonged accelerated
SIZE PRICE ITEM # aging its solubility increases, and BEVA D-8 becomes soluble in alcohol as well,
Roll: 1.0 mil 1/2” x 39yd $15.00 TAD037008 indicating that during aging the breakage of cross-links exceeds their formation.
2.5 mil 1/2” x 39yd $15.00 TAD037009 SIZE PRICE ITEM #
1.0 mil 27” x 20’ $105.00 TAD037002 Qt. $23.00 TAD039001
2.5 mil 27” x 20’ $105.00 TAD037001 Gal. $75.00 TAD039002
2.5 mil 54” x 20’ $210.00 TAD037003
1.0 mil 27” x 450’ $2215.00 TAD037006
2.5 mil 27” x 450’ $2215.00 TAD037007
Yard: 2.5 mil 27” x 1 yd $22.50 TAD037004
1.0 mil 27” x 1 yd $22.50 TAD037005 BevaTex R
Non-woven polyester fabric (Hollytex 3257) coated with Beva 371 on one
side. Designed as a repair tissue which can also be used for mounting works
of paper, framing applications and certain repairs of paintings. The Hollytex
provides excellent dimensional stability and strength not found in traditional
BEVA 371 Solution R
repair tissues. Extremely stable, easily reversible with heat or solvent, and is
pH neutral.
The only adhesive specifically formulated to meet
the requirements of art conservation professionals,
27” x 36” $24.00 TAD037010
and since 1970 is the most widely used over the
world. This material has been extensively tested and
published in professional literature. Developed as a
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relining adhesive, it has been found to have
numerous other applications, such as mounting of Advanced Technology Tacking Iron
paper to canvas, textile to textile, canvas to wood.
The shoe has rounded silicone coated
Can be applied by brush, roller, or thinned and
sides which slope to meet a flat, pointed
sprayed into place. Can be removed from absorbent
sole plate.
surfaces using hexane or acetone, provided these
solvents do not damage the artwork involved. It is
110 volt TTB065001
also reversible by heat & low-aromatic solvents.
220 volt TTB065002
Gal. $80.00 TAD038001
See Chapter on Tools & Brushes
for more Information.

D Double-Sided Heat Activated P Pressure Sensative R Reversible Water Activated 9


Aqualon Cellulose Gum Cellulose Powder

CMC-7H3SF PH A purified microcrystaline cellulose powder, partially-depolymerized and de-
rived from fiberous plants. Cellulose is a white, odorless, free-flowing powder
that is virtually free of organic and inorganic contaminants. It is insoluble in
water, in dilute acids, and in most organic solvents; practically insoluble in
sodium hydroxide solution (1 part in 20). Used with an adhesive for conduct-
ing paper fills.


100 gm $7.00 TCD115001
250 gm $11.50 TCD115002
1 kg. $35.00 TCD115003

A pharmaceutical grade, high viscosity (av. 3800 cPs at 2% in water) sodium Ethulose Powder
carboxymethylcellulose suitable for conservation. In the product name, the 7 (Ethyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose)
refers to the typical degree of substitution of 0.7 mole of carboxymethyl/anhy- This forms a flexible film adhesive. A 4% solution in water and has a honey-
droglucose; the H3 refers to a high viscosity; the S indicates water solutions like consistency. An 8%-10% solution is a non-flowing gel. (Let solution stand
are smooth; and F refers to food grade, PH pharmocoptia. for 24 hours before use). This product may also be dissolved in alcohol to pro-
duce solutions for application where water is not desirable. Ethulose solutions
1 lb. $35.90 TAD081001 do not support the growth of bacteria or mold.
5 lb. $147.20 TAD081002
1/4 lb. $7.50 TAD012001
Chemical Adhesives

10 lb. $268.75 TAD081003

1/2 lb. $12.00 TAD012002
1 lb. $19.95 TAD012003

Dow Methocel A4C (Cellulose Ether) Klucel G

Water-soluble methylcellulose & hy- An adhesive used as a leather consolidant on dry powdering leather, and as an adhesive
droxypropyl methylcellulose poly- with vellums. A non-ionic adhesive (hydroxypropylcellulose) soluble in water and
mers that bind, retain water, thicken, alcohol, mixes well with hot waxes. It is thermoplastic, dries clear and very
form films, lubricate, and much flexible. Forms a film barrier, improves the hardness and crack resistance of
more. They add unique physical coatings.
properties & outstanding perfor- SIZE PRICE ITEM #
mance to a huge array of products, 4 oz. $16.10 TAD010001
including building materials, food, 8 oz. $24.75 TAD010002
personal care products, and pharma- 1 lb. $46.60 TAD010003
ceuticals. 5 lb. $186.50 TAD010004


1 lb. $31.75 TAD091001 Cellugel
5 lb. $141.30 TAD091002 An excellent leather consolident developed to
10 lb. $251.65 TAD091003 work against leather red rot, the powdery and
flaky results of leather deterioration. Mixture
of hydroxypropylcellulose & isopropanol.
Cellofas B-3500-SCMC Will not darken leathers.
16oz $21.85 TAD011100

Gellan Gum
KelcoGel is a pure low acyl gellan gum. Recently published by Silvia Sotgiu
Sodium carboxymethylcellulose is a cellulose ether commonly used as an and Simonetta Iannuccelli or Rome Italy, as a new methodology for wet con-
adhesive and a consolidant. Water soluble granules. servation treatments of graphic art on paper, using a rigid polysaccharide gel
SIZE PRICE ITEM # of gellan gum.
1/2 lb. $24.30 TAD011001 SIZE PRICE ITEM #
1 lb. $42.75 TAD011002 1/4 lb $33.25 TAD096001
1 kg. $71.75 TAD011003 1/2 lb $53.50 TAD096002
1 lb $83.40 TAD096003

10 tel: 212-219-0770


Wheat Paste No. 301

A general purpose pre-cooked starch based bookbinding adhesive suitable for
use on paper, binders board and leather. This unique pre-cooked formula
requires the simple addition of cold water, eliminating the process of cooking
to properly develop the adhesive.
Commonly mixed with PVA adhesive to slow drying time.
1 lb $5.75 TAD002001
5 lb $18.25 TAD002005
10 lb $31.10 TAD002010
50 lb $112.50 TAD002050

Wheat Starch Aytex - P
A general purpose starch based adhesive that requires cooking. Suitable for
use with paper, board, and leather for bookbinding and conservation. Com-
monly added to PVA adhesive to slow drying time.
Directions for preparation can be found on our website.
1 lb $5.60 TAD003001

Natural Adhesives
5 lb $17.50 TAD003005
10 lb $30.10 TAD003010
50 lb $110.00 TAD003050

JunFunori was developed due to the variable nature of Rice Starch (Belgian)
Funori (as it is a natural product); Jun, meaning “pure”. A starch based adhesive derived from rice, which requires cooking. Forms an
This standardized product provides the same standards as excellent adhesive film suitable for adhering paper, board, and leather in all
Funori, without any of the inconsistencies. bookbinding and conservation practices.
Water-soluble polysaccharide, extracted from the red Rice Starch Remy FG grade.
algae genus Gloiopeltis furcata, which grows along the Directions for preparation can be found on our website.
Pacific coastline of Japan, China & Korea. SIZE 1 2+ ITEM #
SIZE PRICE ITEM # 1 lb. $5.75 - TAD001001
1 gram $115.65 TAD029001 5 lb. $21.75 $19.25 TAD001005
55 lb. $155.00 - TAD001055

Zen Shofu Japanese Wheat Paste

A highly refined Wheat Starch imported from Japan. This product can be used
Methyl Cellulose in all the same applications as our Wheat Paste 301 & Wheat Starch Aytex-P.
Methyl Cellulose (methylcellulose) is Used for adhering to or repairing paper, board, and leather. Desired for its
an adhesive with a wide variety of ap- very high purity for the most demanding of applications. Requires cooking,
plications. Commonly used as a book- and maintains its strength when diluted.
binding adhesive for paper, as well as SIZE PRICE ITEM #
sizing papers and fabrics, thickening 1/2 lb $11.75 TAD005001
water baths for marbling paper, used 1 lb $20.85 TAD005002
to loosen and clean old glue from 5 lb $80.45 TAD005003
spines & book boards, or added to PVA
to slow down its drying time. The adhesive forms a matte finish when used in
dilute solutions. The powder mixes easily with cold water & with wheat paste Funori
& other adhesives. Viscosity: 1900–2200 cps, pH 7.0
SIZE PRICE ITEM # A polysaccharide mucilate (similar to carra-
1/2 lb. $11.25 TAD016002 geenan), made from the seaweed gloiopeltis
1 lb. $14.50 TAD016003 that is harvested from natural populations
5 lb. $66.75 TAD016004 in Japan. Sold in 50g sheets.
25 lb. $277.00 TAD016005 Dissolves in hot water.
44.09 lb. $391.05 TAD016006 Directions for preparation can be found on our website.
50 g. $12.60 TAD028001

D Double-Sided Heat Activated P Pressure Sensative R Reversible Water Activated 11


BufferMount by Seal (formerly Archival Mount)

Versatile and safe acid-free tissue. Specially BevaTex
designed for mounting reproductions, photo-
graphs and posters, as well as thin, delicate Non-woven poly-
materials such as tissues and silks. Activated ester fabric (Holly-
at 170ºF, removable with careful reheating. tex 3257) coated
with Beva 371 on
one side. It is designed
SHEET/ROLL SIZE SHEET/PKG PRICE ITEM # as a repair tissue which
8” x 10” 100 $28.90 TAD044010 can also be used for
11” x 14” 100 $41.50 TAD044011 mounting works of paper,
16” x 20” 100 $69.80 TAD044012 framing applications and
24.5” x 90’ - $95.40 TAD044013 certain repairs of paintings.

24.5” x 300’ - $198.70 TAD044014 The Hollytex provides excellent dimensional stability and strength not found
40.5” x 90’ - $148.20 TAD044015 in traditional repair tissues. This product is extremely stable, easily reversible
40.5” x 300’ - $356.00 TAD044016 with heat or solvent, and is pH neutral.
48.5” x 300’ - $418.10 TAD044017 SIZE PRICE ITEM #
27” x 36” $24.00 TAD037010

RagMount Adhesive
100% acid-free, permanent bonding ad-
hesive tissue. It is the only tissue recom- Crompton Coated Tissue
Mounting Adhesives

mended for Giclee prints (pigment-based A long fibered repair tissue; coated
ink jet prints) and is safe and easy to use, on one side with an acrylic archival
only requiring low temperature heat. heat set adhesive, activated be-
100% breathable tissue. The benefit of tween 176°F - 194°F. It is flexible
this tissue is that it prevents air from with low bulk and is almost invis-
becoming trapped inside the film that can ible after application. Can be used
cause bubbles. The bond is very secure and safe for for local repairs, full lamination
long-term mounting. and for hinging, it is reversible with heat or mineral spirits. pH neutral.
SIZE PK 1 2+ ITEM # SHEET SIZE 1-24 25-99 100+ ITEM #
SHEET 8” x 11” 25 $16.10 $14.55 TAD044020 18” x 30” $8.75 $8.25 $7.45 TAD046001
11” x 17” 25 $29.70 $27.05 TAD044021 ROLL SIZE PRICE ITEM #
16” x 20” 25 $56.00 $50.20 TAD044022 36” x 82’ $257.00 TAD046002
ROLL 24.5” x 150’ - $189.80 $170.90 TAD044023 36” x 100m $904.80
40.5” x 150’ - $326.50 $294.00 TAD044024
48” x 150’ - $378.00 $320.50 TAD044025

Filmoplast R
Clear Mount D P An archival heat set transparent mending tissue, buffered with magnesium
An optically clear two-sided pressure sensative ad- carbonate; bonds at 150°F (120°C). Reversible with acetone or careful reheat-
hesive for mounting images, prints to clear acrylic, ing. Both adhesive & tissue are acid-free.
plastic and glass. The acid-free acrylic adhesive ROLL SIZE PRICE ITEM #

contains an ultra violet inhibitor, which makes this 2cm x 50m (3/4” x 164’) $16.55 TAD052001
an ideal product for mounting onto clear surfaces 62cm x 50m (24.5” x 164’) $308.70 TAD052010
where the image is viewed through the adhesive 128cm x 50m (48” x 164’) $537.70 TAD052011
and the glass.
31” width 1 yd $26.55 TAD045003
31” width 200’ Roll $791.00 TAD045004

Fusion 4000 by Seal

Low temperature, 180°F, activates this 2 mil. thick layer of acid- free adhe-
sive which is ideally suited for mounting works of art onto boards, paper or
heavier fabrics.
201/2” x 30 yd $90.50 TAD056008
241/2” x 30 yd $97.25 TAD056009
321/2” x 30 yd $132.50 TAD056010
401/2” x 30 yd $136.50 TAD056011
481/2” x 30 yd $181.50 TAD056012

12 tel: 212-219-0770

GUDY #870 (Gudy O) D P GUDY #831 (Gudy V) D P

A thin adhesive film which acts like a double-sided tape with no substrate, just The strongest double-stick Gudy adhesive on a non-woven paper carrier
the adhesive alone. As the roll is unwound, the adhesive side is exposed. The especially suitable for use on rough surfaces. It is often used to mount photos
adhesive side is attached, burnished and trimmed. The reverse side is exposed by in an album. The adhesive used is very aggressive making it well suited for
stripping off the release paper, attaching the other material and re-burnishing. application on rough or textured surfaces. Coated both sides with polyacrylic
A dry mount transfer adhesive recommended for mounting silk on mats, prints, ester adhesive that is acid and solvent free and can be removed with acetone or
& photographs without a dry mount press. Acid- free and has passed the PAT. xylene. Available on self-wound rolls with a single release liner. Easily applied
Bond can be compromised by jelling the adhesive with acetone or zylene and by hand and will never dry out or discolor with age.
removed by rubbing; residues may remain. Acid free (pH 7), passed the photo activity test (PAT).
31cm x 10m (12” x 33’) $29.65 $27.10 TAD061003 20cm x 10m (73/4” x 33’) $32.35 TAD059001
62cm x 10m (24” x 33’) $60.15 $53.25 TAD061004 40cm x 10m (153/4” x 33’) $66.30 TAD059002
124cm x 50m (48” x165’) $562.10 TAD061005 61 cm x 10 m (25” x 33’) $87.75 TAD059003
130cm x 50m (51” x 164’) $722.35 TAD059004


3M Gold Adhesive Transfer

(ATG) Tape D P
3M 001 Photo Document & Repair

Mending Tape for photo and documents.
This totally acid-free tape is perfect for
mending and repairing pictures, documents
and memorabilia. Independently laboratory-
tested to be safe for use on photos.
Roll size: (3/4 x 33’) 19mm x 10.1m
sold in Dispenser

ROLL SIZE 1-11 12+ ITEM #

3/4” x 33’ $6.55 $5.24 TAD063001
A double-sided acid-free tape used in the framing industry due to its ease of
use with a pistol applicator. Combines strong initial tack with sheer holding
power, consisting of 2mil layer of clear acrylic adhesive pH of 7-8.5.
Passed the P.A.T. test.
3M # ROLL SIZE 1-5 6-11 12+ ITEM #
#908 1/2” x 36 yd $10.15 $9.70 $9.20 TAD042001
#908 3/4” x 36 yd $11.05 $9.90 $9.60 TAD042002
3M #415 Tape D P #700 Applicator $54.35 - - TAD042003

3M #850 Tape P
Polyester film tape with an acrylic adhe-
sive. 1.9 mil (0.05 mm) total thickness,
and .9 mil adhesive backing thickness.
This clear tape is perfect for processing
The 415 tape from 3M is a high quality double sided transparent tape most large quantities of books. Makes butt &
often used for creating Mylar envelopes, as well as mounting photographs and other splices that require high tensile
labels, as well as other applications where a narrow width high tack double strength and thin caliper.This tape also
sided tape is required. seals, protects, and reinforces in a wide
variety of applications. Great transparen-
ROLL SIZE 1-5 6-11 12 ROLLS ITEM # cy with clean removal and long-term clar-
1/4” x 36 yd $8.72 $8.05 $7.87 TAD041001 ity.
1/2” x 36 yd $13.64 $13.18 $12.69 TAD041002 ROLL SIZE 1-5 6-23 24+ ITEM #
3/4” x 36 yd $16.47 $15.98 $15.68 TAD041003 3/4” x 72yd. $32.25 $29.40 $26.85 TAD043001
1” x 36 yd $21.85 $20.85 $19.85 TAD041004 1” x 72yd. $33.25 $30.40 $27.85 TAD043002

D Double-Sided Heat Activated P Pressure Sensative R Reversible Water Activated 13

3M #889 Mounting Tape D P
Gudy Dot
Acid-free double-stick tape suitable for
Gudy dot is in an easy to use double
framing, mounting photographs,
sided tape in a convenient ergonomic
artwork and documents. This tough,
dispenser roll. The “dot-shaped” adhe-
long lasting, impermeable tape is
sive coating makes the material easier to
designed for ease of application and
handle and allows bubble free position-
ing. The tape is a waterbased adhesive
Water-based adhesive with a neutral
and environmentally friendly.
pH (7.0-8.0) resists yellowing, cracking
Size: 1cm x 15m
and drying out. 1” core. 1-5 ROLLS 6+ ROLLS ITEM #

ROLL SIZE 1-5 6-23 24+ ITEM #

$9.60 $8.75 TAD061006
3/4” x 36 yd. $17.85 $16.25 $14.60 TAD060001

Filmoplast T Tape P
See page 255 for color samples.
A high quality rayon fabric backed with an aggressive, long-lasting archival adhesive, flexibility, and attractive range of colors. Also used for finishing of
acrylic adhesive. The fabric easily conforms to irregular surfaces and will works mounted on foam or corrugated boards, to wrap deep bevel mats, and
not shrink or bleed. Especially suited for spine repair due to its high tack finishing the edge of unframed paintings and perfect bound books.

3cm x 10m Roll 5cm x 10m Roll 8cm x 10m Roll

(11/4" x 33') (2" x 33') (31/4" x 33')
Black TAD051001 Black TAD051002 Black TAD051003
White TAD051005 White TAD051006 White TAD051007
Blue TAD051009 Blue TAD051010 Blue TAD051011
Brown TAD051013 Brown TAD051014 Brown TAD051015
Green TAD051017 Green TAD051018 Green TAD051019
Gray TAD051021 Gray TAD051022 Gray TAD051023
Yellow TAD051025 Yellow TAD051026 Yellow TAD051027
Red TAD051029 Red TAD051030 Red TAD051031
ROLL SIZE 1-9 10+
3 cm x 10 m (11/4” x 33’) $14.60 $13.40
5 cm x 10 m (2” x 33’) $17.75 $16.15
8 cm x 10 m (31/4” x 33’) $28.45 $25.90

Filmolux Soft P
Filmoplast SH Tape P

High tack self-adhesive fine

threaded linen tape. Often used for
hinging hard covers to book blocks,
hinging window mats to backing
boards, or wherever extreme strength
& durability is needed. Both acid
A matte PVC film coated with a repositionable acid-free adhesive. and solvent-free, & will not dry out
Sets 24 hours after application. Recommended for covering softcover books, or become brittle with age.
pamphlets and magazines.
121/2” x 39’ $20.25 TAD054002 1.3cm x 25m (1/2” x 82’) $12.10 $11.15 — TAD053001
141/8” x 39’ $22.85 TAD054003 2cm x 25m (3/4” x 82’) $17.90 $16.55 — TAD053002
161/8” x 82’ $59.90 TAD054004 3cm x 25m (11/4” x 82’) $23.25 $21.05 $17.55

14 tel: 212-219-0770

Frame Sealing Tape P

Filmoplast P90 PLUS Tape P

Specifically designed for fine art
hinging. The adhesive used is a
refined version of the original
providing better initial as well as
final bond strength while
retaining the same stable aging
Filmoplast P 90 Plus is self-
adhesive special paper, white,
free of wood pulp
with extra strong adhesion, Used for sealing backing boards to frames, this blue-gray pressure sensitive
approx. 50g/m2. tape is composed of a layer of acid-free label stock, a foil barrier, & adhered
with a non-yellowing, permanent acrylic adhesive.

ROLL SIZE 1-9 10-24 25+ ITEM #
Works well as a barrier inside the rabbets of wood frames.
2 cm x 50m (3/4” x 164’) $21.85 $19.05 $16.25 TAD049101 ROLL SIZE PRICE ITEM #
11/4” x 83’ $11.72 TAD055001
11/4” x 500’ $47.15 TAD055002
Filmoplast P Tape P
31/2” x 83’ $26.45 TAD055003
An archival quality pressure 31/2” x 500’ $94.17 TAD055004
sensitive thin, transparent paper
tape, free from wood pulp & acid.
Suitable for mending tears in

pages, hinging lightweight Tengujo Tape
photographs & prints &
100% Thai Kozo, machine made in
reinforcing folds in maps & other
Kochi, Japan. Rolls are 50 meters long
papers. Can be used as a label, can
and are deckled on both sides.
be written on, and will stick to
This product does not have an adhesive.
Mylar. Buffered with calcium
carbonate, 0.06 mm thickness.
Available in 2 widths and 2 colors.
pH neutral.

ROLL SIZE 1-9 10-24 25+ ITEM #
2 cm x 50m (3/4” x 164’) $19.85 $18.05 $15.25 TAD048001
4 cm x 50m (11/2” x 164’) $32.25 - - TAD048002 WIDTH COLOR 1-5 6+ ITEM #
3cm White $20.50 $18.45 TPB068101
5cm White $21.00 $18.90 TPB068102
3cm Natural N/A N/A TPB068103
Filmoplast P90 Tape P 5cm Natural $20.50 $18.45 TPB068104
An archival quality pressure sensitive,
white paper tape, long fibered and
heavier weight than Filmoplast P.
Recommended for repairing joints, Tyvek Tape P
hinging, and mending damaged edges of
documents and book pages. Free from
wood pulp and acid. Buffered with
calcium carbonate, pH neutral.

ROLL SIZE 1-9 10-24 25+ ITEM #

2 cm x 50m (3/4” x 164’) $19.85 $18.05 $15.25 TAD049001
4 cm x 50m (11/2” x 164’) $32.25 TAD049002

Combines a high strength pressure sensitive adhesive with the tear resistant
properties of polyethylene Tyvek. Commonly used for hinging window mats,
reinforcing folder spines, performing book repairs, and strengthening hinges.
The pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive eliminates the sticky mess associated
with moistenable adhesive backed Tyvek tapes around valuable artwork.
1” x 50yd $14.75 $12.80 TAD097001
1.5” x 50yd $21.00 $16.80 TAD097002
2.25” x 50yd $31.50 $25.20 TAD097003

D Double-Sided Heat Activated P Pressure Sensative R Reversible Water Activated 15

Gummed Hayaku Hinging Paper
Water activated, remoistenable acid-free
adhesive on a cream colored Japanese
Gummed Cambric Tape
Mulberry paper. This product is suitable (Linen Tape)
for hinging works of art on paper, a paper  white cotton cloth tape with a neutral pH, water activated
repair tape, and structural applications adhesive, sometimes referred to as linen tape. Recommended for
in art, bookbinding, and conservation. use in hinging mats and prints as well as finishing off the sides
This product is pH of stretched canvases that are left unframed. The water activated
neutral, lignin free, and adhesive combined with a fabric tape makes for a very strong bond
has passed the Photo and useful for many framing and fine art applications.
Activity Test (ANSI

NAPM IT9.16-1993).



1” x 100’ 26 gm/cm Check Availability TAD058001

J LAR Tape P

An acid-free self adhesive tape
on a clear polypropylene base, WIDTH 100 YD ROLL 10-24 25 + ITEM #

this extraordinarily clear tape is 1" $22.80 $21.95 $21.10 TAD057005

ideally suited as a label 11/2" $34.20 $32.90 $31.65 TAD057006
protection tape and for edge 2" $45.60 $43.90 $42.20 TAD057007
sealing mylar enclosures. 3" $68.40 $65.80 $63.30 TAD057008


1” x 72 yd $16.25 $15.05 TAD065001
2” x 72 yd $33.35 $30.05 TAD065001


Art Saver Channel Mounts P

Works of art can now be positioned without any A U-shaped plastic channel used for
adhesive. 100% cotton, pH neutral paper strips hanging works of art without using any
are adhered with a pressure sensitive tape that adhesive or tacks that damage the artwork.
only comes into contact with the mounting It functions by pinching the inserted sheet
board. Art is held in place by the overlapping and securing it in place. The channel is
paper that allows for expansion and contraction adhered to a wall or backing board with a
of the art, and is separated from adhesive with a pressure sensitive adhesive that does not
score in the strip. Ideal for use with window come in contact with the art work or its
mats. backing board. Package contains 20 strips,
each 11.75” long.
11/2” x 4” $13.72 TAD066003 PKG PRICE ITEM #
20 strips $19.35 TAD068001

Black Paper Corners P

Traditional black paper photo corners, water-activated

neutral adhesive, ideal for use in photo albums. Sold in
a box of 240.


1/2” $5.77 TAD069003

16 tel: 212-219-0770

Framers Corners - Polyester P Photo Tabs P

Provides a solution to permanent

Clear Mylar photo corners coated with a pressure mounting of photos, new clippings,
sensitive non-yellow acrylic adhesive. Artwork comes postcards, etc. The 1/2” square tabs
in contact with the uncoated polyester and never with have an acid-free, non-yellowing, pres-
the adhesive. sure sensitive adhesive on both sides.
Simply apply the tabs to the back of the
SIZE BOX (240) ITEM # photo, peel away the easy-lift release
1/2” $6.18 TAD069004 liner and press your photos into place.
13/8” $11.88 TAD069005 Photo Tabs have passed the P.A.T.


Mounting Corners - Polypropylene P Box of 500 $4.76 $4.36 TAD069009

Corners are adhered with a pressure
sensitive adhesive to a polypropylene body.
Full view corners have front side of corner
See Through Mounting Strips P
cut away to provide a larger viewable area.
Same concept as Art Saver but made of clear mylar
SIZE BOX PRICE ITEM # polyester and an archival quality adhesive strip.
5/8” 500 $6.46 TAD069006 Each pack contains 60 strips of a given length, and
3” 100 $16.83 TAD069007

Non Acid-Free Tapes

strips can easily be cut to size with a scissor.
3” full view 100 $17.93 TAD069008
4” $12.75 TAD067001
12” $27.35 TAD067002
Photo Corners P
Crystal clear mylar
strips adhered with 3M
#415 double sided tape,
pre-scored for easy
folding & accurate

5/8” $9.18 TAD069001
7/8” $11.28 TAD069002


Gummed Kraft Paper Tape Plastic Packing Tape P

A standard tan plastic packing tape used

A water activated brown kraft paper tape. for sealing packages, cartons, and other
Commonly used in framing and packing general work. Pressure sensitive acrylic
applications. This product is not acid-free adhesive on a 2.2 mil thick PVC tape. This
and used on more general applications. product is not acid-free.

ROLL SIZE 1-4 5 + ITEM #

2”x110 yards
3” x 600’ $8.00 $7.84 TAD070001 (twice typical roll length)

SIZE 1-4 5 + ITEM #

2” x 110 yds $3.75 $2.50 TAD071001

D Double-Sided Heat Activated P Pressure Sensative R Reversible Water Activated 17

We are excited to introduce our recently expanded line of Archival Storage products.

Using our exclusive line of Heritage© Corrugated Boards,

we have developed new products that are precision designed, strong, and affordable.

Items marked with C can be custom sized & modified

to your specifications.

Be sure to request a copy of our

Archival Storage

Custom Cut Catalog

Item #: CCC

Clamshell Style Boxes

A one piece box, where the cover folds back and the box opens flat. Thumb
cut-out makes for easy opening, and drop spine design of this box allows
easy access to the contents inside.
Suitable for storing prints, documents, textiles, and other items.
Boxes are made of acid free 55pt blue gray and white board and
stayed with enameled metal strips. Both the gray outer liner and
Clamshell Boxes

white inner liner are acid, lignin, and sulpher free and conform to
the ANSI IT9.2 Standards. Buffered with calcium carbonate to a
pH of 8.5.
All dimensions listed are inside dimensions.

• Acid-free; lignin-free • Blue/gray w/white liner

• pH 8.0-9.0 • 3% calcium carb. buffer
• 60-pt. Barrier board • Passed P.A.T.

INTERIOR SIZE 1-9 10-19 20-49 50 + ITEM #

121/4" x 9" x 3" $9.20 $9.10 $8.90 $8.05 TAS002001
151/4" x 101/4" x 3" $9.50 $9.20 $9.05 $8.20 TAS002002
171/4" x 111/2" x 31/4" $13.60 $12.75 $12.65 $10.55 TAS002003

Custom T03OT: Custom T13:

Heritage Dustproof Clamshell Box
© C Heritage Tucked Clamshell Box
© C

A dustproof, finely constructed ready to use clamshell box especially This modified clamshell design has 4 interlocking stationary sides
designed for books and unbound loose objects. Smooth interior and which provide uncompromising support and rigidity.
exterior surfaces, free of "tabs". Top flap is 1 board thick, and has a rounded flap that effortlessly tucks
This box requires an adhesive to mount the inside liners. These into the bottom half of the box providing a secure closure.
mounted boards are responsible for holding the box together as it does
not have "tabs" like the rest of our custom line of boxes. Can be constructed from our exclusive line of Heritage Corrugated
Board or Coroplast.
Custom Box Style
Please inquire about pricing. Custom Box Style
Please inquire about pricing.

18 tel: 212-219-0770

Heritage© Clamshell Box C

INTERIOR DIMS 1-9 10-19 20-49 50+ ITEM #

4.5" x 6.5" x 1.5" $3.85 $3.55 $3.00 $2.80 TAS036001
4.5" x 6.5" x 3" $4.05 $3.75 $3.20 $3.00 TAS036002
5.5" x 7.5" x 1.5" $4.05 $3.75 $3.20 $3.00 TAS036003
5.5" x 7.5" x 3" $4.25 $3.95 $3.40 $3.20 TAS036004
8.5" x 10.5" x 1.5" $4.40 $4.10 $3.55 $3.35 TAS036005
8.5" x 10.5" x 3" $4.60 $4.30 $3.75 $3.55 TAS036006
8.5” x 11” x 1.5” $4.50 $4.20 $3.65 $3.45 TAS036023
8.5” x 11” x 3” $4.70 $4.40 $3.85 $3.65 TAS036024

Archival Storage
9.5" x 12.5" x 1.5" $4.50 $4.20 $3.65 $3.45 TAS036007
9.5" 12.5" x x 3" $4.70 $4.40 $3.85 $3.65 TAS036008
10.25" x 12.25" x 1.5" $4.60 $4.40 $4.10 $3.80 TAS036009
10.25" x 12.25" x 3" $4.80 $4.60 $4.30 $4.00 TAS036010
10.25" x 15.25" x 1.5" $6.90 $6.60 $5.70 $5.15 TAS036011
10.25" x 15.25" x 3" $7.00 $6.70 $5.80 $5.25 TAS036012
A one piece box, where the cover folds back and the box opens flat.
11.5" x 14.5" x 1.5" $11.10 $10.60 $10.40 $10.05 TAS036013
Suitable for storing prints, documents, textiles, and other items.
11.5" x 14.5" x 3" $12.10 $11.60 $11.40 $11.05 TAS036014
Constructed from our E-flute Heritage Corrugated Board.
14.5" x 18.5" x 1.5" $19.75 $18.50 $16.25 $15.75 TAS036015
These boxes ship flat, and assemble without any additional tape or
14.5" x 18.5" x 3" $20.75 $19.50 $17.25 $16.75 TAS036016
adhesive. This allows bulk ordering without space limitations, 13.5" x 19.5" x 1.5" $19.75 $18.50 $16.25 $15.75 TAS036017
and reduces freight and damage in transit. 13.5" x 19.5" x 3" $20.75 $19.50 $17.25 $16.75 TAS036018
16.5" x 20.5" x 1.5" $20.75 $19.50 $17.25 $16.75 TAS036019
• Acid-free; lignin-free • Blue/gray w/white liner
16.5" x 20.5" x 3" $21.75 $20.50 $18.25 $17.75 TAS036020

Clamshell Boxes
• pH 8.0-9.0 • 3% calcium carb. buffer
20.5" x 24.5" x 1.5" $21.75 $21.50 $19.25 $18.75 TAS036021
• 60-pt. Barrier board • Passed P.A.T.
20.5" x 24.5" x 3" $23.75 $22.50 $20.25 $19.75 TAS036022

Custom T03: Custom T17: Heritage© Reinforced

Heritage© Clamshell Box C Clamshell Box C

Simple clamshell box makes it ideal for storing a wide variety of items. This reinforced clamshell box is ideal for storing a wide variety of
End walls are doubled, and small tabs secure them firmly in place. items. End walls & side walls are doubled, and small tabs secure them
firmly in place.
Can be constructed from our exclusive line of Heritage Corrugated Can be constructed from our exclusive line of Heritage Corrugated
Board or Coroplast. Board or Coroplast.

Custom Box Style Custom Box Style

Please inquire about pricing. Please inquire about pricing. C Custom Options Available 19

Drop Front Boxes

Our most popular box for print storage. A unique INSIDE DIMENSIONS 1-9 10-19 20-59 60+ ITEM #
construction where the bottom has one long side that 71/2" x 51/2" x 11/2" $ 9.85 $ 9.00 $ 8.70 $ 7.65 TAS001014
drops down to allow easy slide-in slide-out access. 71/2 x 51/2" x 3" $10.15 $ 9.40 $ 9.10 $ 8.05 TAS001015
Telescoping lid provides a dust-free enclosure. The lid101/2" x 81/2" x 11/2" $10.75 $10.60 $10.25 $ 7.85 TAS001001
is the full height of the box proving maximum stack- 101/2" x 81/2" x 3" $11.25 $11.10 $10.75 $ 8.35 TAS001002
ing strength. 121/2" x 91/2" x 11/2" $14.24 $13.50 $12.20 $10.05 TAS001003
121/2" x 91/2" x 3" $14.75 $14.00 $12.70 $10.55 TAS001004
• Acid-free; lignin-free • Blue/gray w/white liner 141/2" x 111/2" x 11/2" $14.75 $13.65 $12.35 $10.20 TAS001005
Archival Storage

• pH 8.0-9.0 • 3% calcium carb. buffer 141/2" x 111/2" x 3" $14.95 $14.35 $13.05 $11.30 TAS001006
• 60-pt. Barrier board • Passed P.A.T. 181/2" x 141/2" x 11/2" $15.20 $14.30 $13.70 $12.30 TAS001007
181/2" x 141/2" x 3" $15.30 $14.40 $13.80 $12.40 TAS001008
191/2" x 131/2" x 11/2" $17.85 $17.35 $15.75 $12.05 TAS001016
191/2" x 131/2" x 3" $18.85 $18.35 $16.75 $13.00 TAS001017
201/2" x 161/2" x 11/2" $18.85 $18.35 $16.75 $13.00 TAS001009
201/2" x 161/2" x 3" $19.85 $19.35 $18.25 $15.25 TAS001010
241/2" x 201/2" x 11/2" $22.15 $20.85 $20.10 $19.50 TAS001011
241/2" x 201/2" x 3" $22.95 $21.65 $20.90 $20.30 TAS001012
301/2" x 241/2" x 11/2" $30.75 $28.75 $27.25 $25.55 TAS001018
301/2" x 241/2" x 3" $31.25 $29.25 $27.75 $26.05 TAS001013
Drop Front Boxes

Custom T16: Custom T12: Heritage© Reinforced

Heritage© Two-Piece Box C
Two-Piece Box C

Doubled walls help increase rigidity and strength of this two-piece

box. All four walls are doubled, and secured with tabs to hold the box
This two piece box is a great and sturdy design. Two parallel sides are together without the use of glue.
doubled, and secured with tabs to hold the box together without the
use of glue. Need it with a drop-front?
Need it with a drop-front? This design can easily be modified do suit your needs.
This design can easily be modified do suit your needs.
Custom Box Style
Custom Box Style Please inquire about pricing.
Please inquire about pricing.

20 tel: 212-219-0770

Heritage© Drop Front Boxes C
Heritage Corrugated Board is manufactured to the following specifications
*100% bleached alpha cellulose
*Without the use of recycled or wooden fibers
*No optical brighteners
*Kappa level: 1 – 2 = lignin-free (TAPPI T 236 om-99)
*pH cold extraction: 8.0 – 9.5 (TAPPI T 509 om-02)
*Alkaline reserve (buffer) > 3% calcium carbonate
*Adhesive: Potato starch, ph 7.0, moisture proof.


Archival Storage
ANSI IT 9.16 / ISO 14523-1999 (PAT test)
ISO 9706 - Permanency requirements for paper
ANSI / NISO Z.39.48-1992 Permanence for paper in Library and
These Archives
boxes are perfect for
archival storage of prints, INTERIOR DIMS MATERIAL 1-9 10-19 20+ ITEM #
drawings, newspapers, maps, 8.5" x 10.5" x 1.5" E-flute $10.75 $10.60 $10.25 TAS121001
textiles, and other flat collect- 8.5" x 10.5" x 3" E-flute $11.25 $11.10 $10.75 TAS121002
ibles. 9.5" x 12.5" x 1.5" E-flute $14.25 $13.50 $12.20 TAS121013
9.5" x 12.5" x 3" E-flute $14.75 $14.00 $12.70 TAS121014
The drop front on the box allows for contents to slide out flat when 11.5" x 14.5" x 1.5" E-flute $14.75 $13.65 $12.35 TAS121003
the cover is removed. Our boxes are unique in that the drop front side 11.5" x 14.5" x 3" E-flute $14.95 $14.35 $13.05 TAS121004
travels in a channel on the corresponding size, making a stronger box. 14.5" x 18.5" x 1.5" E-flute $15.20 $14.30 $13.70 TAS121015

Drop Front Boxes

Base and lid are cut from our exclusive Heritage Corrugated Board and 14.5" x 18.5" x 3" E-flute $15.20 $14.30 $13.70 TAS121016
produce the finest archival storage box on the market. 13.5" x 19.5" x 1.5" E-flute $17.85 $17.35 $15.75 TAS121017
13.5" x 19.5" x 3" E-flute $18.85 $18.35 $16.75 TAS121018
All boxes are shipped flat for economical transport, and are easily as- 16.5" x 20.5" x 1.5" E-flute $18.85 $18.35 $16.75 TAS121005
sembled without glue or adhesives. Sizes listed are the inside dimen- 16.5" x 20.5" x 3" E-flute $19.85 $19.35 $18.25 TAS121006
sions of the box. 20.5" x 24.5" x 1.5" B-flute $22.15 $20.85 $20.10 TAS121007
20.5" x 24.5" x 3" B-flute $22.95 $21.65 $20.90 TAS121008
B-Flute: 3mm thick (1/8" thick); E-Flute: 1.6mm thick (1/16" thick) 22.5" x 28.5" x 2" B-flute $29.50 $27.75 $26.10 TAS121009
24.5" x 30.5" x 2" B-flute $36.60 $30.25 $27.25 TAS121010
24.5" x 36.5" x 2" B-flute $38.40 $32.20 $30.50 TAS121011
32.5" x 40.5" x 2" B-flute $56.75 $43.65 $37.15 TAS121012

Heritage© Reinforced Drop Front Box C

Our exclusive line of drop front boxes is the strongest and highest quality available
on the market.
Constructed from our E-plus Heritage Corrugated board, this box is equipped to
handle incredibly heavy loads, while maintaining a sleek profile. All walls, except for
drop-down side, are double thick, which provide incredible strength and protection.

The drop down side is fitted with a semi-circle that glides effortlessly within the core
of the adjoining walls. The result is a box which stays closed when necessary, but also
opens to access the contents with ease.

These boxes ship flat, and assemble without any additional tape or adhesive. This
allows bulk ordering without space limitations, and reduces freight and damage in

• Acid-free; lignin-free • Blue/gray w/white liner

• pH 8.0-9.0 • 3% calcium carb. buffer
• 60-pt. Barrier board • Passed P.A.T.

INTERIOR DIMS 1-9 10-24 25-99 100+ ITEM #

8.5"x 10.5" x 3" $24.35 $21.90 $15.95 $11.99 TAS120001
11.5" x 14.5" x 3" $27.15 $24.45 $18.40 $14.10 TAS120002
14.5" x 18.5" x 3" $30.30 $27.25 $21.05 $16.50 TAS120003
16.5" x 20.5" x 3" $32.30 $29.05 $22.75 $17.95 TAS120004
20.5" x 24.5" x 3" $46.60 $41.95 $34.95 $28.70 TAS120005
24.5" x 30.5" x 3" $52.65 $47.40 $40.05 $33.25 TAS120006 C Custom Options Available 21

Flat Storage Boxes
A 2-piece box suitable for long-term storage. Die cut window allows for insert of
index card for labeling. Made of acid free 55pt blue gray and white board and
stayed with enameled metal strips. Both the gray outer liner and white inner liner
are lignin free and conform to the ANSI IT9.2 Standards

• Acid-free; lignin-free • Blue/gray w/white liner

• pH 8.0-9.0 • 3% calcium carb. buffer
• 60-pt. Barrier board • Passed P.A.T.
Archival Storage

INTERIOR SIZE 1-9 10-19 20-49 50 + ITEM #

13" x 11" x 3" $15.25 $14.70 $13.70 $9.70 TAS003003
15" x 11" x 3" $17.45 $16.95 $15.95 $12.10 TAS003004
171/4" x 111/2" x 31/2" $18.30 $17.65 $16.65 $13.25 TAS003001
20" x 16" x 31/2" $18.50 $17.95 $16.95 $14.55 TAS003002
Archival Boxes

Card File / Negative Storage Boxes

These boxes are ideal for storing photos, negatives, cards, and other small
items. Constructed in one piece with an attached lid.

