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This is a 9 page set of repair, service and tune-up data for 1975 and earlier Kawasaki Z1 and Z1A 900ce four cylinder motorcycles. 11 contains general specifications, maintenance procedures, tune-up specs, service procedures, exploded views of most major components like carburetors, engines, transmissions, front and rear suspensions, clutches, gear shift mechanisms, kick starters, electric starters, master cylinders, brake calipers and information an how to maintain and repair the variqus components on each motorcycle there are very detailed and clear illustrations that show lots of detail to meke servicing the motorcycle much easier. This repair data has just about everything you need to do repairs on these motoroyeles. Much of this info Is not available anywhere else You might never Find a Haynes manual, Chilton manual or Clymer manual For these models. This repair guide is not a photocopy. Tris the original pages that were taken From a very large multi-make. multi-valume: repair marual set that was printed between 1968 and 1975 (a few sections were republished by the original publisher in 190) SERVICE KAWASAKI MODEL Displacement—ce . Bore—mm .. Stroke—mm . . Number of cylinders . Igniticn— Spark plug (NGK type) .. Electrode gap—mm . Inch ee Point gap—mm . Inch) te