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From: masoud khan <masoudkhan@yahoo.

Date: Thu, Dec 23, 2010 at 10:01 PM
Subject: Legal Case No.: 2010/28270
Cc: Rabab Biko <>, Waleed Syria <>

Dear Mr. Omar Ayesh, Assalam - o - Alaikum,

I wish to put a legal case and its related situation on record, as this relates to Tameer & to the period, when I was the CFO
and you were the President & Board member of Tameer.

The Case No.: 2010/28270 relating to Cheques amounting in total to AED 3,802,073, which were jointly signed by me as
CFO of Tameer & Abdallah Hageali as CEO of Tameer during our employment with Tameer was lodged presumably
because the cheques were not honoured by Tameer. However, the incident occured after I & Abdallah had left Tameer &
also got necessary Clearances & transfer of sponsorship from Tameer.

Since, I got a call from Dubai Public Prosecution regarding this case; I have been regularly following up its settlement by
Tameer in order to set the record straight and clear. However, none of the senior team members including Federico,
Mahmood Marfatia and Aasma Khan gave due importance to the matter and lingered it on & settled the same with a long
delay in Oct. 2010. Despite my repeated requests, which are all in my records, they never clearly confirmed that the Case
has been settled & did not even provide me any documentary evidence for the same. After very long follow up, their CLO
(Aamsa Khan) made a very surprising statement that she was not aware of any case against me.

I have been in Pakistan since June 2010; I had to visit Dubai in Dec. 2010. When I arrived in Dubai on Dec. 18, 2010 with
my wife, I was detained by Dubai Police for more than 8 hours because of the subject case leading to mental torture for
me as well as my wife, undue embarrassment to us despite being highly qualified, experienced and honest Professional (I
have no record of civil or criminal offence whatsoever in my life).

After I was released, I went to Tameer’s office to meet the colleagues including Federico on Dec. 21, 2010 (I always try to
meet the ex-colleagues whenever I am in Dubai). I requested Mahmood to ensure that no such situation arises in the
future and during my meeting with Federico, I requested the same assurance. Instead of being regretful of the situation,
which arose due to mismanagement by Tameer's management, Federico started discussion on cases (of various
disputes) between Mr. Ahmad Al Rajhi & you and threatened me by falsely alleging me of giving testimony in your favour
and having acted as per your & your lawyer's instructions.

You are also aware that I used to meet you as well as Waleed & other ex Tameer Colleagues but neither you advised me
to give any particular statement nor I am the person, who will act based on anybody's instructions without being truthful. I
have always acted honestly & professionally and never took any sides during and after my employment. Despite my
clarification, Federico insisted that I had intentionally favoured you, which is a serious allegation by him against me. I
request you to kindly clarify the matter in your personal as well as official capacity & take necessary actions so that this
false impression about me is removed from everyone's mind.

Finally, I wish to put it as a formal record that I provided the testimonies after calls from the Government of Dubai's
Accounting Expert and Dubai Public Prosecution and I have never been involved in private discussions, arbitrations and
advisory on these matters in any capacity.

Kindly acknowledge receipt of this email.

Thanks very much and with best regards,

Masoud Ali Khan, FCMA, FITM

ex-CFO Tameer Group.