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Abdul R. Ladha
Sent: Monday, April 14, 2014 10:39 AM
To: Abdullah Al Rajhi
Cc: Eng. Ahmed Al Rajhi; Dr. Khalid Al Rajhi; Mansour /\I Kharboush; Hgaze Mohammed; YousifNaji
Respected Sir:

I had a call from Federico fromTameer. So far they have not confirmed the dates and plan for the Internal Audit of Tameer,
which was initially scheduled to start on April 13; and then postponed until May 18 at the request of Federico.

Federico tried to explain that "we shall not undertake any Internal Audit of Tameer" since there are no processes to
review and there are no controls, checks and balances, since lots of employees were released to save cost, and the
operations have been managed on an ad-hoc basis. Further, he pointed out that there are legal cases in the UAE Courts
between ARHG and the Partner, which will be adversely effected if ARHG conduct an Internal Audit ofTameer. He
suggested a meeting with me on April 29 when he will be in Riyadh to discuss this matter further.

I have requested him to discuss this matter with you, since you know everything about the problems, history, current
status and future plans forTameer.

Shall greatly appreciate your guidance and further instructions in this matter.

Thank you and best regards. Dr A R Ladha

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