• Acid-free; lignin-free • Blue/gray w white liner

• pH 8.0-9.0 • 3% calcium carb. buffer
• 60-pt. Barrier board • Passed P.A.T.

INTERIOR SIZE 1-9 10-19 20-49 50 + ITEM #

53/4" x 43/4" x 21/2" $7.95 $7.65 $7.25 $5.85 TAS006001
51/2" x 41/2" x 101/4" $9.40 $9.10 $8.70 $7.70 TAS006011
71/2" x 51/2" x 41/2" $9.50 $9.30 $8.60 $7.25 TAS006002
71/2" x 51/2" x 101/4" $11.90 $11.50 $11.05 $9.25 TAS006012
101/2" x 81/2" x 4" $11.90 $11.50 $11.05 $9.25 TAS006003
101/2" x 81/2" x 101/4" $14.75 $14.35 $13.65 $11.40 TAS006013

Card File / Negative Storage Boxes Constructed in a similar style to a shoe box, these boxes are perfect for
Two-Piece storing photos, negatives, cards, & other small items.
All are 12" long with 1.5" deep lid.
• Acid-free; lignin-free • Blue/gray w/white liner
• pH 8.0-9.0 • 3% calcium carb. buffer
• 60-pt. Barrier board • Passed P.A.T
INTERIOR SIZE 1-9 10-19 20-49 50 + ITEM #
51/8" x 31/8" $8.95 $8.20 $7.70 $6.85 TAS006004
53/4" x 41/2" $11.50 $10.85 $9.65 $8.25 TAS006005
61/8" x 41/8" $10.85 $9.95 $9.65 $8.25 TAS006006
73/4" x 51/2" $11.10 $9.95 $9.65 $8.25 TAS006007
81/8" x 51/8" $12.85 $12.00 $11.85 $10.80 TAS006008
61/8" x 91/8" * $13.35 $12.50 $12.35 $11.30 TAS006009
105/8" x 85/8" $14.85 $13.95 $13.65 $12.65 TAS006010
111/4" x 83/4" * $14.85 $13.95 $13.65 $12.65 TAS006023
* Vertical Format
These boxes are designed in size to be used with the acid-free envelopes.

22 tel: 212-219-0770

Shelf Storage Boxes

These tan metal edge storage

boxes are designed to maximize INTERIOR SIZE 1-9 10-19 20-59 60+ ITEM #
use on 24" deep x 36" wide shelves 73/4" x 73/8" x 6" $11.80 $10.85 $9.70 $9.35 TAS055001
and 18" deep x 36" wide shelves. 105/8" x 73/8" x 6" $13.50 $11.70 $10.01 $9.60 TAS055002
All are two-piece construction 161/2" x 73/8" x 6" $14.50 $13.20 $11.50 $11.20 TAS055003
with a 1.5" telescoping lid. 161/2" x 153/4" x 6" $16.85 $16.35 $15.25 $14.35 TAS055004
• Acid-free; lignin-free 103/8" x 73/4" x 6" $12.20 $10.80 $10.00 $9.40 TAS055005
• pH 8.0-9.0 105/8" x 103/8" x 6" $13.60 $12.25 $11.35 $11.00 TAS055006
• 60-pt. Barrier board 161/2" x 103/8" x 6" $14.05 $13.10 $11.70 $11.00 TAS055007
213/4" x 161/2" x 6" $16.75 $15.80 $14.00 $13.55 TAS055008

Archival Storage
• Tan w/white liner
• 3% calcium carb. buffer
• Passed P.A.T.

Open Top Boxes

Ideal for storage of pamphlets and magazines. Short end is reinforced
with black metal corners for strength and rigidity. Available in either

Archival Boxes
Curved Cut Corner
curved cut corner or straight top. INTERIOR SIZE 1-9 10-19 20-49 50 + ITEM #
• Acid-free; lignin-free • 60-pt. Barrier board • 3% calcium carb.buffer 9" x 6" x 3" $8.85 $8.55 $7.10 $7.00 TAS005001
• pH 8.0-9.0 • Blue/gray w/white liner • Passed P.A.T. 9" x 8" x 3" $8.95 $8.65 $7.30 $7.20 TAS005002
11" x 81/2" x 31/2" $9.05 $8.75 $7.75 $7.65 TAS005003
10" x 11" x 31/2" $9.25 $8.95 $7.95 $7.85 TAS005004

Straight Top
INTERIOR SIZE 1-9 10-19 20-49 50 + ITEM #
101/2" x 71/4" x 23/4" $8.35 $8.15 $7.95 $5.35 TAS005005
12" x 9" x 3" $8.35 $8.15 $7.95 $5.35 TAS005006

Record Storage Boxes

Two-piece box, made from acid-free corrugated board. Hand cut-outs
allow for easy lifting. Shipped flat; easily assembled. Fits either letter or
legal size documents and file folders.

White, Unbuffered, pH 7.5

Acid-free, b-flute corrugated (250lb. test).
SIZE 1-9 10-24 25-99 100 + ITEM #
15" x 121/2" x 10" $9.75 $8.05 $6.85 $6.10

Tan, Buffered pH 8.5

Acid & lignin-free, b-flute corrugated (200lb. test). Passed P.A.T.
SIZE 1-9 10-24 25-99 100 + ITEM #
15" x 121/2" x 10" $12.10 $10.85 $10.05 $9.25 TAS008002 C Custom Options Available 23

Heritage© Newspaper Storage Boxes C

Ideal for the archival storage of newspapers & produced in the most common sizes.
Corners are stayed with enameled metal strips.

• Acid-free; lignin-free • Blue/gray w/white liner

• pH 8.0-9.0 • 3% calcium carb. buffer
• 60-pt. Barrier board • Passed P.A.T.

INTERIOR SIZE 1-9 10-19 20-49 50 + ITEM #

Archival Storage

18” x 13” x 3” $20.80 $20.30 $18.45 $16.45 TAS064001

22” x 15” x 2” $20.90 $20.40 $18.55 $16.55 TAS064002
23” x 17” x 3” $22.35 $21.65 $19.90 $17.70 TAS064003
241/2” x 201/2” x 3” $24.75 $24.25 $22.75 $20.25 TAS064004
25” x 19” x 21/2” $24.75 $24.25 $22.75 $20.25 TAS064005
31” x 23” x 3” $29.10 $28.10 $27.05 $25.05 TAS064006

Custom T01: Heritage© Phase Box C Custom T05: Heritage© Slipcase C

Specialty Boxes

This simple design is a great way to protect your books or objects prior Our slipcase design is easy and quick to assemble, while not
to restoration or as a permanent home. The double thick base ensures compromising quality or strength.
the book cover will not be abraded when the closure flap is inserted. Thumb cutouts make for easy removal or placement.
Can be constructed from our exclusive line of Can be constructed from our exclusive line of
Heritage Corrugated Board or Coroplast. Heritage Corrugated Board or Coroplast.
Custom Box Style
Custom Box Style Please inquire about pricing. .
Please inquire about pricing.

Heritage© Architectural & Drawing

Storage Boxes C
An alternative for the storage of large scale works when flat storage is not
an option. Made from our exclusive Heritage Corrugated Board.
These boxes are shipped flat, and are easily assembled without adhesive.
• Kappa level: 1-2=lignin-free (TAPPI T 236 om-99) • 100% bleached alpha cellulose paper
• pH cold extraction: 8.0 – 9.5 (TAPPI T 509 om-02) • Without the use of recycled or wooden fibers
• Alkaline reserve (buffer) > 3% calctium carbonate • No optical brighteners
ANSI IT 9.16 / ISO 14523-1999 (PAT test); ISO 9706 - Permanency requirements for paper
ANSI / NISO Z.39.48-1992 Permanence for paper in Library and Archives
SIZE 1-9 10-24 25-99 100+ ITEM #
3" x 3" x 36" $9.45 $8.55 $7.80 $7.05 TAS012001
4" x 4" x 48" $14.90 $13.95 $12.00 $10.35 TAS012002

24 tel: 212-219-0770

Document Boxes
These boxes are designed to be used be used for the vertical storage of documents. A flip top lid
allows for easy access. Boxes are to be used in conjunction with our acid-free file folders. The
5" deep boxes are provided with pull strings for easy removal from shelf.
Available in pamphlet size, letter size, legal size and oversize.

• Acid-free; lignin-free • Blue/gray w/white liner
• pH 8.0-9.0 • 3% calcium carb. buffer
• 60-pt. Barrier board • Passed P.A.T.

DOCUMENT SIZE 1-9 10-19 20-49 50 + ITEM #

Archival Storage
101/4"x 6 3/4" x 4 3/4" $10.75 $10.40 $9.80 $7.80 TAS004001
121/4" x 101/4" x 21/2" $10.85 $10.50 $9.90 $7.85 TAS004002
121/4" x 101/4" x 5" $10.95 $10.55 $9.95 $7.95 TAS004003
151/4" x 101/4" x 21/2" $12.30 $12.00 $11.20 $9.25 TAS004004
151/4" x 101/4" x 5" $12.30 $12.00 $11.20 $9.25 TAS004005
151/4" x 121/2" x 5" $16.10 $15.55 $14.50 $13.20 TAS004006
17" x 12" x 5" $20.25 $19.95 $19.45 $14.10 TAS004007

Document Boxes
Custom T14:
Heritage© Upright Document Box C

This design is fantastic for storage of folders, documents, enclosures, etc. The
scored flap in the front provides easy access into the box.
Top flap fits comfortably into the slot, providing a practical closing mechanism.
Can be constructed from our exclusive line of
Heritage Corrugated Board or Coroplast.

Custom Box Style

Please inquire about pricing.

Custom T19: Heritage© Two Piece Custom T07: Heritage© Two Piece
Pull Box C Reinforced Pull Box C

Two-piece archival box with drop front for the storage of expansion
Two-piece archival box with drop front for the storage of expansion
binders, unbound and loose sheet collections and newspapers. Can be
binders, unbound and loose sheet collections and newspapers. Can be
horizontally stacked upon each other for storage purposes.
horizontally stacked upon each other for storage purposes.
Reinforced side walls create an extremely strong & lightweight box.
Can be constructed from our exclusive line of Can be constructed from our exclusive line of
Heritage Corrugated Board or Coroplast. Heritage Corrugated Board or Coroplast.

Custom Box Style Custom Box Style

Please inquire about pricing. Please inquire about pricing. C Custom Options Available 25

Heritage© Textile Storage Boxes C

• 100% bleached alpha cellulose • pH cold extraction: 8.0 – 9.5 (TAPPI T

• Without the use of recycled or wooden fibers 509 om-02)
• No optical brighteners • Alkaline reserve (buffer) > 3% calcium
• Kappa level: 1-2 =lignin-free (TAPPI T carbonate
236 om-99) • Adhesive: Potato starch, ph 7.0, moisture
ANSI IT 9.16 / ISO 14523-1999 (PAT test)
ISO 9706 - Permanency requirements for paper
ANSI / NISO Z.39.48-1992 Permanence for paper in Library and Archives
Archival Storage

Dimensions below are outside dimensions,

inside dimensions will be approximately 1" less in each direction.
Archival storage boxes suitable for long term
storage of oversize textiles, wedding dresses, 30" x 18" x 6" $41.50 TAS011001 $316.89 10 TAS011008
prints, maps, and other collectables. 30" x 24" x 6" $64.10 TAS011002 $451.88 10 TAS011009
Box and separate cover are cut from our 40" x 18" x 6" $52.50 TAS011003 $391.25 10 TAS011010
Heritage Corrugated B-flute Board. 60" x 18" x 6" $70.10 TAS011004 $534.25 10 TAS011011
48" x 32" x 3" $71.10 TAS011005 $494.21 10 TAS011012
These boxes are shipped flat for economical
60" x 28" x 51/2" — — $946.30 10 TAS011013
transport, and are easily assembled without
glue or adhesives.
Textile Storage

Heritage© Textile Storage Kits C

The ideal environment for the storage of quilts, cloths and

garments. These kits are suitable for both animal and vegetable fiber
materials. Storage boxes are made of acid & lignin-free buffered cor-
rugated; the tissues are unbuffered and suitable for all textiles.
Each kit contains:
• 2 pair cotton inspection gloves to ensure proper handling.
• Pamphet discussing proper storage methods of textiles.
• 50 sheets of unbuffered acid-free tissue.
Medium Kit 30" x 18" x 6" $60.25 TKT001001
Large Kit 40" x 18" x 6" $70.25 TKT001002
Extra Large Kit 60" x 18" x 6" $93.50 TKT001003

Textile Rolling and Storage Tubes

Made of acid and lignin-free, blue-gray paper, these tubes are the appropriate means for rolling
textiles, photographs, and oversized works of art. Works can be rolled on a small diameter tube
and inserted into one of a larger diameter.
All tubes are 10ft. long.
2" .10" $26.00 36 $14.80 TAS013001
3" .125" $37.50 16 $22.95 TAS013002
4 1/2" .125" $55.00 8 $42.00 TAS013003
6" .187" $115.00 4 $73.50 TAS013004
10" .375" -- 1 $303.79 TAS013005
2" $3.00 TAS013011
3" $4.50 TAS013012
6" $6.00 TAS013013
Tubes can be cut to order.

26 tel: 212-219-0770

Heritage© Conservation Storage Boxes C
These two-piece boxes are made from our exclusive Heritage Corrugated Board.
These boxes are shipped un-assembled for economical transport, and can be easily
assembled with an acid free glue such as our Jade 403.
A large variety of sizes and depths are available for your convenience.
Don’t see the size you need? Not a problem, contact us about custom options.
• 100% bleached alpha cellulose • pH cold extraction: 8.0 – 9.5 (TAPPI T 509 om-02)
• Without the use of recycled or wooden fibers • Alkaline reserve (buffer) > 3% calcium carbonate
• No optical brighteners • Adhesive: Potato starch, ph 7.0, moisture proof.
• Kappa level: 1-2 =lignin-free (TAPPI T 236 om-99)

Archival Storage
ANSI IT 9.16 / ISO 14523-1999 (PAT test); ISO 9706 - Permanency requirements for paper
ANSI / NISO Z.39.48-1992 Permanence for paper in Library and Archives
SIZE 1-9 10 + ITEM # 1-9 10+ ITEM#
12" x 12" $20.75 $18.75 TAS009001 - - -
18" x 12" $22.60 $20.45 TAS009002 $23.75 $21.60 TAS009010
18" x 18" $26.05 $23.25 TAS009003 $25.35 $23.20 TAS009011
24" x 12" $25.20 $22.45 TAS009004 $27.35 $25.30 TAS009012
24" x 18" $24.10 $21.95 TAS009005 $35.70 $32.00 TAS009013
24" x 24" $25.35 $23.20 TAS009006 $42.75 $38.25 TAS009014
36" x 12" $32.75 $29.10 TAS009007 $36.25 $32.50 TAS009015
36" x 18" $36.50 $32.75 TAS009008 $43.25 $38.50 TAS009016
36" x 24" $38.85 $33.75 TAS009009 $46.50 $41.50 TAS009017
Oversized box
40" x 24" x 15" $63.90 $55.00 TAS009018 - - -

Conservation Storage Boxes

Look for this icon: C for available custom options.

What makes our boxes better?

It’s simple.

Strong enough to speak for themselves.

Design Affordable & creative options.

Flawless boxes designed and built to the millimeter.
No quantity too small,
and no dimensions too large.

Contact us to discuss your next project. C Custom Options Available 27

Heritage© Tote Tray C
Constructed from our exclusive E-flute Heritage Corrugated Board. Its strength and rigidity
makes this box ideal for storing small objects of various sizes, as well as storing or transporting
conservation tools.
Dividers are purchased separately. This allows the customization of the number, size and layout
of the compartments. Each box has a maximum capacity for 3 long dividers and 3 short dividers,
yielding a maximum number of 16 compartments.
Each box has slotted walls which allows the dividers to be positioned within the tray. Such cus-
tomization allows for modification of your box as your demands change over time.
Box comes with a perforated handle, that can easily be cut away. We understand that not every
Archival Storage

use requires a handle, the choice is yours.

All components of this box are archival quality and meet the following specifications:
• 100% bleached alpha cellulose • pH cold extraction: 8.0 – 9.5 (TAPPI T 509 om-02)
• Without the use of recycled or wooden fibers • Alkaline reserve (buffer) > 3% calcium carbonate
• No optical brighteners • Adhesive: Potato starch, ph 7.0, moisture proof.
• Kappa level: 1-2 =lignin-free (TAPPI T 236 om-99)

Interior Dimensions: 17.25" x 15.25" x 4"; Exterior Dimensions: 17.5" x 15.75" x 4.125"
This item is shipped flat.
ITEM 1-9 10+ ITEM #
Heritage Tote Tray $8.50 $7.10 TAS071001
Heritage Tote Divider, Short $1.10 $0.95 TAS071002
Heritage Tote Divider, Long $1.10 $0.95 TAS071003
Specialty Boxes

Audio Cassette Boxes Compact Disc (CD) Storage

These boxes are ideal for storing

audio cassettes & their cases in a
proper archival environment.
• Acid-free; lignin-free
• pH 8.0-9.0
• 60-pt. Barrier board
• Blue/gray w/white liner
• 3% calcium carb. buffer
• Passed P.A.T.

SIZE CAPACITY 1-9 10-19 20-49 50 + ITEM #

41/2" x3" x12" 18 $9.50 $9.20 $8.70 $7.50 TAS006015
9" x3" x12" 36 $10.70 $10.10 $9.50 $8.30 TAS006016 Compact discs are not as permanent as we think. Protect your collec-
tion from ozone, UV light, mold, mildew & electronic discharge with
these products. Sleeve & insert are made of corrosion intercept mate-
Video Cassette Boxes rial that offers maximum protection from the environment.
This box provides an archival
environment for storing video Storage Box - Acid & Lignin-Free 2 piece construction
cassettes. Available in 2 sizes; SIZE 1-9 10- 49 50+ ITEM#
each is designed to hold 10"x 61/4"x 6" $11.40 $11.00 $10.45 TAS006020
cassettes with or without an
outer sleeve. Inserts - Disc shaped
• Acid-free; lignin-free SIZE 1-24 25-99 100+ ITEM#
• pH 8.0-9.0 5" diam $1.38 $1.33 $1.20 TAS006022
• 60-pt. Barrier board
• Blue/gray w/white liner
• 3% calcium carb. buffer

CD Protector Sleeve
• Passed P.A.T.

VIDEOS/ Corossion Intercept

SIZE: BOX 1-9 10-19 20-49 50 + ITEM #
Designed to hold one CD. Sold in Packs of 10.
12" x51/8" x81/8" 10 $12.10 $11.80 $11.20 $9.70 TAS006017 SIZE 1-9PKS 10-19 20+ ITEM#
161/2" x51/8" x81/8"
14 $12.60 $12.30 $11.70 $10.20 TAS006018
5" x 5" $13.75 $12.25 $11.00 TPB061301

28 tel: 212-219-0770

Baseball Card Box Heritage© Phonographic Records
Storage Boxes C
A storage box sized to store baseball cards
vertically as they would be found in their
Two-piece boxes made of acid
original boxes. Keep your valuable cards
& lignin-free white corrugat-
safe in this proper storage box.
ed board. Boxes ship unas-
Revised Design; top lid now extends
sembled for economical trans-
the whole height of the box (image
port; easily assembled with a
to left reflects the prior design).
glue such as our Jade 403.
• Acid-free; lignin-free

Archival Storage
• pH 8.0-9.0
• 60-pt. Barrier board
Envelopes are constructed of
• Blue/gray w/white liner clear 4 mil mylar for optimal
• 3% calcium carb. buffer protection.
• Passed P.A.T.
For 45 RPM Records
Polyester envelopes are clear protective archival enclosures, suitable
DESCRIPTION - SIZE 1-9 10-49 50 + ITEM #
for long-term storage.
Box - 8" x 8" x 6" $12.10 $11.10 $10.10 TAS056001
INTERIOR SIZE 1-9 10-19 20-49 50 + ITEM # Envelope - 73/4" x 73/4" $2.25 $2.10 $1.80 TAS056002
7" x 31/4" x 41/4" $7.50 $6.75 $6.45 $6.00 TAS006014 For 33 RPM Records
DESCRIPTION - SIZE 1-9 10-49 50 + ITEM #
31/8" x 41/8" $.75 $.60 TAS006019
Box - 131/4" x 131/4" x 6" $16.55 $15.55 $14.55 TAS056003
Envelope - 13" x 13" $2.55 $2.40 $2.10 TAS056004

Specialty Boxes
Heritage© Glass Negative Storage Box C
Each box contains 5 separate compartments of 7/8" capacity and can store
1-3 slides in each compartment.
Constructed from our E-flute Heritage Corrugated Board.
All components of this box are archival quality and meet the following specifications:

- 100% bleached alpha cellulose - Kappa level: 1-2 = lignin-free (TAPPI 236 om-99) - Adhesive: potato starch, pH 7.0; moisture proof
- Without the use of recycled or wooden fibers - pH cold extraction: 8.0-9.5 (TAPPI 509 om-02)
- No optical brighteners - Alkaline reserve (buffer) > 3% calcium carb.
For added protection it is advisable to wrap each glass negative in
one of our Four Flap Negative Enclosures.
Boxes are shipped flat.

INTERIOR SIZE 1-9 10-19 20-49 50+ ITEM #

6.5" x 6" x 4.75" $14.05 $13.50 $13.20 $13.00 TAS053004
(5.5" x 4.5" compartments for 4" x 5" negatives)
8.5" x 6" x 5.75" $15.75 $15.05 $14.90 $14.60 TAS053005
(7.5" x 5.5" compartments for 5" x 7" negatives)
11.5" x 6" x 8.75" $21.80 $19.90 $19.55 $19.05 TAS053006
(10.5" x 8.5" compartments for

Slide Storage Boxes Heritage Slide Carousel Storage Box

This two-piece box is available A new and important
addition to our Heritage
with or without 20 die-cut tan
Storage box selection is the
slide holders. Boxes and holders slide storage box.
are acid & lignin-free. Can also Built to fit a 9.75” x 9.75”
be used for small artifacts. slide carousel.
• Acid-free; lignin-free • Blue/gray w/white liner Constructed of our Heritage
• pH 8.0-9.0 • 3% calcium carb. buffer corrugated B flute.
• 60-pt. Barrier board • Passed P.A.T.
• Acid-free; lignin-free • Blue/gray w/white liner
• pH 8.0-9.0 • 3% calcium carb. buffer
INTERIOR SIZE 1-9 10-19 20-49 50 + ITEM #
• 60-pt. Barrier board • Passed P.A.T.
111/4" x 6" x 21/2" $16.75 $15.50 $14.50 $12.25 TAS007001

w/out inserts $16.25 $15.25 $14.25 $12.00 TAS007002 INTERIOR SIZE 1-9 10-24 25+ ITEM #
additional inserts $ .41 TAS007003 9.75” x 9.75” x 3” $16.75 $15.60 $13.75 TAS122001 C Custom Options Available 29

Custom Made Presentation Boxes C

We specialize in the fabrication of custom enclosures incorporating various

design elements such as multiple partitions, audio and video cassette wells
and CD holders.
Coverings can be chosen from extensive collections of imported
and domestic fabrics and leathers.

Hot stamping, label wells and other methods of personalization are offered.
Archival Storage

Orders from one piece to large quantities are within our capabilities.
All orders are handled on a priority basis with provisions
available for unexpected deadlines.
Lipped Clamshell Box w/Spine Support
Tray Box with Velcro Closure,
Split Wall, and Ribbon Pull
Custom Portfolios & Boxes

Split Walls / Compartments


Ribbon Panel

Lipped Clamshell Box with cutout and nesting Post Binder with back pocket.

30 tel: 212-219-0770

Fold-Over Portfolio C

A slim portfolio perfect for small presentations and transportation. One piece enclosures for small
portfolios, covered with black cloth, lined with acid-free white paper and closed with Velcro coin.
Two inner flaps close the short sides, the fold-over covers close the long sides.
All sizes are 1/2" in interior depth.


8¼" x 10¼" $32.35 $29.10 TAS014001
9¼" x 12¼" $35.40 $31.85 TAS014002

Archival Storage
11¼" x 14¼" $39.00 $35.10 TAS014003
11¼" x 17¼" $45.30 $40.75 TAS014007
12¼" x 16¼" $45.30 $40.75 TAS014004
13¼" x 19¼" $51.00 $45.90 TAS014006
16¼" x 20¼" $53.40 $48.00 TAS014005

Presentation Boxes
Tray Box C
An elegant box covered in a smooth black linen cloth. Constructed of
heavy weight board with an overflap lid closed with velcro coins. The
four wall interior has one wall which has been cutaway for easy print
removal. All sizes are 1.5" deep.


8¼" x 10¼" $45.00 $40.50 TAS016001
8¾" x 11¼" $46.20 $41.50 TAS016002
11¼" x 14¼" $50.40 $45.35 TAS016003
12¼" x 16¼" $54.60 $49.15 TAS016004
13¼" x 19¼" $75.00 $67.50 TAS016006
16¼" x 20¼" $81.60 $73.45 TAS016005

Lipped Clamshell Box C

These handmade boxes are the premier boxes we carry and are perfect
for print presentations. Precision cut basswood compose the verti-
cal walls of the box, and closes tightly without the need of fasteners.
Stocked in elegant black fabric, 11/2" depth.

Custom made versions of this box are available in a variety of sizes and colors,
please inquire.


81/4" x 101/4" $72.40 TAS015001
111/4" x 141/4" $89.95 TAS015002
161/4" x 201/4" $129.50 TAS015003 C Custom Options Available 31

Century Boxes A rigid clamshell style paperboard box, lined with acid-free white
Permalife paper and covered with a tightly woven black cloth that
is resistant to moisture, mold, insects and rodents.
An ideal box for professional presentation.
43/8" x 53/8" x 1" $17.90 $16.00 TAS017001
43/8" x 63/8" x 11/2" $17.90 $16.00 TAS017014
53/8" x 73/8" x 11/2" $17.90 $16.00 TAS017002
83/8" x 103/8" x 1" $20.65 $18.65 TAS017003
83/8" x 103/8" x 2" $21.95 $19.95 TAS017004
87/8" x 113/8" x 11/2" $21.95 $19.95 TAS017015
Archival Storage

91/4" x 121/4" x 1" $23.15 $21.15 TAS017006

91/4" x 121/4" x 2" $24.95 $22.95 TAS017005
113/8" x 143/8" x 1" $23.90 $21.90 TAS017007
113/8" x 143/8" x 2" $25.15 $23.15 TAS017008
123/8" x 173/8" x 11/2" $35.25 $32.25 TAS017016
133/8" x 19 3/8" x 11/2" $42.75 $39.75 TAS017017
143/8" x 18 3/8" x 2" $44.05 $41.05 TAS017009
163/8" x 20 3/8" x 1" $44.05 $41.05 TAS017010
163/8" x 20 3/8" x 2" $46.50 $43.50 TAS017011
203/8" x 24 3/8" x 2" $73.25 $69.25 TAS017012
Presentation Boxes

Boxed Ring Binder

Besfile Binders An economical binder built into a box for
protection from dust & light. Constructed
in a clamshell style with a 2 inch 3 ring
mechanism mounted to the spine.
Interior box dimensions: 113/4"x121/4"x3".
• Blue/Gray w/white liner • Passed P.A.T.
• 3% calcium carb. buffer • pH 8.0-9.0
• Acid-free; lignin-free • 60-pt. Barrier board
1-11 12+ ITEM #
$16.85 $14.55 TAS027001

Archival polypropylene box, with two clip fasteners for closure Century Album
creates a dust free environment for your prints and negatives or any
material requiring archival storage. Sturdy construction enables it A one piece, clamshell style
to be stacked horizontally or vertically. Pictured with Ring Mechanism. album, constructed with
the same material as the
With 3 Ring Mechanism Century Box. Holds
INTERIOR SIZE COLOR 1-11 12+ ITEM # standard size 8.5" x 11"
115/8" x 101/4" x 13/4" Black $13.45 $11.40 TAS023001 sheet protectors and print &
115/8" x 101/4" x 13/4" Gray $13.45 $11.40 TAS023002 negative storage pages.

Without 3 Ring Mechanism

INTERIOR SIZE COLOR 1-11 12+ ITEM # SIZE 1-5 6-9 10 + ITEM #
115/8" x 101/4" x 13/4" Black $12.85 $10.75 TAS023003 2" capacity $36.00 $33.75 $32.20 TAS018001
3" capacity $38.30 $36.00 $34.35 TAS018002

See pages 34-36 for punched page storage solutions.

32 tel: 212-219-0770

Solander Cases C

Basswood frame boxes lined with white, acid-free coated paper over .098
thick binder’s board and covered with strong durable pebbled grain black

Polished nickel label holder and clasps. Supplied with or without

leather handle, please specify.

Clamshell style, 2 1/2" depth and

an additional ¼" on each dimension.

Archival Storage
Custom cases are made to order allowing a choice of
size, interior and exterior covering materials.

Please inquire regarding your needs.


8" x 10" $119.85 TAS020001 $131.85 TAS020002 16" x 24" $169.50 TAS020011 $181.50 TAS020012
11" x 14" $119.85 TAS020003 $131.85 TAS020004 20" x 24" $169.50 TAS020013 $181.50 TAS020014

Presentation Boxes
13" x 19" $140.25 TAS020023 $152.25 TAS020024 22" x 28" $173.50 TAS020015 $184.50 TAS020016
14" x 17" $140.25 TAS020005 $152.25 TAS020006 24" x 30" $219.50 TAS020017 $231.50 TAS020018
14" x 18" $140.25 TAS020007 $152.25 TAS020008 24" x 36" $244.25 TAS020019 $256.25 TAS020020
16" x 20" $147.25 TAS020009 $159.25 TAS020010 30" x 40" $304.90 TAS020021 $316.90 TAS020022

Transport Mailing Cases and Tubes

Extremely tough and durable this two piece case, constructed of high density polyethylene, suitable for shipping artwork or traveling far
distances. Heavy gauge metal corners, and strong handle provide easy mobility, while straps and buckles provide secure fastening. A full sized
cardboard liner protects prints from damage. Inquire about custom sizes.
Tube Mailers
36" 6" $131.50 TAS028024
42" 6" $140.50 TAS028025
50" 6" $149.75 TAS028026
60" 6" $168.10 TAS028027
36" 12" $161.00 TAS028018
42" 12" $163.00 TAS028019
50" 12" $185.00 TAS028020
60" 12" $214.60 TAS028028
72" 12" $239.00 TAS028029
36" 16" $210.00 TAS028021
42" 16" $212.40 TAS028022 Case Mailers
50" 16" $249.10 TAS028023 PRINT SIZE DEPTH PRICE ITEM #
11" x 14" 2" $106.50 TAS028001
11" x 14" 3" $109.50 TAS028002
11" x 14" 4" $112.50 TAS028003
14" x 17" 2" $122.50 TAS028004
14" x 17" 3" $129.50 TAS028005
14" x 17" 4" $130.75 TAS028006
16" x 20" 1" $137.00 TAS028007
16" x 20" 2" $140.10 TAS028008
16" x 20" 3" $145.25 TAS028009
16" x 20" 4" $148.50 TAS028010
20" x 24" 2" $150.50 TAS028011
20" x 24" 3" $159.50 TAS028012
20" x 24" 4" $164.00 TAS028013
24" x 30" 3" $177.25 TAS028014
24" x 30" 4" $179.50 TAS028015
30" x 40" 3" $241.00 TAS028016
30" x 40" 4" $245.00 TAS028017 C Custom Options Available 33

Mylar (Polyester) Sleeves *21/4" x 21/4" 100 $10.00 $5.00 TAS029001
*15/8" x 61/4" 100 $12.50 $6.25 TAS029002
Our highest quality presentation sleeves, suitable for long term SLEEVE SIZE PK SIZE 1-9 PKS 10+ PKS ITEM #
storage and presentation of photographs, documents, negatives, *21/2" x 10" 50 $8.25 $4.15 TAS029004
postcards, and other items. Made of crystal clear uncoated 4mil
polyester; open on the short sides and folded on the long sides. One Print Storage
Archival Storage

long side has a flap that keeps the sleeve closed, and allows easy SLEEVE SIZE PK SIZE 1-4 5-9 10-19 20+ ITEM #
insertion of contents. *41/4" x 51/8" 50 $9.00 $8.00 $7.50 $7.00 TAS029005
*41/8 x 61/8 50 $9.50 $8.50 $8.00 $7.50 TAS029016
*5 1/8" x 7 1/8" 50 $10.50 $9.50 $9.00 $8.50 TAS029006
SLEEVE SIZE 25-49 50-99 100-999 1000+ ITEM #
*81/8" x 101/8" $ .81 $ .76 $ .68 $ .62 TAS029007
11" x 14" $1.88 $1.75 $1.54 $1.37 TAS029008
111/4" x 141/4" $1.88 $1.75 $1.54 $1.37 TAS029009
131/4" x 191/4" $2.40 $2.19 $1.94 $1.70 TAS029014
141/4" x 181/4" $2.40 $2.19 $1.94 $1.70 TAS029010
SLEEVE SIZE 10-49 50-99 100-999 1000+ ITEM #
161/4" x 201/4" $3.17 $2.86 $2.55 $2.28 TAS029011
201/4" x 241/4" $4.85 $4.37 $3.91 $3.65 TAS029012
241/4" x 301/4" $8.86 $8.51 $7.69 $7.10 TAS029013
Mylar Sleeves

* Made of 3mil film

Mylar Sheet Protectors

Identical in construction to our mylar sleeves, but constructed from 2
mil polyester. Punched pages are available for use in binders. Removal Unpunched
of the white lining paper (not archival) is recommended. SIZE BOX/50 ITEM #
81/2" x 11" $17.45 TAS031001
81/2" x 14" $23.00 TAS031002

Punched - punched on the long (binding) side for use in

3 ring binders.
9" x 11" $21.00 TAS031004
9" x 14" $34.50 TAS031005

Multi Ring - 3 mil, multiple punches on the binding side.

Overall size is 1/2" wider through which holes are punched.
11" x 81/2" — $35.00 TAS031006
14" x 11" — $55.00 TAS031007
17" x 14" $62.50 — TAS031008
24" x 18" $84.10 — TAS031009

34 tel: 212-219-0770

Mylar (Polyester) Envelopes C

SIZE 1-49 50-99 100-499 500+ ITEM #

Constructed of uncoated 4 mil polyester with three heat welded sides 3" x 4" $1.00 $ .95 $ .90 $ .85 TAS030001
for the clearest presentation envelope available. The heavyweight 4 mil 4" x 5" $1.00 $ .95 $ .90 $ .85 TAS030002
film provides a stiffer product so that the envelope has a greater rigidity 4" x 6" $1.00 $ .95 $ .90 $ .85 TAS030003
and lies flatter thus providing a less distorted view of the enclosed item. 5" x 7" $1.00 $ .95 $ .90 $ .85 TAS030004
Sizes refer to capacity of envelope, they are approximately 3/8" longer in 5" x 8" $1.05 $1.00 $ .95 $ .90 TAS030005
each dimension. 71/2" x 101/2" $1.15 $1.10 $1.05 $1.00 TAS030006
All sizes open on the short side. 8" x 10" $1.35 $1.30 $1.20 $1.10 TAS030007

Archival Storage
81/2" x 11" $1.35 $1.30 $1.20 $1.10 TAS030008
81/2" x 14" $1.60 $1.55 $1.45 $1.25 TAS030009
9" x 12" $1.60 $1.55 $1.45 $1.25 TAS030010
10" x 13" $1.60 $1.55 $1.45 $1.25 TAS030011
11" x 14" $2.15 $2.00 $1.95 $1.80 TAS030012
11" x 17" $2.40 $2.30 $2.10 $2.00 TAS030013
13" x 19" $2.95 $2.85 $2.75 $2.65 TAS030014
15" x 22" $4.30 $4.10 $3.90 $3.80 TAS030015
15" x 24" $4.50 $4.30 $4.10 $4.00 TAS030016
16" x 20" $4.50 $4.30 $4.10 $4.00 TAS030017
17" x 21" $4.50 $4.30 $4.10 $4.00 TAS030018
18" x 24" $6.25 $6.05 $5.85 $5.60 TAS030019
20" x 24" $6.25 $6.05 $5.85 $5.60 TAS030036
24" x 36" $8.75 $8.25 $8.00 $7.50 TAS030020

Mylar Envelopes

Please inquire for custom sizes

and alternate openings

Mylar L Sealed (Polyester) Envelopes C

Constructed of uncoated 4 mil polyester with two adjacent sides sealed to SIZE 1-49 50-99 100-499 500+ ITEM #
form an L shaped enclosure. The advantage of only having two sides sealed 71/2" x 101/2" $1.15 $1.10 $1.05 $1.00 TAS030021
is the ease of placement and removal of contents. The heavyweight 4 mil 8" x 10" $1.35 $1.30 $1.20 $1.10 TAS030022
film provides a stiffer product so that the envelope has a greater rigidity 81/2" x 11" $1.35 $1.30 $1.20 $1.10 TAS030023
and lies flatter thus providing a less distorted view of the enclosed item. 81/2" x 14" $1.60 $1.55 $1.45 $1.25 TAS030024
Sizes refer to capacity of envelope, they are approximately 3/8" longer in 9" x 12" $1.60 $1.55 $1.45 $1.25 TAS030025
each dimension. 10" x 13" $1.60 $1.55 $1.45 $1.25 TAS030026
11" x 14" $2.15 $2.00 $1.95 $1.80 TAS030027

11" x 17" $2.40 $2.30 $2.10 $2.00 TAS030028
13" x 19" $2.95 $2.85 $2.75 $2.65 TAS030029
15" x 22" $4.30 $4.10 $3.90 $3.80 TAS030030
15" x 24" $4.50 $4.30 $4.10 $4.00 TAS030031
16" x 20" $4.50 $4.30 $4.10 $4.00 TAS030032
17" x 21" $4.50 $4.30 $4.10 $4.00 TAS030033
18" x 24" $6.25 $6.05 $5.85 $5.60 TAS030034
20" x 24" $6.25 $6.05 $5.85 $5.60 TAS030037
24" x 36" $8.75 $8.25 $8.00 $7.50 TAS030035

Please inquire for custom sizes

and alternate openings C Custom Options Available 35

Print File Storage Pages
Polypropylene protective pages for storing slides, prints and negatives in binders, Each page has a reinforced binding edge, 3 hole punched.
14909 3- 120mm strips --- $22.50 TAS033001
14923 4- 120mm strips --- $22.50 TAS033002
14920 7- 35mm strips (42 frames) --- $25.30 TAS033003
14921 7- 35mm strips (35 frames) --- $22.50 TAS033004
14927 6- 35mm strips (36 frames) --- $28.15 TAS033005
14910 12- 21/4" x 21/4" slides --- $33.75 TAS033006
14914* 20- 2" x 2" mounted slides --- $33.75 TAS033007
14924** 20- 2" x 2" mounted slides --- $33.75 TAS033008
Archival Storage

1- 81/2" x 11" (see TOPPERS)

14912 4- 4" x 5" --- $22.50 TAS033010
14913 2- 5" x 7" --- $22.50 TAS033011
14919 4- 31/2" x 5" $9.45 --- TAS033012
14928 3- 4" x 6" $9.45 --- TAS033013
*Side Loading ** Top Loading
Storage Pages & Sleeves

Toppers (Top Loading Sheet Protectors) Polypropylene Sleeves

Designed for use in 3 ring

binders. Constructed of clear
acid-free polypropylene, for
long-term storage of prints
and documents. A convenient
page sealed on 3 sides & open
on the top side for entry.
Reinforced binding edge is

An economical alternative to mylar sleeves for the presentation of

prints where clarity is important. Made of inert 2 mil polypropylene
Sold in boxes of 50 pages. in a traditional sleeve construction. Fold is sealed with heat activated
SIZE 1 BOX 2-9 10+ ITEM # adhesive. Open on short sides. Sold in packages of 50.
81/2" x 11" letter $9.00 $7.50 $6.75 TAS032001 SIZE 1-4 PACK 5-9 PKS 10+ PKS ITEM #
81/2" x 14" legal $11.00 $9.50 $8.25 TAS032002 41/8" x 51/8" $7.50 $6.90 $5.25 TAS035001
Sold in boxes of 100 pages. 51/8" x 71/8" $9.65 $8.10 $7.50 TAS035002
SIZE 1 BOX 2-9 10+ ITEM #
81/8" x 101/8" $14.25 $12.25 $11.75 TAS035003
81/4" x 115/8" (A4) $10.25 $9.75 $9.25 TAS032003
111/8" x 141/8" $18.75 $18.10 $17.85 TAS035004

36 tel: 212-219-0770

Polyethylene Bags
4 mil Polyethylene Bag Sold in Packs of 10 & 100
4" x 5" $9.00 $7.20 TAS040015 - -
5" x 8" $11.25 $9.15 TAS040016 - -
8" x 10" $12.50 $10.00 TAS040017 - -
11" x 14" $20.75 $17.00 TAS040018 - -
16" x 20" $39.50 $31.00 TAS040020 - -
20" x 24" $73.00 $65.00 TAS040021 $9.50 TAS040006
24" x 30" $110.00 $88.00 TAS040022 $15.00 TAS040007
32" x 40" $125.00 $97.00 TAS040023 $18.00 TAS040008

Archival Storage
42" x 73" $78.00 $70.10 TAS040025 $41.50 TAS040024
pk of 25

2 mil Polyethylene Bag Sold in Packs of 100

These bags provide superior protection while allowing handling of INSERT SIZE 1-4 PACKS 5+ PACKS ITEM #
prints, negatives or other material as an alternative to mylar 8" x 10" $9.15 $8.40 TAS040009
storage. All bags are made from an archival grade polyethylene, 11" x 14" $12.25 $11.00 TAS040010
are oversized to allow for matted materials, and have a minimum 13" x 19" $21.00 $19.00 TAS040011
1/4" flap for positive closure. 16" x 20" $25.50 $22.50 TAS040012
20" x 24" $35.00 $32.00 TAS040013
32" x 40" $85.00 $68.00 TAS040027

Storage Bags & Envelopes

Zipper Lock Bags Corrosion Intercept Storage

An ideal way to provide a

secure enclosure for
ephemera, photographs,
loose books and objects.
These bags are made from
an archival grade
polyethylene and stocked
in 2 mil & 4 mil thickness
bags. Composed of a polymer matrix to which copper particles are bonded
forming a reactive film that neutralizes all corrosive gases that come
Sold in packs of 100. in contact. Suitable for the storage of non-ferrous metals such as
silver, copper, etc. to help prevent tarnishing.

