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W W W. K I D S F U N C A N A D A . C O M

Getting Bored? again read this essay. If you find

this a real bore then why read it?
Read This! But it doesn't matter if you don't
read this, because it's as boring as
If you have nothing to do at all, it might be, just now even if you
think what you would like to do, are not bored.
watch tv, drink water, go to see a You could join some classes like
movie, sleep, read or nothing of table tennis, swimming, drawing
this sort. If you still have nothing classes, singing, dancing, skating,
to do read this. Even then if you badminton, basketball, tennis, etc.
don't like it, think what you like. If I don't like to join these classes and
you don't want to do anything at furthermore, I don't have time to
all, go for a holiday outside your join these classes because I do
city. Even if you nothing before the time they start,
go out and I take a 'cat nap'. (Only for
and are those who are sleepy, if you are
bored not, then try them). Some exam-
there, ples are I could have joined table
too, tennis classes, but too bad, it was
come too late to give the form, and now I
back don't want to join it.
It was a very brave little song, but
Johnny Chuck didn't feel half so
brave and bold as he tried to think
he did. Already he was beginning of
to wonder where he should him. A great fear
spend the night. Then he took possession of Johnny Chuck,
thought of old Whitetail the and he made himself as flat as
Marsh hawk, who had given possible in the grass, for there was
him such a fright and had so no place to hide. He made up his
nearly caught him when he mind that anyway, he would fight.
was a little fellow. The Nearer and nearer came old
thought made him look Whitetail! Finally, he passed right
around hastily, and there was over Johnny Chuck. But he didn't
old Whitetail himself, sailing offer to touch him. Indeed, it
back and forth hungrily just ahead seemed to Johnny that old White-
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tail actually grinned and winked at enemy had no mind to make a closer
him. And right then all his fear left acquaintance when there were mice
him. and snakes to be caught without
fighting. So he puffed out his chest
"Pooh!" said Johnny Chuck scornfully. and went on, and actually began
"Who's afraid of him?" He suddenly to enjoy himself, and almost
realized that he was no longer a wished for a chance to show
helpless little Chuck who couldn't take how big and strong he was.
care of himself, but big and strong,
with sharp teeth with which his old

Johnny Chuck in
The Mystery of revealed under oath of solemn secre-
cy on moonlit decks, in the dead dark,
Chuck Turns
the Deep with or in choking fog; the whining wheel
behind them, the climbing deck
Johnny Chuck before, and without, the unrestingly,
clamorous sea. Once, of course, as the Johnny Chuck had turned
That was the first of m any talks boys came to know each other, there tramp. Yes, Sir, Johnny Chuck
with Dan, who told Harvey why he was a fight, which raged from bow to had turned tramp. It was a
would transfer his dory's name to the stern till Penn came up and separated funny thing to do, but he had
imaginary Burgess-modelled haddock. them, but promised not to tell Disco, done it. He didn't know why he
Harvey heard a good deal about the who thought to fight on watch rather had done it, excepting that he
real Hattie at Gloucester; saw a lock of worse than sleeping. Harvey was no had become dissatisfied and
her hair - which Dan, finding fair match for Dan physically, but it says a discontented and unhappy in
words of no avail, had "hooked" as great deal for his new training that he his old home.
she sat in front of him at school that took his defeat and did not try to get
winter - and a photograph. Hattie was even with his conqueror by under- Watch out for our next issue!
about fourteen years old, with an hand methods.
awful contempt for boys, and had
been trampling on Dan's heart
through the winter. All this was