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hittps:// Electricity — 2016 1. 0625/1 ONNI6N0.29 ‘The diagram shows a lamp in a circuit Which change to the circuit would increase the current in the lamp? © accing another resistor in paaliel withthe one in the circuit B adding another resistor in series with the one in the circuit decreasing the electromotive force (e.m{.) of the battery in the circuit D__ moving the lamp to point P in the circuit 2, 0625/1 ONGINO.30 ‘An ammeter and an 18 resistor are connected in series with a battery. The reading on the ammeter is 0.50. elk = O5KIF 182 = ov What is the electromotive force (e.m¥.) of the battery? A 90N @» © 36N D 36V ee ee re rcs a 3. 0628/1 /O/N/GINO ‘A ssource of constant electromotive force (e.m.f.) is connected across a thermistor. ‘There is an electric current in the thermistor. current 4 The temperature of the thermistor is reduced. Which row shows what happens to the resistance of the thermistor and what happens to the current? Ee men @)| increases | decreases 8 | increases | increases | staysthe same | decreases D | stays the same | _ increases 4. 0625/1 VOININ6IN032 ‘The diagram shows a circuit containing a battery, a resistor with high resistance, a switch and a lamp. 12V battery + Initially the switch is open. What happens to the lamp when the switch is closed? @® ttalows more brightly Bit glows less brightly, It goes out. D Its brightness does not change. mot Current wh flow furouql, reqton With “0 thal 7 to a qf Inttps:// 5. 0628/1 1]ONN/6N033 ‘The diagram shows a circuit containing two identical lamps and three ammeters. ‘The current in ammeter 1 is 0.30A. Which row gives possible values for the currents in ammeters 2 and 37 ammeter 2 ammeter 3 IA IA A 0.15 0.00 ® 0.15 030 c 0.30 0.00 D 0.30 0.30 6. 0625/1 /0N/I6NO34 Two electrical appliances are connected to the mains supply. The cable connected to one appliance includes an earth wire. ‘The cable connected to the second appliance does net need an earth wire What is a reason for this difference? A. One appliance has a metal case, but the other appliance does not. B One appliance is fitted with a fuse, but the other appliance is not. © One appliance is fitted with a switch, but the other appliance is not © one appliance needs more current than the other appliance