SIZE GAUGE 1 PK (100) 5+ PKS 10+ PKS ITEM # Envelopes Sold in Packs of 10
SIZE 1-4 5-9 10+ ITEM#
21/2" x 3" 4 mil $6.00 $5.00 $4.00 TAS060001
4" x 6" 4 mil $9.00 $7.55 $6.00 TAS060002 3" x 5" $3.00 $2.90 $2.50 TPB061101
5" x 8" 4 mil $12.00 $11.00 $10.00 TAS060003 4" x 6" $3.25 $3.15 $2.75 TPB061102
6" x 8" 4 mil $15.00 $14.00 $13.00 TAS060004 6" x 9" $5.85 $4.80 $4.50 TPB061103
9" x 12" 4 mil $21.00 $19.00 $17.00 TAS060005 10" x 12" $7.10 $5.70 $5.20 TPB061104
12" x 15" 4 mil $26.00 $24.00 $22.00 TAS060006 20" x 24" $30.50 $26.50 $22.50 TPB061105
13" x 18" 4 mil $37.50 $35.00 $32.50 TAS060007 Zipper Bags Sold in Packs of 10
2" x 3" 2 mil $3.00 $2.50 $2.00 TAS060008 SIZE 1-4 5-9 10+ ITEM#
4" x 6" 2 mil $6.00 $5.00 $4.00 TAS060009 8" x 10" $14.00 $10.50 $8.00 TPB061201
5" x 7" 2 mil $9.00 $7.50 $6.00 TAS060010
6" x 8" 2 mil $11.00 $10.00 $9.00 TAS060011 CD-Protector Sold in Packs of 10
9" x 12" 2 mil $16.00 $14.50 $14.00 TAS060012 1-4 5-9 10+ ITEM#
12" x 15" 2 mil $21.00 $19.50 $18.50 TAS060013 $13.75 $12.25 $11.00 TPB061301
13" x 18" 2 mil $30.00 $27.50 $25.00 TAS060014
Also sold in rolls - see chapter on Films and Non-Wovens C Custom Options Available 37

Paper Envelopes - Acid-Free
Document Envelopes
For the storage of documents, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, and
•Acid-free; lignin-free
other materials. Opening is protected with non-adhesive flap. Store
•pH 8.0-9.0
in one of our Archival Storage Boxes.
•7pt cream stock SIZE PK SIZE 1-4 PKS 5+ PKS ITEM #
•3% calcium carb. 6" x 9" 100 $32.20 $25.75 TAS041001
buffer 71/2" x 101/2" 100 $42.00 $33.60 TAS041002
•Passed P.A.T. 9" x 12" 100 $48.00 $38.40 TAS041003
10" x 13" 100 $57.50 $46.00 TAS041004
111/2" x 151/2" 100 $62.75 $50.20 TAS041005
Archival Storage

Negative Envelopes
Made of same stock and adhesive as document envelopes but without
flap and double seam construction.
21/4" x 101/4" 100 $27.00 $21.60 - TAS041006
4" x 5" 100 $30.00 $20.00 - TAS041007
4" x 6" 100 $30.00 $20.00 - TAS041000
5" x 7" 100 $32.50 $26.00 - TAS041008
8" x 10" 100 $39.50 $31.60 $25.25 TAS041009

Glassine Envelopes
Paper Envelopes & Enclosures

Our glassine envelopes are made of acid free, neutral pH, glassine paper stock. These
envelopes are typically used for the storage of negatives, photos, stamps, documents and
other flat materials.
All envelopes are open on the short side except the 11x14 which is open on the long side.
All have thumb cut holes, and are manufactured with a single seam flat construction.
Packs of 50
SIZE 1 PACK 2-19 PKS 20+ ITEM #
41/4" x 51/4" $9.65 $7.50 $5.25 TAS039001
51/4" x 71/4" $13.25 $11.50 $10.00 TAS039002
81/4" x 101/4" $24.10 $19.30 $15.35 TAS039003
111/4" x 141/4" $58.10 $45.75 $37.40 TAS039004

Four Flap Negative Enclosures C

Four flap envelopes used to TF1: Phase Folder C
protect and store glass slides,
negatives, books, and other
items. The design allows full
protection of the contents as
well as easy access and remov-
al without harm.
Envelopes with a 0 capacity
below are designed for stor-
age of a flat item such as a
document or photograph, where as the others have a 1/8" capacity.
Made of tan acid free, lignin free, 80lb. text weight stock, with a
minimum 8.5 pH, buffered with 3% calcium carbonate. Envelope
meets ANSI IT 9.2 standards (PAT).
4-flap folder built precisely to fit with customizable flap lengths.
ENCLOSURE SIZE 25-99 100-499 500+ ITEM # Use as-is, or store inside of your custom built box. Now you can easily
4" x 5" x 0" $ .66 $ .58 $ .49 TAS041010 segment your documents or images for storage.
4" x 5" x 1/8" $ .66 $ .58 $ .49 TAS041011
5" x 7" x 0" $1.04 $ .94 $ .69 TAS041012 Custom Box Style
5" x 7" x 1/8" $1.04 $ .94 $ .69 TAS041013 Please inquire about pricing.
8" x 10" x 0" $1.60 $1.00 $ .80 TAS041014
8" x 10" x 1/8" $1.60 $1.00 $ .80 TAS041015

Custom size envelopes & enclosures

can be ordered, please inquire.

38 tel: 212-219-0770

Map Folders C

Ideal for the flat storage of large work. Handy for organizing and protecting works within flat files or shelves.
Square cut corners with both front and rear leaf of equal height. All folders are folded on the long side, and
can be easily cut with a knife to a smaller size for a custom fit. Made of either .10 or .20 point lignin &
acid free board with a minimum pH of 8.5, buffered with 3% calcium carbonate.
Meets the ANSI IT9.2 Standards. Custom sizes are available.

SIZE THICKNESS 1-9 10-49 50+ ITEM #

20" x 24" .10 $2.80 $2.55 $2.30 TAS043009
20" x 28" .10 $3.00 $2.70 $2.45 TAS043010
24" x 36" .10 $3.85 $3.50 $3.35 TAS043011

Archival Storage
30" x 42" .10 $6.00 $5.65 $5.00 TAS043012
36" x 48" .10 $7.50 $6.75 $6.00 TAS043013
24" x 36" .20 $7.75 $7.25 $6.75 TAS043014
30" x 40" .20 $12.00 $11.00 $10.00 TAS043015
36" x 48" .20 $15.00 $14.00 $13.00 TAS043016

Print Folder, Tri-Fold C

This unique 10pt folder is a tri-fold with an interior 4 mil Mylar slip
sheet. This design facilitates easy handling and viewing as well as
protection of the art or photo enclosed. Available in both Buffered
and Unbuffered options.

Paper Envelopes & Enclosures

Buffered: Folder stock is acid & lignin free, buffered with calcium
carbonate to a minimum pH of 8.5, and have passed the PAT test.
All sheets are light tan in color with a smooth finish.
Unbuffered: Folder stock is acid & lignin free, with no buffering
agent, and have passed the PAT test. All folders are white in color
with a smooth finish.
Please refer to our website for techinical data sheets.


11”x14” $4.25 $4.00 $3.75 TAS034101 TAS034001
16”x20” $8.50 $8.00 $7.50 TAS034102 TAS034002
20”x24” $12.75 $12.00 $11.25 TAS034101 TAS034003

File Folders Expansion Folders

Made of
.10 point Made of .10 point lignin & acid free board with a minimum pH of
lignin & acid 8.5, buffered with 3% calcium carbonate and meets the ANSI IT9.2
free stock to provide Standards. Similar in style to our file jackets with expanding
superior protection to the storage of documents and photographs. accordion folds, but with a large flap over the open end to protect the
Feature multiple scores along the fold for expansion, and have full cut contents inside. 1.5" maximum interior capacity.
SIZE PK SIZE 1-9 PKS 10-19PKS 20+ ITEM #
reinforced tabs to allow for identification. Folder stock has a minimum
pH of 8.5, buffered with 3% calcium carbonate and meets the ANSI 101/4" x 121/4" 5 $20.50 $19.30 $13.75 TAS043007
101/4" x 141/4" 5 $21.50 $20.00 $14.75 TAS043008
IT9.19 Standards. Packs of 100.
Letter 95/8” x 113/4” 100 $32.00 $27.00 $26.00 TAS043100
Legal 95/8” x 143/4” 100 $37.00 $31.50 $30.25 TAS043101 C Custom Options Available 39

File Jackets Hanging File Folders
Similar in appearance to
our file folders but have
a 1" expansion and sealed
side for secure storage.
Excellent for keeping
contents safe from sliding
out the sides of the folders.
All jackets come with a
straight cut tab, and are
Archival Storage

light tan in color. Made of .10 point lignin and acid free board with a minimum pH of
Made of .10 point lignin & acid free board 8.5, buffered with 3% calcium carbonate and meets the ANSI IT9.2
with a minimum pH of 8.5, buffered with a 3% of Standards. For those who prefer the organization of a hanging file
calcium carbonate & meets the ANSI IT9.2 Standards. system, but made out of acid free materials. File folders are mounted
SIZE PK SIZE 1-4 PK 5-9 PK 10+ ITEM # to steel rods and include index tabs.
95/8" x 113/4" 10 $27.50 $26.00 $23.00 TAS043005 SIZE BOX (25) 5-9 BOX 10+ BOX ITEM #
95/8" x 143/4" 10 $29.00 $27.50 $24.50 TAS043006 Letter Size $22.25 $20.50 $19.50 TAS043003
Legal Size $24.25 $23.25 $21.50 TAS043004

Labels, Tags & Book Supports

Bottom edge has a fold, top edge can be folded for exact fit. Pressure sensitive anchor tape on the cover secures the fold.
When ordering select the size equal to the book height or the next larger size.

Made of durable, clear 1.5 mil polyester film with a white paper liner between which you
slip the book jacket.
Pack of 10 Pack of 50
8" x 171/2" $ 6.65 TAS044001 $17.55 $15.15 TAS044007
9" x 19" $ 7.30 TAS044002 $19.10 $16.20 TAS044008
10" x 201/2" $ 8.65 TAS044003 $22.05 $18.85 TAS044009
12" x 231/2" $10.80 TAS044004 $28.80 $25.15 TAS044010
14" x 28" $14.55 TAS044005 $44.85 $38.85 TAS044011
16" x 30" $17.20 TAS044006 $60.40 $51.50 TAS044012

Made of durable, clear 1.5 mil polyester film. This product does not have the paper
liner like the Paperfold (listed above).
Pack of 10 Pack of 50
8" x 171/2" $ 6.65 TAS045001 $16.05 $14.50 TAS045007
9" x 19" $ 7.30 TAS045002 $18.10 $15.25 TAS045008
10" x 201/2" $ 8.65 TAS045003 $21.55 $18.15 TAS045009
12" x 231/2" $10.80 TAS045004 $29.10 $24.75 TAS045010
14" x 28" $14.55 TAS045005 $42.75 $36.30 TAS045011
16" x 30" $17.20 TAS045006 $59.30 $50.40 TAS045012

40 tel: 212-219-0770

Artifact Identification Tags
Ideal for the identification and organization of your collection. Made of 10 pt. off-white acid and lignin free stock with a 6” looped
cotton sting for attaching objects.
Also handy for attaching to rolls of Mylar, tubes, or other materials stored on a shelf.
The 1.5” x 3” tag is suited for bar code labeling.

Sold in packs of 100.


Archival Storage
3/4” x 7/8” $13.00 $10.40 TAS046001
11/2” x 3” $15.50 $12.40 TAS046002
3” x 5” $21.75 $17.40 TAS046003

Laser Labels
Acid free, foil backed labels,
Label Holders laser compatible.
Foil Backing provides
Content information is now an extra barrier between
readily changed by using our the acid-free paper and

Book Jackets
label holders, made from 2 mil. the adhesive to prevent
mylar window fused to 3 ml. bleed through and to en-
back which has been coated hance the ability of the label
with a pressure sensitive acrylic to adhere to rounded or other
adhesive. Supplied with an acid- irregularly shaped items. Each
free insert stock. label format is provided on an 8.5"
x 11’’ sheet.
2" x 3" $11.10 TAS048001 SIZE LABELS PER SHT 1-49 50-99 100+ ITEM #
3" x 4" $13.40 TAS048002 4" x 2" 10 $1.15 $1.00 $0.60 TAS147001
3" x 4" 6 $1.10 $0.94 $0.5t8 TAS147002
31/2" x 2/3" 30 $1.10 $0.94 $0.58 TAS147003

Are you still waiting for your boxes?

Don’t feel boxed in anymore.

No matter the size of your order or your box(es),

TALAS will make sure your order is delivered
with speed and accuracy!

Inquire about custom storage solutions today.

We’re happy to help. C Custom Options Available 41

Designed to dispense paper and tissue, certain models can be ordered with
an optional serrated blade or razor cutter, making them suitable to cut
films and lightweight fabrics. All models can accommodate a 9" diameter roll.

Tower Rack
Tower Racks designed for stationary floor mount can be
ordered with casters for easy movement.
3 roll tower 24" $162.50 TAS057007
Archival Storage

30" $173.35 TAS057008

36" $183.20 TAS057009
48" $289.80 TAS057010
4 roll tower 24" $237.20 TAS057011
30" $255.10 TAS057012
36" $264.50 TAS057013
48" $347.20 TAS057014
8 roll tower 36" $476.35 TAS057015
48" $541.55 TAS057016

Tower Rack w/ Serrated Blades

Roll Dispensers

4 roll tower 24" $298.50 TAS057017

30" $306.50 TAS057018
36" $347.75 TAS057019
48" $468.20 TAS057020
$68.50 TAS057021

Trim Master
Wall Rack Trim Master is an accessory to the Roll Dispenser. It
attaches to 36" & 48" wide cutter bars providing a clean
cut by movable cutting blade that rides within a fixed rail.
3 roll 24" $162.25 TAS057001
Excellent for precise cutting of papers, plastic films, &
30" $167.35 TAS057002
36" $178.30 TAS057003 lighter weight fabrics.
The replacement blade will fit both size Trim Master units.
Roll dispenser sold separately.
4 roll 24" $208.05 TAS057004 WIDTH PRICE ITEM #
30" $222.50 TAS057005 36" $22.85 TAS057022
36" $242.75 TAS057006 48" $25.10 TAS057023
BLADES: $9.00 TAS057024

Table Top Dispenser

Handy table units, available in 2 sizes, will dispense paper and/or tissue.
Units are equipped with a blade for cutting. If precision cutting is required,
the Trim Master accessory can be easily added.


30" $44.50 TAS057101
36" $50.50 TAS057102

42 tel: 212-219-0770


Archival Storage
5 Drawer Flat File Units:
Our flat files from Safco feature five drawers, quality steel construction.
The extra-strength drawer rails and heavy steel side-roller assembly
with case-hardened ball-bearing rollers make smooth, quiet operation
Optional all steel base raises the file 6" for protection and ease of
of drawers. Positive closure keeps drawers tightly shut while courtesy
access. Holds 5-drawer files, same quality and matching colors to
stops keep them in place when in an open position. Rear hood and
files. Easy assembly.
hinged front depressor protect contents.
Museum/archival quality paint with a baked enamel finish and includes
chrome drawer handles and label holders. Quick ship in 48 hours. 6" x 401/2"x 291/2" Gray $158.00 TAS049007
OVERALL SIZE INT. CAPACITY COLOR PRICE ITEM # 6" x 401/2"x 291/2" White $158.00 TAS049019
401/2"x 29 1/2"x 161/2" 37"x26"x2" Gray $876.00 TAS049004 6" x 401/2"x 291/2" Black $158.00 TAS049020
37"x26"x2" White $876.00 TAS049010 6" x 401/2"x 291/2" Sand $158.00 TAS049021

Flat Files & Shelving

401/2"x 29 1/2"x 161/2"
401/2"x 29 1/2"x 161/2" 37"x26"x2" Black $876.00 TAS049011 6" x 461/2"x 351/2" Gray $170.00 TAS049008
401/2"x 29 1/2"x 161/2" 37"x26"x2" Sand $876.00 TAS049012 6" x 461/2"x 351/2" White $170.00 TAS049022
461/2"x 351/2"x 161/2" 43"x32"x2" Gray $1013.00 TAS049005 6" x 461/2"x 351/2" Black $170.00 TAS049023
461/2"x 351/2"x 161/2" 43"x32"x2" White $1013.00 TAS049013 6" x 461/2"x 351/2" Sand $170.00 TAS049024
461/2"x 351/2"x 161/2" 43"x32"x2" Black $1013.00 TAS049014 6" x 531/2"x 411/2" Gray $225.12 TAS049009
461/2"x 351/2"x 161/2" 43"x32"x2" Sand $1013.00 TAS049015 6" x 531/2"x 411/2 White $225.12 TAS049025
531/2"x 411/2"x 161/2" 50"x38"x2" Gray $1198.00 TAS049006 6" x 531/2"x 411/2 Black $225.12 TAS049026
531/2"x 411/2"x 161/2" 50"x38"x2" White $1198.00 TAS049016 6" x 531/2"x 411/2 Sand $225.12 TAS049027

531/2"x 411/2"x 161/2" 50"x38"x2" Black $1198.00 TAS049017
531/2"x 411/2"x 161/2" 50"x38"x2" Sand $1198.00 TAS049018

OPEN WIRE SHELVING Open wire construction reduces dust build-up, allows free light &
air circulation,increases sprinkler effectiveness & improves visibility. Shelves
adjustable in 1” increments.
Other sizes and finishes available. Please inquire.
• Independently certified by NSF • Corrosion resistant
International • Easy to assemble, no tools required 4
• Attractive chrome finish • Interchangeable w/other major brands
uprights and a minimum of 2 shelves of the same size are required to make one
unit. Additional shelving units can be added onto the first unit, requiring only
two uprights since they attach to the other two uprights of the adjoining unit.
Posts in Chrome: 4 needed per unit
34" $8.80 TAS058000
74" $12.40 TAS058001
86" $15.20 TAS058002
96" $19.20 TAS058003
Shelves in Chrome
18" x 24" $28.00 TAS058004
18" x 36" $32.80 TAS058005
18" x 48" $42.40 TAS058006
24" x 36" $41.60 TAS058007
24" x 48" $50.40 TAS058008
36" x 36" $73.60 TAS058009
24" x 72" $71.20 TAS058010 C Custom Options Available 43

Heritage Corrugated Boards C

Our exclusive Heritage Corrugated Board sets the standard in the next This board is blue/gray on one side and white on the other, making
generation of archival corrugated board. Greatly exceeding the quality it perfectly suited for framing, box making, and other types of enclo-
of other boards available on the market today, and passing much more sures where the objects can sit against a non-pigmented surface, while
stringent testing for permanence than simply the Photo Activity Test. still maintaining the traditional blue/gray color on the outside.

ANSI IT 9.16 / ISO 14523-1999 (PAT test)
Boards & Blotters

ISO 9706 - Permanency requirements for paper

ANSI / NISO Z.39.48-1992 Permanence for paper in Library and Archives
This board is made out of a paper with increased rigidity, while still maintaining excellent folding characteristics.

• 100% bleached alpha cellulose • pH cold extraction: 8.0 - 9.5 (TAPPI T 509 om-02)
• Without the use of recycled or wooden fibers • Alkaline reserve (buffer) > 3% calcium carbonate
• No optical brighteners • Adhesive: Potato starch, ph 7.0, moisture proof.
• Kappa level: 1 - 2 = lignin-free (TAPPI T 236 om-99)

B-Flute 1/8” thick single wall (SW) E-Flute 1/16” thick single wall micro corrugated (SW)
BB-Flute 1/4” thick double wall (DW) E-PLUS Flute 1.7mm single wall, 300gsm paper
Heritage Corrugated Boards

E-flute SHEET SIZE SHT/CTN 1-4 CTN 5-9CTN 10-24 CTN 25+ CTN ITEM#
8” x 10” 10 $6.90 $6.20 $5.50 - TPB567017
11” x 14” 10 $12.05 $10.80 $9.00 - TPB567018
14” x 18” 10 $19.35 $17.55 $14.60 - TPB567019
16” x 20” 10 $27.35 $24.60 $18.80 - TPB567020
20” x 24” 10 $37.50 $33.75 $26.80 - TPB567021
40” x 60” 25 $232.50 $220.00 $216.25 $212.50 TPB567007
SIZE 1-49 SHT 50-99 SHT 100-499 500+ ITEM #
71” x 88” - $28.00 $24.75 $22.50 $20.70 TPB567010

40” x 60” 25 $258.00 $244.25 $240.00 $235.75 TPB567022
SHEET SIZE 1-49 SHT 50-99 SHT 100-499 500+ ITEM #
71” x 88” - $31.00 $27.50 $25.00 $23.00 TPB567009

B-flute SHEET SIZE SHT/CTN 1-4 CTN 5-9CTN 10-24 CTN 25+ CTN ITEM#
8”x10” 10 $6.90 $6.20 $5.50 - TPB567011
11” x 14” 10 $12.05 $10.80 $9.00 - TPB567012
14” x 18” 10 $19.35 $17.55 $14.60 - TPB567013
16” x 20” 10 $27.35 $24.60 $18.80 - TPB567014
20” x 24” 10 $37.50 $33.75 $26.80 - TPB567015
32” x 48” 25 $167.50 $157.50 $136.25 $132.50 TPB567001
40” x 60” 15 $174.25 $163.00 $157.00 $149.50 TPB567002
48” x 96” 15 t$295.00 $280.00 $272.50 $271.00 TPB567003
SIZE 1-49 SHT 50-99 SHT 100-499 500+ ITEM #
71” x 88” - $28.00 $24.75 $22.50 $20.70 TPB567016

BB-flute SHEET SIZE SHT/CTN 1-4 CTN 5-9CTN 10-24 CTN 25+ CTN ITEM#
40” x 60” 10 $167.00 $157.00 $149.50 $146.00 TPB567005
48” x 96” 10 $320.00 $300.00 $290.00 $280.00 TPB567006

40” x 60” 10 $510.00 $465.00 $435.00 $430.00 TPB567008

TPB567100 Custom Cut Materials Sample Box $5.00

See Page 48

44 tel: 212-219-0770

E-Flute: 1.6mm (1/16") thick
1. 190g/m2, Blue-Gray
2 2. 135g/m2, Natural White
3 3. 135g/m2, Natural White E-flu

E-PLUS: 1.7mm thick

Boards & Blotters

1. 300g/m2, Dark Gray
2 2. 135g/m2, Natural White
3 3. 190g/m2, Natural White

B-Flute: 3mm (1/8") thick

1 1. 190g/m2, Blue-Gray
2 2. 135g/m2, Natural White
3 3. 190g/m2, Natural White

BB-Flute: 6mm (1/4") thick

1. 190g/m2, Blue-Gray
2. 135g/m2, Natural White

Heritage Corrugated Boards

3 3. 190g/m2, Natural White
4. 135g/m2, Natural White
5. 190g/m2, Natural White

BBX-Flute: 6mm (1/4") thick

1. 190g/m2, Blue-Gray
2 2. 135g/m2, Natural White
3 3. 190g/m2, Natural White
5 4. 190g/m2, Blue-Gray
6 5. 135g/m2, Natural White
6. 190g/m2, Natural White BBX

Heritage Corrugated Board

Single Face E-Flute Roll
The same outstanding archival properties of our stan-
dard Heritage Corrugated Boards, now available as a
single face corrugated roll.
Single face corrugated is a versatile packaging, cushion-
ing and wrapping material that can be used in a wide
range of applications. Since single face corrugated is
soft and flexible, it can be used for wrapping 3-D ob-
jects, forming tubes and cones, and filling voids. A
great cushioning material for those wanting to avoiding
foams with questionable long term stability.
This product is our typical Blue-Gray on the flat size,
and white on the exposed corrugated side.


40” x 109yd $495.00 TPB567024 C Custom Options Available 45

An acid-free blotter made from 100% acid-free cotton fiber, without
any optical brighteners. Cotton provides a softer surface and improved The largest selection of the highest quality blotters anywhere.
absorbency than alpha cellulose blotters.
Blotter Sample Book $4.00 TPB139000 Available in a variety of sizes and caliper.

Cotton Color:
ITEM # SIZE THICKNESS 1-24 25-99 100+ White
TPB139003 19” x 24” .03 $4.20 $3.55 $2.02
TPB139004 24” x 38” .03 $7.03 $5.93 $3.78
Boards & Blotters

TPB139005 32” x 40” .03 $9.03 $7.45 $5.04 Smooth both sides,
except for Alpha Cellulose
100% Cotton-Roll
which is smooth on one side.
TPB139008 40” x 50 yd .03 $359.10
TPB139009 79” x 50 yd .03 $833.95
TPB139010 40” x 50 yd .01 $204.55

100% Cotton-Extra Heavy

ITEM # SIZE THICKNESS 1-24. 25-99 100+
TPB139006 26” x 38” .10 $24.40 $21.50 $12.85
ITEM # SIZE THICKNESS 1-24 25-49 50+
TPB139007 38” x 52” .10 $47.10 $43.15 $19.60

Unbuffered Alpha Cellulose

Blotters & Foamcore

ITEM # SIZE THICKNESS 1-24 25-99 100+
TPB139001 24” x 38” .024 $5.20 $3.78 $2.36
TPB139002 32” x 40” .024 $6.77 $5.25 $3.73

AlphaRag Artcare Foamcore Artcare Archival Foamcore

Micro Chamber Micro Chamber
This board has similar characteristics of Artcare, with the added Artcare acid-free foam core is made with MicroChamber molecular
feature of 100% rag paper on both sides of the foam center. traps. The MicroChamber products incorporated in this board
effectively remove many harmful compounds such as phenols, ethanoic
and methanoic acid, sulphur dioxide, ammonia and formaldehyde.
TPB160001 32” x 40” 1/8” White $234.00 The board is covered in an off-white buffered paper. Our black board
TPB160002 32” x 40” 3/16” White $234.00
has a black core over a black acid-free lamination.
TPB160003 40” x 60” 1/8” White $455.25
TPB160004 40” x 60” 3/16” White $455.25 ITEM # BOARD SIZE THICKNESS COLOR 1-24 25+
TPB142001 32” x 40” 3/16” White $ 9.50 $8.40
TPB142002 40” x 60” 3/16” White $19.85 $15.80
TPB142008 32” x 40” 3/16” Black $11.10 $9.70
Artcare Restore Foamcore Boards TPB142010 40” x 60” 3/16” Black $21.15 $18.75
This product combines the micro chamber technology of Artcare TPB142104 24” x 36” 1/8” White 10 $ 57.75
Foamboard and the highest quality surface paper. The board is TPB142004 24” x 36” 1/8” White 35 $192.55
coated with an acid-free adhesive activated, between 150°-160°. TPB142005 24” x 36” 3/16” White 25 $137.55
The adhesive can be compromised by re-heating and any remaining TPB142006 32” x 40” 1/8” White 25 $208.50
adhesive can be brushed off. TPB142011 40” X 60” 1/8” White 25 $392.75
ITEM# BOARD SIZE THICKNESS COLOR 1-24 25+ TPB142003 48” x 96” 3/16” White 25 $720.00
TPB160101 32” X 40” 3/16” White - $276.25 TPB142007 32” x 40” 1/8” Black 25 $234.00
TPB160102 40” x 60” 3/16” White $25.35 $20.10 TPB142009 40” x 60” 1/8” Black 25 $467.85

Red Flex Board C

A thin pliable board used for flexible book covers and lining spines. A slightly textured surface
makes it very receptive to adhesive. This board is not acid free.
TPB147001 19” x 26” .020 $1.85 $1.55

46 tel: 212-219-0770

Coroplast C
Coroplast Archival grade is a chemically inert, extremely durable polypropylene copolymer, extruded
twinwall fluted plastic sheet free from additives such as coloring agents, antistatic and ultraviolet inhibi-
tors. Coroplast archival is suitable for backing, mounting, and fabricating containment enclosures.
A superior substrate for long-term use with no off-gasing. It is resistant to water, oils, and solvents at
room temperatures, and is excellent for making boxes, backing of framed works of art and as a barrier
ITEM # THICKNESS SHEET SIZE 1-24 25-99 100-499 500+
TPB141001 4mm 30” x 40” $10.50 $6.75 $6.25 -
TPB141002 4mm 40” x 60” $18.00 $13.50 $12.90 -

Boards & Blotters

TPB141003 4mm 48” x 96” $37.50 $23.50 $22.50 -
TPB141005 6mm 48” x 96” $52.25 $37.60 $34.75 -
TPB141004 4mm 70” x 90” $51.38 $38.50 $34.65 $31.19

Tycore Mounting Panels C

The most dimensionally stable of any fiber based mounting board. Constructed of honey comb supports
faced with acid-free off white paper and adhesive, buffered to an approximate pH of 8.0.
Thickness of 30”x40” and 40”x60” panels are approx. 3/4”
and the 48”x96” panels are approx. 1/2” thick.
TPB148001 30” x 40” 3/4” $80.50 $69.50
TPB148002 40” x 60” 3/4” $128.25 $85.50

TPB148003 48” x 96” 1/2” $168.50 $112.25

Barrier Board C
A duplex construction 56pt (0.056”) board made of a blue-gray board on one side, and white on the other.
Commonly used for box making, folders, and other enclosures. All materials used in the manufacture
of this product are archival. Sulfur free, buffered to a minimum pH of 8.5 with 3% calcium carbonate.
Passes the PAT test. Large sizes are grain short, small size is grain long.
ITEM # SHEET SIZE 1-24 25-49 50
TPB136001 24” x 33” $4.55 $4.05 $3.25
TPB136002 33” x 48” $9.00 $8.35 $7.25

Bristol Board (Folder Stock) C

A lightweight, multi use board excellent for making folders, enclosures, and interleaving. It is also
referred to as file folder stock, as the 10 point (.010”) board is what is used for archival file folders. The
20 point (.020”) board is commonly used for making phase boxes, vertical standing dividers, backing
frames, and lining drawers and shelves. Both Buffered weights are acid and lignin free, buffered with
calcium carbonate to a minimum pH of 8.5, and have passed the PAT test. Buffered sheets are light
tan in color with a smooth finish, and Unbuffered sheets are white in color. Min. purchase of 5 sheets.
TPB140001 20” x 30” .010 Buffered $1.45 $1.25 $1.15 $0.75
TPB140004 30” x 42” .010 Buffered $2.50 $1.65 $1.60 $1.55
TPB140011 36” x 48” .010 Buffered $3.50 $2.90 $2.70 $2.15
TPB140005 42” x 60” .010 Buffered $4.25 $3.25 $3.15 $3.05
TPB140006 48” x 72” .010 Buffered $6.25 $5.25 $4.85 $4.15
TPB140101 48” x 30” .010 Unbuffered $2.75 $2.35 $2.15 $2.00
TPB140102 48” x 36” .010 Unbuffered $3.25 $2.75 $2.55 $2.35
TPB140103 48” x 60” .010 Unbuffered $5.50 $4.70 $4.35 $3.95
TPB140104 48” x 72” .010 Unbuffered $6.50 $5.50 $5.10 $4.65
TPB140002 20” x 30” .020 Buffered $3.50 $3.30 $3.05 $2.05
TPB140010 30” x 42” .020 Buffered $5.10 $4.50 $4.20 $3.75
TPB140007 36” x 48” .020 Buffered $5.85 $4.85 $4.70 $4.50
TPB140008 42” x 60” .020 Buffered $9.15 $8.15 $7.60 $6.75
TPB140009 48” x 72” .020 Buffered $10.95 $9.95 $9.30 $8.30 C Custom Cutting Available 47

Custom Cut Material Sample Box
Talas Custom Cut box is constructed from either our Heritage Corrugated
Board in E or E+ Flute. Samples fit neatly inside of the 3”x3” Clamshell (T03)
Box. Also included: all flute options of our exclusive Heritage Corrugated
Board, Coroplast, and 20 Pt.Bristol Board.


3”x3” Sample Box $5.00 TPB567100
Boards & Blotters

Rising Museum Board- Pre Cut Museum Board can be custom cut,

please let us know your requirements.


TPB143001 8" x 10" 2 50 White $18.90 $10.60 -
TPB143002 8" x 10" 2 50 Warm White $18.90 $10.60 -
TPB143011 8” x 10” 4 25 White $18.90 $14.10 $10.60
TPB143012 8” x 10” 4 25 Warm White $18.90 $14.10 $10.60

2 ply ITEM # BOARD SIZE COLOR 1-24 25-99 100+

Museum Board

TPB143003 11" x 14" White $1.65 $1.55 $1.50

TPB143004 11" x 14" Warm White $1.65 $1.55 $1.50
TPB143005 11" x 14" Black $1.85 $1.75 $1.65
TPB143022 13" x 19" White $2.70 $2.50 $2.45
TPB143023 13" x 19" Warm White $2.70 $2.50 $2.45
TPB143021 14" x 18" White – $2.50 $2.45
TPB143006 16" x 20" White $2.70 $2.50 $2.45
TPB143007 16" x 20" Warm White $2.70 $2.50 $2.45
TPB143008 16" x 20" Black $3.10 $2.90 $2.80
TPB143009 20" x 24" White $5.05 $4.60 $4.40
TPB143010 20" x 24" Warm White $5.05 $4.60 $4.40

4 ply ITEM # SIZE COLOR 1-24 25-99 100+

TPB143013 11" x 14" White $3.30 $3.10 $3.00
TPB143014 11" x 14" Warm White $3.30 $3.10 $3.00
TPB143015 11" x 14" Black $3.70 $3.35 $3.25
TPB143016 16" x 20" White $5.40 $5.00 $4.90
TPB143017 16" x 20" Warm White $5.40 $5.00 $4.90
TPB143018 16" x 20" Black $6.15 $5.85 $5.60
TPB143019 20" x 24" White $10.10 $9.20 $8.80
TPB143020 20" x 24" Warm White $10.10 $9.20 $8.80

Artcare Gallery Window Mats - PreCut

Made from an 8 ply window FRAME IMAGE OPENING
and a 4 ply backing Artcare ITEM # COLOR SIZE SIZE POSITION 1-9 10+
museum board, 100% cotton TPB145003 White 16" x 20" 8" x 10" Centered $13.08 $10.35
with micro chamber technol- TPB145002 White 16" x 20" 8" x 12" Centered $13.08 $10.35
ogy. These boards offer the TPB145004 White 16" x 20" 8" x 10" Portrait $13.08 $10.35
most advanced matting sys- TPB145005 White 16" x 20" 8" x 10" Landscape $13.08 $10.35
tem available. TPB145006 Black 16" x 20" 11" x 14" Centered $13.90 $11.10
TPB145007 White 11" x 14" 8" x 10" Centered $8.55 $6.90
TPB145008 White 11" x 14" 5" x 7" Centered $8.55 $6.90
Please note that the actual
TPB145009 White 11" x 14" 5" x 5" Centered $8.55 $6.90
window openings on all the
TPB145011 White 11" x 14" 4" x 6" Landscape $8.55 $6.90
window mats are 1/2” smaller
TPB145012 Black 11" x 14" 5" x 7" Centered $9.20 $7.50
in each dimension.

48 tel: 212-219-0770

RISING - Museum Mat Boards C

Rising Museum Board is considered the finest quality lignin free, with a pH of approximately 8.5, buffered with
mounting, matting, and backing board available. Used as a calcium carbonate, and alum free. Colors are lightfast and
stiffener for prints, photos, or documents in mylar sleeves, non bleeding. *pH Neutral
as well as for framing and matting. 100% cotton, acid and Museum board is grain long. Color chart available.

Rising Museum Board meets all the mandates of the Library of Congress for archival properties and passes the Photographic Activities Test.
2 ply ITEM # BOARD SIZE COLOR 1-24 25-49 50-99 100+
(.030") TPB144001 32" x 40" White $8.15 $7.50 $6.85 $6.45
TPB144002 32" x 40" Warm White $8.15 $7.50 $6.85 $6.45

Boards & Blotters

TPB144036 32" x 40" Polar White $8.15 $7.50 $6.85 $6.45
TPB144003 32" x 40" Natural $8.15 $7.50 $6.85 $6.45
TPB144006 32" x 40" Antique $8.15 $7.50 $6.85 $6.45
TPB144007 32" x 40" Black $10.75 $9.90 $9.05 $8.50
TPB144018 40" x 60" White $14.50 $12.90 $12.10 $11.25

4 ply ITEM # BOARD SIZE COLOR 1-24 25-49 50-99 100+

(.060") TPB144008 32" x 40" White $15.50 $14.15 $12.90 $12.05
TPB144009 32" x 40" Warm White $15.50 $14.15 $12.90 $12.05
TPB144048 32" x 40" Olde White $15.50 $14.15 $12.90 $12.05
TPB144053 32" x 40" Polar White $15.50 $14.15 $12.90 $12.05
TPB144014 32" x 40" Photo Mount* $15.50 $14.15 $12.90 $12.05
TPB144010 32" x 40" Natural $15.50 $14.15 $12.90 $12.05
TPB144011 32" x 40" Cream $15.50 $14.15 $12.90 $12.05

Museum Board
TPB144012 32" x 40" Ivory $15.50 $14.15 $12.90 $12.05
TPB144013 32" x 40" Antique $15.50 $14.15 $12.90 $12.05
TPB144015 32" x 40" Fawn $16.40 $15.05 $13.65 $12.75
TPB144037 32" x 40" Neutral Gray $16.40 $15.05 $13.65 $12.75
TPB144038 32" x 40" Medium Gray $16.40 $15.05 $13.65 $12.75
TPB144016 32" x 40" Zinc $16.40 $15.05 $13.65 $12.75
TPB144017 32" x 40" Black $20.40 $18.70 $17.00 $15.85
TPB144020 40" x 60" White $29.05 $26.60 $24.20 $22.60
TPB144050 40” x 60” Olde White $29.05 $26.60 $24.20 $22.60
TPB144039 40" x 60" Photo Mount* $29.05 $26.60 $24.20 $22.60
TPB144021 40" x 60" Warm White $29.05 $26.60 $24.20 $22.60
TPB144055 40" x 60" Polar White $29.05 $26.60 $24.20 $22.60
TPB144022 40" x 60" Natural $29.05 $26.60 $24.20 $22.60
TPB144023 40" x 60" Cream $29.05 $26.60 $24.20 $22.60
TPB144025 40" x 60" Antique $29.05 $26.60 $24.20 $22.60
TPB144043 40" x 60" Zinc $30.70 $27.30 $25.60 $23.90
TPB144026 40" x 60" Black $38.35 $34.10 $31.95 $29.85
TPB144027 48” x 96” Warm White $656.25
TPB144028 60” x104” White $885.30
TPB144029 60” x104” Warm White $885.30
TPB144057 60” x104” Antique $885.30
TPB144063 60”x104” Black $1009.20
TPB144058 48” x72” White $979.50
TPB144059 48” x72” Warm White $979.50

8 ply ITEM # BOARD SIZE COLOR 1-9 10-19 20-39 40+

(.120") TPB144030 32" x 40" White $38.98 $35.70 $32.50 $30.30
TPB144031 32" x 40" Warm White $38.98 $35.70 $32.50 $30.30
TPB144054 32" x 40" Polar White $38.98 $35.70 $32.50 $30.30
TBP144032 32" x 40" Natural $38.98 $35.70 $32.50 $30.30
TPB144044 32" x 40" Antique $38.98 $35.70 $32.50 $30.30
TPB144033 40" x 60" White $73.25 $67.15 $61.10 $56.95
TPB144034 40" x 60" Warm White $73.25 $67.15 $61.10 $56.95
TPB144056 40" x 60" Polar White $73.25 $67.15 $61.10 $56.95
TPB144035 40" x 60" Natural $73.25 $67.15 $61.10 $56.95
TPB144047 40" x 60" Antique $73.25 $67.15 $61.10 $56.95
TPB144061 48” x72” White $1216.35
TPB144062 48” x72” Warm White $1216.35 C Custom Cutting Available 49

Artcare Museum Board - Micro Chamber
All boards incorporate micro-chamber technology that which is unbuffered. All boards have passed the Photo Activity Test
act as scavengers absorbing many harmful airborne pol- and meet the regulations of ANSI/NOSO Z39.48-1992 for the perma-
lutants such as nitrogen peroxide. Boards are 100% nence of paper.
cotton and buffered to a pH of 8.3, except natural white Alpha Rag Artcare Museum Board is sold in full packs only.

