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The Silk Road Essay Directions

To culminate all of your learning you have achieved in this lesson, the class will have a
summative assessment in the form of an essay. You will have two options below to
choose from, where you will decide what kind of essay that you wish to write. Sources
are required and there should be at least 3 different academic sources.

 12 pt Font
 Times New Roman
 Line spacing is Double Spaced
 Works Cited Page

Option 1

Choose a country of your choice that was affected by the Silk Road. Write about the
contributions, innovations, technologies, and ideologies that the Silk Road gave to the
country. Also mention what the country contributed to the Silk Road as well if you can
find information about it.

Option 2

Choose an invention, ideology, or commodity that was traded around the Silk Road that
interests you the most. Write and explain how it changed certain countries of your
choice. You can choose to talk in detail about a small number of countries, or not as
detailed about a large number of countries. If desired, you can instead talk about the
Black Death (bubonic plague) instead of an invention, ideology, or commodity.