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The Illustrated Guide to

Fill the steaming Freshly grind

pitcher to just espresso beans.
below the bottom The grind should
of the spout with look similar to
ice cold milk. granulated sugar.

Lower the steaming Dose the portafilter

wand just below the with around 18.5
surface of the grams of ground
milk. You should coffee beans.
hear the sound of Level the coffee by
ripping paper as the gently taping the
wand pulls in air sides.
and milk

Plunge the wand Tamp the coffee

into the middle of uniformly by
the milk, packing it parallel
off-center to to the ground.
create a vortex in Place the portafilter
the milk. into the machine.

Remove the wand Pull the shot. The

from the milk pour should yield
when the pitcher 2 oz for a double
becomes shot and should
uncomfortable to take between 25 - 35
touch. seconds.

Pour the steamed

milk into the
espresso using
circular motions.
Enjoy your latte!