TPB195006 32” x 40” White 25 $148.30 $138.30 $129.00

2 ply ITEM #
Boards & Blotters

TPB195001 32” x 40” Pure White 25 $195.30 $179.10 $176.00
TPB195007 32” x 40” White 25 $195.30 $179.10 $176.00

4 ply
SIZE CTN 1-3 CTN 3-19 CTN 20+ CTN
TPB195002 32” x 40” Pure White TPB195003 40” x 60” Pure White 32” x 40” 10 $163.20 $156.00 $151.20
TPB195008 32” x 40” White TPB195009 40” x 60” White 40” x 60” 10 $327.00 $311.70 $296.70
TPB195013 32” x 40” Pearl White TPB195014 40” x 60” Pearl White 48” x 72” 10 $519.25 $506.25 $495.00
TPB195016 32” x 40” Antique Wht TPB195017 40” x 60” Antique Whte 48” x 96” 10 $765.75 $754.00 $742.00
TPB195020 32” x 40” Nat White TPB195052 40” x 60” Nat White
TPB195065 32” x 40” Glacier Wht


Museum Board

TPB195022 32” x 40” Ivory TPB195041 32” x 40” Dove Gray

TPB195025 32” x 40” Cream TPB195023 40” x 60” Ivory
SIZE CTN 1-3 CTN 3-19 CTN 20+ CTN
TPB195028 32” x 40” Khaki TPB195026 40” x 60” Cream
TPB195029 40” x 60” Khaki 32” x 40” 10 $169.50 $152.25 $149.85
TPB195033 32” x 40” Tumblewd
TPB195057 40” x 60” Special Crm 40” x 60” 10 $339.00 $324.30 $296.70
TPB195035 32” x 40” Special Crm
TPB195038 32” x 40” Sand
TPB195039 32” x 40” Taupe


TPB195044 32” x 40” DeepSage TPB195054 32” x 40” Coir SIZE CTN 1-3 CTN 3-19 CTN 20+ CTN
TPB195045 32” x 40” Hther Brwn TPB195055 32” x 40” Toasted Wheat 32” x 40” 10 $224.10 $211.20 $207.00
TPB195046 32” x 40” Ebony TPB195047 40” x 60” Ebony 40” x 60” 10 $439.80 $428.80 $417.20
TPB195063 32” x 40” Nat Black TPB195050 40” x 60” Blk Shadw
TPB195064 32” x 40” Blk Shadw TPB195066 40” x 60” DeepSage
TPB195053 32” x 40” Fresh Hay

8 ply

TPB195004 32” x 40” Pure White SIZE CTN 1-3 CTN 3-19 CTN 20+ CTN
TPB195019 40” x 60” Pearl White
TPB195012 32” x 40” White 32” x 40” 12 $481.00 $463.00 $444.00
TPB195051 40” x 60” White
TPB195015 32” x 40” Pearl White 40” x 60” 5 $408.00 $399.25 $393.60
TPB195018 32” x 40” Antqe White
SIZE CTN 1-3 CTN 3-19 CTN 20+ CTN
TPB195024 32” x 40” Ivory TPB195030 32” x 40” Khaki
32” x 40” 12 $498.00 $481.00 $463.00

TPB195048 32” x 40” Ebony 32” x 40” 12 $605.00 $589.00 $568.00

50 tel: 212-219-0770

Peterboro Museum Board
Peterboro Museum Board is a conservation mat board that delivers the highest quality standards in the market.
This premium conservation matboard offers unsurpassed quality, permanence and value. It has been designed for framers and conservators who
insist on the centuries of proven protection that only cotton can provide.


TPB200001 32" x 40" White 96 $262.08 $262.08 $244.80

Boards & Blotters


TPB200002 32" x 40" White 48 $281.28 $252.96 $236.16

TPB200003 32" x 40" Warm White 48 $281.28 $252.96 $236.16


TPB200004 32" x 40" White 24 $276.00 $248.40 $231.60

TPB200005 32" x 40" Warm White 24 $276.00 $248.40 $231.60
TPB200006 32" x 40" Trad White 24 $276.00 $248.40 $231.60
TPB200007 32" x 40" Cream 24 $276.00 $248.40 $231.60
TPB200008 32" x 40" Soft Cream 24 $276.00 $248.40 $231.60
TPB200009 32" x 40" Unbuffered 24 $276.00 $248.40 $231.60
TPB200010 32" x 40" Light Gray 24 $297.60 $267.60 $249.60

Museum Board
TPB200017 40” x 60” White 24 $526.80 $472.80 $441.60
TPB200018 40” x 60” Warm White 24 $526.80 $472.80 $441.60
TPB200019 40” x 60” Trad White 24 $526.80 $472.80 $441.60
TPB200020 40” x 60” Cream 24 $526.80 $472.80 $441.60
TPB200021 40” x 60” Soft Cream 24 $526.80 $472.80 $441.60
TPB200022 40” x 60” Light Gray 24 $558.00 $500.40 $468.00
TPB200027 48" x 72" White 10 $491.00 $441.00 $412.00
TPB200028 48” x 96” White 10 $658.00 $591.00 $552.00
TPB200029 60” x 104” White 12 $888.50 $798.00 $745.00


TPB200012 32" x 40" White 12 $352.20 $316.20 $295.20

TPB200013 32” x 40” Warm White 12 $352.20 $316.20 $295.20
TPB200014 32” x 40” Trad White 12 $352.20 $316.20 $295.20
TPB200015 32” x 40” Soft Cream 12 $352.20 $316.20 $295.20
TPB200024 40” x 60” White 12 $661.80 $594.00 $554.40
TPB200025 40” x 60” Warm White 12 $661.80 $594.00 $554.40
TPB200026 40” x 60” Trad White 12 $661.80 $594.00 $554.40

Do you have a particular project in mind?

Talas can custom cut your boards,
saving you valuable time and effort.

Products marked with C indicate that they can be custom cut.

See a product that you would like cut without this icon?
Not a problem, just ask. We’re always willing to give it a shot. C Custom Cutting Available 51

Grain direction is indicated by the underscore under “sheet size”, see below.

Eterno Board by Tschudi- A/F C

Minimum mail order is 10 sheets, may be assorted.
Responding to numerous requests, we are now stocking the most sought after
binders board from Tschudi of Switzerland and sold under the name of Eterno.
These boards are made of multiple layers of acid and lignin free pulp, buffered
to a minimum pH of 8.0. Both sides have a fine textured finish for superior
glue adhesion. The boards are high density allowing for precision, square cuts
Boards & Blotters

and crisp edges.

Actual calipers (thickness) are given in metric and conversion to inches is approximate.


TPB202002 .8mm (1/30”) 1m x 70cm (39” x 28”) $11.25 $10.50 $7.85
TPB202003 1.2mm (1/20”) 1m x 70cm (39” x 28”) $15.15 $12.60 $10.50
TPB202004 2.0mm (1/12”) 1m x 70cm (39” x 28”) $23.25 $19.35 $16.25
TPB202005 3.0mm (1/8”) 1m x 70cm (39” x 28”) $34.50 $28.80 $24.00
TPB202000 Sample Book $6.50

Davey Red Label Binder’s Board C

Binders Boards

Minimum mail order is 10 sheets, may be assorted.

Davey Red Label Binders Board sets the standard for high density cover board used for books and boxes
by bookbinders and conservators. Made from 100% recycled fibers in a single ply construction and
buffered to be acid free. The products feature a high density surface (4.2-5.2 lbs per point of caliper per
MSF) combined with superior stiffness and corner crush resistance.
Full and half size boards have a rough mill edge, and need to be cut down to be straight and square.
Half size: Grain Short; Full size: Grain Long
Caliper thickness has been converted to fractions for your convenience - please note that these are approximate.
TPB138009 Sample Book $6.00

Full Size Boards: Grain Long

ITEM # CALIPER SHEET SIZE 1-9 10-24 25-49 50-99 100+
TPB138011 .070 (1/16”) 30” x 41” $5.75 $4.75 $392 $3.18 $2.97
TPB138006 .080 (1/12”) 30” x 41” $6.15 $5.35 $4.40 $3.60 $3.34
TPB138007 .098 (1/10”) 30” x 41” $7.50 $6.35 $4.90 $4.05 $3.76
TPB138008 .120 (1/8”) 30” x 41” $8.75 $7.75 $5.55 $4.45 $4.20

Half Size Boards: Grain Short

ITEM # CALIPER SHEET SIZE 1-9 10-24 25-49 50-99 100+
TPB138010 .070 (1/15”) 20” x 30” $3.70 $3.45 $3.10 $2.65 $2.10
TPB138002 .080 (1/12”) 20” x 30” $3.95 $3.70 $3.40 $2.90 $2.39
TPB138003 .098 (1/10”) 20” x 30” $4.45 $4.05 $3.70 $3.35 $2.76
TPB138004 .120 (1/8”) 20” x 30” $5.35 $4.85 $4.45 $3.90 $3.18

Cut Boards (9”x11.5”): Grain Long

ITEM # CALIPER SHEET SIZE 1-24 25-49 50-99 100+
TPB138012 .070 (1/16”) 9” x 11.5” $0.88 $0.76 $0.70 $0.64
TPB138013 .080 (1/12”) 9” x 11.5” $0.96 $0.84 $0.77 $0.70
TPB138014 .098 (1/10”) 9” x 11.5” $1.08 $0.94 $0.87 $0.78
TPB138015 .120 (1/8”) 9” x 11.5” $1.40 $1.22 $1.12 $1.02

Cut Boards (5.25”x7.25”)

ITEM # CALIPER SHEET SIZE 1-24 25-49 50+
TPB138016 .070 (1/16”) 5.25” x 7.25” $0.80 $0.71 $0.64
TPB138017 .080 (1/12”) 5.25” x 7.25” $0.85 $0.76 $0.69
TPB138018 .098 (1/10”) 5.25” x 7.25” $0.95 $0.86 $0.77

52 tel: 212-219-0770


200 Books ABC of Leather Bookbinding

An Annotated Bibliography A Manual for Traditional Craftsmanship
By Keith Smith By Edward R. Lhotka
Memoir as told through all the books made by This work is an illustrated manual that shows
the author. Text and pictures describe the 199 step-by-step the art and science of fine
books by Smith. leather bookbinding. Once deciding the book
36 pages Hardcover $35.00 TBK005057 is re-bindable, every aspect of the restoration
procedure is fully discussed. Also covers decorative
inlays, onlays and gold tooling.
142 pages Softcover $19.95 TBK005088
A Craftsman’s Guide
An Introduction to Gold Finishing
By John Mitchell
Renowned author and Silver Medalist has produced American Book Design and

the most valuable book on this subject. Text & William Morris
illustrations have been written and designed to By Susan O. Thompson
enable the beginner or experienced bookbinder A landmark study, this book documents the
to develop and enhance their skills in the most true extent of Morris’s influence on American
difficult area of the bookbinding trade. Includes bookmaking. With 111 illustrations of bindings,
information on equipment, preparation for gold tooling, using title pages, type and decorations retaken

adhesives and tooling with gold leaf. A chapter on faults and their from original photographs, appealing to all
corrections is also included. related to the Book Arts.
102 pages Softcover $82.50 TBK005004 318 pages Paperback $34.95 TBK005003

A Craftsman’s Guide to: Basic Bookbinding

Edge Decoration for Bookbinding By Arthur W. Lewis
By John Mitchell A compelete list of necessary materials, as well
Explains all the basic techniques in detail and as a guide to the selection of paper, tools, glue,
provides step by step instructions for each style boards, cloth and leather. Chapters include single
of edge decoration. The text is supplemented and multi sectioned, case-bound and library style
throughout with handy hints and tips and is bindings as well as the use of endpapers and
profusely illustrated with photographs and practical methods for lettering.
drawings. 144 pages Paperback $7.95 TBK005008
100 pages Paperback $82.50 TBK005020

A Handbookbinder’s Guide to Book Sewings

Making Photo Albums By Richard W. Horton
By Richard W. Horton This book is an excellent source of 23 sewings
This book examines basic historical album executed for the Fundamentals of Conservation
structure & gives 8 new designs worked out with Treatment course taught by Guy Petherbridge
photo preservation in mind. It offers an immediate at Columbia Univ, 1988-89. Written for the
understanding of how most albums have been bookbinder or apprentice seeking a reliable guide
made. This book also includes a glossary of to a small number of exemplary, practical & much
technical terms, list of supplies & easy to follow used sewings.
techniques. 44 pages Softcover $20.00 TBK005082
56 pages Softcover $25.00 TBK005083

Bookbinders’ Finishing Tool

ABC of Bookbinding Makers, 1780-1965
By Jane Greenfield This unique directory lists hundreds of toolcutters
A uniquely illustrated glossary covering terms and their firms during this period. Book gives brief
related to bookbinding and the book. Examining biographies of each craftsman or firm, illustrating
the book’s development through different times their original trade marks and advertisements.
and in different places, this work includes names Excellent reference to provide a means for dating
and drawings for almost every conceivable part of tools and bindings.
the book as well as a multitude of styles, bindings 315 pages Hardcover $55.00 TBK005064
and decorations.
200 pages Hardcover $49.95 TBK005001

tel: 212-219-0770 53

Bookbinding By His Own Labor:
It’s Background & Technique The Biography of Dard Hunter
By Edith Diehl By Cathleen A. Baker
A major reference that surveys the history from Dard Hunter was a unique blend of craftsman
antiquity to the 19th century and provides and scholar. His legacy is manifest in the
instruction for all types of hand bookbinding. revival of hand papermaking in this country.
1980. Reprint of Rinehart & Co. ed., 1946. Two With a multitude of illustrations and printed by
volumes published as one. the renowned Stinehour Press, Baker reveals for
700 pages Paperback $24.95 TBK005010 the first time the complete dimensions of this
pioneering genius.
360 pages Hardcover $49.95 TBK007028
The Classic Arts&Crafts Manual
By Douglas Cockerell
A principal text of the Arts and Crafts movement
in England, this classic work brought a resurgence
Collage: A New Approach
By Jonathan Talbot
of life and vigor to the ancient craft of hand
Describes a new technique, developed by the

bookbinding .
author, which makes it possible to adhere collage
The text covers concisely virtually every aspect
elements w/o liquid adhesives. Thus eliminating
of the craft - from folding and collating pages,
wrinkling & drying time from collage-making
trimming and gilding edges, and cutting and attaching boards, to
and increases creative spontaneity.
preparing covers, mitering corners, designing and inlaying on leather,
55 pages Paperback $10.00 TBK007070
and pasting down end papers.
352 pages Paperback $14.95 TBK005095

Bookbinding for Book Artists

By Keith A. Smith and Fred Jordan Cover to Cover
Presents a simple approach to binding a book in By: Shereen LaPlantz
cloth or leather. Three bindings are described in This well illustrated book is filled with ideas as
detail: pamphlet binding with boards, flat backed well as gives instructions on many different styles
cased-in codex, and tight back and the hollow of bookbinding, including Japanese stab bindings,
back. 400 elaborate, drawn illustrations augment traditional codices, and complex fold books.
the text. 144 pages Paperback $16.95 TBK005069
432 pages Paperback $35.00 TBK005013

Bookplates by Beilby & Bewick

By Nigel Tattersfield
This work is both a catalog and a history of this Creating Books & Boxes
remarkable British bookplate workshop. The Fun and Unique Approaches to
author describes several hundred bookplates Handmade Structures
engraved on copper and wood, executed, and By Benjamin D. Rinehart
printed in the workshop of Beilby & Bewick over Covers all the basics of book and box construction,
a period of 89 years. including terms, tools, cutting, sewing, and
384 pages Hardcover $95.00 TBK005014 adhesives with the addition of unique twists for
making eleven projects. Includes a section on
Surface Design Techniques and a Gallery of Artist’s Books.
143 pages Paperback $24.99 TBK005093

Books, Boxes and Wraps

By Marilyn Webberley and JoAnn Forsyth
Includes all the original projects and illustrations Creative Bookbinding
plus new information added to the 9 chapters. By Pauline Johnson
Included are new projects, and new information Presents techniques for note pads, scrapbooks,
on tools, working tips, adhesive and materials. portfolios, sewn books, cloth and leather bindings.
This book is not only about making books, but Includes tooling, stamping, embossing, inlaying
about enlarging your sense of what a book is and and dyeing leather, preservation, repair & history
what it does and what it might do. Easy-to-follow directions help of the book.
you enjoy making palm leaves, scrolls, accordion, and edge-sewn 275 pages Paperback $16.95 TBK005018
bindings, single & multiple signature books, & a variety of wrappings
and boxes.
304 pages Softcover $39.00 TBK005016

54 tel: 212-219-0770

Encyclopedia of the Book Headbands, How to Work Them
By Geoffrey Ashall Glaister By Jane Greenfield and Jenny Hille
Contains over 3,000 definitions of terms used An easy to use, step-by-step guide showing how
in bookbinding, printing, papermaking and the to create 14 different styles of headbands. Separate
book trade. There are also biographical details chapters are devoted to each headband with all the
of printers, authors, bookbinders, bibliophiles necessary materials and equipment listed.
and precise notes on machinery and equipment, 96 pages Paperback $14.95 TBK005050
famous books and printing societies.
576 pages Paperback $49.95 TBK005062
576 pages Hardcover $75.00 TBK005021

Hidden Treasures
The History & Technique of
Fore-Edge Painting
Fine Bookbinding
The secrets, technique and history of painting
By Jen Lindsay
a watercolor scene on the fore-edge of a book
Guides the reader through the processes involved
are discussed clearly and enthusiastically for all
in creating a book bound in leather, or a “fine

readers and students and collectors of FEPS.
binding” that the author defines as a book fully
The book is fully and generously illustrated with
covered in leather, with leather-jointed endpapers,
examples. A hommage to a better known edge
gilt edges, & leather doublures. Although a basic
decorators and a rare book to love and cherish.
knowledge of bookbinding terms and techniques is assumed, this
224 pages Hardcover $49.95 TBK005182
book is meant for both novice and experienced bookmakers.
192 pages Paperback $59.95 TBK005011

History of English Craft
Bookbinding Technique
Guild of Book Workers: By Bernard C. Middleton
100th Anniversary Exhibition One of the few books on the subject with
Sixty juried works bear witness to the changes fifteen chapters covering the following topics
in the world as well as the traditions that have in detail: Beating and Pressing, Headbands,
survied these changes. An amazing selection Endpapers, Sewing, Gluing the Spine, Back
of fine bindings, artist’s books, callgraphy, fine Linings, Rounding & Backing, Covering, Boards
printing and marbling are all represented in this & Their Attachment Finishing, Edge Trimming
beautiful publication. & Decoration, Siding & Pasting, Book Repairs &
105 pages Paperback $32.00 TBK005089 Restoration, Equipment & Materials.
368 pages Hardcover $65.00 TBK005029

Hand Bookbinding: How to Make Books

A Manual of Instruction By Esther Smith
By A. Watson This new volume from known craftsperson,
With this expert guide, crafts people can learn Esther Smith, walks you through the basics of
traditional methods & produce high quality hand bookbinding covering simple folding techniques
bound books. Through detailed instructions, to more elaborate leather binding. This book is
over 270 helpful illustrations, the author covers for all, as the writer guides you to discover your
materials, tools, equipment, fundamental inner bookbinder. Using foolproof illustratons
procedures and technical methods. and step-by-step instructions, she reveals her time
160 pages Paperback $12.95 TBK005024 tested techniques in a fun, easy-to-understand way.
120 pages Hardcover $25.00 TBK005097

Handmade Books & Albums

By Marie Ryst Japanese Bookbinding
This book explains the main techniques of simple Instructions From A Master Craftsmen
bookbinding and offers step-by-step instruction By Kojiro Ikegami
for an array of projects. It includes a brief Easy to follow instructions for all the major
history of handmade books, offers a vocabulary historically important Japanese styles of binding
of bookbinding terms and describes the tools and and folding boxes. Includes accordion folds,
materials needed. scrolls and flutter books.
80 pages Paperback $18.95 TBK005026 127 pages Hardcover $34.95 TBK005031

tel: 212-219-0770 55

Non-Adhesive Binding
By Keith A. Smith
Volume I Books Without Paste or Glue:
Describes methods for binding using a minimum number of tools.
Extensive photos and drawings to guide the reader.
Volume II 1–2 and 3 Section Sewings:
Numerous sewings for books with decorative spine designs for books
with 4–100 pages.
Volume III Exposed Spine Sewings:
Instruction for raised support spines requiring only sewing.
Volume IV Smith’s Sewing Single Sheets: VOLUME TYPE PRICE ITEM #
These sewings can be used to bind single sheets to paper, board, Volume I Paperback $30.00 TBK005035
plexiglass, and even metal. The bindings open flat. Volume II Paperback $30.00 TBK005036
Volume V Smith’s Quick Leather Bindings: Volume III Paperback $30.00 TBK005037
Hard cover leather bindings with no paste or glue using archival Volume lV Paperback $30.00 TBK005055
pressure sensitive adhesive in sheets. Volume V Paperback $30.00 TBK005076
All books approximately 325 pages

Printing 1770-1970:
An Illustrated History of its
Lost on the Titanic Development and Uses in England
By Rob Shepherd By Michael Twyman
Limited edition of 1000 copies, letterpress

Covers printing in the machine age and its diverse

printed with 11 color plates. Chronicles the social implications. Carries a heavy emphasis on
production of the greatest of Sangorski and graphic design and machine printings effect on
Sutcliff’s Peacock bindings – “The Great Omar” the commercial industry.
which was lost on the Titanic. 285 pages Hardcover $95.00 TBK005071
Loose Sheets $130.00 TBK005058
Provenance Research
in Book History
By David Pearson, Reprint
Reprint of the first edition with a new introductory
Magic Books & Paper Toys
section containing additional references to
By Esther K. Smith
update the original text. This handbook offers
Author of How to Make Books, unlocks the
a compendium of information on the ways of
secrets of making tricky book forms even if you’ve
recognizing & identifying marks of ownership.
never worked with paper before.
Topics include inscriptions, mottoes, bookplates,
With step-by-step directions and charming
book labels & book stamps, armorial, sales catalogues, catalogues and
illustrations; a few carefully placed cuts & an array of folds & twists
lists of private libraries, provenance indices, heraldry, & paleography.
almost magically become a colorful, multidimensional book.
352 pages Hardcover $49.95 TBK005079
36 pages Softcover $21.95 TBK005098

Text in the Book Format

By Keith Smith
Out of the Cellar Smith speaks of conceiving text as a book
A Garland for Cantina experience rather than a running manuscript. The
The Cantina Press was established in 1936-37 physical object and turning pages become part of
in Northampton, Massachusetts by Clarence and the content.
Ruth Kennedy, scholars and instructors at Smith
College. Out of the Cellar is the history of the 128 pages Paperback $25.00 TBK005051
press, presented by a local bibliotect. Featured
is the transcription of the letter from Bruce Rogers. The text and
introduction are written by the curator of rare books at Smith and
the frontispiece portrait of the Kennedys is by Ansel Adams. Of the
A Life in Bookbinding
edition of 300 copies, 225 are sewn into blue paper wrappers and 75
By Bernard C. Middleton
are deluxe copies in special bindings, with the Ansel Adams portrait
An autobiography of one of the world’s leading
rendered as an original photo gravure print.
book restorers, binding scholars and international
32 pages Deluxe $75.00 TBK005091
lecturers on bookbinding techniques. Over
32 pages Regular $35.00 TBK005090
eighty of his bindings are illustrated. Insight into
Britain’s indentured apprenticeship programs of
the early 20th century.
140 pages Hardcover $39.95 TBK0050

56 tel: 212-219-0770

Structure of the Visual Book The Repair of Cloth Bindings
By Arthur W. Johnson
4th Edition
Arthur Johnson, shares his expertise using
By Keith A. Smith
more than 80 illustrations, drawn by the author
Book elaborates the potential of the book format,
himself, Johnson explains his procedures for
whether text, images, or a combination. Creating
sound construction based on scientific principles
the book as a visual object, not by decoration, but
he developed over many decades. Also includes a
through structure.
history of the use of cloth for bookbinding.
453 pages Paperback $35.00 TBK005080 140 pages Hardcover $35.00 TBK005030

The Thread That Binds:

Interviews w/ Private Practice Bookbinders
The Art of Bookbinding
By Pamela Train Leutz
The Classic Victorian Handbook
Interviews with 21 independent bookbinders.
By Joseph W. Zaehnsdorf
Each chapter documents Leutz’s quest to learn
Renowned Victorian master in a classic that offers
about their challenges, successes, and “common
expert, easy-to-follow advice on every stage of
threads”. “They are quirky, eary, unconventional,

the craft: folding the leaves, sewing them into
traditional, innovative, intelligent and creative.”
signatures to gluing, gilding edges, covering
Interviewees include Tini Miura, TimEly, Craig
& finishing. Over 117 woodcuts & lithographs
Jensen, Jim Croft, Gabrielle Fox and Don Ethrington. Leutz discovers
from the original edition illustrate tools and
the paths that brought these bookbinders to the trade, revealing their
equipment, also examples of exquisite binding inlays.
224 pages Paperback $10.95 TBK005094
unique and unparalled stories.
352 pages Paperback $34.95 TBK005102

The Craft of Bookbinding Women Bookbinders
By M. Bannister 1880-1920
An excellent resource for the beginning binder. By Marianne Tidcome
Step-by-step how to restore hardcovers, Superbly illustrated throughout–with 32 color
paperbacks, periodicals and others. plates and over 100 black and white photographs–
160 pages Paperback $10.95 TBK005045 this handsomely produced book will make a
significant contribution to the study of the role of
women in the late nineteenth-century and early
20th Century bookmaking.
241 pages Hardcover $58.00 TBK005049

The Pocket Paper Engineer: How to Make Pop Ups

Volume I : Basic Forms
By Carol Barton, Popular Kinetics Press
A lively how-to workbook that guides the Volume 2: Platforms and Props
reader through the process of designing Covers four important glued pop-up structures: platforms, props,
& constructing basic pop-up forms. Do it spirals and straddles. These forms are used in many of the fabulous
yourself models, easy to follow visuals and pop-up books on the market today. As in volume one, projects
easy to understand verbal instruction. Well can be detached from the workbook for construction, then stored
illustrated, including a pull-out card to be in pocket pages within the book. Ten projects are included, along
cut, assembled and stored in a pocket within the book. Instructions with lots of lively illustrations and design tips.This is a workbook
on how to create your own pop-ups, tips on design and discussions for adults and children alike who want to hone their paper
on paper, adhesives and the mechanics of pop-ups are covered in a engineering skills.
highly creative manner.
68 pages Wire Bound in Hard Cover $24.00 TBK005081 68 pages Wire Bound in Hard Cover $26.95 TBK005181

tel: 212-219-0770 57


Essentials in the Care and

Conservation of Historical
Art Conservation
Ceramic Objects
and Authenticities Ed Victoria L. Oakley, Kamal K. Jain
ed. by Erma Hermens and Tina Fiske
Aims to provide a basic methodology for the
The papers presented in this volume focus on
care and conservation of historical ceramics for
a series of conservation ‘flashpoints’ - painted
professionals working on collections in relative
works, drawings, sculpture, installations, new
isolation. The book explains how an awareness of
media, performance, interiors and historic houses,
the nature of the ceramic medium is core to an
cultural objects - and revolve around three key
understanding of ceramics.
areas considered vital in establishing or vouchsafing an artwork’s
127 pages Paperback $44.85 TBK001136
‘authenticity’: material, concept and context.
266 pages Paperback $79.40 TBK001124

Glossary Of Art:
Vol 4, 5, 6
Art of the Past- By Marella Xarrie
Sources & Reconstructions (Each Volume approx. 179 pages).
Ed by Mark Clarke, Joyce H. Townsend & Ad Stijnman
Proceedings on the 1st symposium of the Art Vol 4 Softcover $59.50 TBK001093
Technological Source Research study group. Vol 5 Softcover $59.50 TBK001094
Conservation - Overall Disciplines

Archetype Publication with the participation of Vol 6 Softcover $59.50 TBK001095

ICN Amsterdam
142 pages Softcover $63.00 TBK001085
Glossary Of Conservation: I, II, III
By Marella Xarrie
Artists Techniques New reference tool for conservators, curators,
archivist & collection professionals. A dictionary
& Materials of conservation & restoration terms & products.
By Oscar Chiantore and Antonio Rava Vol I Softcover $59.50 TBK001087
An artists’s materials are the physical Vol II Softcover $59.50 TBK001088
embodiment of his/her creative vision and a Vol III Softcover $59.50 TBK001089
reflection of the historical context in which
they were used. Discusses the materials &
processes used in 8 media: painting, drawing,
Historical & Philosophical
printmaking, sculpture, mosaics, ceramics, glass,
Issues in the Conservation of Cultural
and metalwork and examines the range of materials and techniques
that have developed over the centuries.
A rich compilation that invites the reader to
384 pages Paperback $24.95 TBK001103
reexamine the whole philosophical basis of the
conservation profession. Readings presented,
some for the first time in English, with perceptive
Conserving Contemporary Art editorial commentaries.
Ed by Jacob A. Mosk and Norman H. Tennent 500 pgs Softcover $42.50 TBK001022
The latest research in conservation conducted by
the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage
(ICN) a national center of excellence promoting
the study & conservation of objects of art &
science through scientific research, education Holding it all Together:
& consultancy. The objective of the ICN is to Ancient & Modern Approaches to
improve the quality of conservation and collections care. Joining, Repair, and Consolidation
140 pages Softcover $85.00 TBK007010 Ed Janet Ambers, Catherine Higgitt, Lynne Harrison,
David Saunders
Contributions to Conservation While much can be learned from ancient repair
Ed by Jacob A. Mosk and Norman H. Tennent techniques, the evaluation of modern materials
Research in conservation at the Netherlands continues to be an essential element for the
Institution for Cultural Heritage. The institute’s conservation process, both in general terms and for
latest research with the objective of the ICN to specific materials. Informed interpretation of the relationship between
promote quality in conservation and collection historic & modern methods used in the making/remaking of objects
care in museums, galleries, archives, libraries and is also important in the continuing study of their significance and
other public collections. history and when developing strategies for their future preservation.
140 pages Softcover $85.00 TBK007010 221 pages Paperback $87.75 TBK001138

58 tel: 212-219-0770

ICOM Committee Mortality Immortality?
for Conservation- The Legacy of 20th Century Art
12th Triennial Edited by Miquel Angel Corzo
The reprints contain a selection of the best Questions are posed in this stimulating volume,
papers on the full range of conservation based on a conference on the preservation of
disciplines at the highest level. Extensive contemporary art held at the Getty Center in
range of topics make this book extremely 1998. Professionals from a range of disciplines
valuable to the conservator. 2 Volume Set offer their individual perspectives on the artist’s
920 pages Softcover $199.95 TBK007019 original intent, the effect of the art market, ways to cope with rapidly
evolving media technologies, & fine art as popular culture.
ICOM - 13th Triennial
212 pages Paperback $39.95 TBK001101
Softcover $199.95 TBK007034
ICOM - 14th Triennial
Softcover $199.95 TBK007035
Both the 13th & the 14th books include a CD. Moving Collections:
Processes and Consequences
In Artists Footsteps: Ed. Ida Antonia Tank Bronken, Susan Braovac, Tone

The Reconstruction of Pigments & Paintings Marie Olstad, Anne Apalnes Ørnhøi
Ed Iwona Szmelter The result of an initiative from the Norwegian
Explores the technical study and reconstruction section of the Nordic Conservators Association
of Old Master paintings and pigments from the (NKF-N) which organised a conference entitled
medieval to the modern period. The contributions ‘Planning to move? Processes and consequences
from experts in the fields of technical art history for collections, objects and society’ in Oslo. The
and conservation reflect a broad spectrum of articles in this publication are based upon the presentations at that

Conservation - Overall Disciplines

current research and investigation worldwide. conference.
253 pages Hardcover $131.72 TBK001139 232 pages Paperback $71.25 TBK001142

Innovative Approaches to
The Complex Care of Oxford Dictionary of Chemistry
Fully revised, 6th edition is the ideal work for
Contemporary Art reference in all aspects of chemistry, including
Ed Lucy Wrapson, Jenny Rose, Rose Miller,Spike Bucklow physical chemistry and biochemistry. Revised
The authors of this book relate complex with many new entries and now with biographies
conservation practices to an awareness of the of key figures in the chemistry field.
need for a multidimensional approach to the care 601 pages Paperback $17.95 TBK001001
of modern and contemporary art. Maintaining a
dialogue with history, they boldly confront the typical patterns and
accepted evolution of the theory of conservation by looking at the
wider perspective including the most recent history of any work of art
– documentation, interviews with artists, records of image, the sound
of performance, consent to e-installation, emulation etc.
223 pages Hardcover $82.25 TBK001140 Preservation of Electronic
Records: New Knowledge &
Decision-making - Postprints
Mediaeval Painters’ Materials Symposium 2003 - Preservation of Electronic
and Techniques: Records: held in Ottawa, Canada, aimed to
The Montpellier Liber diversarum arcium increase awareness of the issues surrounding the
Mark Clarke preservation of electronic records by bringing
Contains the most complete set of instructions in expert & leading-edge opinions to an audience
the craft of medieval painting to have survived to including small & medium-sized archives, libraries, & museums.
the present day. Its comprehensive summary of 221 pages Paperback $75.00 TBK007088
the state of the art of painting in the workshops of
the fourteenth century will be of great interest to
art historians, conservators and historians of artists’ technology.
365 pages Paperback $73.25 TBK001141
Saving the Twentieth Century:
The Conservation-Modern Materials
Modern Art: Who Cares? By David Grattan
Edited by Ijsbrand Hummelen & Dionne Sille, Archetype Compilation of 36 papers focusing on modern
Reprint materials in collections, conservation policies
New media and new materials constantly present & plans, the history of technology, processes of
issues which traditional conservation methods deterioration, & specific case studies.
cannot address. 440 pages Softcover $60.00 TBK007022
450 pages Paperback $79.75 TBK001086

tel: 212-219-0770 59

Silica Gel The Stability of Photocopied &
By Raymond H. Lafontaine Laser-printed Documents &
Information on the use of silica gel: how it Images: General Guidelines
controls RH, how it is conditioned for use, and By David Grattan
how it is maintained. Reviews the technology of photocopiers & laser
17 pages Pamphlet $11.25 TBK007023 printers and discusses the stability/preservation of
copies. A test for assessing the adhesion of toner to
paper is described, & the results of testing papers
The Art of All Colours: according to the ASTMstandard for permanency of copy paper.
Mediaeval Recipe Books 8 pages Paperback $9.00 TBK007086
By Mark Clarke
Explores the history and interpretation of mediaeval
technical treatises on the arts. It examines the
nature, variety and content of sources from the Theory & Practice in the
earliest times to AD 1500, and the relationship Conservation of Modern
between what was written and what was practised. & Contemporary Art
158 pages Paperback $47.10 TBK001134 Ed. by Ursula Schadler-Saub & Angela Weyer

Confronts the theoretical foundation and the ethical

The Artist’s Handbook and aesthetical principles of the conservation of
of Materials and Techniques modern and contemporary art, testing the limits
By Ralph Mayer and possibilities of the development of established
Discusses traditional and new materials positions and seeking new challenges.
used on oil paintings and contains chapters 210 Pages Hardcover $90.00 TBK001126
Conservation - Overall Disciplines

on conservation, tools, technical data and a

781 pages Paperback $45.00 TBK001043
Trade in Artist’s Materials
The Gentle Art of Applied Markets & Commerce in Europe to 1700
Ed. by Jo Kirby, Susie Nash, Joanna Cannon
Draws together research in this new & rapidly
By Ralph Mayer
developing field of interdisciplinary inquiry by
Numerous examples of pressure application devices
historians, conservators, scientists, economic
as well as procedures. Deals with conservation
historians and historians of trade. The evidence is
techniques that require joining or reshaping.
44 pages Paperback $39.00 TBK001077 fundamental for interpreting surviving objects..
509 Pages Hardcover $156.00 TBK001128


Adhesives & Consolidants in Art on Paper: Mounting and Housing

Painting Conservation Ed. Judith Rayner, Joanna M. Kosek, Birthe Christensen
A Manual for Identification and Care Published in association with the British Museum
Ed. Angelina Barros D’Sa, Lizzie Bone, Alexandra Gent international conference. Contains papers on
The papers in this volume, presented at an ICON Mounting & Housing works of art on paper.
paintings group conference at the National Portrait Includes Historical Mounting, Materials &
Gallery, London, confront some of the problems Microenvironments, and Contemporary Practices
encountered including: the practical application of in Mounting with overviews & case studies.
materials; reversibility and long term performance; 208 pages Hardcover $88.65 TBK001090
the properties required of an adhesive and the properties of some of
the materials commonly used as consolidants/adhesives.
109 pages Paperback $58.10 TBK001132 Bookbinding & Conservation
A Sixty Year Odyssey of Art & Craft
Architectural By Don Etherington
Autobiography by renowned bookbinder Don
Ethrington takes the reader through his lifelong
A Manual for Identification and Care
journey of bookbinding and conservation.
By Eleonore Kissel and Erin Vigneau
A unique account of the personal and professional
Co-published by the NY Botanical Garden Library.
life of this important figure in the world
Provides a wealth of information & methods to identify
of bookbinding and conservation. Contains numerous personal
& preserve architectural drawings & documents.
photographs as well as pictorial catalog of many of his find bindings.
Authors teach identification by using flow charts,
180 pages Unbound Sheets $24.95 TBK005105
color illustrations & offer suggestions for preservation.
180 pages Hardcover $49.95 TBK005104
125 pages Paperback $65.00 TBK005006

60 tel: 212-219-0770

Bookbinding and The Care of Fine Books
Conservation by Hand By Jane Greenfield
By Laura S. Young Here is a concise, eminently readable handbook
A practical manual for both experienced and on how to care for any book of value. For
beginning binders, book collectors, book dealers, collectors, librarians, and curators it represents an
and librarians. All instructions throughout this elegant summation of their responsibilities and
book have been tested at the bench for clarity techniques. The detailed overview of how to store,
and completeness. A list of materials precedes the handle and care for fine books.
step-by-step instructions for a given section 160 pages Paperback $12.95 TBK005017
273 pages Paperback $24.95 TBK005012

The Library
By Stuart A. P. Murray
Changing Impressions Tells the story of libraries and of the changing
Ed. Clay Dean, Theresa Fairbanks, and Lisa Pon form and function of the book from era to
This catalogue covers the unique prints from era. Profusely illustrated, comprehensive and
Marcantonio Raimondi. These prints are all on fascinating study discusses the libraries of ancient

parchment pulled from engraved copper plates in Babylon, Greece, and Rome through the modern
the early sixteenth century. Well illustrated with cyberspace library and more.
photos, some color. 320 pages Hardcover $35.00 TBK005048
78 pages Paperback $20.00 TBK005075

The Restoration of
Leather Bindings

Conservation - Books, Paper & Leather

Retouching of Art on Paper
By Bernard C. Middleton
by Tina Grette Poulsson
This classic in the field of bookbinding is a
Retouching, the process to replace damaged or
practical guide to the restoration of leather
lost areas of media; carried out directly on the
bindings. Revised and expanded 4th edition.
original item or on paper infills. Interventive
This work reflects advances in techniques and
retouching on an original surface requires the
materials, and contains current information on
consideration of several important ethical issues
supplies and related publications.
such as reversibility & authenticity. This book
300 pages Hardcover $45.00 TBK005041
focuses on interventive retouching & does not include methods of
toning or other aspects belonging to infilling. However, the question
of reconstruction, including digital reconstruction & facsimile
reintegration, is discussed. The Restoration of Engravings,
112 pages Paperback $42.20 TBK001096 Drawings, Books, & Other
Works on Paper
By Max Schweidler
This technical manual by noted German restorer
Techniques of Drawing: covers a wide range of specific techniques, including
From the 15th-19th Centuries instructions on how to execute structural repairs
Co-published by the Ashmolean Museum and Woodstocker & alterations that, when skillfully done, are virtually undetectable.
Books Based on the authoritative revised German edition of 1949.
This concise overview of all the major techniques, 304 pages Hardcover $50.00 TBK001104
surfaces and tools of drawing in European art
spans five centuries. Drawing examples by
Michelangelo, Raphael, Durer and Rembrandt.
48 pages Paperback $12.95 TBK001055
The Technical Analysis of
Renaissance Illuminated
The Broad Spectrum: From the Historical Library of the
Studies- Materials,Tech & Cons University of Valencia.
of Color on Paper By Salvador Munoz and Eugene F. Farrell
Edited by Harriet K. Stratis and Britt Salvesen A bilingual (English/Spanish) summary of findings
Color on paper presents significant treatment about the miniatures that are in a collection that
challenges and research opportunities for the belonged to Alfonso V. King of Argon.
conservator and conservation scientist. 83 pages Paperback $15.00 TBK001054
264 pages Hardcover $151.25 TBK001080

tel: 212-219-0770 61


Copper and Bronze In Art:

A Future for the Past
Ed. by Jeanne Marie Teutonico Corrosion, Colorants, Conservation
Topics, from the joint research of English Heritage By David Scott
and the Cathedral Architects Association, discussed 190-year review of the literature on copper and its
are the repair and maintenance of ancient buildings alloys. Author discusses the various environmental
and monuments. Includes information on decay conditions to which copper alloy objects may be
of polishable limestone, lime-based conservation exposed—including burial, outdoor, and indoor
mortars, fire research, timber decay, underside museum environments—and the methods used to
lead corrosion and tile floor conservation. conserve them. Also includes information on ancient and historical
128 pages Softcover $55.00 TBK007005 technologies, the nature of patina as it pertains to copper and bronze,
and the use of copper corrosion materials as pigments.
532 pages Hardcover $70.00 TBK001106

Architectural Finishes in the


Build Environment
This book, a compilation of papers presented at the English Heritage Research
2008 International Paint Research Conference in Transactions
New York City is a continuation of the dedication
Volume 1 Metals
and desire on the part of the international paint
Edited by Jeanne Marie Teutonico
research community to increase the body of
The English Heritage Organization is responsible
Conservation - Objects, Stone & Architecture

knowledge by sharing its latest research.

for the conservation of the historically built
260 pages Hardback $67.40 TBK001133
environment in England. Volume 1, Metals, is a
series of six papers covering both research work
Caring for American Indian on cast iron, underside lead corrosion, and lightening protection. It
includes information on protection, conservation, and cleaning.
Objects 128 pages, color section $67.50 TBK007012
Ed. by Sherelyn Ogden
Included are methods of storage, handling and Volume 2 Stone
preservation of skin and quills, cleaning beadwork Edited by Jeanne Marie Teutonico and Chris Wood
to dealing with pesticide contamination as well as The most recent findings on the conservation
display recommendations. and preservation of stone and mortar in historic
258 pages Softcover $39.95 TBK007076
buildings and ancient monuments. Includes the
sourcing of stone, the cleaning, protection, and
consolidation of stone, as well as details from case
Conservation & Care of 150 pages Softcover $67.50 TBK007013
Glass Objects
By Stephen P. Koob
Volume 4 Timber 1
Designed to aid conservators understand the
Edited by Brian Ridout
materials used for conservation & restoration of
This book covers the European commission funded
glass objects. Principles & methods involved
research for studies conducted on pest infestations
in the cleaning & restoration of historical &
in timber and historic roof spaces. It also discusses
archaeological glass objects are addressed,
cost effective management of such spaces.
including aspects of deterioration, ethics & aesthetics of restoration,
150 pages Softcover $67.50 TBK007014
& proper conditions for storage & display.
160 pages Hardcover $90.00 TBK001122

Volume 7 Timber 11
Conservation and By R.R.Laxton, C.D. Litton and R.E. Howard
The Dating of Roof Timbers at Lincoln Cathedral:
Restoration of Glass Ground breaking study of dendrochronology, or
By Sandra Davison
tree-ring dating in the analysis of this complex
Complete chemical examination of the causes of
historic site.
the deterioration of glass & the possibilities of
84 pages Softcover $67.50 TBK007015
damage conservation techniques not fully tested.
A book of theory & practical procedure.
448 pages Hardcover $120.00 TBK001016

62 tel: 212-219-0770

Metal 98 Proceedings of the Plastics: Looking at the Future and
International Conference on Learning from the Past
Metals Conservation, France. Ed. by Brenda Keneghan & Louise Egan
Edited by William Mourey and Luc Robbiola Intended as a ‘marker in the sand’, a record of
This volume contains over 60 papers covering the current perceptions and considerations of plastics
wide range of techniques, materials, objects, and within museum collections. Artists’ concepts of
locations in the conservation of metals. plastic as a medium, and their views of aging and
352 pages Softcover $115.00 TBK007020 decay, challenge museum ethics. The dichotomy
between an artist’s intent and engagement with
their contemporary culture and longevity has
resulted in many different resolutions.
184 pages Softcover $90.00 TBK001063
Monuments and the Millennium
Ed. by John Fidler and Jeanne Marie Teutonico
International conference with topics ranging from The Care of Historic Musical
philosophical and political issues associated with Instruments
monument building to more practical aspects of By Robert L. Barclay
conservation and repair. This book provides guidance on: the care of:

Publication: December 2000. historical musical instrument collections, ethics
248 pages Paperback $79.95 TBK007077 and the use of instruments, materials, basic
conservation treatments, maintenance strategies,
and documentation.
145 pages Softcover $54.00 TBK007025
Paint Research in Building

Conservation - Objects, Stone & Architecture

Ed. Line Bregnhøi, Helen Hughes, Jenni Lindbom, Tone The Care of Musical
Marie Olstad, Edwin Verwei
Over the past twenty years, architectural paint Instruments In Canadian
research has developed rapidly as a discipline that Collection
provides insights into the use of historic paint and By Robert L. Barclay
the history and development of historic interiors, Canadian Conservation Institute Technical
and is now recognised as an important tool in the Bulletin 4.
conservation of historic buildings. This volume of papers provides
a unique overview and discussion of the latest developments within 18 pages Paperback $11.25 TBK007079
the field.
224 pages Hardback $71.25 TBK001143

The Conservation of
Plastics Collecting and Glass and Ceramics
Conserving Edited by Norman H. Tennent
Edited by Anita Quye and Colin Williamson Research, Practice, and Training. The first
This book answers the most frequently asked published work on key topics in glass and ceramic
questions about plastics. As their conservation conservation. This book highlights twenty
is a relatively new science, readers learn to spot internationally respected authors’ scientific
signs of degradation and what to do about them. research in deterioration mechanisms and in the
Quye and Williamson offer guidelines for homes, methods and materials of conservation.
museums, galleries and archives. 302 pages Softcover $105.00 TBK007027
128 pages Paperback $28.75 TBK001053

You might be interested in...

