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Service Description

Branche : Exploration-Production
Direction : EP/AF/AO-TEPAO/DB17/PBF
Service title

PBF – Flow Assurance Engineer

Service dimension

 Next 4 years PBF Budget w/ drillex: ZINIA2 circa 1.2 G$, CLOV2 circa 450MUSD, DALIA3 circa 700MUSD
 Perimeter covered: CCFTs to be launched in 2019: ACCE, CLOV ph. 3, Begonia and all other PBF projects (Zinia ph.2, Dalia
ph.3, CLOV ph.2, Infills, etc.).
 Staff managed: N/A
 Managed contracts value (MUS$): None

(A : no – B : occasional – C : essential) A B C
 To promote safety culture within the project and his activities. Lead by exemplarity to have the team members and colleagues X
adhering and contributing.
 To ensure that safe and ethic working practices are carried out within the activities that he is managing or interfacing with. To X
guarantee the compliance on his activities.
 To ensure that state of the art, TEPA referential and local rules/laws are complied with and captured in all contractual X
 To work by anticipation. X
 With the spirit of One TOTAL values, to establish and manage his/her activities motivating his counterparts and to work X
diligently to meet the targets of the Projects.
 To promote innovation as far as compatible with good enough approach for all activities. To seek optimization and savings all X
along the different phases of the project. To focus on costs without impairing QHSE objectives.
 To keep all parties (as required) informed regarding ongoing activities status. To advise the Project Managers on architecture X
related actions/decisions.
 To ensure proper communication to final internal client during all stages of the project and to monitor client satisfaction for
“after sales” and REX purposes.
During all phases
 To be the focal point of PBF for all the subjects related to Flow Assurance. X
 To ensure that the various Flow Assurance models (OLGA) are built in a way they can be used easily by other professionals. To X
list all the hypotheses and documents used to build the models.
 To perform all the Flow assurance calculations required in addition to the studies done by other entities (Contractors X
 To identify the needs of assistance and support (especially by Headquarters), when required, and to report them to the X
PBF/FOP package manager.
 To participate in the HAZID, HAZOP, PR & other technical reviews. To provide the answers and the documents needed to X
answer the HAZOP and PR points related to Flow Assurance.
During CCFTs (Competitive Call For Tenders)
 To review the contractual lists of Flow Assurance studies to be done by Contractors. To identify the missing ones and those
that have to be done internally (by himself). To consolidate a global Flow assurance studies´ MDR. These studies include
especially: all the calculation related to the pressure losses and the temperature losses of the produced fluids in the
production lines; the slugging studies; the calculation related to the pressure losses in the utilities systems (Methanol,
chemicals, hydraulics if required); the studies related to hydrate management and to the preservation of the production lines
(dead oil circulation and alternatives).
 To consolidate the scope of work of the Flow Assurance studies to be done by Contractors or requested to Headquarters. To
review in detail the reports related to these studies. To ensure that the conclusions are consolidated and to summarize them X
for PBF management.
 To provide the information requested by the contractors of the various packages, especially the input data for the cooling
studies (SPS) and the input data for the lateral buckling and walking studies (SRF).
 To propose design optimizations when possible. X
During Project(s) Engineering phase(s)
 To identify all the Flow Assurance documentation to be issued or updated in the frame of the new projects. To update the
MDRs regularly.
 To review the operating philosophies issued for each new project, from a Flow Assurance point of view. X
 To review the updated version of the operating procedures, in the frame of the new projects. X
 To participate in the preparation of the training documentation on the new facilities, installed in the frame of the project. X
 To participate in the preparation of the start-up procedures. X
During Commissioning & Start-Up execution phase(s)
 To reinforce the site team during start-up of the new installations. X
 To perform all the Flow assurance calculations required. X
 To consolidate the studies and the models built in order to hand over them to the TEPA FO team. X
Context and environment
 PBF is the TEPA brownfield Project division, and benefits of a matrix organization. It manages Projects from Basic Engineering to Start-up /
Hand-over to Field Operations teams.
 The nature of the brownfield Projects, with most of the execution offshore activities performed in SIMOPS on live FPSOs and congested seabed,
increases the risks and consequently the challenges of the Projects (co-activities with other Projects & Maintenance activities, minimization of
shortfalls -production/injection-, …).
 PBF manages EPC contracts with major international Contractors including onshore prefabrication in Angola, offshore construction &
installation in Angola (FPSO modifications, SURF, SPS, SIMOPS, high number of contractors & subcontractors).
 Brownfield environment, with all Site(s) activities carried out in SIMOPS mode.
 Lot of interfaces & synergies (within PBF & outside - FO teams notably-).
 Resident in Paris. Regular missions in Angola: Luanda and offshore.
 To be in charge of all the Flow assurance subjects related to the PBF projects.
 To adopt & to demonstrate exemplary behavior with regard to :
 HSEQ rules & requirements
 Company Ethics & “Code of Conduct” policy
 To deliver high quality documents as per defined planning enabling to guarantee a good practical and theoretical hand-over to the FO
permanent teams.
 To respect & to commit on planning
 To guarantee the implementation of a quality policy ensuring the operability of the production facilities.
 To ensure integration of new equipment in existing facilities.
 To work in close cooperation with the involved Project packages.
 To reinforce the site teams during the start-up of the new facilities.
Qualifications/Experience required
 Site experience in projects or in Field Operations.
 10 years’ experience in Flow assurance for oil and gas installations. Experience in deep subsea is compulsory.
 Good knowledge of subsea is mandatory.
 Good coordination, leadership & communication skills.
Required competencies (degree of mastery : 1 : weak - 2 : medium - 3 : good - 4 : excellent)

Technical competencies required 1 2 3 4 Others 1 2 3 4