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GE Healthcare

Portable X-Ray Machine

Model AMX – 4

User Operation Manual

Manufactured 1989

This equipment is to only be operated by individuals that have met

state and federal user regulations and licensing requirements.

This equipment creates radiation, a known hazardous material that

could result in injury with misuse.

Care and precaution must be exercised when operating this equipment.

General Electric is not responsible for injury resulting from the misuse
of this machine.
Suggested Operating Precautions

- Stand at least 6 feet away from the machine when taking an x-ray

- When operating this equipment, use a lead apron

- Give patient lead shielding when it doesn't compromise exam area

- Be aware of others in the area and protect them from scatter


- Practice A.L.A.R.A. (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) by using

proper technique selection
To turn this machine on, use the provided key knob. Be advised not to
leave this key in the machine to prevent unauthorized use.

To move the unit, press fingers toward yourself on the drive bar and an
audible unlock noise will indicate that the unit can move. The machine
eases operator labor by self-propelling in the direction pushed or
To lift the tube arm, press on the handles of the x-ray tube head and
pull up. The arm can then be telescoped up, around and out to desired
location. Please note that if the machine is to be moved while arm is
not in locked dock, movement speed will be dramatically reduced.
For safety, there is a bar on the front that stops the machine when it is
depressed in order to prevent damage to the equipment, facility, and
individuals should they be struck by the front of the machine.

This unit is battery powered and requires a charge to operate. It is

suggested not to plug in to charge until the unit battery level indicator
displays less than a 1/3 and the display reads, CHARGE

If the battery power goes lower than 10%, the unit will not be able to
create x-rays and the display will read, RECHARGE IMMEDIATELY - X-

The message, CHARGE COMPLETE, will display when the unit is fully
The tube head provides all the controls necessary to the radiologic
technologist. 2 knobs control the field size both longitudinally and
horizontally. A tape measurer provides accurate SID for proper
exposure precautions. The center black button provides light to
visualize the approximate field of exposure.

Be sure to check and set kVp and mAs settings appropriate for the
exam. Recommended settings have been included and asked to be
mounted on the machine arm for technologist reference.
Use the corded exposure switch to take the x-ray. A black button
illuminates the light for visual at a distance from the operating station
and the top button is a two-step button that initiates the exposure. The
first step rotors the machine up, while the second completes the
exposure when the button is fully depressed.

Wait a few minutes before taking an exposure, the message READY

FOR X-RAY will display when the unit is warmed up and ready.

A warning WAIT will display between exposures to allow for proper

cooling of the anode. HEAT WAIT will display if the unit is too hot to
create an exposure.

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