Heritage© Clamshell Box
A one piece box, where the cover folds back and the box opens flat. Suitable for
storing prints, documents, textiles, and other items.

• Acid-free; lignin-free • Blue/gray w/white liner

• pH 8.0-9.0 • 3% calcium carb. buffer
• 60-pt. Barrier board • Passed P.A.T.

See chapter on Archival Storage (page 19)

for more information and pricing.

tel: 212-219-0770 63


American Artist’s Materials,

Volume II: Cleaning Painted Surfaces:
Guide to Stretchers, Panels,
Aqueous Methods
By Richard Wolbers
Millboards and Stencil Marks
This book is a significant contribution to the
By Alexander Katlan
methods of surface cleaning of both varnished
Comprehensive research on all U.S. stretcher
or unvarnished paint surfaces. The methods
patents, 1849-1949, with hundreds of
are applicable to traditional as well as modern
paint media found on sculptures, ethnographic
564 pages Paperback $64.00 TBK001003
materials, painting, gilded surfaces and furniture. Aqueous methods
are worth considering for surfaces which cannot be cleaned safely by
Analysis of Modern Paints using solvents.
By Thomas J.S. Learner 186 pages Paperback $52.47 TBK001073
The growing popularity of synthetic resin Color Right From the Start
materials carries important implications for

By Hilary Page
the conservation, preservation, and treatment Book shows artists how to capture colors of nature
of modern art. Results are given for standard in paint. Gives advice on color choice and mixing
samples of the principal classes of synthetic of colors.
binding media, various pigments and extenders, 144 pages Paperback $19.95 TBK001069
tube paint formulations, and microscopic paint fragments taken from
actual works of art.
Conservation -Painting, Pigments & Theory

236 pages Paperback $45.00 TBK001111

Artists’ Pigments: Color Science in the

A Handbook of Their History and Characteristics Examination of Museum
ed. by Barbara H. Berrie Objects:
Each volume concentrates on different pigments. Nondestructive Procedures
The series is an Encyclopedic Reference intended By Ruth Johnston_Feller
for: The Practicing Artist, The Art Historian, The life work of the late Ruth Johnston-Feller,
The Conservator, The Curator and the The one of the nation’s leading color scientists.
Conservation Scientist. Topics include spectrophotometry, colorimetry, colorant mixtues,
Volume 1 Hardcover $71.10 TBK001015 analytical techniques, reflection, fluorescence, and the effects of
Volume 2 Hardcover $71.10 TBK001012 extenders, fillers & inerts.
Volume 3 Hardcover $71.10 TBK001005 385 pages Paperback $80.00 TBK001110
Volume 4 Hardcover $71.10 TBK001125
Set of 4 Hardcover $263.00 TBK001013
Artists’ Pigments Conserving the Painted Past
By Rosamond Harley Edited by Adrian Heritage, English Heritage, UK
Between the late 16th century & early 19th Developing approaches to wall painting
century the artist’s world underwent great & conservation from the proceedings of a conference
significant change. The transition from medieval held in December, 1999. Wall paintings from
to modern was well under way. This book applies delicate frescoes in Roman villas to larger decorative
itself to a detailed & comprehensive examination and figural schemes in churches, cathedrals,
of the primary documentary sources of this period and domestic buildings are the source for this
as well as offering a contribution to the work of analytical scientists conference, now suffering from environmental
concerned with identifing pigments. changes or irreversible treatments.
246 pages Paperback $56.85 TBK001072 200 pages Softcover $100.00 TBK007009

Big Pictures: Problems & Solutions

for Treating Outsize Paintings
By Sully Woodcock Conservation of Paintings
Big pictures offer challenges far greater than an By Gustave Berger
enlarged surface area and outsize dimensions, and Internationally recognized and innovative thinker
this publication documents situations faced by in the field of paintings presents a volume that
both conservators and curators when working with is both invaluable as well as a fascinating read.
paintings ranging in scale from unusually large Berger offers insights into conservation problems
portrait miniatures to panoramas. Topics also and treatments. Including case studies in the
include friezes, theatre cloths and ceiling paintings. conservation of paintings of various media.
152 pages Hardback $76.05 TBK001091 360 pages Hardcover $86.50 TBK001050

64 tel: 212-219-0770

Der Vollkommne Papierfarber Lining Paintings
The Accomplished Paper Colorer Paintings from the Greenwich Conference on
In the historical introduction to the facsimile Comparative Lining Techniques Ed. Caroline Villers.
reproduction and his translation of this manual, First major conference, 1974 at the National
Richard J. Wolfe summarizes the professional Maritime Museum, solely concerned with the
literature on marbling & paper coloring that structural conservation of paintings. International
began to appear in Germany at the beginning of group of distinguished practitioners discuss new
the 19thC. Originally published around 1823 & materials and technologies.
is the earliest book of its kind that has survived. 175 pages Softcover $56.10 TBK001075
180 pages Hardcover $60.00 TBK006025

Looking Through Paintings:

TheStudy of Painting Technique &
Historical Painting Techniques, Materials By Erma Hermens
11th Volume of the Leiden Art Historical Year-
Materials & Studio Practice book, presents a collection of articles dealing with
Ed by Arie Wallert, Erma Hermens  & Marja F.J.Peek
various aspects of technical art history, focuing on
Bridging the fields of conservation, art history,
different periods and works.

and museum curating, the twenty-five papers in 519 pages Hardcover $138.00 TBK001082
this volume report recent research on historical
painting techniques, including wall painting and
polychrome sculpture. Chapters detail the latest
art historical research and scientific analyses of Manual on the Conservation of
original techniques and materials, with references to such historical Paintings By Various-Anonymous
sources as medieval treatises and descriptions of painting techniques Reprint of a manual on the first “International

Conservation - Painting, Pigments & Theory

in historical literature. Conference for the Study of Scientific Methods
238 pages Paperback $50.00 TBK001116 for the Examination and Preservations of Works
of Art” held in Rome 1930.
294 pages Paperback $40.00 TBK001079

Is Your Contemporary Painting

More Temporary Than You Think? Materials & Techniques
By Louis Pomerantz of Medieval Painting
Discusses fabric and stretcher frames, sizing the By Daniel V. Thompson
fabric support, constructing collages, varnishing Medieval painters built up a tremendous range of
etc. technical resources for obtaining brilliance and
permanence. In this volume, an internationally
63 pages Paperback $11.95 TBK001026 known authority on medieval paint technology
describes these often jealously guarded recipes,
lists of materials, and processes.
239 pages Paperback $12.95 TBK001033

Issues in The Conservation of

Paintings Mixing and Matching:
Ed by David Bomfort & Mark Leonard Approaches to Retouching Paintings
This volume on painting conservation includes ed. Rebecca Ellison, Patricia Smithen & Rachel Turnbull
70+ texts ranging from the 15th C to the present Methods of retouching, or inpainting, vary
day. The book is divided into six sections: An according to personal preference - the media,
Historical Miscellany, History of the Profession, pigments and techniques used are each chosen to
Study of Artists’ Materials & Techniques, suit the individual object. The history, development
Structural Interventions, Philosophical & Practical & method of applciation of each technique
Approaches to Cleaning and Restoration, & Cleaning Controversies. (Egg tempera retouching, resin retouching, and
520 pages Hardcover $65.00 TBK001107 retouching complex surfaces) is discussed and illustrated.
200 pages Paperback $61.25 TBK001123

Italian Renaissance Drawings: Personal Viewpoints:

Technical Examination & Analysis Thoughts About Paintings Conservation
Ed. by Ambers, Higgitt and Saunders Ed by Mark Leonard
Technical studies of British Museum’s Italian Explores the values, assumptions, & goals
Renaissance drawings based on non-invasive & that shape the work of painting conservators.
non-contact examination. Demonstrates the Professionals candidly reflect on the challenges in
richness of Renaissance drawings; showing they approaching specific works of art. Each conservator
are as complex as paintings of the period. describes a successful conservation effort, as well as
183 Pages Paperback $61.07 TBK001129 a project that, in retrospect, might have been approached differently.
136 pages Paperback $30.00 TBK001102

tel: 212-219-0770 65

Pigments of English Medieval Studying and Conserving
Wall Painting Paintings
By Helen Howard, Publisher: Archetype Books Samuel H. Kress Foundation
This is the first systematic analysis of the pigments The 1st Vol. of Occasional Papers & published
employed in medieval wall paintings in Northern in memory of Mario Modestini. Marks the 10th
Europe, covering an extensive selection of schemes anniversary of the advanced training in Old
from a variety of sites including parish churches, Masters conservation sponsored by the Kress
cathedrals and abbeys. The nature and extent of Foundation at the Conservation Center of the
the palette used is revealed as well as the sophistication with which Institute of Fine Arts, New York University.
pigments were applied to achieve differing effects. 230 pages Paperback $78.75 TBK001092
314 pages Hardcover $122.25 TBK001081

Studying Old Master Paintings:

Technology and Practice
Preparation for Painting: The Ed. by Marika Spring
Artists’ Choice & Its Consequences
Overview of current research on the technology
ed. by Joyce H Townsend, Tiarna Doherty, Gunnar Hey-
and practice of Old Master paintings, covering
denreich & Jacqueline Ridge
700yrs of European painting. Six of the

A wide range of issues is covered including

contributions focus on technological or historical
the consideration of the preparatory layer(s)’
aspects of specific artists’ materials.
function: optical properties, terminology, and
Presented at a conference held to celebrate the
materials & techniques used in the preparation of
30th anniversary of the National Gallery Technical Bulletin.
more unusual supports. The results of technical
311 Pages Softcover $119.75 TBK001127
examination, experimental reconstruction & analysis of documentary
Conservation -Painting, Pigments & Theory

sources provide fascinating insights into the relationshoips between

supports, preparatory layers & artistic forms of expression; they offer Techniques in
new insights on the origin and dissemination of certain techniques & Reverse Glass Painting
related questions of artistic exchange. By Margaret J. Emery
216 pages Hardcover $77.50 TBK001097 Hands-on–guide for creating glass paintings as
well as restoring and conserving this art form.
Rediscovering Fra Angelico 128 pages Softcover $39.95 TBK001052
A Fragmented History With Eassys By Kanter & Strehlke;
Yale University Art Gallery
Exploring the history of the fragmentation of
Renaissance art through the examination of four
The Art of Fresco Painting
By Mrs. Mary P. Merrifield
14th C. panels, which were recently confirmed
Fresco painting was reintroduced to public
to belong to a single triptych by the great
attention in this important work by a recognized
Renaissance master Fra Angelico (ca.1395).
authority in the field. The author also interprets
58 pages Softcover $10.00 TBK001002
passages from rare manuscripts on causes of fresco
destrucion and how to restore and repair.
134 pages Softcover $12.95 TBK001004
Solvent Gels For the Cleaning
of Works of Art:
The Residue Question Ed by Valerie Dorge The Artist’s Assistant
The challenge for conservators lies in finding a Oil Painting Instruction Manuals and
cleaning agent that will act on one layer without Handbooks in Britain 1800-1900
affecting the layer being preserved and without By Lesley Carlyle
leaving any harmful residues on the cleaned Detailed account of oil painting materials and
work. This book, which examines gel cleaning techniques in use between 1750 and 1900.
in the treatment of paintings and painted works of art, presents the Methods of painting and application are described.
methodologies, data, and results of a collaborative project of the Getty There are recipes for: varnishes, vehicles, paint
Conservation Institute & Winterthur Museum. mediums and grounds that have been compared
180 pages Paperback $42.50 TBK001112 and tabulated. The artistic properties of pigments, their working
properties, drying times & cautionary notes have been included.
589 pages Hardcover $158.10 TBK001074
Studies in the History of
Painting Restoration
The Painter’s Handbook
By Tina Sitwell & Sarah Staniforth
By Mark David Gottsegen
This book reveals an interesting and detailed
This exhaustive resource provides details on
account of the materials and methods used, the
painting materials and techniques, along with
interaction between restorer, curator and collector
data on health hazards in the studio.
& different philosophical approaches toward
restoration and the care of paintings.
32 pages Paperback $24.95 TBK001057
184 pages Paperback $54.80 TBK001083

66 tel: 212-219-0770

Care And Preservation of
By Karen Finch and Greta Putnam ABC for Book Collectors
Methods of cleaning, conserving and restoring are By John Carter & Nicolas Barker, 8th Ed.
discussed and illustrated. Book includes 450 entries giving definition and
analysis of the technical terms of book collecting
144 pages Hardcover $35.00 TBK001009 and bibliography, interspersed with salutary
comment on such subjects as auctions, condition,
facsimiles and fakes.

Preserving Textiles: 224 pages Hardcover $29.95 TBK005002

A Guide for the Nonspecialist
By Harold F. Mailand and Dorothy S. Alig
This book provides practical advice on the Airborne Pollutants in
care and preservation of valuable textiles and
Museums, Galleries, &

costumes. It includes suggestions for cleaning
and stabilizing textiles to prevent further damage, Archives
information on suitable materials for storage By Jean Tetreault
and display of historical textiles and art objects, This book attempts to define the key airborne
and recommendations regarding lighting, climate control and other pollutants for indoor museum environments &
environmental factors. to provide some basic tools to assess the risk to
96 pages Paperback $18.00 TBK001039 collections exposed to these pollutants. Guidelines are established for

Conservation - Textiles; Collection Care

control strategies that give flexible, pragmatic solutions & provides a
simple tool for cost-benefit analysis that can fulfill the principles &
policy of individual museums.
The Conservation of Tapestries 168 pages Softcover $75.00 TBK007080
& Embroideries
Proceedings of Meetings at the Institute Royal
du Patrimoine Artistique, Brussels, Belgium. Caring for the Past:
Contributors discuss current research, new Issues for Conservation for
findings, & specific problems, innovations & Archaeology and Museums
methods & materials. By Elizabeth Pye
130 pages Paperback $40.00 TBK001115 This book discusses the evolution, philosophy and
current practice of conservation. It is intended
to encourage a better understanding of what
conservation involves, how it contributes to
The Future of the 20th C: heritage study as well as future developments.
Collecting, Interpreting, and 232 pages Softcover $66.00 TBK007006
Conserving Modern Materials
The papers in this volume consider the existence
and preservation of modern materials in the textile Caring for Your Art,
field. This publication presents modern textiles 3rd Edition
as a subject in its own right and the content is By Jill Snyder
intentionally multidisciplinary to demonstrate For art professionals, everything you need to
the wide spectrum of subjects involved in their know about presenting and protecting works of
preservation. art being transported or on display in the studio,
150 pages Paperback $62.40 TBK001137 home, gallery, or museum. How to store and
handle art properly, photograph art, insure and
secure art, set up proper environmental controls,
Unravelling Textiles: and utilize manual and computer systems for record keeping.
A Handbook for the Preservation of 208 pages Paperback $19.95 TBK001056
Textile Collections
by F. Boersma w/ A. Brokerhof, S. van den Bern & J. Tegelaers
This book presents the basic information for the Coatings for Display and
professional safekeeping of textile collections. Storage in Museums
Aimed at curators & owners of textile collections, By Jean Tetreault
collection management staff, conservators & This bulletin will alert users to the damage
students, the general thrust of the book has global that coating might cause to objects and provide
relevance but much of the experience is drawn from N. Europe. guidelines for the selection for coatings that will
174 pages Paperback $54.10 TBK001120 help minimize the risk
46 pages Paperback $37.50 TBK007008

tel: 212-219-0770 67

Controlling Museum Fungal Integrated Pest Management
Problems for Collections Proceedings of
By Thomas J.K. Strang & John E. Dawson 2001: A Pest Odyssey
Candian Conservation Institute Technical Bulletin 12 Ed. Helen Kingsley
Fungi can seriously damage artifacts in museums Pests are a major cause of damage to collections
and archives. This bulletin provides guidance on and building which can be avoided by using
identifying a fungal problem, fungal problems in Integrated Pest Management (IPM).Included is
wood outdoors, and controlling fungi. an understanding of environment, monitoring &
12 pages Paperback $12.00 TBK007082 trapping using acceptable methods.
160 pages Softcover $79.95 TBK007018
Disaster Recovery of Modern
Information Carriers: Compact Monitoring for Gaseous
Discs, Magnetic Tapes & Magnetic Disks
By Joe Iraci Pollutants in Museum Envrnmts
Summarizes procedures for disaster recovery By Cecily M. Grzywacz
following immersion in water. Procedures also This volume focuses on the Getty Trust Museum
include dealing with media that have deposits on Monitoring Project as well as case studies

them or have been exposed to heat, dirt, mold, & monitoring for common gaseous pollutants. The
shock. Procedures are a compilation of information from the few case appendix is a comprehensive compilation of the
histories published, recommendations made by experts. major gaseous pollutants encountered in museums,
15 pages Paperback $15.00 TBK007085 their sources, and the at-risk materials.
160 pages Paperback $65.00 TBK001109

Effects of Light on Materials in

Collection Care - Institutional & Private

Collections: Data on Photoflash Mould Prevention & 

& Related Sources
By Terry Schaeffer
Collection Recovery:
Guidelines for Heritage Collections
Provides a survey of the impact of exposure to light
By Sherry Guild & Maureen MacDonald
with an emphasis on photoflash and reprographic
Mould infestation in heritage collections can
sources. Provides assistance to the professional
damage artifacts and may pose a health risk to
audience in assessing the risk to art and archival objects to such
individuals who work with these collections. This
exposures. Materials discussed include colorants and natural fibers;
technical bulletin presents information on mould
pulp, paper, and wood; natural and synthetic polymers; fluorescent
morphology, prevention of mould growth, actions to take should
whitening agents; photographic and reprographic materials; and
mould occur, and health effects relating to mould exposure.
objects containing combinations of materials.
34 pages Paperback $37.50 TBK001084
170 pages Paperback $35.00 TBK001113

Pest Management in Museums,

Fungal Facts: Solving Fungal
Problems in Heritage Collections Archives and Historical Houses
By Mary-Lou E. Florian By David Pinniger
Prevention costs little in comparison to the cost This new book is a working guide to help
of recovery & the health hazards that will ensue people recognize insect, rodent and bird pests
from a fungal infestation. Many of those involved and take practical steps to prevent and control
in the care of collections have experienced fungal damage to collections. It covers the many recent
infestations ranging from localized outbreaks to developments in Integrated Pest Management
major catastrophes brought about by flood or the aftermath of fire. (IPOM) in the heritage sector.
116 pages Paperback $33.75 TBK007033
Provides biological information on fungi & strategies for both
preventing infestation & controlling/eradicating an infestation.
152 pages Paperback $50.75 TBK007032
Pollutants in the Museum
Guidelines for pH by Pamela Hatchfield
Measurement in Conservation The environment in which artifacts are housed
By Season Tse continually alters them and can make the
This Technical Bulletin discusses the difference between destruction and preservation.
principles behind reliable and reproducible pH Preventive conservation is therefore a primary
measurements, points out common pitfalls, & focus in care of collections. The author discusses
suggests ways to determine the pH of many sources of pollutants, methods of testing for potential damage, as well
materials found in museum objects. Descriptions as offering stratagies for preventing or limiting damage.
of general measurement procedures are included, along with a 204 pages Softcover $69.25 TBK001076
comparison of various methods of measuring devices.
23 pages Paperback $21.00 TBK007

68 tel: 212-219-0770

Protein Facts:
Fibrious Proteins in Cultural Artifacts FRAMING AND MATTING
by Mary-Lou Florian
This book follows the author’s popular title
‘Fungal Facts’ and is designed to help collections
managers, conservators, curators and students (of
Conservation Mounting
For Prints & Drawings
materials and material culture)to understand the
By Joanne M. Kosek
properties of fibrous proteins.
Covers the materials, working procedures, tools
160pages Paperback $53.20 TBK001121
& equipment for safely mounting prints &
drawing for display & storage, as practiced
by the British Museum. Covers: stamping
methods, cataloguing & studio organization.
Solving Museum Insect 185 pages Hardcover $86.50 TBK007031
Problems: Chemical Control
By John E. Dawson: Revised by Thomas J.K.Strang
Insect infestations can severly damage museum
collections and buildings. This bulletin decribes Matting & Framing Made Easy
chenical methods of controlling insects, and By Janean Thompson, C.P.F.

includes information on regulations, modes of A step by step guide for the beginner from
action, and application methods necessary for the measuring to hanging.
safe use of insecticides. A detailed guide helps in decision-making
about the appropriate chemical method of control. 144 pages Hardcover $24.95 TBK004003
26 pages Paperback $28.00 TBK007078

Collection Care / Framing & Matting / Gilding & Finishing

The Great Libraries:
From Antiquity to Renaissance The Art of Decorative
By Konstantinos Sp. Staikos Matting
This monumental work chronicles the By Sylvie Robine
development of the library from 3000 B.C. to A detailed analysis of decorative mats called
1600 A.D. Beginning with the clay-tablet French or “line and wash” mats. Twenty-
libraries of the ancient Sumerian and Assyro- two separate designs are carefully examined
Rennaissance. Using over 400 illustrations the with detailed instructions, templates and
reader is treated to the interiors of these legendary libraries and their complete measuring information, including the
treasures. placement of line, color washed and gilded bands.
600 pages Hardcover $125.00 TBK005047 100 pages Hardcover $29.95 TBK004005


An Introduction to Water
By Marty Horowitz and Lou Tilmount Gilded Wood:
This book discusses the technique of water gilding History and Conservation
for frames, covering a wide range of techniques By Deborah Bigelow Project Direction
from the very beginning steps of applying gesso A comprehensive examination of the history,
and rabbit skin glue to the final steps of achieving conservation and treatment of gilded wood, by a
the patina. Extensive use of visuals, also covers a team of 36 international experts.
428 pages Hardcover $104.75 TBK003004
chapter on Distressing and Antiquing of Contemporary Frames.
37 pages Paperback $24.95 TBK003010

Gilded Metals: History, Gilding: Approaches to Treatment

Technology and Conservation Ed. Jeremy Noel-Tod and Victoria Boyer
Ed. By Terry Drayman-Weisser This book presents papers from a conference on the
This lavishly illustrated volume covers how treatment of gilded materials. Gilded materials
various cultures, ranging from ancient to modern, include: metalwork, architecture, sculpture,
created gilded surfaces and how the allure of gold paintings, frames & other artifacts.
inspired new and ingenious technology. Includes 92 pages Softcover $69.95 TBK007016
techniques on foil and leaf gilding, depletion &
diffusion, fire gilding & electroplating.
376 pages Hardcover $117.10 TBK003008

tel: 212-219-0770 69

How to Gold Leaf Antiques and Technique of Raised Gilding
Other Art Objects By Jerry Tresser
By Donald L. Chambers Practical gilding manual provides a scientific and
A step by step explanation of the art of gilding historical analysis of the materials and techniques
furniture and other objects. for raised gilding with gesso; providing step
108 pages Paperback $17.95 TBK003005 by step instructions. This CD also provides
an in-depth discussion of the preparation and
application of the gesso.
Practical Gilding 72 pages CD-Rom $24.95 TBK003011
By Peter and Ann Mactaggart
This pamphlet gives descriptions and explanations
of the materials and equipment in the traditional
and professional methods of oil and water gilding
in a clear and understandable manner.
74 pages paperback $20.75 TBK003007 Authenticity & Permanence
Colloquium & Workshop Handbook: September 1994
Covering a wide range of issues concerning
The Gilded Page the varnishing of oil paintings.

By Kathleen P. Whitley 14 pages Paperback, Spiral Bound

Second Edition; Traces the history of gilding $30.00 TBK007083
from ancient Egypt to Babylon through Rome,
the Near East, Medieval and Renaissance Europe,
and finally into the modern day studio.
238 pages Softcover $34.95 TBK003013
238 pages Hardcover $59.95 TBK003012
Gilding & Finishing / Health & Safety / Marbling


Health Hazards Manual for Artists

By Michael McCann, PhD The Artist’s Complete Health
Fully revised edition, with all pertinent info and Safety Guide
on safety & labeling & new chemicals brought By Monona Rossol, Allworth Press
absolutely up to date. Clearly highlights the This classic reference shows artists how to
potential dangers for artists in: painting, handle materials safely while practicing their
photography, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, craft New Third Edition features updated
woodworking, textiles, as well as health hazards information on safety & ventilation equipment,
for children working with art materials. latest government regulations, & more.
176 pages Paperback $15.95 TBK007003 408 pages Paperback $24.95 TBK007004


105 Helpful Hints

By Iris Nevins Suminagashi:
Accomplished marbler shares insights on this An Introduction to Japanese
craft. Marbling
25 pages Softcover $12.50 TBK006001
By Don Guyot
An introduction to Japanese suminagashi, decorating paper and silk,
which has been practiced in Japan since the 12th Century.
Fabric Marbling 20 pages Paperback $12.95 TBK006015
By Iris Nevins
The process of marbling on fabric is explained in
step by step, easily understandable manner. The Process of Marbling Paper
GPO-PIA Joint Research Bulletin by Morris S. Kantrowitz
26 pages Softcover $12.50 TBK006004
and Ernest W. Spencer
Authors are from the Government Printing Office
& approved by the Printing Industry of America.
Marbling This marbling process research is a valuable tool
By Robert C. Akers, Dryad Press, England for historical & technical information.
Describes both oil color and seaweed marbling, 10 pages Paperback $3.50 TBK006018
including information on tools & materials.
15 pages Paperback $3.00 TBK006007

70 tel: 212-219-0770

Traditional Marbling Varieties of Spanish Marbling
By Iris Nevins By Iris Nevins
This new revised edition. Chapters include This book thoroughly covers Spanish marbling
materials and tools, seaweed versus oil marbling, patterns. It is a limited edition of 325, numbered
working with gouache, selecting working and signed by Iris Nevins. Each book is covered
environment & papers, and gives step-by-step with a different marble paper pattern and includes
instruction. Traditional patterns are discussed as a variety of original samples by Iris Nevins of the
well as a chapter on common problems. Spanish style. An excellent item for the collector.
35 pages Paperback $16.95 TBK006019 79 pages Hardcover $65.00 TBK006075


American Watermarks
By Thomas Gravell, George Miller & Elizabeth Walsh
Looking at Paper:
New edition takes all the 1,057 watermarks that have been Evidence and Interpretation

computer enhanced and tripled indexed for better identifica- Symposium Proceedings Postprints
tion. Clear and concise, this book is the best and most compre- Held in Toronto 1999, this symposium brought together pa-
hensive catalog on American watermarks to date. per historians, conservators, scholars and curators to present
396 pages Hardcover $85.00 TBK005066 research concerning the examination of paper. This book cov-
ers papermaking techniques, research methodologies and case
histories, including both western and oriental papers.
300 pages Paperback $75.00 TBK005077

Marbling / Paper - The Making, History & Techniques

Creative Handmade Papers
By David Walson
How to make paper from fiber selection to paper art.
Rags to Riches: 25 Years of Paper
Art From Dieu Donne Papermill
80 pages Paperback $16.95 TBK005019
Ed. Mina Takahashi
The Exhibition Catalog from the touring exhibit:
including several well-known contemporary
artists working with paper and the Dieu Donne
Edward Seymour Papermill. Includes color reproductions of
exhibited work. Features an introduction by artist
& The Fancy Paper Company
Chuck Close.
By Sidney Berger
95 pages Paperback $25.00 TBK005073
Tells the story of Edward Seymour & this British firm that man-
ufactured marbled & other decorated papers for the bookbind-
ing and related industries from about 1919-1971. Includes 20
tipped-in, original examples of their many fancy papers, with
well-researched text. Limited edition of 300 copies. The Art and Craft of
104 pages Hardcover $150.00 TBK001118 Handmade Paper
By Vance Studley
New approaches to transform pulp into artist’s
English Artists’ Paper: paper using basic techniques within the scope of
average schools, colleges or home studios.
Renaissance to Regency
112 pages Paperback $7.95 TBK005043
By John Krill
The author, who is an international authority on paper and Sr.
Conservator for Paper at the Winterthur Museum, has written
a detailed account of the evolution and types of paper available
to artists in England from the Renaissance -early 19th century.
The Complete Book of
260 pages Hardcover $49.95 TBK005065 Handcrafted Paper
By Marna Burns
From the basics of choosing pulp to the finished
Engraving & Etching 1400-2000 product and final embellishments.
By Ad Stijnman
224 pages Softcover $11.95 TBK007075
Surveys the history of the techniques of engraving, etching and
plate printing from its beginning in the 1430s until today.
These developments are observed in the light of the coherence
between the technique of the intaglio print (such as its mate-
rials and methods of production); the ‘style’ or outward ap-
pearance of the print; the creator of the print; and the fashion
typical of a particular social group, place and time.
672 pages Hardcover $197.50 TBK001135

tel: 212-219-0770 71


A Guide To The
Conservation of Photograph Photographs of the Past
Collections By Bertrand Lavedrine
By Bernard Lavedrine Comprehensive intro to the practice of photograph
Synthesizes the research that has been completed preservation. Covers issues of terminology,
to date & the international standards established positives, negatives, & conservation. Each chapter
on the subject. Discusses the principal forms of focuses on a single process - daguerreotypes,
deterioration that photographs may undergo, & albumen negatives, b/w prints, and so on -
the maintenance of photographic collections & the precautions that providing an overview of its history and materials
must be taken in exhibiting them. Special attention is given to the and tracing the evolution of its technology.
digital technology & innovative techniques available to manage a 350 pages Softcover $50.00 TBK002006
photographic collection & ensure its longevity.
312 pages Softcover $45.00 TBK001105

The Permanence and Care of


Color Photographs
Issues in the Conservation of By Henry Wilhelm & Carol Brower
Photography Well researched and documented study of the
Ed. by Debra Hess Norris & Jennifer Jae Gutierrez various color processes and how they can best be
1st publication to chronicle the emergence preserved.
and systematic development of photograph

conservation as a profession. Many of the topics- 745 pages Hardcover $39.95 TBK002004
safe environmental parameters, silver image
permanence, and proper treatment methods-
have been debated since the introduction of
photography. By promoting an understanding of these issues, this
volume seeks to advance the education of rising conservation
professionals, inspire new scholarship, and contribute to the field’s
ongoing evolution.
736 pages Softcover $70.00 TBK002007

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Book Blocks, Blank Journals & Albums
Imported from Europe, beautifully constructed and
economically priced. All blank journals & albums
have sewn, folded signatures, A/F paper, with spine

Journals are available in a variety of sizes and varia-

tions including rules, quadrile rules, gilt edges, &
paper colors.
Albums are also available in a variety of sizes, and
orientations (portrait, landscape & square).

These book blocks are ready to be cased in using

your favorite fabric and papers!
See Chapter on Papers & Tissues for more information and pricing.

We now also stock cut sized pieces of Davey Board, which are a great solution for use in projects like these.
See chapter on Boards & Blotters.

72 tel: 212-219-0770

The polymer increases the viscosity of the solvent, which allows for
Wolbers Solvent Gels control of application, spreading and penetration of the solvent into
For professional use only. the art structure.
Extensive surface testing is
The surfactant aids in increasing the polymer solubility in a wide

Chemicals & Deacidifcation

advised before cleaning.
range of solvents and allows for an equally wide range of rinsing or
Wolbers Solvent Gels™ may
clearance materials. The surfactant acts to solubilize and disperse
cause damage to items being
intractable soils that are not easily dissolved in the solvent alone.
cleaned and thus extreme
caution is required during use. These gel preparations have been manufactured to have consistent
rheology, incorporated solvent and component purity.
In addition to solvent, these DESCRIPTION SIZE PRICE ITEM #
gels incorporate both a Polysol D50 100 ml $40.00 TCD203075
polyacrylate polymer and a Xylene Gel 100 ml $40.00 TCD203076
surfactant (Surfactant A or B, Benzyl Alcohol Gel 100 ml $40.00 TCD203077
depending on the solvent). Both polymer and surfactant are held Isopropanol Gel 100 ml $40.00 TCD203078
Acetone Gel 100 ml $40.00 TCD203079
together through ionic forces, and in most solvents, the bond is near
NMP Gel 100 ml $40.00 TCD203080
permanent. Kit of 6 100 ml Solvents $195.00 TCD203074


Bakelite Vinyl acetate resins (Polyvinyl Acetate). A powerful, anionic wetting agent with excellent wetting, solubilizing
Qualities: High gloss, oil and emulsifying action plus the ability to lower interfacial tension.
resistant coatings, storage Use in dilute solutions for removing end sheets, bookplates and for

stability, resistant to heat, removing paper and glue from spines. Can be added to detergent
light, weak acid, alkaline and mixtures and solvents for cleaning paintings and laboratory cleaning
salt solutions. Light stability, operations. When added to water soluble pastes, increases their
good film strength. penetration and adhesion. Applicable as a dry cleaning detergent and
Thermoplastic, colorless, low an emulsifier for waxes and oils. Order as 75% aqueous solution.
toxicity. Have excellent Aerosol OT - 75 % contains 75% active ingredient: the remainder
adhesive qualities when is water and approximately 5% of a lower alcohol to provide fluidity.
properly formulated. Can be SIZE PRICE ITEM #
added to hot melt adhesives. 8 oz. $8.95 TCD003001
Forms molding compounds Pt. $13.45 TCD003002
ideal for making bone replicas. Used to put down pigment, and to Qt. $20.20 TCD003003
repair tears (dissolved in methanol or toluene.) Gal. $62.60 TCD003004
Viscosities (in pascal-seconds) are those of an 10% solution in
benzene. 100% solids.
RESIN VISCOSITY (Pa-s) SIZE 1-4 5+ ITEM # Ammonium Citrate Dibasic
AYAA 5.75 +/- .75 1 lb. $15.75 $12.60 TFK029005 Crystaline form, often used for cleaning rust from metal artifacts, as
AYAA 5.75 +/- .75 10 lb. $108.50 - TFK029013 well as for leather. : (NH4)2HC6H5O7 . This mild bleach, in crystal
form has recently gained favor in the professional community.
AYAC 1.2-1.4 1 lb. $15.75 $12.60 TFK029006 1/2 lb. $21.50 TCD120002
AYAC 1.2-1.4 10 lb. $108.50 - TFK029014 1 lb. $37.00 TCD120003
5 lb. $148.00 TCD120004
AYAF 26.5 +/-3.5 1 lb. $15.75 $12.60 TFK029007
AYAF 26.5 +/-3.5 10 lb. $108.50 - TFK029015

RESIN VISCOSITY (Pa-s) SIZE 1-4 5+ ITEM # Ammonium Hydroxide 30 -35%

AYAT 9.5 +/- 1.5 1 lb. $15.75 $12.60 TFK029008 Also known as ammonia water, ammonical liquor, ammonia liquor,
AYAT 9.5 +/- 1.5 10 lb. $108.50 - TFK029016 aqua ammonia, aqueous ammonia, or ammonia solution is a solution
of ammonia in water.
Commonly used as a cleaning agent in conservation, however
Acetone, Reagent extreme caution must be used with handling this product as it is
The organic compound with the formula OC(CH3)2. This colorless, highly corrosive. Like other gases, ammonia exhibits decreasing
mobile, flammable liquid is the simplest example of the ketones. solubility in solvent liquids as the temperature of the solvent
Owing to the fact that acetone is miscible with water it serves as an increases. “Ammonium hydroxide” solutions decrease in density as the
important solvent in its own right, typically as the solvent of choice concentration of dissolved ammonia increases. Please see our website
for cleaning purposes in the laboratory. for more information. Hazardous Material.
Flammable, use with adequate ventilation. Hazardous Material.
Gal. $72.75 TCD005003
Gal. $71.75 TCD002002

tel: 212-219-0770 73


Chemicals & Deacidification


Aquazol 500 500,000 1/4 lb. $21.50 TCD006001
Aquazol 500 500,000 1/2 lb. $34.25 TCD006002
Aquazol 500 500,000 1 lb. $59.00 TCD006003
Aquazol 500 500,000 25 lb. $1125.00 TCD006004
Aquazol 200 200,000 1/4 lb. $21.50 TCD006005
Aquazol 200 200,000 1/2 lb. $34.25 TCD006006
Aquazol 200 200,000 1lb. $59.00 TCD006007
Aquazol 200 200,000 25 lb. $1125.00 TCD006008
Aquazol 50 50,000 1/4 lb. $21.50 TCD006009
Aquazol 50 50,000 1/2 lb. $34.25 TCD006010
Aquazol 50 50,000 1 lb. $59.00 TCD006011
Aquazol’s excellent water solubility and thermal stability makes it a Aquazol 50 50,000 25 lb. $1125.00 TCD006012
preferred substitute for PVOH and PVP in high temperature
applications. Currently, it is used in a variety of hot-melt and pressure-
sensitive adhesive products and has found its way into conservation as
a non-ionic polymer. Now stocked in three viscosities–all soluble in
water and organic solvents such as ethel alcohol, methl alcohol and
toluene, reversible in water.

Benzotriazole Calcium Hypoclorite

Chemical compound with formula Ca(ClO)2. Widely used for water
A highly effective corrosion inhibitor for copper, high copper alloys,
treatment and as a bleaching agent (bleaching powder). This chemical
silver, cobalt, aluminum, and zinc. Can be mixed with methanol.
is considered to be relatively stable and has greater available chlorine
Highly toxic.
than sodium hypochlorite (liquid bleach). Extreme care should be used
1/4 lb. $25.00 TCD009001 in handling this product. This material has been known to undergo self
1/2 lb. $37.50 TCD009002 heating and rapid decomposition accompanied by the release of toxic
1 lb. $60.00 TCD009003 chlorine gas. Ships as Hazardous Material
500 grams $92.25 TCD015001
Benzyl Alcohol
Also referred to as Phenylmethanol. A liquid aromatic alcohol.
C6H5CH2OH. Used mainly as a solvent.
Carbopol Resins
Used most often as a thickening agent in water based systems.
Qt. $27.50 TCD010002
Commonly mixed with Ethomeen C25 found in the solvents section.
Gal. $80.00 TCD010003
in the following formulations.

