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11 February 2014 Mr. Philippe Akl Former Board Member ‘Tamer Holding Investment LLC Re: Indemnification Policy for Board Members of Tameer Holding Investment LLC Dear Mr Akl, ‘As Shareholders of Tameer Holding Investment LLC (the "Company"), we hereby confirm the ‘Shareholders indemnity for all lawfully taken action of the Board of Directors of the Campany! We hereby confirm that as a member of the Board of Directors, at all mes during their service to the ‘Company, you are indemnified ang held harmless for proper conduct of your duties. This specifically ‘covers your signing Board Resolutions and Board Minutes and the decssions recorded therein. For the avoidance of doubt, this means that if you are sued in a civil or criminal capacity for signing ‘any Board Resolutions or Board Minutes of the Company, then () the Company will hire lawyers to defend you and (ji) should a monetary judgment be entered against you, the Company shall meet that obligation on your behalf. If for some reason the Company falls to do so, you have our personal assurance thal we will €o 50. We confirm that this indemnity covers the entire term of your service to the Company for the actions recorded in herein, We thank you for your service to the Company and look forward to continuing to work with you in future endeavors. Yours sincerely, Eng. Ahmad Suliman Al Rajhi Eng. brahim Sulaiman Al Rajhi Shareholder Shareholder ‘Tameer Holding Investment LLC Tameer Holding Investment LLC Delivery: (Byhand)