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Write (A) for Test, (B) for Measurement, (C) Assessment, and (D) for Evaluation.

1. A A question paper in any subject developed systematically during monthly or half‐

yearly or annual examination is called?
2. C data may be numerical or quantitative like marks or scores and qualitative data like
interest in learning of the concepts, involvement in subject‐related activities
3. B refers to the process by which the attributes or dimensions of some object or
phenomena are quantified.
4. C process by which information is obtained relative to some known objective or goal.
5. C refers to the collection of data and the gathering of evidence from different sources
through different tools.
6. D refers to bringing meaning to the collected data through interpretation, analysis and
7. D based on the collected evidences, determines the standard met and the levels of
success or failure in meeting these standards
8. B a process by which we try to quantify or nominate the characteristics or the aspects
or the attributes of any object in terms of some number
9. A Instruments used to measure the learning achievement or academic achievement of
a student, and on the basis of those test, we assigned them marks, scores.
10. C helps a teacher to find out the strength and weaknesses of a student in learning
11. C An assessment of learning is always done with a definite purpose or purposes.
12. B To know the exact status of the specific learning issue, the teacher tries to assess the
students with specific tools.
13. D use to certify the learner in terms of “what has been achieved and what is still
14. D use to grade a child and promote him to the next class.
15. D Quantitative information and/or Quantitative Information plus Value Judgment