Calcium Carbonate 934 1/2 lb. $18.65 TCD016002

Chemical formula CaCO3. Calcium carbonate is widely used as 934 1 lb. $30.75 TCD016003
an extender in paints. Calcium carbonate is known as whiting in 940 1/2 lb. $18.65 TCD016005
ceramics/glazing applications, where it is used as an ingredient for 940 1 lb. $30.75 TCD016006
many glazes in its powdered form. When a glaze containing this 941 1/2 lb. $18.65 TCD016008
material is fired in a kiln, the whiting acts as a flux material in the
941 1 lb. $30.75 TCD016009
glaze. In North America, calcium carbonate has begun to replace
kaolin in the production of glossy paper. Europe has been practicing EZ2 1/2 lb. $18.65 TCD016011
this as alkaline papermaking or acid-free papermaking for some EZ2 1 lb. $30.75 TCD016012
decades. Precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), has a very fine and
controlled particle size, on the order of 2 micron in diameter, useful
in coatings for paper. Chloromine T
A stabilized form of sodium hypochlorite. A mild bleach as active as
Precipitated USP: ultra white sodium hypochlorite but without side effects. Used for bleaching paper
SIZE 1-4 5+ ITEM # documents. All purpose disinfectant, and a slimicide for cooling water
1 lb. $7.25 - TCD012004 systems. Solutions retain their strength unchanged for many months:
5 lb. $28.50 $22.80 TCD012005 lower pH increases its disinfectant activity, higher pH decreases it.
Standard At least 99.5% pure.
1 lb. $3.75 TCD011002 1 lb. $24.50 TCD020002
5 lb. $15.00 TCD011003 5 lb. $103.50 TCD020003
10 lb. $173.10 TCD020004

74 tel: 212-219-0770

Copal Resin Fumed Silica
This alcohol soluble resin is used as a raw material for varnish because The versatile M5 grade of Cab-O-Sil fumed silica. Synthetic amorphous
it has good storing quality, and produces a lustrous, elastic finish with silicone dioxide. Crystalline free. Commonly used as a bulking agent
good weather properties. These varnishes are used in the manufacture or as a matting agent in finishes. Chemical Formula: SiO2.

Chemicals & Deacidifcation

of wood, paper products, packaging coatings of all types, label and SIZE PRICE ITEM #
wallpaper finishes. Other applications include linoleum, oil cloth, 100 gms. $8.50 TCD028001
printing inks, adhesives, cements, and floor and shoe polish. Copal is 500 gms. $19.20 TCD028003
used in the manufacture of dental products. 10 lb. $175.00 TCD028004
1/2 lb. $7.10 TFK062002
1 lb. $12.80 TFK062003 Glass Micro Balloons
Hollow glass microspheres
manufactured by 3M. This fine
Diacetone Alcohol powder commonly added as a
Pharmaceutical grade. Hazardous Material. bulking agent or thickener in
SIZE PRICE ITEM # thixotropic mixtures, such as resins
Gal. $126.60 TCD022002 and coatings.
8 oz. $10.50 TCD124001
n,n,-Dimethylformamide 1 lb. $17.65 TCD124002
Hazardous Material.
Gal. $125.50 TCD023002

Ethomeen C 12 96%, USP.
A polyethoxilated amine with surface-active properties. Used in SIZE PRICE ITEM #
the preparation of solvent gel systems to neutralize polyacrylic acid 4 oz. $4.25 TCD029001
(Carbopol), & to neutralize systems gelled with Carbopol resins. 8 oz. $7.00 TCD029002
Suitable for thickening apolar solvents like aliphatic & aromatic Pt. $12.00 TCD029003
hydrocarbons, Citrosolv, turpentine oil, nitro solvent, etc.
This product ships as a hazardous material.
Qt. $22.50 TCD024003
Gal. $59.00 TCD024004
Reagent grade. Hazardous Material.
Ethomeen C 25 Gal. $76.50 TCD031002
Polyethoxilated amine with surface-active properties. Used in the
preparation of solvent gel systems to neutralize polyacrylic acid
(Carbopol), & to neutralize systems gelled with Carbopol resins.
Hydrogen Peroxide
Suitable for thickening polar solvents such as water, alcohols, ketones,
30 - 35%. Hazardous Material.
esters, dimethylformamide, dimethylsulfoxide, etc. SIZE PRICE ITEM #
Gal. $116.50 TCD032002
Qt. $22.50 TCD024001
Gal. $59.00 TCD024002

Guar Gum
A polysaccharide composed of the sugars ga-
lactose & mannose. The backbone is a linear
Ethyl Alcohol ACH Pharmco-Aaper chain of ß 1,4-linked mannose residues to
Composed of the following: which galactose residues are 1,6-linked at ev-
90% Ethanol; 5% Isopropanol; 5% Methanol ery second mannose, forming short side-
Gal. $57.80 TCD026003
Primarily used as a thickner in the food and cosmetic industry, and has
a very high viscosity. In water it is nonionic and hydrocolloidal. It is
not affected by ionic strength or pH, but will degrade at pH extremes
Fullers Earth at temperature (e.g. pH 3 at 50°C). It remains stable in solution over
pH range 5-7. Strong acids cause hydrolysis and loss of viscosity, and
A naturally occurring earthy substance that has a substantial ability to
alkalies in strong concentration also tend to reduce viscosity. It is in-
absorb impurities or coloring bodies from fats, grease, or oils. May be
soluble in most hydrocarbon solvents.
used as a pultice.
1 lb. $6.30 TCD027001 1 lb. $10.45 TCD115001
5 lb. $21.50 TCD027002 10 lb. $94.00 TCD115002

tel: 212-219-0770 75

Hydrogen Peroxide - Super Pure MS2A Resin
Hazardous Material. Considered to be the most stable of the ketone resins & the end point
SIZE PRICE ITEM # in the search for a stable, synthetic analogue to the terpenoid tree res-
Pt. $208.50 TCD132001 ins of old. MS2A gives excellent optical properties, similar to natural
Chemicals & Deacidification

resins. However unlike natural resins, it has outstanding resistance to

oxidation, chemical attack & yellowing in UV light. 2oz of MS2A is
sufficient to varnish about 2 ‘average’ size paintings.
Isopropyl Alcohol SIZE PRICE ITEM #
Reagent grade. Hazardous Material.
2 oz. See Web TFK063001
8 oz. See Web TFK063002
Gal. $58.75 TCD033002
1 lb. See Web TFK063003

Kaolin Clay
A washed white, soft Kaolin with very low levels of trace elements Magnesium Acetate
Used with Magnesium Carbonate for paper deacidification.
including heavy metals. Often used as a filter in casting USP resins. SIZE PRICE ITEM #
SIZE PRICE ITEM # 1/2 lb. $18.95 TCD037001
1 lb. $9.25 TCD014001 1 lb. $29.95 TCD037002
5 lb. $38.25 TCD014002
25 lb. $113.10 TCD014003

Magnesium Carbonate
Laponite RD Used with Magnesium Acetate for paper conservation.
A highly-purified, synthetic, patented colloidal clay, imparts viscosity SIZE PRICE ITEM #

and suspension properties to various types of formulations. It will 1/2 lb. $5.60 TCD038001
form highly thixotropic, heat stable, clear gels when dispersed in 1 lb. $7.50 TCD038002
water at a 2% solids level. 5 lb. $23.25 TCD038003
1 lb. $26.50 TCD121001
5 lb. $110.00 TCD121002
10 lb. $200.00 TCD121003 Magnesium Hydroxide
Technical grade.
1/2 lb. $5.15 TCD039001
Lanolin. USP 1 lb. $6.90 TCD039002
100% anhydrous pharmaceutical grade. An emulsion of pulified wool 5 lb. $22.45 TCD039003
fat, containing cholesterol and certain terepene alcohols and esters.
1 lb. $42.50 TCD034001 Methyl Alcohol
5 lb. $191.25 TCD034002 Purified 99–100 %, reagent grade. Hazardous Materials.
Gal. $54.75 TCD040002

Larapol A81
Larapol A 81 has gained traction as a varnish for painting conservation
in recent years. It is a stable, non-yellowing, adhehyde resin. It is Mineral Spirits (see Benzine)
soluable in a wide range of solvents, and can be combined with other Naphtha VM & P. Hazardous Material.
resins such as Acryloids and Regalrez. The resin’s very pale color and
good pigment wetting are attributes that make it quite unique.
SIZE 1 2+ ITEM #
1 lb. $12.95 - TFK102001
5 lb. $53.00 $50.50 TFK102002 N Methyl Pyrrolidine, NMP
An organic chemical used to remove water based Incralac.
A saturated tetrahydropyrrole, is a basic intermediate used in a wide
range of applications in organic synthesis. Chemical formulation:
Igepal CA-630 C5H12N. Danger: Although not classified as a hazardous material by the
A non-ionic surfactant that controls suds. A drop or two in wash water federal government, this product is extremely dangerous & should not be used
freshens up paper and marble. Can be used in solution for demounting without proper respiratory equipment, eyewear, & body protection. Improper
photographs and daguerreotypes. Equivalent to Lissapol. use of this chemical can result in serious harm to one’s health. Consult
SIZE PRICE ITEM # MSDS carefully before use.
8 oz. $8.50 TCD097001
1 lb. $11.45 TCD097002 Gal. $168.50 TCD123003
5 lb. $48.95 TCD097003

76 tel: 212-219-0770

Neatsfoot Oil 20° CT Sodium Perborate
Yellow oil rendered & purified from the feet (but not hooves) and shin An effective product for bleaching delicate textiles that have become
bones of cattle. It remains liquid down to a low temperature, and is yellow over time. Used for bleaching cotton, linen and other types
used as a conditioning, softening and preservative agent for leather. of fibers, though careful testing should precede use on silk. Sold in

Chemicals & Deacidifcation

SIZE PRICE ITEM # granular form, dissolved in water. Technical grade, granular form.
1 lb. $7.20 TCD043001 SIZE PRICE ITEM #
5 lb. $28.80 TCD043002 1 lb. $6.35 TCD100001
5 lb. $24.80 TCD100002
10 lb. $31.10 TCD100003
25 lb. $54.25 TCD100004
Yellow powder, fungicide.
2 oz. $9.85 TCD045001 A white mineral form of magnesium silicate. Mg3Si4O10(OH)2,
4 oz. $14.75 TCD045002 crystallizing in the triclinic system. Powdered, 100%.
8 oz. $25.60 TCD045003
1/2 lb. $4.95 TCD053001
1 lb. $39.35 TCD045004
1 lb. $7.50 TCD053002

Polyethylene Glycol 1500 Tergitol 15 S-3, S-9

Carbowax. For softening brittle paper and leather objects, preserving Surfactant that removes grease, oil and fingerprints from phonograph
waterlogged wood. HO-(CH2CH2O)n-H records and clean old acetate lacquer-covered aluminum disks. S-3 is
SIZE PRICE ITEM # soluble in oil and S-9 is soluble in water.
Pt. $14.95 TCD047001 TYPE SIZE 1-3 4+ ITEM #

Qt. $27.50 TCD047002 S-3 Pt. $21.75 - TCD096001
Gal. $95.00 TCD047003 S-3 Qt. $38.70 $23.25 TCD096002
5 Gal. $225.00 TCD047004 S-9 Pt. $21.75 - TCD096004
S-9 Qt. $38.70 $23.25 TCD096005

Polyvinyl Alcohol
A water soluble material used as an adhesive for binding interlayer Thymol
cleavage on works of art. Useful for gluing fragile textiles to plastic A highly effective fungicide. A 10% solution in ethyl alcohol can
supports. Acts as a buffer against wax & can be used to clean some be added to wheat and rice pastes to control mold. This solution can
paint films. Dilute alcohol solutions will consolidate glass fragments. also be used as a spray. Use 50-60 gr. per cubic meter in an airtight
Water solutions have good strength, flexibility, and light stability. chamber per 24 hours exposure for treating books and documents.
Insoluble in organic solvents. High viscosity. 100% solid. USP grade.
1 lb. $10.00 TCD048002 2 oz. $18.80 TCD055001
5 lb. $40.00 TCD048003 4 oz. $29.85 TCD055002
8 oz. $51.80 TCD055003
1 lb. $82.00 TCD055004

Potassium Lactate
50% syrupy.
Pt. $9.50 TCD049001 Reagent grade. Hazardous Material.
Qt. $14.25 TCD049002 SIZE PRICE ITEM #
Gal. $49.50 TCD049003 Gal. $71.75 TCD056002

Shellsol D38 Often abbreviated as TEA or TEOA, is an organic chemical compound
ShellSol D38 is a narrow cut mineral spirit type hydrocarbon solvent which is both a tertiary amine and a triol. Triethanolamine is a strong
manufactured to combine an improved flash point level with fast dry- base due to the lone pair of electrons on the nitrogen atom.
ing characteristics. The high degree of general refining gives this sol- Triethanolamine is used primarily as an emulsifier and surfactant.
vent its low level of impurities such as sulphur, olefins, benzene and Molecular formula: C6H15NO3
total aromatics, and low odor. SIZE PRICE ITEM #
Pint $14.25 TCD056001
Gallon $34.60 TCD202001 Quart $25.75 TCD056004
Gallon $77.75 TCD056003

tel: 212-219-0770 77

Triton X-100
Triton X-100 is a nonionic surfactant, it can also be used as a detergent Venice Turpentine
and it is considered 100% “active” and biodegradable in liquid form.
It has numerous general uses as a wetting agent, emulsifier or even as
Chemicals & Deacidification

Utilizing the correct amount of this balsam provides

a mild detergent. It is an effective desizing agent and assists oxalic a splendid glossy transparency and enamel-like
acid in the removal of rust. Compatible with certain bleaches. Safe for surface to the film. Films including too much of this
cotton, rayon, nylon acetate, polyester and blends. Test on wool and balsam harden very slowly, are fragile and tend to
linens. Use a 2-3% solution to remove grime from paintings and to yellow. Natural extract, imported from Italy.
clean masonry. Soluble in water, ethyl & isopropyl alcohol, toluene, SIZE PRICE ITEM #
xylene and most chlorinated solvents. 250 gms. $44.10 TCD057001
Chemical formula: C14H22O(C2H4O)n
1/2 pt. $11.25 TCD099001
1 pt. $18.75 TCD099002 Xylene
1 qt. $32.85 TCD099003 Reagent grade. Hazardous Material.
1 gal. $49.95 TCD099004 SIZE PRICE ITEM #
Gal. $76.30 TCD058002

Marbling & Deacidifcation

Beeswax Microcrystalline Waxes

Pharmaceutical grade beeswax,
Acid-free inert waxes made from
available in either bleached petroleum. Higher melting point
(mechanically refined) or waxes are used for the impregnation
natural yellow formulations. of corrosion-encrusted materials and
Commonly used as an old wood objects, and for coating metal.
fashioned relining adhesive for Lower melting point waxes are used
as ingredients in formulas used for
paintings, coatings on objects and surfaces, and many other
relining paintings. They are also suitable as ingredients in varnishes,
applications. polishes as well as positioning and securing objects and statuary.
Bleached Unbleached - Yellow Multi W445 is also commonly referred to as museum wax or quake
SIZE PRICE ITEM # SIZE PRICE ITEM # wax, as it is a soft wax that is used as an adhesive for fixing statues to
1 lb. $13.55 TCD007001 1 lb. $13.55 TCD007004 a base or similar type applications as an adhesive.
5 lb. $61.50 TCD007002 5 lb. $61.50 TCD007005 NDL. MELTING
10 lb. $110.50 TCD007003 10 lb. $110.50 TCD007006 WAX COLOR PENET POINT SIZE PRICE ITEM #
BeSq.#175 Amber 16/19 175°/180° 5 lb. $53.40 TCD042001
BeSq.#175 Amber 16/19 175°/180° 10 lb. $94.10 TCD042002
Multi W445 White 25/35 170°/180° 5 lb. $28.75 TCD042005
Cosmolloid 80 H
A blend of refined microcrystalline waxes without solvents or other Multi W445 White 25/35 170°/180° 10 lb. $44.80 TCD042006
chemicals. It is an excellent consolidant for fragile archeological Multi W835 White 60/80 171°/178° 5 lb. $28.75 TCD042007
artifacts of iron and stone. Adding a little of the molten wax to a Multi W835 White 60/80 171°/178° 10 lb. $44.80 TCD042008
high-gloss varnish will produce a matte finish. Victory Wax White 26/29 171°/178° 5 lb. $53.40 TCD042009
Melting point: approximately 166°F–176°F. Victory Wax White 26/29 171°/178° 10 lb. $94.10 TCD042010
250 gram $15.35 TCD021001
500 gram $26.10 TCD021002
Kg. $46.00 TCD021003

Purified Wax by Liberon

100% pure beeswax for making
Carnauba Wax furniture polish & lubricating draw
The hardest wax known. Used for coated wood and old photographs, runners. It can be dissolved in pure
#1 yellow flakes. turpentine.
1/2 lb. $10.95 TCD017001 25gm $4.18 $3.95 TFL200701
1 lb. $15.00 TCD017002
5 lb. $48.90 TCD017003

78 tel: 212-219-0770


Chemicals & Deacidifcation

Alum (Potassium Aluminum Sulfate) Ox Gall
Used in solution for coating paper prior to marbling, for setting A few drops added to the marbling inks
dyes on fabrics and other applications. reduce their surface tension and facilitate
their spreading.
1 lb. $5.85 TCD004003
5 lb. $23.40 TCD004004 SIZE PRICE ITEM #
25 lb. $81.90 TCD004005 4 oz. $11.90 TCD044001
8 oz. $20.85 TCD044002
Pt. $36.48 TCD044003
Carrageenan Qt. $65.00 TCD044004
The powdered extract of carrageenan moss. Dissolves in warm
water, avoids the necessity for cooking and straining.
1/4 lb. $ 19.38 TCD018001 Sumifactant®
1 lb. $ 49.50 TCD018003 For altering surface tension of inks in Suminigashi.
5 lb. $187.50 TCD018004 SIZE PRICE ITEM #
2 oz. $8.99 TCD054001


Chemicals & Waxes

Tips for using the Deacidification Spray
Bookkeepers Deacidification Products It is wise to practice when using the spray for the first time.
An environmentally friendly product Understanding the motion-study approach to spraying flat surfaces
that contains no CFCS or freon, non- will reduce the costs and improve the quality of the treatment.
toxic and non-flammable. Positioning the Spray Can
A buffering agent, magnesium oxide The spray can stroke is made
is delivered via a safe liquid carrier. by moving the can parallel to
Used to neutralize acidic papers and the sheet of paper and at right
reducing the risk of running inks angles to its surface.
and softening adhesives and coatings Spray the paper with uniform
in the process. This product is fully strokes, moving the can back
guaranteed against clogging. and forth across the paper
Spray nozzle not included on 38 oz bottle in such a way that the spray
Can be sprayed or brushed on
pattern overlaps the previous
spray by 50%.
ITEM 1-2 3-5 6+ ITEM #
• too close produces a thick
900gm Bottle $105.00 $97.50 $91.25 TCD059002
application which tends to
8oz. Spray Bottle $38.50 $35.50 - TCD059003
• too far produces excessive
dusting and loss of solution
Wei T’O Spray Control
A non-aqueous solution for deacidifying paper safely
The proper relationship between the can distance and a comfortable
& quickly.
stroke speed will result in the application of a full wet coating of
Always test prior to treatment and use only in well solution. To avoid excessive wetness, begin the stroke, then depress
ventilated areas. the actuator, and release it again before the stoke is completed.

10.2 oz. is an Aerosol Spray The ˝banding technique˝ begins with a single vertical stroke at
32 oz. is a Brushing Solution. each end of the paper. This reduces the loss of solution while
trying to spray right up to the vertical edges. Thereafter treatment
ITEM NO. 1-3 PKS 4+ PKS ITEM # is completed by horizontal spray strokes.
10.2 oz. (3/pk) #111 $90.95 $86.25 TCD062002
Long Sheets of Paper
ITEM NO. 1-5 6+ ITEM # Such documents or works of art can be conveniently sprayed in
25.6 oz. Solution #115 $42.50 $40.75 TCD062003 separate sections.
With each section, overlapping of 3-4 inches is suggested.

tel: 212-219-0770 79


5 4

Cleaners, Waxes & Polishers

3 2
Magic Rub Eraser (1) Kneadable Eraser (4)
Can be used safely on the most delicate leathers, vellums,
Soft, kneadable eraser with more flexibility and elasticity. For
cloths and papers. Contains no rubber or other harsh abrasive.
cleaning drawings, removing pencil, & toning down high spots.
Exceptionally good for erasing pencil marks. 1-11 12+ ITEM #
NO. 1-11 12+ ITEM #
$1.45 $1.20 TCD067001
#1954 $1.27 $1.08 TCD063001
#1960 pencil $1.45 $1.20 TCD063002
Erasers & Cleaners

Art Gum Eraser (5)

A soft, non-abrasive formula often referred to as “soap eraser”.
Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser (2) SIZE 1-11 12+ ITEM #
Exceptionally soft, for paper and film. When grated and rubbed 1” x 2” $ .90 $ .75 TCD068002
over paper, the crumbs are an excellent sulfur- free cleaner.
STYLE 1-11 12-19 20+ ITEM #
Eraser $1.45 $1.22 $1.03 TCD064001
Pencil form $2.61 -- — TCD064002 Adhesive Pick Up
Pencil form refill - Box of 10 $10.29 TCD064003
A variety of excess adhesives can be removed
with the use of the “Pick Up”. Made of
creped rubber.
Pink Pearl No. 101 (3)
A gentle rubber eraser for stubborn spots. Can be used on vellum, EACH ITEM #
cloth and papers. $1.73 TCD069001
1-11 12+ ITEM #
$ .85 $ .70 TCD065001


Renaissance Wax
High-quality blend of refined micro-
crystalline waxes which remain neutral.
Pre-Lim Surface Cleaner Formulated by a renowned British
A slightly abrasive cleaner which does not
conservation scientist.
scratch. Removes stubborn stains,
Cleans and polishes all solid surfaces,
oxidized grease/grime or mild corrosion
including wood, metal, marble, onyx, shell,
from all solid surfaces (paint-work,
stone, ivory, plastic, leather and even paper,
plastics, polished metals, etc.). Widely
neither staining nor discoloring. Has high
used for professional cleaning of weaponry
moisture resistance.
and armor. Ideal for exterior automotive
Use to protect paper book covers from
metal surfaces.
fingerprints and as a protective coating on
SIZE PRICE ITEM # photographs. Reduces gloss of picture varnish & prevents blooming.
200 cc. $21.60 TCD088001 Adds luster to water-colors.
SIZE 1-5 6-11 12-23 24+ ITEM #
65 ml. $15.99 - - - TCD087003
200 ml. $21.60 $20.65 $19.90 $18.05 TCD087001
3 liter $147.50 - - - TCD087002

80 tel: 212-219-0770

Albertina Compress
Kaolin Clay
A washed white soft Kaolin with very low levels of trace elements
including heavy metals. Often used as a filler in casting USP resins,

Cleaners, Waxes & Polishers

as an additive in paper manufacturing, and as a poultice in cleaning
paper during conservation practices. Kaolin is aluminum silicate.
1 lb. $9.25 TCD014001
5 lb. $38.25 TCD014002
This enzyme poultice is a ready-to-use product for the easy removal of 25 lb $113.10 TCD014003
non-swellable starch-based (amylase) adhesives. Kit contains one
sheet of Amylase poutice, interleaf paper and blotting paper.
Poultice can be cut into smaller pieces & reused up to 2 or 3 times.
Kotton Klenser
8” x 12” $67.00 TPB120001

Clean Cover Gel

A soft cleaner for cloth and paper book
covers, as well as leatherette and fine
cloth bindings. Can restore original
color and appearance.
Three formulations for general use, metal surfaces, & oil paintings.

Erasers & Cleaners

Test first, cleaner can remove gilding. Regular Kotton Klenser has been shown to be an effective cleaner for
surfaces as soft as marble or alabaster, hard surfaced leathers and
SIZE PRICE ITEM # high gloss finishes.
Qt. $13.85 TCD084001 SIZE PRICE ITEM #
Pt. $6.75 TCD093001
Gal. $48.00 TCD093002
Heavy Duty Kotton Klenser has been formulated so as to dissolve
residues that have accumulated on metallic surfaces. Due to the
gentle action of the cleaner this product may require an overnight
application to work effectively.
Conservator’s Wax SIZE PRICE ITEM #
A blend of highly refined microcyrstalline wax. Pt. $6.75 TCD093003
Provides excellent protection from moisture, heat Gal. $48.00 TCD093004
and finger marks. Dries crystal clear with soft Kotton Klenser for Oil Paintings is an easy to use product that can
sheen—will not yellow. Suitable for painted remove surface dirt from paintings. It is formulated to be used
surfaces, finished wood, polished stone, metal and in conjunction with Regular Kotton Klenser. All Kotton Klenser
bronze, ceramics, ivory, paper and photographs. products should first be tested on inconspicuous areas prior to their
SIZE PRICE ITEM # use to ensure proper results.
125 ml. $13.75 TCD086001 SIZE PRICE ITEM #
1/2 Pt. $6.75 TCD093005
Gal. $89.95 TCD093006

Orvus WA Paste
Recommended for cleaning fine textiles and
DOW Ecosurf EH-3 rugs of all compositions. Removes common
ECOSURF™ EH series nonionic surfactants are a new generation of
dirt and stains but not stubborn stains.
high-performance, readily biodegradable specialty surfactants that
A neutral synthetic anionic detergent (sodium
provide performance equal to alkylphenol ethoxylate (APE) surfac-
lauryl sulfate), used as a wetting, emulsifying,
tants, and better than primary alcohol ethoxylate (PAE) surfactants
dispersing and sudsing agent, readily soluble
in many applications, including hard surface cleaning, textile process-
in hot or cold water; free rinsing in
ing, and any application in which excellent wetting performance is re-
either, apply in a concentration of
quired. ECOSURF™ EH Surfactants have an excellent environmental
1%, well dissolved, approximately
profile: they are readily biodegradable (> 60 percent biodegradation
one tablespoon to one gallon of water.
within 28 days per OECD 301F) and have an aquatic toxicity EC50>
10 mg/L. This surfactant meets the criteria for the U.S. Environmen- SIZE PRICE ITEM #
tal Protection Agency (EPA) Design for the Environment Surfactant 1 lb. $9.75 TCD092001
Screen. 2 lb. $13.95 TCD092002
SIZE PRICE ITEM # 71/2 lb. (1 gal.) $32.50 TCD092003
Quart $24.50 TCD179001 Case (4 gal.) $101.50 TCD092004

tel: 212-219-0770 81

Pec-12 Photo/Slide Cleaner Sodium Perborate
Cleans all slides, negatives and prints both An effective product for bleaching delicate textiles that have become
B/W and color from hardened gelatin yellow over time. Used for bleaching cotton, linen and other types
emulsions. Removes finger prints, oils, ball of fibers, though careful testing should precede use on silk. Sold in
Cleaners, Waxes & Polishers

point ink, adhesive residue, fungus, laser- granular form, dissolved in water. Technical grade. Granular form.
separation oil and most permanent markers.
Archival, contains no water, dries instantly SIZE PRICE ITEM #
and leaves no residue. 1 lb. $6.35 TCD100001
SIZE PRICE ITEM # 5 lb. $24.80 TCD100002
4 oz. $17.00 TCD089001 10 lb. $31.10 TCD100003
32 oz. $85.00 TCD089002 25 lb. $54.25 TCD100004

Pec Pads

Sterling’s Magic
A water soluble gel applied with a damp,
Lint free photo wipes will not scratch or
lint-free cloth, which will loosen and
disintegrate. Ideal for applying Pec cleaner.
remove numerous types of surface dirt from
both porous and non-porous surfaces.
Magic has been demonstrated as an effective
4”x 4” wipes $10.20 TCD090001
cleaner for book jackets. Even thought the
visual effect of this product seems to be
quite acceptable, we have no test results as
Renaissance Metal De-Corroder to its true value as an archival cleaner, thus
Amine complex of hydro-oxycarboxilic acid in its usage should take this into account.

aqueous solution. pH approx. 4.0. Treatment SIZE PRICE ITEM #

selectively ruptures the bond between base Pint $10.25 TCD076001
metal & corrosion layer, reducing rust to
sludge that is easily wiped/brushed away.
Clean-water rinse stops the process. Treatment
Vulpex Soap
is most effective between 10°C and 20°C.
A concentrated soap solution with deep
Colder solutions slow the action still further.
cleansing action that is soluble in water, white
Storage and treatment vessels of mild steel,
spirits and trichloroethylene. Especially
porcelain, rubber, polythene or other plastics
effective for removing dirt from objects with
are suitable. Galvanized, tin, zinc or lead-
uneven surfaces and fine cracks such as interior
lined tanks are NOT suitable. After use of the
stone walls and floors, arms and armour and
solution, separate it from any sediment by
machinery as well as oil paintings, textiles,
siphoning into a clean container and top up
carpets, ivory/shell and leather. Can also clean
occasionally with fresh solution. The product
remains effective for many weeks.
Use diluted up to 5% maximum. Scrub stone
with a warm (100°F) water solution and allow
Pint $25.00 TCD117001
soap to remain on the surface for about 5
Liter $45.00 TCD117002
minutes before rinsing. The soil removed is
held in suspension and will not redeposit on
SB50 Brass & Copper Cleaner the object, but thorough rinsing is essential.
SIZE ITEM # 1-3 4-11 12+
1/2 Pt. TCD098001 $25.35 - -
Pt. TCD098002 $39.90 - -
Lt. TCD098003 $73.00 $68.00 $65.00

Un Du
An effective adhesive removal system that neutralizes
pressure sensitive adhesives such as those found on cello-
phane tape. This is a non-water based product making it
safe to use on most papers.
This product is also capable of removing tapes without
Will clean brass, copper and many other materials. Its deep cleaning disrupting fingerprints and markings on the adhesive
capability will dissolve dirt, grime leaving it bright and clean. It is side of the tape. VOC Compliant
safe, water soluble and biodegradable, containing no hazardous SIZE 1-11 12+ ITEM #
solvents. Dilute with hot water 50/50 for very dirty items. General 4oz. $8.93 $8.06 TCD094002
cleaning, a weaker solution can be used. 32oz. $26.45 - TCD094004
500ml $48.10 TCD126004

82 tel: 212-219-0770

Staedtler Mars-Dry Cleaning Pad

Cleaners, Waxes & Polishers

Absorene Book and Paper Cleaner
Fabric pouch holds ground eraser
A soft, pliable dry cleaner that works like an
and is dispersed by tapping bag
eraser. Absorbs dust, dirt, smoke and film.
on surface requiring cleaning.
Good for books, papers, wall paper, cloth covers
Especially effective on removing
and similar materials.
oily deposits from papers.
SIZE 1-11 12+ ITEM #
15 oz. $9.25 $7.71 TCD201001
1-11 12+. ITEM #
$5.15 $4.65 TCD082001

Groom Stick

A non-abrasive cleaner made from processed kneadable natural rubber with extraordinary
absorptive and retentive properties. Permanently tacky. For use in dry cleaning paper and
degreasing smooth or worked metals, glass & other solids. Will sometimes remove the sticky

Dry Cleaners
residues of rubber-based adhesive tapes. Does not crumble. Use by rolling, rubbing or blotting.
Contains no solvents. Test before using. 100 grams per package
1-11 PKS 12-23 PKS 24+ PKS ITEM #
$19.25 $17.25 $16.75 TCD074001

Dry Cleaning Sponge (Dirt Eraser)

These incredibly effective dry cleaning sponges are suitable for the safe removable of
particulate matter on dry surfaces such as paper, leather, walls, paintings, etc. They
are incredibly effective on removing dirt, soot from fires and other surface deposits
from porous and non-porous surfaces. Made of vulcanized rubber. Non-toxic. Leaves
no residue. Always test before using. Also commonly referred to as a smoke sponge
or soot sponge.

SIZE 1-11 12-143 144+ ITEM #

Small; 6” x 3” x 3/4” $3.10 $2.75 $2.50 TCD083001
Large; 7” x 4” x 2” $6.20 $5.50 $5.00 TCD083002

(Tapeten Reiniger)
A soft, sponge-like pad widely used in Europe for dry cleaning paintings, murals,
frescoes and paper prior to restoration. It removes dust, soot, etc. but not oil or grease.
Rub over the soiled area and then brush or vacuum off the crumbs. Leaves no residue.
White Wishab is specially formulated for surface cleaning of papers

ITEM 1-9 10-19 20+ ITEM #

Orange $8.00 $7.50 $7.00 TCD078001

White $9.00 $8.50 $8.00 TCD078002

tel: 212-219-0770 83

Akatec Blasting Systems
Akatec Micro Blaster 4420
Cleaners, Waxes & Polishers

A pressure blasting machine with low air

consumption for precise spraying and Akatec Duoblaster 4430
cleaning. Often used for safe Identical to the Micro Blaster 4420,
and gentle dry-cleaning except that it is equipped with two
of masonry, sculptures, pressure cylinders which can be used
and small objects. seperately by flipping an exterior
switch. This feature makes it ideal
The 4420 uses tiny granules for special demands on the spraying
derived from Wishab Sponges. Granules can often be reused up to 5 substrates, when more then one type of
times before they become saturated with dirt, and should be replaced. granule is required.
The size of these small granules make this machine ideal for cleaning
inside of hard to reach crevices and contours.
MicroBlaster 4420 - TCD178001 $1975.00
MicroDuoblaster 4430 - TCD178002 $2175.00
Only source of energy needed is pressurized air. It is very important White Granules 5kg TCD178101 $217.00
that only clean and dry air is filled into the micro blaster. Fine Granules 5kg TCD178102 $185.50
ExtraFine Granules 5kg TCD178103 $176.25
The spraying pressure of akatec micro blaster 4420 & 4430 is steered
by an adjustable pressure regulator. The included pressure release
valve cuts off the air stream immediately after switching off the micro
blaster. This feature ensures no unwanted spraying occurs
Akatec Blasting Systems

Akatec Angle Jet 4475

This product has been developed for hard to

Akatec Fine Spray Gun 4400 access surfaces and for overhead cleaning. Akatec
Fine Spray guns can be equipped retrospectively
This machine is based on a standard chips- for the use with the Akatec Angle Jet 4475. The
gun which has been modified for the use of adjustment of the spray gun by Akachemie’s specialist
akablast fine. It uses the injector-method is necessary.
to transport the akablast fine. Gener-
ally, all chips-gun can be used with some
amendments to the spraying pipe diam-
eter and air supply.
Length 50 cm
Inner diameter 6 mm
A key benefit to this unit is its ability to be used out-
Angle jet turnable 360°
doors on large scale work.
Material Aluminium adapter with
Hopper content stainless steel pipe
5 litres Weight
Container diameter ca. 150 g
240 mm For products
Air consumption akablast fine
about 150 l/min. (3–8 bar)
Nozzle diameter akablast extra fine
6 mm
Recommended hose 6 mm
Air quality dry, cleaned, oil & fat free PRODUCT SIZE ITEM # PRICE
Weight 880 g Angle Jet 4475 - TCD178004 $157.50
Precautionary measures Protection glasses & White Granules 5kg TCD178101 $217.00
a mask if necessary Fine Granules 5kg TCD178102 $185.50
For products akablast fine ExtraFine Granules 5kg TCD178103 $176.25
akablast extra fine


Fine Spray Gun 4400 - TCD178003 $673.50
White Granules 5kg TCD178101 $217.00
Fine Granules 5kg TCD178102 $185.50
ExtraFine Granules 5kg TCD178103 $176.25

84 tel: 212-219-0770


Cold Patination Pre-Treatment Boiled Linseed Oil

Cleaners, Waxes & Polishers

by Liberon by Liberon
Thoroughly cleans and degreases metals Liberon Boiled Linseed Oil is used to give a mellow,
before patinating or polishing. Suitable patinated finish to new or stripped bare wood. A
for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. superior quality oil, similar to Raw Linseed, but
having had hot air passed through to improve drying
SIZE PRICE ITEM # times, it is suitable for use on all types of wood,
500ml $24.75 TCL100501 except exterior oak. It is also recommended as a sealer
for terracotta tiles and other porous surfaces before
250ml $18.00 TFL100601
Ring Remover by Liberon
500ml N/A TFL100602 (special order)
Removes white heat and watermarks on most hard
surfaces such as varnish, French polish, lacquer and Finishing Oil by Liberon
modern finishes. A blend of high quality oils for use on all interior
wood, turned woodwork and wooden toys for
SIZE PRICE ITEM # nourishing and enhancing the color of wood. It is
125ml $23.00 TCL100101 suitable for use on work tops, kitchen tables and
bathroom furniture and can also be applied to cork,
stone and terracotta. Coverage: 1 L = 10-12 m²

Liberon Cleaners
Drying time: Min 5 hours
250ml $18.55 TFL100501
Rust Remover by Liberon
500ml $29.15 TFL100502
De-oxidizes metal surfaces, removing rust and creating 1 liter $48.40 TFL100503
a barrier against oxidization. It is suitable for use on 5 liter $182.35 TFL100504
ferrous metals, brass, copper and bronze. It can also be
used to degrease and clean most metal surfaces prior to
coloring with Liberon Antiquing Fluid, Haematite,
Neatsfoot Oil 20° CT
Yellow oil rendered & purified from the feet (but not hooves) and shin
Iron Paste or paint.
bones of cattle. It remains liquid down to a low temperature, and is
used as a conditioning, softening and preservative agent for leather.
125ml $15.55 TCL100601
500ml $27.35 TCL100602
1 lb. $7.20 TCD043001
5 lb. $28.80 TCD043002

Wax and Polish Remover by Liberon Pure Tung Oil by Liberon

Removes old wax, dirt, smoke and everyday grime Highly resistant to water, alcohol & food acids.
from antique and modern wood furniture. Also Provides a hard wearing finish that is ideal for surfaces
suitable for use on interior woodwork including such as kitchen worktops, tables and all high quality
doors, beams, dado rails, and banisters and will not interior wood. No added dryers, natural, & non-toxic
harm the original finish or patina, making it suitable product that can be used on toys and objects in contact
for even the most delicate surfaces. with food such as salad bowls etc. Recommended for
Coverage: 1L = 8-10m² use on exterior oak. Coverage: 1 L = 10-12 m²
Drying time: Minimum 6 hours Drying time: 4 days final
250ml $24.85 TFL100301
250ml $23.60 TCL100201
500ml $37.80 TFL100302
500ml $32.30 TCL100202
1 liter $68.18 TFL100303
5 Lt. $178.55 TCL100203

Wood Bleacher by Liberon

Superior Danish Oil by Liberon
Blend of pure tung oil & natural oils which protect
Removes dark stains caused by rust, alcohol, damp,
hard and soft woods. It is a penetrating oil, which
ink, ring marks and fruit etc. from wooden surfaces. It
brings out the natural grain of the timber and
can also be used to lighten naturally dark wood, or
provides a satin to gloss sheen. With added UV
natural wood, which has darkened through alkali
filters to help prevent discoloration from the sun it
products i.e. staining or weathering.
is suitable for both interior and exterior use.
Coverage: 1 L = 10-12 m²
Drying time: Min 5 hours
125ml $17.35 TCL100401
500ml $33.55 TCL100402
250ml $19.80 TFL100101
500ml $31.60 TFL100102
tel: 212-219-0770 85
Repair, Renovate, Revive Furniture Kit
Teak Oil by Liberon
Blend of pure tung oil & linseed oil that nourishes &
Cleaners, Waxes & Polishers

enhances the natural beauty of hard/exotic woods,

including teak & iroko. Added UV filters for
protection against fading from sunlight Teak Oil is
suitable for interior & exterior use. Achieving the
traditional cabinet maker’s finish on hard woods,Teak
Oil produces a hard wearing satin finish.
Coverage: 1L = 10-12 m²; Drying time: Min 24 hrs

250ml $19.25 TFL100201 Starter kit for common repairs. Complete with:
500ml $28.60 TFL100202 - 150ml Furniture Paste Wax - 4x7g Ultra Fine Steel Wool (0000)
1 liter $42.20 TFL100203 - 250ml Wax & Polish Remover - Liberon Retouch Crayons (mixed)
- 125 ml Ring Remover
Enables the removal of white ring marks, built-up wax & spray
polishes, and to fill nail holes and deep scratches as well as removing
superficial scratches from polished or varnished surfaces.
Kit $69.50 TFL600100

Black Bison Fine Paste Wax by Liberon

See page 256 for color samples.
Black Bison Liquid Wax by Liberon
Ideal for nourishing & protecting all types
See page 256 for color samples.
of wood, including lacquers & French
Ideal for nourishing & protecting all types of wood.
polishes. Well known for its quality &
It is particularly suitable for large surfaces such
distinctive, pleasant smell. Traditionally
as paneling, floors, doors, staircases & other large
used on antiques but is also suitable for
interior woodwork. Well known for its quality
use on modern furniture & enhances the
& pleasant, distinctive aroma which means it has
natural beauty of wood while protecting against dryness. Coverage:
traditionally been used on antiques. It will also
500ml=5-6 m². Drying time: Min. 20min.
enhance the natural beauty of new wood while DESCRIPTION 150ML ITEM # 500ML ITEM# 1L ITEM#
protecting it against dryness. Neutral TFL201001 TFL201002 TFL201004
Coverage: 1L = 10-12 m². Drying time: Min 30m Clear TFL202001 TFL202002 TFL202004
Precautions: Not suitable for high water areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Medium Oak TFL203001 TFL203002 TFL203004
COLOR SIZE PRICE ITEM # Dark Oak TFL204001 TFL204002 TFL204004
Tudor Oak - TFl205002 TFL205004
Clear 500ml $31.10 TFL200601 Antique Pine TFL206001 TFL206002 TFL206004
Neutral 500ml $31.10 TFL200602 Gold Pine - TFL207002 -
Antique 500ml $31.10 TFL200603 Stripped Pine - TFL215002 -
Medium Oak 500ml $31.10 TFL200604 Georgian Mahogany TFL208001 TFL208002 TFL208004
Dark Oak 500ml $31.10 TFL200605 Medium Mahogany - TFL209002 -
Victorian Mahogany - TFL210002 -
Georgian Mahogany 500ml $31.10 TFL200606 Maple - TFL211002 -
Teak - TFL212002 -
Walnlut - TFL213002 TFL213004
Yew - TFL214002 -
Black Patinating Wax by Liberon SIZE PRICE

