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Written Task 1: Language and Mass Communication

Proposal Form

Completion of this written task proposal form will help you plan your task to ensure that you
meet the requirements and it will allow making sure you are on the right track. The rationale
outlines the entire task and its success.

Question Answer
What is the proposed title of your creative analysis? Pink Tax

What part of the course is your written task going Part 2 - Language & Mass Communication
to address?

What topic is the focus of this task?

Choose one:
Language and presentation of speeches

Media institutions (television channels) and bias

(news reporting, sports coverage, etc.)

Use of persuasive language in advertising

What is the source text for your creative analysis?

(This can be a text we read in class or it can be one

that you studied independently as a result of the
class, or you can go find a text now to use with
this task. You can study an article, an
advertisement or commercial, a speech, a blog,

What text type will you use to present your

analysis? Be as specific as possible. For example, if
you’re doing a newspaper article, be specific about
what type [opinion, obituary, etc.].

*Remember that a formal essay is NOT an

acceptable text type.
Why have you selected this text type? Why does it
make sense to present your analysis in this way?

What are the formal conventions of the

text type that you will emulate? (We
studied an editorial, a speech, and a listicle.
You may need to do some research to
familiarize yourself with the text type if you
choose something else.)

What is the intended audience and purpose of your


In what social, cultural, or historical context is your

task set?

How does this task reach a learning outcome for

language or literature?

Learning Outcome #1: Examine different forms of

communication within the media
Learning Outcome #2: Show an awareness of the
potential for educational, political, or ideological
influence of the media
Learning Outcome #3: Show the way mass media
use language to inform, persuade, or entertain
How is the task intended to explore particular
aspects of the part of the course related to mass
Briefly describe what you intend to do with this
task. (1-2 Paragraphs)