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SAP has been selected as the best place to work in 2018 by Economic Times and Glassdoor. This award relies
on the feedbacks of employees which is dependent on the parameters like company culture, compensation
and benefits. SAP has developed a culture where employees are not only motivated but also are encouraged
to generate their own ideas and put best foot forward. Not only this but it also creates an environment which
influences its employees to deliver with utmost sincerity.
Employee Friendly

 One of the non-financial focus is to increase the employee engagement index every year.

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 SAP encourages its employees to come up start up ideas and also encourages them to work on it
whenever they find time with all the support required from senior management. Also, every year
employees get to form team from each LOBs and participate in the competition where they can pitch
there ideas and take it forward to another level.
 There are recreational room with facilities like Zumba, yoga, music etc. on every floor of every building
where employees can pursue sports and other hobbies in free time.

Rite of Passage and Ceremonies

Every employee on joining gets 2 lacs as joining bonus. They are taken for a campus tour and have to go
through 9 months of training which includes 3 months of foreign stint in Germany. Also, to welcome and
make new joiners more familiar with the company, Fresher’s Day and Sapphire Now- Concert Night is
conducted every year.

Power Relationships

SAP has LOBs like Product and Innovation (P&I), Sales and Marketing, Digital Business Service (DBS) etc.
but the most important one on which most of the LOBs relies is P&I as high innovation is what is required
focus of the company, therefore it is the key power holder.

Cultural Analysis

SAP is a company where employees’ interests are taken highly care of so that maximum innovation and
output can be driven by the employees. Employees are given leverage to work in flexible work timings
and, they are allowed to take 2 days per week to work from home. Along with this, employees are given
freedom to come up with start-up ideas, which they can discuss with their seniors and work in groups to
develop it further. Therefore, we can say that the follows the clan culture.
“Create a supportive environment where everyone can be themselves.”

Also, SAP is company which has to keep updating its technology from time to time so that it can offer
latest products to its clients and can update the products which it has already sold. Also, SAP is moving
from conventional ERP based product to cloud based product. Also, innovative ideas are always welcomed
by the company and are even given every kind of support to develop more on it and apply it in real world,
which depicts its adaptability culture.

‘’We never stop pushing the boundaries of what our solutions can do for people and for the world. We are
always improving and adapting to stay ahead.’’

Therefore, SAP is put between Clan and Adaptability Culture.

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