Creates striking effects on all types of 150ml $19.80

material such as metal, wood & plaster. 500ml $31.10
Ideal for aging modern furniture & 1 liter $50.65
disguising repairs to old & new furniture.
Can also be used for adding a colored
finish or highlighting areas on finished Fine Spray Wax by Liberon
pieces such as carvings. Ideal for waxing and polishing lacquered, varnished
Coverage: 250 ml = 2-3 m². Drying time: 5 minutes and French polished furniture in and around the
SIZE FINISH PRICE ITEM # home. It is a high quality, silicone free spray wax,
250ml Jet Black $39.10 TFL200401 which can be used regularly to give furniture a soft
satin sheen.
Drying time: Min 5 minutes


400ml Aerosol $23.20 TFL200501

86 tel: 212-219-0770

Jade Oil Retouch Crayons by Liberon
Used to fill scratches, nail holes, worm
It offers a great protective sealant on bronze and holes etc. in furniture & other
exotic metals and helps in the longevity of the woodwork. Easy to use, and available

Cleaners, Waxes & Polishers

metal finish both interior and exterior. in a wide range of colours. Expand and
The Jade Oil while sealing the metal surface, contract with the wood, & do not
reduces oxidation (tarnishing or rusting). It is shrink or drop out. Easy rub on and
not a lacquer and can can be cleaned with metal buff off application.
cleaners. Tin of 10 Standard Set includes wood
Jade can be sprayed, or applied by cloth or brush. tones from light to dark & includes
500ml $36.00 TFL100701
3 Pack includes a light, medium & dark tone. Crayon colors can be
blended to achieve desired tone.
Liming Wax by Liberon Mixed (set of 3) $16.10 TPL100502
Special effects wax that will add a white color Standard (set tin of 10) $50.90 TPL100501
to the grain of hardwood
Coverage: 250 ml = 3 – 4 m²
Drying time: 5 minutes Verdigris Wax by Liberon
Multi-purpose colored wax for creating
250ml $31.10 TFL200301
striking effects on all types of material such as
500ml $55.25 TFL200302
metal, wood and plaster. It gives green hues of
oxidised copper and brass and can be worked
into moulding, bronzes, papier maché,
Purified Wax

Polishers & Creams

by Liberon alabaster and carvings. It can also be applied as
100% pure beeswax for making a wax finish to bare or colored wood.
furniture polish & lubricating draw Coverage: 250 ml = 2-3 m²
runners. It can be dissolved in pure SIZE PRICE ITEM #
turpentine. 250ml $39.10 TFL200411
SIZE 1-14 15+ ITEM #

25gm $3.86 $3.65 TFL200701


Beeswax Paste Polish by Liberon Burnishing Cream by Liberon

Ideal for nourishing absorbent woods such as pine Covers superficial scratches & revives dull & tired
& oak, especially unsealed. It naturally protects varnish. Designed to clean, revive & rejuvenate highly
wood & guards against dryness; particularly polished surfaces such as French Polish, lacquers &
suitable for small surfaces and furniture. Coverage: varnishes. Can also be used to remove haze & bloom from
1 L = 10-12 m² most modern finishes. It will also clean ivory, tortoise
Finish: Clear, Dark and Antique Pine. shell, mother of pearl, papier maché, brass inlays &
DESCRIPTION SIZE PRICE ITEM # fittings. This product may affect newly applied or
Clear 150ml $20.49 TFL200101 cracked finishes.
Clear 500ml $41.50 TFL200111 Coverage: 1 L = 8-12 m². Drying time: 2 minutes
Dark 150ml $20.49 TFL200102 SIZE PRICE ITEM #
Dark 500ml $41.50 TFL200112 250ml $27.40 TFL100401
Antique Pine 150ml $20.49 TFL200103 500ml $47.20 TFL100402
1 liter $84.50 TFL100403
Antique Pine 500ml $41.50 TFL200113
5 liter $286.70 TFL100404

Button French Polish by Liberon

Black Polish by Liberon Golden brown French Polish that is
Black stained French Polish that is suitable for suitable for antique finishes. It can be
ebonising. It can be applied with a French applied with a French Polishing mop
Polishing mop or with a rubber in accordance or with a rubber in accordance with
with traditional French Polishing techniques. traditional French Polishing
Clean brushes in methylated spirit. techniques. Warms new or pale
SIZE PRICE ITEM # looking wood, while covering
250ml $26.65 TFL200901 blemishes and marks.
500ml $47.15 TFL200902 SIZE PRICE ITEM #
1 liter $84.50 TFL200903 250ml $24.85 TFL220301
500ml $43.45 TFL220302

tel: 212-219-0770 87

Chromglanz Hagerty Silversmith’s Polish
A safe gentle lotion formulated to effectively clean,
Cleans, polishes and preserves polish and protect sterling, silver plate and gold
stainless steel, chromium , objects. Contains Hagerty’s own tarnish inhibitor
Cleaners, Waxes & Polishers

copper, brass, nickel, tin, alu- which lasts for months under normal circumstances
minum, gold, silver as well as
plastics, ceramic and enamel. SIZE PRICE ITEM #
Also a very effective cream for 8 oz. $11.93 TCD118001
the final finish on paring
knives, spokeshaves, etc. To
apply, rub on using a damp Hagerty All Metal Polish
sponge or cloth, polish with a Quickly removes tarnish, dirt,
leather, such as chamois, and corrosion, grease, lime and water
dry with a lint free cloth. stains. Protects metals with 3
tarnish and corrosion inhibitors.
175 ml $15.75 TTB080001 Also effective on hard plastics,
ceramics, porcelain & marble.
Easy French Polish by Liberon 4 oz. $10.85 TCD118002
Designed for beginners to French polishing. Ideal
for use on small items such as furniture, carved
woodwork and artifacts in rare or exotic woods.
Liquid Beeswax Polish by Liberon
Ideal for nourishing absorbent woods such as pine
and oak, especially unsealed. It is particularly suitable
for large and very dry surfaces such as beams, floors,
Fillers & Dyes

250ml $26.65 TFL220201

500ml $47.70 TFL220202 doors and staircases.
Coverage: 1 L = 10-12 m² Drying time: Min 1 hour
500ml Clear $44.70 TFL200201
500ml Antique Pine $44.70 TFL200202
1 liter Clear $74.48 TFL200211
Garnet Polish by Liberon
Dark brown stained French Polish that is
suitable for dark woods. It can be applied with Special Pale French Polish by Liberon
a French Polishing mop or with a rubber in Colorless & transparent polish made from the
accordance with traditional French Polishing finest quality pale de-waxed shellac.Suitable
techniques. Darkens wood to create an aged for the most delicate work. Apply with a
effect, and completely obscures the grain. French Polishing mop or with a rubber.
250ml $24.85 TFL200801 250ml $24.85 TFL220101
500ml $43.45 TFL200802 500ml $43.45 TFL220102
1 liter $75.70 TFL200803 1 liter $76.90 TFL220103


Wax Filler Sticks by Liberon

See page 256 for color samples. Palette Wood Dyes by Liberon
The advantages of an application without a heat See page 256 for color samples.
source and no shrinkage make them ideal for use Ideal for dying/coloring all interior bare wood
on finished furniture & other articles. Fills small work, whilst leaving the natural beauty of the
to medium holes, cracks & scratches without grain visible. For use prior to oil, wax, varnish and
sanding or having to strip the finish. All colors are French polish finishes they are suitable for both
intermixable; easy to use & quick drying. soft and hardwoods. Quick & uniform results can
DESCRIPTION ITEM # DESCRIPTION ITEM # be achieved on large & small surfaces.
White (00) TPL100601 Teak (06) TPL100609 Coverage: 250 ml = 2-4 m²; Drying time: 2 hrs+
Light Oak (02) TPL100602 Ebony (12) TPL100610
Med Oak (08) TPL100603 Rosewd (23) TPL100611 DESCRIPTION ITEM # DESCRIPTION ITEM #
Dark Oak (10) TPL100604 Dark Yew (19) TPL100612 Ebony TPL100201 Dark Oak TPL100205
White TPL100202 Teak TPL100209
MdWalnut (03) TPL100605 Pine (16) TPL100613
Grgn Mhgny TPL100208 Tudor Oak TPL100206
Dk Walnut (09) TPL100606 Ivory (01) TPB100614 Vctrn Mhgny TPL100207 Walnut TPL100210
Mahogany (05) TPL100607 Lt Pine (15) TPL100615 Light Oak TPL100203 Yew TPL100211
Dk Mhgny (07) TPL100608 Lt Walnut (21) TPB100616 Med Oak TPL100204
Each 50g $14.85 - 250ml $20.49
16 color set 50g (ea) $223.30 TPL100600

88 tel: 212-219-0770

Hagerty Silver Care-Silver Duster
Cotton Wool
Two-piece cloth developed to

Cleaners, Waxes & Polishers

100% pure, long fibered
cotton, suitable for cleaning easily remove light tarnish from
surfaces, making cotton tipped silver between polishings.
swabs, and other applications. Leaves a protective coating that
Cotton is lump free, and of inhibits tarnish for up to 2
high USP grade quality.
SIZE 1-11 12+ ITEM #
Sold in 1 lb. bags (rolled).
New Premium cotton wool 12” x 15” $10.85 $7.62 TCD118003
has been thoroughly combed to eliminate a greater number of small
fiber modules that can occur in a standard grade of cotton wool. One Wipe Dust Cloth
DESCRIPTION 1-4 lbs 5+ lb ITEM #
A specially treated dustless, lintless dust
Standard $9.90 $7.75 TCD105001 cloth that can be washed up to 20 times
Premium $12.90 $10.75 TCD105002 and still retain its effectiveness. Holds,
does not scatter dust.

1-11 12-143 144+ ITEM #
Well suited for applying waxes and $3.25 $2.25 $1.88 TCD104001
coatings, polishing, filtering liquids, and
as a blotting material.
Grade #10, 100% cotton.

Cleaning Cloths & Brushes

36” wide. Polyvinyl Alcohol Sponge
Magnified image to show weave. Open cell sponge allows
thorough removal of solvents
SIZE PRICE ITEM # and dissolved materials. Can be
36” x 10yd $10.95 TCD106001 used with numerous solvents
36” x 80yd $78.45 TCD106002 without degradation. Available
in block form.

Chamois Cloth SIZE 1-11 12+ ITEM #

Block: 71/2” x 3” x 11/4” $4.00 $3.35 TCD107001
Genuine natural chamois
leather is made from selected
sheep skins which are
traditionally processed, then
Pec Pads

treated with oils and hand
Lint free photo wipes will not scratch or
finished to produce a high
disintegrate. Ideal for applying Pec cleaner.
quality, soft, golden texture
which is highly absorbent. Skins
are approximately 4 square feet.
4”x 4” wipes $10.20 TCD090001

$31.50 TCD103001

Micro-Fibre Cleaning Cloths

Recent advances in micro-fibre technology have created a new system
allowing for either dry or wet cleaning of surfaces without the need
to use chemicals or abrasives. Made from polyester/polyamide ultra

Glass Cloth - Ideal for cleaning glass

SIZE GSM COLOR 1-5 6-23 24+ ITEM #
12.5” x 12.5” 280 White $6.95 $5.95 $5.00 TCD122001

Dry Use - When used dry the cloth is naturally charged positive and Suede Cloth - Ideal for general use
SIZE GSM COLOR 1-5 6-23 24+ ITEM #
attracts dust and dirt. Wet Use - Used damp or wet; the cloth is
16” x 16” 200 Yellow $6.95 $5.95 $5.00 TCD122002
especially effective on hard surfaces, like chrome, wood, plastics,
stainless steel & brass. Cleaning Instructions: All micro-fibre cloths can Terry Cloth - Ideal for irregular surfaces and heavy duty cleaning.
be machine washed at least 300 times using ordinary washing powder. SIZE GSM COLOR 1-5 6-23 24+ ITEM #
Wash micro cloths separate from other wash and do not use bleach or 12.5” x 12.5” 280 White $6.95 $5.95 $5.00 TCD122003
tel: 212-219-0770 89
Dust Grab (Tack Cloth) by Liberon Webril Handi-Pads
Resin impregnated cloth to remove dust Made of compressed cotton
and lint from any surface prior to fibers, these 8” x 4”, folded
staining, waxing, lacquering, french to 4” x 4” pads, provide a
Cleaners, Waxes & Polishers

polishing or coloring. soft lint-free, absorbent pad.

Silicone & wax free. Ideal for cleaning delicate
surfaces and applying liquid
Pack of 3 $9.90 TCL100701 Sold in packs of 100 pads.
Pack of 10 $29.16 TCL100702 1-9 PACKS 10-19 20 + ITEM #
$11.85 $10.15 $8.90 TCD108001

Hagerty Silver Protection Strips Museum Dusting Brush

Developed to neutralize tarnish causing Handmade from the finest
sulfur gasses inside any inclosed or display goat hair. Ideal for dusting
area. Each package contains 8 strips. delicate works of art. Used
by the British Museum.
2” x 7” $10.38 TCD118005
$42.50 TTB095001
Steel Wool, Oil Free
Cleaning Cloths & Brushes

Made by Liberon without

oil, this steel wool is Static Dissapating
ideal for applying waxes Wisk
and cleaning delicate Brush
0000 100g $10.60 TCD119001 00 250g $15.50 TCD119006
0000 250g $16.75 TCD119002 0 250g $15.50 TCD119007
0000 kilo $51.55 TCD119003 0000 4”x7” $8.10 TCD119005 A fantastic and revolutionary dusting brush made of very soft goat
00 kilo $47.15 TCD119004 (pack of 4) hair. This brush works with carbon fibers impregnated in the handle
to conduct static charges off a surface, eliminating the attraction of
Horsehair Silver Brush dust back onto the cleaned area. No longer will dust immediately
Short bristle, toothbrush style return to areas already cleaned.
brush perfect for removing DESCRIPTION PRICE ITEM #

polish from intricate patterns. Brush $19.25 TTB096001

PRICE ITEM # Wisk $14.45 TTB096002
$15.25 TCD118004


Metro DataVac Lightweight MDV-1BA

Hepa Vac (Vacuum)
Lightweight, 6 lbs, 110 volt,
portable Hepa vacuum removes
particles as small as .12 micron.
ESD protected utensils
include hose, gooseneck,
crevice tool and brush.

ITEM PRICE ITEM# Built to Government Specifications! An excellent tool at a very

Hepa Vac $188.50 TTB083010 affordable price. High-powered and specially designed to clean
Hepa Vac Kit $256.90 TTB083014 computers, printers and all sensitive-to-dust electronic equipment
Hepa Vac with accessories, carrying case, and extra Hepa filter used in the modern office. This DataVac’s® Lightweight Series”
Hepa Vac Filter $28.75 TTB083011 includes a 4 piece Micro Cleaning Tool Kit.
Carrying Case $68.20 TTB083013 ITEM PRICE ITEM #
Vacuum/Blower Lightweight $83.75 TTB083303
Vacuum/Blower Bags (pk/5) $6.05 TTB083304

90 tel: 212-219-0770

Metro DataVac DV-3ESD1 Nilfisk GD10 Back Vacuum

Cleaners, Waxes & Polishers

A powerful, lightweight, HEPA-filtered
vacuum featuring a revolutionary ergo-
nomic design that makes it ideal for
cleaning confined areas. A patented rub-
ber articulated joint ensures flexibility
and allows the BackVacuum to conform
to the operator’s movement. Self-adjust-
99.97% effective in trapping particles of dust down to 0.3 microns. It ing shoulder straps provide stability and
keeps all your high tech equipment running smoother, longer. Unlike allow complete freedom of movement
regular vacuums that redistribute the same dust, dirt and allergens while maintaining the ideal ergonomic
back into the air, the HEPA filter-equipped environmental control position.
system traps dirt and allergens into a tightly sealed filter bag.
Equipped with a unique anti-static wrist-strap grounding the user DESCRIPTION PRICE ITEM #
from generating static. Features a 2-speed 1.7 peak horsepower motor. GD10 Backpack Vacuum $597.80 TTB083101
Comes with a set of static-fighting cleaning tools. Weight: 21 lbs. DESCRIPTION PRICE PACK SIZE ITEM #
Sack Filter $44.25 1 TTB083102

Hepa-Data Vac $309.50 TTB083301 Hepa Filter (upstream) $89.25 1 TTB083103
Hepa Filter for DV-3ESD1 $21.10 TTB083302 Exhaust Filter $20.25 3 TTB083104
Motor Pre Filter $11.75 3 TTB083105
Dust Bag $23.70 5 TTB083106
Nilfisk Vacuum (GM80) Museum Kit
Equipped with a 4-stage filtra-
tion system featuring a 2.25
gallon capacity per bag, extra Nilfisk VT 60 Wet/Dry Vacuum
large cotton main filter, micro- A combination of efficient design and pow-
filter, and HEPA (High Effi- erful suction allows this vacuum to simulta-
ciency Particulate Air) exhaust neously pick up wet and dry debris without
filter. Capable of retaining special adapters or filter switching. Featur-
99.97% of all particles down to ing a unique four-stage filtration system and
and including 0.3 microns in multiple collection and disposal options, the
size. It also has a variable speed versatility of this vacuum is ideal for multi-
control and a micro tool kit of ple wet/dry applications.
attachments, making it appli-
cable for many diverse applica- VACUUM PRICE ITEM #
tions. Ulpa filter will retain VT 60 Wet/Dry Vacuum $3187.50 TTB083201
99.99% of all particles to and ACCESSORIES PRICE PK ITEM #
including 0.13 microns in size. Polyliner $55.16 25 TTB083202
ITEM PRICE ITEM # Microfilter polyester (99.5% @ .33 microns) $36.25 1 TTB083203
Model GM80 & Accessories $1399.00 TTB083001 Gore-Tex Microfilter (99.995% @ .33 microns) $114.10 1 TTB083204
Disposable Dirt Bags (pkg 5) $25.75 TTB083002 AES Polycomposite (99.998690% @ .5 microns) $289.10 1 TTB083205
Hepa Cartridge $237.27 TTB083003 Rpl. HEPA Cartridge (99.998690% @ .3 microns) $226.10 1 TTB083206
Micro Filter $39.60 TTB083004 Rpl.HEPA Cartridge (99.999% @ .12 microns) $282.80 1 TTB083207
Ulpa Filter $294.20 TTB083005 Rpl.CR HEPA Filter $331.35 1 TTB083208
Micro Tool Kit $41.10 TTB083012

Nilfisk Eliminator II Wet/Dry Vacuum

A versatile industrial vacuum cleaner ideal
for wet or dry collection of dust and debris.
A 12-gallon capacity collection container Nilfisk Eliminator II Wet/Dry Vacuum $987.50 TTS083401
and efficient motor ensure minimal Main Filter (Eliminator II) $72.10 TTS083402
maintenance. The multi-stage filtration Motor Filter (Eliminator II) $8.10 TTS083403
HEPA Filter, Upstream (Eliminator II) $203.10 TTS083404
system features a HEPA filter that captures
Cloth Dust Bag (Pk 3) (Eliminator II) $34.40 TTS083405
99.97% of dust and debris down to and
including 0.3 microns. All filters, accessories
& hoses are interchangeable within the line.

tel: 212-219-0770 91

Environmental Controls & Measures
RHAPID PAK SILICA GEL Art Sorb has a unique ability to both absorb and release atmospheric
moisture in order to maintain a pre-set relative humidity. Once the vol-
ume to be regulated has been determined and the relative humidity
level to be maintained has been set, the appropriate amount of Art
Sorb can be calculated.

Art Sorb Sheets

This sheet form is ideal for framed works and displays
where depth of space is a limitation. Available in
40%, 50% & 60% relative humidity, 8 sheets are
needed to maintain 1m3.
Sheet Size: 19.7” x 19.7”
TYPE 1-19 20+ ITEM #
40% RH $27.25 $24.85 TEC001004
50% RH $27.25 $24.85 TEC001011
60% RH $27.25 $24.85 TEC001012

Art Sorb Bead Form

Bead Form Art Sorb
A simple solution for the installation of silica gel in sealed does not release silica

microclimates, RHAPID PAK represents the latest innovation in sil- dust, does not pose health
ica gel technology. hazard of granular
silica. Approx.
RHAPID Gel was developed specifically for museum applications. Its 1.5lbs needed to
unique features give it the greatest capacity of any gel in its ability maintain 1m3. This
to adsorb and desorb moisture within the standard relative humidity form is available in
range for museums. 40%, 50% and 60%
Each unit contains 0.5 lb (250 grams) of pre-conditioned (or dry) relative humidity.

RHAPID Gel in a moisture permeable bag (dimensions L x W x H:

6.5” x 5” x 0.6” [16.5 x 12.5 x 1.5 cm]) DESCRIPTION 1-9 LBS 10+ LBS ITEM #

30%, 40%, 50% or 60% relative humidity allows the end-user to 40% RH $49.60 $44.50 TEC001001
select any RH by mixing the correct proportion of pre-conditioned 50% RH $49.60 $44.50 TEC001002
RHAPID PAKs. 60% RH $49.60 $44.50 TEC001003

Can be easily reconditioned by the end-user. Since RHAPID Gel had

the highest buffering efficiency among silica gels, less is required. The
efficiency of the package makes it the most cost-effective humidity Art Sorb Cassettes
buffering gel available. Based upon standard museum recommen-
dations, one RHAPID PAK will condition 2 to 4 cubic feet of case
volume (2 cubic feet for temporary applications, and 4 cubic feet for
permanent exhibits). Cassette Form
Art Sorb has
been pre-
RH Humidity SIZE PKG 1-5 6 + ITEM #
measured into
30% RH 1/2 lb $15.00 $12.00 TEC043001 750gm. full and
40% RH 1/2 lb $15.00 $12.00 TEC043002 400gm. half cassettes.
50% RH 1/2 lb $15.00 $12.00 TEC043003 Available in 40%,
60% RH 1/2 lb $15.00 $12.00 TEC043004 50% & 60% relative humidity.
1.5 pounds is recommended to maintain 1m3.

Full Cassette 40% RH $79.70 $74.35 TEC001005
50% RH $79.70 $74.35 TEC001006
60% RH $79.70 $74.35 TEC001007
Half Cassette 40% RH $69.00 $63.65 TEC001008
50% RH $69.00 $63.65 TEC001009
60%RH $69.00 $63.65 TEC001010

92 tel: 212-219-0770

Environmental Controls & Measures
A water absorbent chemical that reduces humidity in closed contain-
ers thus reducing the possibility of rust, corrosion, mildew, mold,
and other damage dependent upon ambient moisture. Air-Dryers - These
Available in: Bulk Pack, Air Dryer or Bags handy perforated metal
Bulk Pack—Standard, same performance characteristics as blue indicat- boxes filled with 40gm of
ing silica but will not change color when maximum moisture reten- indicating silica gel.
tion level has been reached. Useful for putting into
Bulk Pack—Mixed, an economical alternative to the use of 100% blue display cases, storage
indicating silica. This mix of 90% non-indicating and 10% blue in- bags, and any other area where humid-
dicating silica allows for the quick identification when maximum ity control is needed.
absorption level has been reached. Case dimensions: 4” x 2” x 5/8”.
Bulk Pack—Blue Indicating, when beads turn pink maximum absorp- ITEM 1-11 12+ ITEM #

tion of the material has been reached. Air-Dryers $10.50 $9.25 TEC002004
Beads can be dried at 250°F for approx 4 hours and then be reused.
Silica dust can cause respiratory complications,
appropriate care should be used.

Bags - 33-gm. of non-indicating

silica are packed in a flat-sealed bag
made of tyvek material. Ideal for

Humidity & Tempurature Indicators

placement in shallow areas.

Sold by the individual bag.

1-9 10-24 25-49 50-99 100+ ITEM #

ITEM 1-4 LB. 5-9 LB. 10+ LB. ITEM #

$1.25 $ .75 $ .60 $ .55 $ .48 TEC002005
Bulk-Non Indicating $10.00 $ 8.00 $7.00 TEC002001
Bulk-Mixed 90%/10% $13.00 $10.40 $ 8.30 TEC002002
Bulk-Blue Indicating $15.00 $12.00 $10.60 TEC002003


Humidity Cards Thermopapers

Standard Cards Heat sensitive paper strips indicate a spe-
Humidity calibrated every 10%, relative humid- cific temperature by an irreversible
ity 10%—80%; color changes from blue (drier) to change in color within one second of ex-
pink (wetter). posure. Suitable for use during shipment,
Maximum Humidity Cards storage, in drying chambers, on hot ta-
Same features as standard cards with the additional bles and hot plates.
ability to indicate if relative humidity has exceeded
50% for a 24 hour period. PRICE: $19.35

TYPE 1-9 10-49 50+ ITEM #

Standard $2.35 $2.00 $1.84 TEC004001 Humidity Indicator (Humidicator)
Maximum $6.47 $6.10 $5.60 TEC004002  A specially prepared, highly sensitive
paper for the detection and estimation of
moisture. Used to measure the relative
Surface Temperature Thermometer humidity of air by comparing the color
Useful on hot table and hot change of the paper to an accompanying
plates, irons, ovens and other color chart. With the use of appropriate
heated equipment. tables, it can be used to estimate the
Range: 50°F—500°F. dew point or frost point. One roll pro-
Accuracy: +/- 2% of full scale. vides sufficient material for more than
200 tests.
13/4” diameter x 1/2” high.
$13.50 TEC003001
$59.95 TEC022001

tel: 212-219-0770 93

Environmental Controls & Measures
Digital Hygrometer Thermometer
This battery powered instrument re- Mechanical Thermo-Hygrometer
cords relative humidity from 25%—
90% and a temperature range from
32°F—122°F. Memory function al-
lows review of maximum and mini-
mum levels reached from the time the
monitoring began.

$39.95 TEC010001

Digital Psychrometer (Digital Sling)

Operates on AAA batteries, reading range A small attractive unit in clear plastic housing for accurately measur-
-4 to +120 degrees F, accurate to with +/- 1 ing the temperature and humidity of the environment. Suitable for
degree F. Humidity range 0% to 100%, discretely mounting in display cases, storage shelves, archival boxes
accurate to within +/- 3% at 25°C. Mem- and in rooms. This new model incorporates a bi-metallic method for
ory feature displays max. & min. tempera- higher accuracy. The mechanical design makes recalibration possible.
ture & humidity points reached when
Temperature measure accuracy is +/- 1 oC and RH measurement is +/- 5%.
monitor was on.
RH range 0-100%. Temperature range 10-100oF, or minus 30-50oC.
Model #990 DW- displays both wet & dry Unit does not require battery, and measures 2”x 1”x 1/2”.
bulb temp., humidity & dew point. ITEM 1-11 12+ ITEM #
Fahrenheit $41.50 $38.75 TEC019004
Humidity & Tempurature Indidicators

Model # 880- same characteristics as the 990

DW but can also be recalibrated. Celcius $41.50 $38.75 TEC019005
990 DW $99.95 TEC016001 Calibration Kit 5 $35.00 TEC019002
EP 8706 $89.95 TEC016003

Lascar EL-GFX-2 Data Logger Lascar EL-Data Pad

Measures and stores over 250,000 tempera- The EL-DataPad allows users of Las-
ture and humidity readings over a -30 to car’s EL-USB data loggers to config-
+80ºC (-22 to 176°F) and 0 to 100%RH ure their units and download data
range at a resolution of 0.1ºC and 0.1%RH. and view logging results on-the-
Using the Windows control software, users spot rather than removing the log-
can quickly set up the data logger and view ger from the environment being
downloaded data by connecting the device measured and taking it to their PC.
to the PC’s USB port using supplied cable. This allows continual logging with
Input buttons on LCD screen allow users to shorter breaks in data collection, less travel for the user, on-site data
start, stop and restart the data logger using collection in graph, legend and summary format and the ability for
on-screen menus. Provides real-time analy- users to reconfigure loggers in ‘the field’.
sis of data either as a data summary or as a graph that updates as new Connect to the EL-DataPad via a standard USB port at the top of the
data is added. Multiple data logging sessions can be stored on the viewer. Data is transferred to a PC/Mac using a supplied micro USB.
device ready for upload to a PC at a later date. PRICE ITEM #
PRICE ITEM # $199.00 TEC041007
$150.00 TEC041005

Lascar EL-Wifi-TH Data Logger

Lascar EL-USB-2-LCD Data Logger Measures the temperature & humidity
of the environment. Data is transmitted
This standalone data logger mea-
wirelessly via a WiFi network to a PC &
sures and stores up to 16,379 rela-
viewed using a free software package.
tive humidity and 16,379 tempera-
During configuration the sensor will
ture readings over 0 to 100%RH
search for an existing wireless network.
and -35 to +80°C (-31 to +176°F)
It can then be placed anywhere within
measurement ranges. The user can
range of the network. If the sensor tem-
easily set up the logger and view
porarily loses connectivity with the net-
downloaded data by plugging the module into a PC’s USB port and
work, it will log readings until it is able
using the supplied software. RH, temperature and dew point data can
to communicate again with the PC.
then be graphed, printed and exported to other applications.
$175.00 TEC041006
$99.00 TEC041004
94 tel: 212-219-0770
Environmental Controls & Measures

Hanna Digital pH Tester

Abbey pH Pens This Hanna HI 98103
Chlorophenol red indicator solu- pocket sized digital pH
tion dispensed through a felt tip meter is used for testing
marker turns purple on any paper the pH value of liquids.
surface with a pH of 6.8 or above. Capable of testing the
Should the solution be clear or full pH range, with an instantaneous readout displayed on a digital
yellow upon contact with paper, it display to an accuracy of 0.01 pH.
is indicating a lower pH level. MODEL PRICE ITEM #
PRICE ITEM # HI 98103 pH Meter $41.50 TEC008001
$4.75 TEC007001 Calibration Kit 4 & 7 $31.50 TEC009003

Phydrion Jumbo Pencil pH Indicators Hanna Micro Computer pH Meter

Precision method Portable hand held micro
for surface pH reac- processor provides fast, ac-
tions: 0.5 unit color curate temperature and
chart in the neutral pH measurements. Unit
range and clear dis- automatically compen-
tinctions of 1.0 pH unit in the acid and alkaline range. Rapid color sates for temperature vari-
change reacts on any surface. Use distilled water when testing. Peel- ations between 32°F and
off pencils are 61/2” long. 212° F. Unit is equipped

pH & Related Indicators

RANGE PRICE ITEM # RANGE PRICE ITEM # with standard probe for
0-13 $35.45 TEC006001* 6-8 $35.45 TEC006003 measuring pH of liquids.
*This item is now in a plastic automatic pencil. Optional flat probe allows
for pH measurement of
papers. Calibration solu-
tion for both Digital and Micro Computer units. Each kit contains 5
packets of PH7 and PH4 clibration solutions Hi 77400P.
Alum Testing Pen MODEL PRICE ITEM #
Pen contains the chemical Panduran, #8424 w/ Carry Case $359.50 TEC009001
which is an eriochrome dye. In the Flat Probe (1413) $146.25 TEC009002
presence of Al3+ ions (as present in
Calibration Kit (4-7) $31.50 TEC009003
alum) if forms a blue violet complex, if
not present it will remain orange. The
reaction is not influenced by the pH of
the paper. Hanna Conductivity Tester DiST WP3
PRICE ITEM # DiST (HI 96303) is an affordable pocket tester that
$19.75 TEC007002 ensures precise EC & TDS readings. Simply immerse
the tester in the solution & the reading will be clear-
ly displayed in µS/cm. Automatic temperature com-
Colorphast pH Indicators pensation ensures correct readings. The digital dis-
Non-bleeding pH indicators that play allows the operator to see the readings from
have been impregnated with indi- every angle. Calibration is very simple to perform:
cating agents that will not bleed to immerse the tester in the calibration solution and ad-
the documents or solution being just the trimmer on the rear of the meter until the
tested. Color change takes approxi- correct value is displayed.
mately 10-15 minutes. Use dis- ITEM PRICE ITEM #
tilled water to make test. Each box Tester $59.75 TEC011001
contains 100 strips and 1 test chart. Calibration Solution $32.50 TEC011002
Hi 70031P (20packs)
PH RANGE 1-5 6+ ITEM #
0-14 $20.65 $18.90 TEC005001
0-2.5 $21.85 $20.35 TEC005005 Micrometer by Starrett
3-5.5 $21.85 $20.35 TEC005002 Pocket unit comes complete with
4-7 $21.85 $20.35 TEC005004 carrying case, made in the USA by
5-10 $21.85 $20.35 TEC005003 Starrett. Accurately measures cross
0-6 $21.85 $20.35 TEC005006 sectional thickness from .001”.
6.5-10 $21.85 $20.35 TEC005007 STYLE PRICE ITEM #
7.5-14 $21.85 $20.35 TEC005008 Standard $312.00 TEC024001
Metric $343.00 TEC024002

tel: 212-219-0770 95

Environmental Controls & Measures


Care should be taken to avoid serious eye damage. UV eye protection available. The economical B-260 long wave UV lamp is
precisely engineered to give you superior per-
formance. It’s two 6-watt self filtered UV tubes
Model# Q-22 emit a nominal 365 nm intensity of 500 pW/
Our most popular examination light has
cm2 (single tube) or 850 pW/cm2 (dual tubes)
two ultraviolet tubes and two fluorescent
at 6 inches (15 cm) and can be turned on and off
tubes flanking a 2” x 4” ground glass
high resolution 3 power magnifier at an
8” focal length. Separate switches control
the UV & fluorescent tubes, an optional
stand provides hands-free operation. The B-260 $115.00 TEC030001
angle between the handle & the unit is B-260F $254.35 TEC030002
adjustable to suit the operator. Replacement UV Bulb $36.10 TEC026017
Model # Q-22B- Same features as Q-22
except all 4 tubes are UV.
Model # Q-22F- Same features as Q-22, but with 230 volt.
Model # Q-22 FB- Same features of Q-22B with 220 volt.
Q-22 $341.70 TEC026001  High powered, hand held, spot
Q-22 B $359.00 TEC026002 or flood capabilities. Separate
Q-22 F $427.30 TEC026003 transformer pack with mount-
Lights & Meters

Q-22 FB $451.85 TEC026004 ing stand allows for hands free

Q Series Stand $57.65 TEC026005 operation or ergonomically de-
Replacement UV Bulb $27.00 TEC026015 signed hand grip. The spot bulb
Replacement Fluorescent Bulb $22.00 TEC026016 provides concentrated beam
An improvement of a flexible arm makes the Q-22 even better. with a steady-state 365 nm in-
FLEXIBLE ARM MOUNT PRICE ITEM # tensity of 4800 uW/scm at 15”,
Q 22FA (B-4) Bench Mount $474.00 TEC126001 the flood bulb produces an in-
Q 22FA (T-4) Table Mount $474.00 TEC126002 tensity of 1200 uW/scm at 15”.
Q22FA (W-4) Wall Mount $474.00 TEC126003 Diffusing filter intensifies the
capacity of the spot.
SB 100 P Spot $639.00 TEC026010
Model# BEA-140 SB 100 P Spot 230 Volt $689.00 TEC026011
Diffusing Filter $83.10 TEC026022
Battery operated, portable,
Replacement Flood Lamp $88.00 TEC026019
hand held unit, similar in
Replacement Spot Bulb $76.00 TEC026020
design to the EA 160. Unit
Carrying Case $68.50 TEC026014
has a 4 watt tube and uses
5 “C”cells
BEA 140 $185.00 TEC026021
Replacement UV Bulb $27.00 TEC026015 Maxima ML3500S
The ML 3500 spot
configuration produces
Model# EA-160 a steady state UV-A in-
A single, 6-watt tube, handheld unit. tensity 10 times the
Optional handle for ease of manipula- output of conventional
tion. This product should be used High Intensity Dis-
with protective UV filtering eyewear charge inspection
found in this section. Unit comes lamps. The unit is effec-
with a carry handle, for ease of use. tive outdoors, even in sunlight, it is
Additional handles and bulbs avail- also environmentally friendly with vir-
able should they be required. tually no emission of UV-B at 15”. Its
Peak Intensity at 6”: 1280 microW/cm2 “instant on” feature, safe handling,
Dimensions: 3” x 3” x 10” never gets hot, super rugged and shock
resistance, lightweight and ergonomic
design with easy maintenance make it ideal.
EA-160 $132.60 TEC026008
Carry Handle $28.00 TEC026009
ML3500S $1,463.30 TEC026023
Replacement UV Bulb $36.10 TEC026017

96 tel: 212-219-0770

Environmental Controls & Measures
OptiMAX 365
Reskolux UV 365 LED
Innovative test & analysis instrument for surface
fluorescence investigation of objects and materi-
als undergoing conservation & restoration.

- Pocketsize, high-performance UV source.

- Circular illumination field, high light output
(120 mW).
- Durable, high-intensity UV-LED. The cordless Optimax 365 is ergonomic, compact and lightweight.
- Pure UV-A spectrum: 360 nm to 370 nm, It’s designed to provide ultimate freedom of movement during in-
Peak at 365 nm. spections. With an ultra-high intensity up to 50,000µW/cm2, it’s our
- Micro-controller optimized energy manage- most powerful true UV-A (365nm) LED flashlight.
ment with overload protection. DESCRIPTION PRICE ITEM #
- Coated, aspherical triplet lens, UV-A optimized. OptiMAX 365 $746.80 TEC026401
- Robust, anticorrosive, aluminium die-cast chassis.
- Water resistant (IP67).
- NiMH rechargeable cells with low self-discharge; intelligent Spectroline MiniMAX
charging unit with status LED & overheating protection.
Includes accu, cradle, plug charger, wrist loop, vinyl cover, users guide.
$1338.75 TEC050002

Lights & Meters

Tritan 365 & 365M 4AW
Superior design and economical price, these new compact and light-
weight units are portable for fieldwork, providing 4-6 hours of use.
The unique “shadow box” design blocks room light and makes ma-
terials glow brighter. Use four 1.5 volt AA batteries (not included).
Includes AC adapter, nylon carrying strap and nylon travel pouch.
Model 5A is a self filtered long wave UV light emitting light at
365nm. Overall dimensions 9” x 2.25” x 1”, weight 10.25 oz.
A Versatile, High-Intensity, Multi-LED, Broad-Beam UV-A Inspec- Model 4AW is a self filtered long wave UV light emitting light at
tion Lamp. A true multi-purpose UV inspection lamp, with 3 power- 365nm, as well as a white light flashlight for inspection with white
ful ultra-hi-flux UV-A LEDs for component inspection, plus a white light. Overall dimensions 8.25” x 2.25” x 1.25”, weight 10.25 oz.
light LED for illumination of dark work spaces. Compact head, ergo- MODEL SIZE PRICE ITEM #
nomic body design & broad-beam configuration make it the perfect UV 5A 9” x 21/4” x 1” $70.40 TEC026101
lamp to meet countless inspection requirements. Available in 2 UV 4AW 81/4”x 21/4”x11/4” $64.70 TEC026102
verions: AC (TRI-365) & AC/DC battery-operated (TRI-365M).
UV 5A Bulb (replacement) $37.50 TEC026015
UV 4AW Bulb (replacement) $37.50 TEC026105
TRI-365 $1,773.00 TEC026301
UV 4AW White Light Bulb $18.75 TEC026104
TRI-365M $1,773.00 TEC026302

UV Light Meter
Designed to measure ultraviolet light in the range from 280 to 400 nanometers (UV AB). The illu-
mination range of the meter allows users to conduct the most precise quantitative measurements of
ultraviolet radiation for radiometry and laboratory requirements, UV-curing in off-set printing,
lamp UV intensity & aging, industrial process monitoring, semiconductor fabrication, sunlight UV
intensity to prevent skin damage, sterilization and environmental monitoring.
Illumination Range: Low: 1 uW/cm2 ~ 1999 uW/cm2.
High: 0.01 mW/cm2 ~ 40.00 mW/cm2.
Spectrum Range: 280 ~ 400nm UV AB.
Sampling Rate: approx .3 sec.
High & Low measurement Range, LCD display, and a low battery indicator. Uses one 9 volt battery.
$159.00 TEC040001

tel: 212-219-0770 97

Environmental Controls & Measures
Aspherilux Midi LED
Brightens and illuminates with power chip LED
technology. Aspheric glass optics provide selec-
tive, round light cone, thus achieving desired
highlights. Constructed from alumimum, pro-
viding a durable and lightweight (260g) prod-
uct that is waterproof up to 1meter.
Designed for maximum versatility, and offer a variety of features of
- Density of light in 1m distance: 125lx, 35 lumens
measuring both ultraviolet and visible light sources. They provide ac-
- Ø light cone in 1 m distance: 65 cm
curate readouts for UV irradiance, visible illuminance or luminance
- Actual working time: up to 10 hours
light readings. When equipped with an interchangeable sensor detec-
- Dimensions (LxWxT): 111mm x 70mm x 30mm
tor, AccuMAX readout units can be used to perform fluorescent in-
- Weight: 260 g
spection (intensity check through normal operation) and UV dosing
(energy check through integration operation).
Please inquire about special order accessories. $281.25 TEC050001
XDS-1000 UV-A/VIS Sensor $558.00 TEC060001
XF-1000 Digital Readout Unit $783.00 TEC060002

Inova X5 UV Light
Inova T4R
Lights & Meters

The perfect example of leading edge technol-

ogy, the INOVA® T4R™ is a best-in-class
rechargeable LED fashlight. The T4R™ is
the most advanced lithium ion rechargeable
fashlight available today, combining durabil-
ity and compact size with lower battery re- If there’s an icon among flashlights, it is the INOVA X5. The first
placement costs. Its high-powered, 303 lu- of its kind, the X5 introduced the world to the power of LED tech-
men LED projects a powerful uniform nology in handheld, battery-operated lights. This compact UV
focused spot and flood beam pattern for up to 698 feet. flashlight emits a high powered ultraviolet light (396 nm) through
the use of five LED’s. Its compact design makes it very handy for
Engineered with the professional in mind, the T4R™ has a 4-func- carrying in the field.
tion mid-body tactical switch that activates high power, medium - Impact-resistant stainless-steel head protects the LED cluster
power, low power, strobe and momentary high modes. Its aerospace- and O-ring provides ultra-tight seal
grade aluminum body has been machined from solid bar stock, with - Water-resistant construction protects it from the elements
military-spec Type III hard coat anodized black ?nish and an aggres- - Five high-powered energy-efficient lifetime LEDs
sive knurling pattern for positive grip. Each T4R™ is individually - 4.5” in Length, weight 0.25lb
laser engraved with a unique serial number, for instant support and 2 lithium 123A batteries & strap included with light.
identi?cation of your illumination investment.
PRICE ITEM # X5 4.5” x 1” diameter $54.75 TEC046004
$147.75 TEC046005

Digital Light Meter

 A convenient and easy to use meter for
Blue Scales (Textile Fading Cards)
Used as light fastness standards, to monitor
measuring visible light. Unit switch-
the net exposure to light of art objects on dis-
es between LUX and foot candle read-
play, and to alert conservators to rotate an ex-
ings; LUX range: 200,2000,20000
hibit or to reduce the intensity of illumina-
with an accuracy of ±3% of rdg. (±5%
at 20000), and FC range: 20,200,2000
with an accuracy of ±3% of rdg. (±5% Eight pieces of wool cloth tinted with
at 2000.) Carrying case has separate blue dyes of different degrees of fastness
compartment for processor and sen- mounted on a 5” x 11/2” card.
sor. Uses one 9v battery.
1-9 10-49 50-99 100+ ITEM #
$17.60 $15.75 $14.10 $12.10 TEC025001
$125.00 TEC020001

98 tel: 212-219-0770

Environmental Controls & Measures
Cee-Lite, Light Sheet

Illuminate your work from behind with this incredibly versatile illumi-
nation tool. Perfectly & evenly illuminates a surface negligible exposure
to UV or IR radiation.

