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Chapter 1 Pilar and Javier

Pilar is 25 years old. He studies medicine in Tarragona and has many

friends. Pilar is very nice and nice. She goes out with a boy named
Javier. He is 30 years old and works in Barcelona. Javier is an engineer.
Javier likes to go out at night, go to the movies and meet his friends.
Pilar and Javier have been engaged for three years. They live in
different cities, but fortunately Barcelona and Tarragona are not far
away. Pilar has the key to Javier's apartment, and Javier has the key to
Pilar's apartment: they have no secret.
Today is Wednesday and Pilar has no class at the university. He wants
to give you a surprise because today is a very special day. For Pilar, in
fact, it is a very important day.

Chapter 2 The anniversary

Today is May 15. The anniversary of Javier and Pilar.
Pilar wants to give him a surprise: he will go to Javier's house in
Barcelona to celebrate this special day together.

He knows that Javier works until 5:00 p.m. so go to the train station in
Tarragona to catch the train at 16: 18h. The schedules are perfect.

At the ticket office of the station he buys the ticket. It is one of the
most used train lines in Catalonia and the station is full of people. Pilar's
train leaves from platform number 4. Unfortunately, the train leaves
ten minutes late, but Pilar arrives in Barcelona at 5:00 p.m. Just in time!

Pilar arrives at Javier's house at 5:30 p.m. Surely Javier will be at home
"thinks Pilar, he rings the bell and waits, but nobody opens the door.
Javier is not at home.