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Thinking Putty® Puzzle Puzzle Includes: How to Play: THINKING PUTTY BEGINNER 3.

Stretch and shape each color of

This unique, sensory logic puzzle • Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty (6 colors)
1. Select a Challenge Card. Thinking Putty® separately to create ThinkFun's Mission is to
paths along the Puzzle Grid*,
develops spatial reasoning and • Puzzle Grid
connecting the same-colored dots
Ignite Your Mind!®
thinking skills using Crazy Aaron’s • Puzzle Grid Base with Storage
Thinking Putty®! Stretch, pull, and • Storage Insert without crossing paths with other ThinkFun® is the world’s leader in addictively
knead the Thinking Putty to solve • 3 Bridge Pieces colors of Thinking Putty. fun games that stretch and sharpen your
60 sticky challenges! • 3 Blocker Pieces mind. From lighting up young minds to
2. Place small dots of Thinking Putty® and
• 60 Challenge Cards with Solutions creating fun for the whole family,
any Bridge or Blocker Pieces (as shown
ThinkFun’s innovative games make you
on the card) onto the Puzzle Grid,
Object: matching the colors illustrated on the
think while they make you smile.
Connect same-colored dots by creating Challenge Card.
same-colored paths of Crazy Aaron’s
Thinking Putty without crossing different
colored Thinking Putty paths.
NOTE: Be careful to keep different Thinking Putty®
colors apart! Thinking Putty does not easily *Paths follow the Puzzle Grid as lines,
turning horizontally and vertically when
separate once two colors touch.
necessary, not diagonally across.
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Features 6 different colors of
4. When all of the Thinking Putty® paths Bridge Pieces: Blocker Pieces: 3. In most puzzles, Thinking Putty® paths
connect the matching colored will cover the entire Puzzle Grid.
dots—YOU WIN! 4. Some Putty Puzzle challenges have THINKING PUTTY
more than one solution.

About the Inventors:

Thinking Putty® Puzzle was invented by David

Blocker Pieces obstruct Thinking

Yakos and further developed by the team at THINKING PUTTY
Bridge Pieces allow a Thinking Putty ® ThinkFun. With a background in mechanical
Putty® paths, causing the Thinking engineering, David spends nearly every day of
path to cross over another path. The
Putty to bend around the Blocker. his life inventing unique solutions for everyday The mind-stretching logic game
crossing paths may be different colored
problems. Challenge development was
putty, or the Bridge Piece may be used Helpful Tips: contributed by Tom Cutrofello, a puzzle and
to loop a Thinking Putty path over itself.
1. A Thinking Putty path may follow along cryptogram expert well versed in the nuances of

NOTE: Thinking Putty SHOULD NOT cross

paths without a bridge. The Thinking Putty path
the edge of the Puzzle Grid.
2. A Thinking Putty path may be short
logic grid puzzles. Tom developed his expertise
naturally, having grown up in a family “seriously instructions
into games and puzzles.” A special thank you to
may not bend 90° over a Bridge Piece. and straight or may be long with many our friends at Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty®!
bends in the path. (

88and up
6 7 8 9 to adult