Cee Lite© panels are uniquely suited as a light source to back light
documents, textiles, manuscripts. etc.
Due to their unique design they can be flexible, semi-rigid or rigid.
Since they emit very low levels of UV they are perfect for use in the
conservation laboratory. Panels are excellent for providing illumination
for an item on exhibit.

Each Light Sheet comes with a power pack with built in dimmer. Lights
are available in 4 sizes

• luminescent to over 200 cd/m2 • dimmer or

• homogeneous, even light continuous bright
• Color of light: 5000 Kelvin • only 1 mm thick
• glare-free, UV and IR negligible • flexible and sturdy
• virtually no heat emission • low energy consumption


Lights & Meters

3-7/8” x 5.4” 3.5”x 5” $63.25 TEC050008
8.5” x 11” 7.63”x 10.13” $135.00 TEC050004
8.5” x 14” 7.63”x 13.13” $152.50 TEC050005
16” x 20” 14.94”x 18.94” $425.00 TEC050006
24” x 36” 22.55”x 34.55” $1025.00 TEC050007

Restoration light perfection in a small form factor.
At last a technological breaktrough that allows for accurate color matching
with no infrared or ultraviolet radiation and no forward heat.
• Full spectral distribution for perfect black, white and color reproduction,
including reds. Specially binned LEDs are selected for full spectrum color
reproduction, color temperature, color rendering and luminous flux.
• No ultraviolet (UV), infrared (IR) or forward heat, minimizing damage
and fading.
• Solid State LED technology for durability and economy.
• Effective heat management for longevity. Lasts more than 40,000 hours.
• Art-Lite renders near perfect colors throughout the R1-R15 color pallet
for exceptional color and black & white reproduction across the board. CRI
based on R1 to R15 averages above 95. Light is stable and consistent.
• Simulates natural daylight optimized for indoor photopic and scotopic
conditions. Accommodates adjustments made by the human eye.


TEC051001 6-Light LED Light $375.00
TEC051002 4-Light LED Desktop Light $275.00
TEC051003 6-Light LED on Ajustable Wheeled Base $695.00
TEC051004 6-Light LED on Adjustable Base $455.00

tel: 212-219-0770 99

Environmental Controls & Measures

Hand Magnifiers
Aspheric magnifiers made with optical grade acrylic. Varying radii
Flex-A-Mag produce a sharper image over a greater area than conventional models.
A distortion-free desk magnifier with
flexible goose neck & weighted stand.
Acrylic lens, 4” diameter, Magnification
$34.95 TEC035001

Linen Tester
Double lens mounted in black enameled
brass frame.


1/2” 8 X $30.45 TEC036001

3/4” 6 X $35.60 TEC036002

1” 5 X $40.45 TEC036003
A-2024 $55.90 TEC037002
B-2028 Stand $35.10 TEC037003
C-2060 $35.10 TEC037004
D-2072 Stand $55.90 TEC037005

Optivisor Optiloupe
A precision-made binocular magnifier
worn on the head; fits over eyeglasses. Auxiliary Lens: 21/2 X
Can be tilted down when needed and magnification.
up when not in use, freeing both hands.
Optical glass lenses are ground and
polished to precision standards. ABS
high impact visor is chemical, grease
and flame resistant. Readily adjustable $15.45 TEC033001
headband is made of electrically non-
conductive ABS material and is padded
with orthopedic felt for comfort.
Visor Light
MODEL MAGNIFICATION LENGTH PRICE ITEM # High intensity 60,000 candle
DA-2 11/2 X 20” $53.30 TEC032001 power, XENON bulb powered by
DA-3 13/4 X 14” $53.30 TEC032002 two AA batteries (not included)
DA-4 2 X 10” $53.60 TEC032003 mounts to Optivisors rim for illumi-
DA-5 21/2 X 8” $53.60 TEC032004 nation of viewed objects. Battery life
DA-7 23/4 X 6” $56.45 TEC032005 is approximately 4-5 hours.
DA-10 31/2 X 4” $56.45 TEC032006


#2 $35.50 TEC032007 Light $27.40 TEC034001
#3 $35.50 TEC032008 Replacement $9.05 TEC034002
#4 $35.50 TEC032009 Bulb
#5 $35.50 TEC032010
#7 $37.10 TEC032011
#10 $37.10 TEC032012

100 tel: 212-219-0770

Our stock in bookcloth contains decorative and textured cloths from Japan, elegant, fine cloths from Germany
and lightweight and heavyweight domestic fabrics to meet all of your binding needs.

Fabrics, Threads & Textiles

We are committed to keeping adequate stocks of all of our listed cloths which are available for immediate shipment.
Minimum order on all cloths is one yard. Sample books are available in each line of cloth

Asahi–World Cloth We offer the complete cloth lines of both World & Asahi at the shortest lead time in the U.S., as well as
See page 244 for providing the most competitive market price. The workability of these Japanese cloths combined with the
Color Swatches! beauty of color and texture have made them extremely popular for almost all bookbinding and portfolio
designs. There are currently 55 patterns always in stock for immediate delivery. Certain variations may oc-
cur due to the nature of the natural fabric and dyes. We recommend that sufficient cloth be ordered for each
project so that it can be supplied from the same dye lot. All cloths range in width from 36” to 44”.
0122 A Crimson TBC010122 2291 A Purple Gold Iri. TBC012291 2407 B Green Gray Millstone TBC012407
0133B Ginga Gold TBC010133 2312 A Gray Crepe TBC012312 2410 B Ivy Green TBC012410
0136B Ginga Versailles Gold/Blue TBC010136 2314 A Mint Crepe TBC012314 2416 B Platinum TBC012416
0137B Ginga Platinum TBC010137 2328 A White Satin Checker TBC012328 2418 B Scarlet TBC012418
0771B Gold Turqoise Twill TBC010771 2339 A Black Satin Pattern TBC012339 2423 B Indigo TBC012423
0775B Gold Red Twill TBC010775 2361 A Aqua Brocade TBC012361 2426 C Brown Umber TBC012426

Paper Backed Bookcloth

0817A Chartruese TBC010817 2362 A PurpleBrocade TBC012362 2429 D Burgundy TBC012429
0843C Black Moire TBC010843 2367 A Melon Light Blue TBC012367 2499 B Linen Blend TBC012499
0844 C White Moire TBC010844 2374 B Brown Silk TBC012374 2504 G Natural 100% Linen TBC012504
0884 C Poppy Red Silk TBC010884 2377 A Taupe TBC012377 2557 B White Brocade TBC012557
103-2141B Tan Crackle TBC011032 2379 B Black Raw Silk TBC012379 540-43 B Butter Yellow TBC015404
1-2410 B Turquoise Blue TBC011241 23791/2 A Cinnamon Iri TBC022379 540-571/2B Verde Green TBC015405
2038 A White Canvas TBC012038 2393 C Violet Iridescent TBC012393 540-661/2B Marine Blue TBC015406
2071 A Orange TBC012071 2397 C Red/Gray Iridescent TBC012397 545-4124 B Butterscotch Iri. TBC015454
2082 A Fine White Canvas TBC012082 2398 B Rust TBC012398 545-51 B Endive TBC015451
2250 A Black Mohair TBC012250 2400 B Sage Green TBC012400 545-551/2B Aqua Iridescent TBC015452
2255 A Blue Mohair TBC012255 2402 B Midnight Blue TBC012402 705-2121/2D Soft Pink Gold TBC017052
2270 A Eggplant TBC012270 2403 B Yellow Ochre TBC012403 705-6133 D Soft Blue Gold TBC017056
2290 A Green Gold Iri. TBC012290 2406 B Navy Blue TBC012406 710-24 B Copper TBC017102

A $14.25 $12.85 $9.97 C $21.50 $19.35 $15.05 Sample Book: $8.50 TBC010000
B $18.25 $16.25 $12.78 D $24.75 $22.25 $17.33
G $44.10 $36.50 $29.00

Genji Cloth Made of silk or part cotton and rayon these are the most luxurious and finely woven of the Japanese fabrics. Can
See page 245 for be used as an accent element or to cover an entire box or book. Currently available in variety of patterns, 28” wide
Color Swatches! & can be purchased in 1/2 yd pieces.


2222 R Lt. Blue/ Open Brocade Rayon/Cotton $26.10 $47.25 $42.50 TBC022222
2224 R Blue/ Gold Geometric Rayon/Cotton $26.10 $47.25 $42.50 TBC022224
3221 R Blue/Beige Floral Brocade Rayon/Cotton $26.10 $47.25 $42.50 TBC023221
3225 R Green/GreenWillow Branch Rayon/Cotton $26.10 $47.25 $42.50 TBC023225
3263 R White/ White Mini Floral Rayon/Cotton $26.10 $47.25 $42.50 TBC023263
3067 T Green Cloud on Gold 100% Silk $62.00 $107.80 $97.00 TBC023067
3069 T Small Blue Floral on Pattern 100% Silk $62.00 $107.80 $97.00 TBC023069
3078 T Green/Gold Brocade 100% Silk $62.00 $107.80 $97.00 TBC023078
2009 T Lt. Green & Open Brocade 100% Silk $62.00 $107.80 $97.00 TBC022009
2031 T Dk.Brown Floral 100% Silk $62.00 $107.80 $97.00 TBC022031
2061 T Blue/Gold Checkerboard 100% Silk $62.00 $107.80 $97.00 TBC022061

Sample Book : $6.00 TBC029999

tel: 212-219-0770 101

Canapetta  Made in Italy. This cloth is a medium weight, acid-free bookcloth made of a cotton/linen mixture. It is extremely
See page 244 for desirable because of its delicate and attractive texture and its high durability. Paper backed for easy application.
Color Swatches! Canapetta is an ideal substitute for natural finish buckram. Available in 10 colors, 391/2” wide.


Fabrics, Threads & Textiles


1411 Natural TBC001411 1460 Gray TBC001460
1415 Tan TBC001415 1470 Brown TBC001470
1420 Red TBC001420 1471 Cinnamon TBC001471
1421 Burgundy TBC001421 1480 Black TBC001480
1430 Green TBC001430 Sample Book: $5.50 TBC001000
1450 Blue TBC001450
1-9 YD 10-54 YDS 55+ YDS
$15.50 $13.50 $9.65

100% woven high quality paper backed viscose tissue. Environmentally friendly and exceptionally well suited for
See page 245 for covering book covers, catalogs, stationery, diaries etc. Ideal for off-set printing, screen printing, hot foil blocking.
Color Swatches! 53” wide, except for Pink which is 39”
Also available in 39” width and additional colors on special order and sold only in full bolts.
Additional technical data is available on our website.
1201 Pink TBC071201 1573 Dark Brown TBC071573
Paper Backed Bookcloth

1520 Red TBC071520 1576 Rust TBC071576

1521 Maroon TBC071521 1578 Beige TBC071578
1524 Orange TBC071524 1580 Indigo TBC071580
1533 Teal Green TBC071533 1581 Black TBC071581
1846 Taupe TBC071846
1534 Forest Green TBC071534
1894 Navy Blue TBC071894
1537 Emerald Green TBC071537
1542 Tan TBC071542 Sample Book: $8.00 TBC070000

1549 Olive Green TBC071549
COLORS 1-9 YDS 10-24 YDS 25-54YDS 55+
1550 Royal Blue TBC071550
All colors $15.75 $11.15 $9.65 $6.85
1562 Middle Grey TBC071562
except pink
1572 Brown TBC071572
Pink $12.45 $8.95 $7.50 $6.25

Cotlin (Sailcloth) Blend of cotton and raw linen, undyed, calendered for uniform texture and paper-backed, pH neutral. Made from
natural fibers and is free of solvents. Cotlin can undergo foil, blind stamping and screen printing and is ideal for cover-
ing full cloth book, boxes, albums and photo mat boards. 39” wide.
NUMBER COLOR ITEM # Sample Book: $0.50 TBC003000
402 Light Tone TBC003402
1-14 YD 15-54 YD 55-109 YD 110+ YD
405 Dark Tone TBC003405
$16.85 $14.60 $11.80 $10.90

Fabric Sampler
This sampler includes an assortment of 5 pieces of approximately 9”x9” to 13” x
18” bookbinding fabric. It is a great way to sample a variety of bookcloth.

Each sampler varies and is not necessarily representative of our current inventory.


Fabric Sampler $11.75 $10.50 TBC000001

102 tel: 212-219-0770

100% woven Rayon cloth paper backed, pH neutral and made of natural fibers, free of all solvents. This elegant cloth
See page 245 for is both reliable in quality & workability, & available in a sophisticated palette of colors. Burnished surface makes it
Color Swatches! ideal for foil & blind stamping & suitable for covering books, boxes, albums and photo mats. 53” wide.

Fabrics, Threads & Textiles

800 White TBC002800 848 Rust TBC002848
801 Slate TBC002801 852 Off White TBC002852
802 Ochre TBC002802 853 Midnight TBC002853
806 Burgundy TBC002806 854 Seafoam TBC002854
807 Periwinkle TBC002807 855 Lt. Tan TBC002855
812 Olive TBC002812 856 Celery TBC002856
814 Lilac TBC002814 857 Confederate TBC002857
815 Maroon TBC002815 858 Steel TBC002858
817 Coffee TBC002817 859 Taupe TBC002859
818 Brown TBC002818 871 Raspberry TBC002871
825 Endive TBC002825 872 Grape TBC002872
826 Black TBC002826 873 Lapis TBC002873
828 Yellow TBC002828 874 Teal TBC002874
830 Red TBC002830 891 Pink Orchid TBC002891
835 Cornflower TBC002835 892 Aqua Blue TBC002892
838 Chocolate TBC002838 893 Kiwi TBC002893
845 Evergreen TBC002845 895 Rose Red TBC002895
846 Smoke TBC002846

Sample Book: $8.50 TBC002000
1-14 YDS 15-54 YDS 55-109 YDS 110+ YDS

Paper Backed Bookcloth

$15.85 $15.05 $9.87 $8.88
817 Coffee 39” x 55yd $374.80 TBC202817
826 Black 39” x 55yd $374.80 TBC202826

Manufactured in France. 100% rayon-viscose, paper-backed, 39” wide (100cm), 230gram/sqm.

See page 246 for Palette of vibrant colors remiscent of Provance. Ideal for hot stamping, screen printing, as well as off-set printing.

Color Swatches! Available by the yard, or 55 yard bolts.

106 Poppy Red TBC005106 163 Teal Green TBC005163
107 Geranium TBC005107 165 Saffron TBC005165
108 Sky Blue TBC005108 167 Orange TBC005167
111 Pale Yellow TBC005111 173 Turquoise TBC005173
118 Mint Green TBC005118
Sample Book: $5.50 TBC005100
152 Hyacinth TBC005152
1-9 YDS 10-24 YDS 25-54 55+ YDS
$17.25 $13.00 $11.70 $10.75

You might also be interested in...

Book Blocks, Blank Journals & Albums
Imported from Europe, beautifully constructed and
economically priced. All blank journals & albums
have glued, folded signatures, A/F paper, with spine
Journals are available in a variety of sizes and varia-
tions including rules, quadrille rules, gilt edges, &
paper colors.
These book blocks are ready to be cased in using
your favorite fabric and papers!

See Chapter on Papers & Tissues for more infor-

mation and pricing.
We now also stock cut sized pieces of Davey Board, which are a great solution for use in projects like these.
See chapter on Boards & Blotters.

tel: 212-219-0770 103


Arrestox Arrestox B is a 100% natural cotton aqueous acrylic impregnated cloth. It has a neutral pH, is odor free and stain
and mildew resistant. This cloth is not only handsome and durable it is environmentally and meets the ANSI
Fabrics, Threads & Textiles

See page 243 for

standards. Distinct linen finish and colored on one side. Ideal choice for books, portfolios, boxes and packaging due
Color Swatches!
to its resilience. It will accept foil and blind stamping as well as silkscreen applications.
Cloth ranges from 43” to 54” wide and sold by the yard.
10050 Canvas TBC710050 63200 Chili Pepper Red TBC763200
10380 Sterling Gray TBC710380 75101 Silver TBC775101
31300 Santa Fe TBC731300
31500 Hickory Brown TBC731500 Sample Book $5.00 TBC700000
41600 Sky Blue TBC741600
43000 Navy Blue TBC743000 FINISH 1-9 YD 10-24 YD 25-99 YD 100+ YDS

51100 Teal Green TBC751100 Linen Finish $13.25 $12.15 $11.05 $8.05
51500 Field Green TBC751500 Metallic Finish $13.75 $12.65 $11.60 $8.60

Bonded Leather This elegant material is an economical alternative to using full leather hides. Made from at least 75% genuine
leather, it is made to look, feel, and smell like fine leather. Combining the fine elegance of genuine leather with
the thin, flexible properties of a man made product. Perfect for all turned edge work such as ring binders, bibles,
albums, boxes, and other presentation materials.
page 241 for
See Available in 3 grain patterns: Arista: Glazed leather finish; Flanders: Satin finish; Sedona: Matte finish.
Starched & Other Bookcloth

Arista Black TBC050003 Flanders British Tan TBC050012
Arista British Tan TBC050001 Flanders Mahogany TBC050013
Arista Burgundy TBC050005 Sedona Matte Black TBC050006
Arista Charred Wood TBC050010 Sedona Honey TBC050014
Arista Forest Green TBC050004 Basque Black TBC050015
Arista Navy TBC050002
Arista Red TBC050011 Color Chart $6.00 TBC050007
Arista White TBC050009 1-9 YD 10-24 YD 25+
$44.25 $36.70 $29.97

Chromo Made in Germany. 100% cotton cloth, coated to give a metallic effect and high-tech look. pH neutral, made of
natural fibers, and free of solvents. Hot foil, blind stamping and screen printing are suitable. This medium
weight fabric is ideal for use on articles requiring a hard wearing, durable yet contemporary look. 39” wide.


page 244 for 4300 White Pearl TBC034300 4309 Copper TBC034309
Color Swatches! 4301 Silver Blue TBC034301 4313 Platinum TBC034313
4302 Pewter TBC034302
4303 Graphite TBC034303 Sample Book: $5.50 TBC030000
4305 Blue TBC034305 1-9YD 10-24 YDS 25-54 YDS 55+ YDS
4308 Red Gold TBC034308 $16.60 $15.10 $13.10 $12.00

100% cotton cloth, linen finish; special double-sided aqueous (acrylic) filling makes it ideal for ink and foil
stamping. Width 42”, Call for Quantity Pricing.


14991 Oxford Black TBC114991 43047 Cobalt Blue TBC143047

See page 244 for 19990 Black TBC219990 43240 Indigo Blue TBC143240
Color Swatches! 21300 Gold TBC121300 60100 Pink TBC160100
30260 Khaki TBC130260 66260 Deep Scarlet TBC166260
31140 Wheat TBC131140 67104 Coral TBC167104
31800 Dk Chocolate TBC131800 Sample Book: $6.50 TBC100000
40100 Moondance TBC140100
1-9YD 10-24 YDS 25-99 YDS 100+ YDS
$12.50 $11.40 $10.35 $7.35

104 tel: 212-219-0770

Buckram 100% cotton heavyweight starch filled fabric with a slight polished appearance. The cloth is durable, ideal for
stamping, strong yet graceful. 42” wide.

200 Red TBC517200 248 Indigo TBC517248
Color Swatches!

Fabrics, Threads & Textiles

205 Stone TBC517205 260 Wheat Yellow TBC517260
212 Blue TBC517212 35200 Off White TBC535200
216 Charcoal TBC517216 Sample Book: $6.00 TBC500000
228 Green TBC517228
1-9YD 10-54 YDS 55+ YDS
$13.25 $11.85 $10.55

Euro Buckram A durable and practical bookcloth with a lacquered surface. Due to its high strength and abrasion resistance it is
suitable for industrial as well as for craft processing. Euro Buckram can be used for hot foil and blind blocking,
See page 245 for
screen printing, die cutting and creasing. The cloth is 100% cotton warp and weft and 0.013” thick (.32mm). The
Color Swatches!
cloth weighs approx .75lb per yard. 41.7” wide (1060mm).
500 Papyrus White TBC404500 519 Crimson TBC404519
501 Putty TBC404501 521 Cordovan TBC404521
502 Gunmetal TBC404502 524 Almond TBC404524
504 Airforce Blue TBC404504 526 Licorice Black TBC404526
509 Victoria Blue TBC404509 Sample Book: $6.00 TBC404000
512 Shamrock Grn TBC404512
1-9YD 10-54 YDS 55+ YDS
513 Cedar Green TBC404513
$18.75 $16.95 $14.85

Starched & Other Bookcloth

Jaconet White, sized cotton cloth used for hinging signatures, hollow backs and backing pads. 43” wide.
(Cambric) 1-9 YDS 10-24 25+ ITEM #
$9.00 $7.75 $5.25 TBC004000

Kennett Starch-filled 100% cotton cloth with a natural finish. Light weight makes it suitable for repair work as well as
page 246 for
See new fabrication of books, boxes, albums, slipcases, luxury packaging, & many other applications where appearance

Color Swatches! matters. Accepts both blind and foil stamping, and offers moderate scuff & abrasion resistance. 48” wide.
15000 White TBC315000 49508 Dark Blue TBC349508
18290 Slate TBC318290 49601 Navy Blue TBC349601
19991 Jet Black TBC319991 58350 Evergreen TBC358350

27650 Sunbeam TBC327650 67130 Valentine Red TBC367130
36121 Natural TBC336121 67400 Red Haze TBC367400
39860 Pecan TBC339860 68000 Wine TBC368000
45250 Light Blue TBC345250 Sample Book: $6.50 TBC300000
46855 Royal Blue TBC346855
1-9 YD 10-24 25-99 YDS 100+ YDS
$12.75 $11.65 $10.60 $7.60

Laval Made in France. Velvet flock (velour), acid-free paper backed covering material designed for all purposes of luxury
packaging, boxing and bookbinding. 40” wide.
See page 246 for
Color Swatches!
110 Red TBC000110 135 Gray TBC000135
112 Burgundy TBC000112 136 Bay Blue TBC000136
114 Carbon Black TBC000114 Sample Book: $4.00 TBC000100
123 Sand TBC000123
1-9 YD 10-24 25+
124 Endive TBC000124
$14.60 $12.40 $10.85

Super Cloth A sized cotton cheesecloth used for lining spines and connecting cover boards. Also ideal for cleaning litho stones.
Mull, Crash Tarlatan Standard weave, 30” wide. Also called: Super Cloth, Crash & Tarlatan.
1-9 YDS 10-99 100 ITEM #
$2.75 $2.00 $1.55 TBC006000

tel: 212-219-0770 105


Activated Charcoal Cloth Crepeline

A loosely woven, silk organdy imported from France, used as a back-
Fabrics, Threads & Textiles

A unique cloth made of 100% ac-

ing support for fragile textiles. It is ideal for covering textiles in an
tivated carbon in a textile form
exhibit as it becomes almost invisible.
that is then laminated to a polyes-
100% silk, 1 meter (39”) wide.
ter liner to facilitate handling and
COLOR WIDTH 1-9 10-49 55+ ITEM #
installation. Cloth can be used as
Natural 54” $55.35 $49.85 $44.90 TCS010110
both a material for the absorbtion
Brown 54” $66.75 $60.75 $53.45 TCS010111
of pollutants from display and
Black 54” $66.75 $60.75 $53.45 TCS010112
storage cases and also as an anti Crepeline Sample Card $2.50 TCS010000
tarnish cloth for silver objects.
Width of fabric is approx. 39” (1m)

1-5 FEET 6-15 FEET 16 + FEET ITEM #

$27.95 /ft. $24.40 /ft. $21.95 /ft. TNW005001 Wool Felt Blankets
This material is high density
with a minimum wool
Airplane Linen content of 95%. Most runs
Also called boiled or brown linen. This lightweight, unbleached, un- are 100% wool, unbleached
sized Irish linen is tightly woven and exceptionally strong. & undyed. Virtually free of
Used for hinges, mounting and repairing. burrs or oil stains.
WIDTH 1-9 YDS 10-24 25 + ITEM # Often used as a couching blanket
Conservation Fabrics

60” $62.95 $57.10 $52.95 TBC008001 in papermaking, this product has been
85” $69.90 $62.35 $57.45 TBC008002 requested for use as a blotting, wicking material to dry works of art
with imposto. The felt is dense but a degree of deflection that make
it ideally suited for this type of use.
Airplane Hinging Linen DESCRIPTION 1-9 YDS 10+ YDS ITEM #
1/8” x 72” $84.00 $65.10 TNW072001
Similar to our Airplane Linen but heavier in weight and lower thread
count per inch. Put up in 60” wide rolls.
1-9 YDS 10-24 25 + ITEM # Polyester Screen Cloth (7-25S)
$27.95 $25.50 $23.00 TBC009000 A precision woven synthetic monofilament cloth suitable for sup-
porting documents and textiles in water baths, and for reinforcing
fragile documents. Suitable for building drying screens. Exceptionally
Linen Canvas (Re-Lining Canvas) strong, long lasting and impervious to fatigue.
Custom hand loomed in Belgium, 100% linen thread, this material Mesh count: 25/inch, mesh opening: 710 microns (.0279”), thread
is suitable for relining large paintings as well as small and can also diameter; 350 microns, open area: 45%.
be used for contemporary painting. Thread count per inch: 62 single WIDTH 1-9 YD 10+ ITEM #
warp, 52 single weft Now stocked in natural color. 3yd minimum. 45” $22.65 $18.75 TBC060040
WIDTH 3-26YD (3YD MIN.) 27+ YD ITEM # 62” $28.25 $23.95 TBC060062
120” $111.45 $94.70 TCS061200 Sample Card: Screen Cloth & Pe-Cap $6.00 TBC047000

A lightweight 100% cotton fabric, com-
monly used for wrapping textiles, hing-
ing, backing posters, and many other uses.
This material is unbleached and unsized, Monofilament, polyester fabric noted for its high strength and di-
and suitable for archival quality storage. mensional stability. Most often used for relining and strip linings.
44” wide and sold by the yard. These fabrics are highly translucent, up to and including 7-330 with a
thread count of 330 per inch. In addition to the cloths stocked below,
special orders can be accommodated.

$5.10 $3.60 TBC007000 7-60 HD 40” $22.00 $19.80 TCS047604

BY THE BOLT 1 BOLT 2+ BOLTS ITEM # 7-60 HD 60” $32.00 $28.80 TCS047606
(80yds) $258.00 $222.80 TBC007001 7-60 HD 78” $44.00 $39.60 TCS047607
7-76 HD 40” $26.00 $23.40 TCS047764
7-76 HD 63” $39.05 $33.60 TCS047765
7-255 T 102” $128.50 $114.10 TCS047261
Textile Conservation Fabric Sample Card: $5.00 TBC001001
7-330 T 40” $73.10 $59.20 TCS047334
Contains samples of the Activated Charcoal Cloth, Airplane linen, Air-
7-330 T 90” $93.10 $79.15 TCS047339
plane hinging linen, Linen Canvas (relining canvas), and Muslin. 7-355 T 62” $108.10 $86.20 TCS047337
Sample Card: Pe-Cap and Screen Cloth $6.00 TCS047000

106 tel: 212-219-0770

Tight Weave - Typically used for labeling as well as
Tapes hanging, tying and reinforcing.
We stock loose, tight and twill
Natural 3/8” x 72 $13.75 TCS052100
Fabrics, Threads & Textiles

Fabrics, Threads & Textiles

weave 100% cotton tapes. Natural 1/2” x 36 $10.25 TCS052301
Ideal for tying, labeling and Natural 1/2” x 72 $16.75 TCS052300
hanging textiles. Natural 3/4” x 72 $19.45 TCS052500

Twill Weave
Most often used tying and reinforcing of textiles, can also be used for
Loose Weave - Typically used for fastening stacks of pages sewing signatures. Available in natural color.
and books with loose covers. ROLL SIZE. PRICE
COLOR INCHES x YD PER  ROLL ITEM # Natural 1/2” x 36 $10.75 TCS053100
Natural 1/4” x 144 $13.25 TCS051100 Natural 1/2” x 72 $18.25 TCS053800
Natural 1/4” x 1000 $42.55 TCS051101 Natural 5/8” x 72 $18.50 TCS053200
Natural 3/8” x 1000 $64.15 TCS051300 Natural 3/4” x 72 $20.45 TCS053300
Natural 5/8” x 500 $50.75 TCS051500 Natural 1” x 72 $24.75 TCS053400
Natural 11/4” x 72 $27.50 TCS053500
Natural 11/2” x 72 $30.25 TCS053600
Natural 2” x 72 $33.50 TCS053700

Cotton & Bookbinding Tapes

Linen Sewing Tape-Dutch
An elegant and finely made Ramieband
tape used for sewing on tapes
in bookbinding, for ribbon
ties, for hinging and for other
Composed of 70% linen, 30%
Cotton, which provides good A non woven fabric often used as
strength and flexibility. Tape a substitute for linen sewing tapes, be-
is unbleached and unsized, cause of its strength, thinness, and ability
and has no adhesive of any to separate easily at the ends.
kind applied to it. Made from vegetable fiber that comes from tropi-
cal Asia. 3x as strong as cotton, and has hardly any stretch.
10YD PRICE ITEM # 30YD 1-2 3+ ITEM #
20mm x 10M $11.50 TTS047001
1/4" $8.10 TTS045001 1/4” $22.60 $21.50 TTS045005 10mm x 20M $11.50 TTS047002
3/8" $8.90 TTS045002 3/8” $23.80 $22.60 TTS045006
1/2" $9.10 TTS045003 1/2” $25.80 $24.75 TTS045007
3/4" $9.60 TTS045004 3/4” $26.50 $25.75 TTS045008

German Linen Sewing Tapes

Silk Thread (Hair Silk)
Woven linen tapes imported 100% silk thread, imported from France, used
from Germany. Woven in a in textile repair. Same thread as that used to
manner that allows tapes to be weave Crepeline. Natural color, 100 gm. skeins.
unwound and twisted into indi- 20/22.
vidual cords that are attached to
the boards in the usual manner. # STRAND GSM PRICE ITEM #
WIDTH 27YD (25M) ROLL ITEM # 2 100 $86.50 TCS071000
3/16” (4mm) $15.20 TTS067001 4 200 $173.00 TCS072000
1/4” (6mm) $20.70 TTS067002
3/8” (8mm) $27.60 TTS067003
1/2” (12mm) $31.75 TTS067004
3/4” (18mm) $45.90 TTS067005

tel: 212-219-0770 107


Irish Unbleached Linen Thread -

Irish Unbleached Linen Thread Colors
Fabrics, Threads & Textiles

See page 255 for color samples. The same excellent quality of our
The finest quality bookbinding thread made from natural unwaxed standard Irish linen thread, available in a wonderful selection of colors.
Bookbinding Threads & Wax

linen. Reverse twist, satin finish and imported form the EU. Perfect for decorative sewing, or in situations where the sewing is to
We stock several weights, put up on 50 gram rolls. blend in with colored paper. Sold unwaxed in 50gm spools.
Note that lower numbers signify heavy weight thread and higher Two weights available; Spools of 12/3 contain approximately 127yd,
numbers signify finer. and 18/3 spools contain approximately 172 yd.
12/3 50 $11.40 $10.40 TTS043002 127 12/3 Black TTS043016 12/3 Blue TTS043024
18/3 Black TTS043017 18/3 Blue TTS043025
18/3 50 $12.15 $11.15 TTS043006 172
12/3 Burgundy TTS043018 12/3 Yellow TTS043026
35/3 50 $16.05 $15.35 TTS043010 335
18/3 Burgundy TTS043019 18/3 Yellow TTS043027
60/3 50 $20.80 $19.05 TTS043013 575 12/3 Brown TTS043020 12/3 Red TTS043028
18/3 Brown TTS043021 18/3 Red TTS043029
12/3 Dk. Green TTS043022 12/3 Olive TTS043030

18/3 Dk. Green TTS043023 18/3 Olive TTS043031

12/3 All Colors $12.40 $11.40
18/3 All Colors $13.45 $12.45

French Unbleached Linen Thread

Fil De Lin Beeswax
Our finest linen thread imported Unbleached wax supplied in convenient
from France available in a large va- plastic holder that facilitates the needle
riety of weights, 3 cord ply and put to pierce the binding. Also ideal for knot
up on 50 gram Cops. making.


STYLE 1-11 12+ ITEM #
#10 $11.35 TTS043032 In Holder $3.21 $2.91 TTS044001
#12 $12.55 TTS043033 Refills $2.11 $1.88 TTS044002
#15 $12.95 TTS043034
#20 $13.25 TTS043035
#25 $13.45 TTS043036
#30 $14.10 TTS043037
#40 $17.40 TTS043038
#60 $19.75 TTS043039
#150 $24.75 TTS043040

108 tel: 212-219-0770

Linen Bookbinding Cord

This high quality linen cord is very soft & pliable, unwaxed, unbleached, and

Fabrics, Threads & Textiles

minimally processed. Used in bookbinding for sewing on cords, to create
raised bands when leather is applied and worked over the top. Individual
strands separate easily for lacing into book boards, and flatten out as worked
into a cover. All spools are 250gm.
4 Cord 250gm / 0.5lb $16.50 $15.00 TTS046002
6 Cord 250gm / 0.5lb $16.50 $15.00 TTS046003
8 Cord 250gm / 0.5lb $16.50 $15.00 TTS046004
12 Cord 250gm / 0.5lb $16.50 $15.00 TTS046005

Pulik Bookbinding Cord

Best quality, natural forming cords, imported from Hungary. Very soft, but tough enough to take on even the
most challenging of bookbinding emergencies. Non-woven fibers make it ideal to cling to whatever comes in
Ecological & green product with virtually no carbon footprint!
Varies 1st Call for Quote Call for Quote ZOE062898
Varies 2nd Call for Quote Call for Quote ZOE062899

Bookbinding Cords & Needles



We stock fine quality steel needles imported from England. #1 Darners 21/4” .040 10 $2.35 TTS039001
#1 Bookbinders 23/8” 19ga. 25 $7.96 TTS039012
#1 Bookbinders 23/8” 19ga. 1000 $64.80 TTS039010
#3 Darners 21/8” .034 10 $2.35 TTS039002
#5 Darners 21/2” .030 10 $2.35 TTS039004
#12 (beading) 2” .015 25 $7.10 TTS039005
#17 Darners 33/8” .056 25 $7.45 TTS039006
#18 Darners 23/8” .046 25 $5.45 TTS039007
#18 Bookbinders 21/2” 12 $17.35 TTS039011
Upholstery 4” 15ga. $1.40 $1.17 TTS039009

Curved Sewing Needles

Thimbles Same quality as our darners, imported from England.
Nickel plated brass with closed tops. #5 11/4” $1.75 TTS040005
SIZE PRICE ITEM # #6 11/2” $1.75 TTS040001
Small $2.25 TTS041001 #7 13/4” $1.85 TTS040002
Medium $2.25 TTS041002 SIZ DIA. PK/12 ITEM#
Large $2.25 TTS041003 #5 11/4” $13.47 TTS040006
#6 11/2” $13.87 TTS040003
#7 13/4” $14.70 TTS040004

Threaders For Needles

Knitting Needle #3
Another useful tool for applying adhe-
1-11 12+ ITEM # sives in hard to reach places, espe-
$ .75 $ .50 TTS042001 cially inside book spines.
Pack of 2 10” $2.95 TTS016002

tel: 212-219-0770 109


See page 255 for color samples.

All headbands are silk threads woven onto string or cane centers and
Fabrics, Threads & Textiles

fastened to cotton tape. All sizes 0-2 are on string centers, and all sizes
3 and larger are on cane centers,.
Overall width of all headbands is approx. 5/8”. The height of the em-
broidery varies. Sold in 1 yard minimum.
Sample Book $8.50 TTS04804
Art Silk

27 0 Red & Dark Gray TTS048001 33 0 Lt Blue & White TTS048012 37 0 Black & Yellow TTS048024
27 3 Red & Dark Gray TTS048002 33 3 Lt Blue & White TTS048049 37 3 Black & Yellow TTS048025
28 0 Brown & White TTS048003 33 5 Lt Blue & White TTS048013 37 5 Black & Yellow TTS048026
28 3 Brown & White TTS048004 34 0 Dk Blue & White TTS048017 38 0 Lt Green & Wht TTS048028
29 0 Black & White TTS048005 34 3 Dk Blue & White TTS048050 38 3 Lt Green & Wht TTS048030
29 3 Black & White TTS048006 34 5 Dk Blue & White TTS048019 333 2 Red, White & Blue TTS048333
30 0 White TTS048007 35 0 Red & Yellow TTS048020
30 3 White TTS048008 35 3 Red & Yellow TTS048051
1-9 YDS. 10-109 YDS. 110+ YDS.
31 0 Red & Green TTS048009 36 0 Red & White TTS048022
$3.95 $3.45 $2.70
31 3 Red & Green TTS048010 36 3 Red & White TTS048023
Woven Silk
# SIZE COLOR ITEM # # SIZE COLOR ITEM # 1-9 YDS. 10-109 YDS. 110+ YDS.

58 2 Brown & Ivory TTS048035 66 2 Maroon & White TTS048042 $3.35 $2.75 $2.30
61 2 Red & Dark Green TTS048036 67 2 Black & Yellow TTS048043
62 2 Green & Yellow TTS048037 68 2 Lt Green & White TTS048044
634 2 Med Blue & White TTS048039 69 2 Black & White TTS048045
64 2 Dark Blue & White TTS048040 70 2 Blue & Yellow TTS048046
65 2 Red & Yellow TTS048041

# SIZE COLOR ITEM # # SIZE COLOR ITEM # 1-9 YDS. 10-109 YDS. 110+ YDS.
L2 2 Green/Gold Metallic TTS048032 L9 2 Blue/Gold Metallic TTS048034 $3.95 $3.45 $2.70
L5 2 Red/Gold Metallic TTS048033 L11 2 Brown/Gold Metallic TTS048048

Headband, Solid Silk

Headband Silk Thread A more economical solution for larger editions requiring headband.
These bands are beautifully constructed with threads sewn onto tape.
Tri color headband is composed of red, yellow and green threads sewn
onto a red tape. These can also be purchased in larger quantities,
(1000m) if interested please inquire.
White #01 25m $27.50 $22.00 TTS048101
See page 255 for color samples. White #01 500m $330.00 $280.00 TTS148101
Brilliant colors of twisted silk thread for sewing your own headbands. Gold #02 25m $27.50 $22.00 TTS048102
Bobbins are 10 meters (approx. 11 yards) Brown #03 25m $27.50 $22.00 TTS048103
DESCRIPTION SIZE PRICE Burgundy #04 25m $27.50 $22.00 TTS048104
All Colors 10m $3.30 Dark Blue #05 25m $27.50 $22.00 TTS048105
Tri-Color 25m $45.00 $36.00 TTS048201
White TTS047032 Cranberry TTS047044 Olive Grn TTS047056
Black #06 25m $27.50 $22.00 TTS048106
Eggshell TTS047033 Fuscia TTS047045 Pea Grn TTS047057 Black #06 500m $330.00 $280.00 TTS148106
Taupe TTS047034 Purple TTS047046 Grass Grn TTS047058
Toffee TTS047035 Wisteria TTS047047 Emld Grn TTS047059
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96 pages Paperback TBK005050

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