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Alyah Rosario


Shakespeare was one of the most influential english writers in his time. Even now his
writing is still taught to us. He was known for dark tragedies, Othello being one of them. In the
story of Othello, Othello had made cassio his lieutenant. When iago finds out he becomes
jealous and cruel so he comes up with a plan to manipulate everyone so othello and
desdemona's relationship comes to an end. Everything goes as planned turning into a horrible
disaster that Iago caused. Shakespeare's writing is still relevant and should be taught in
schools today because we could relate to his stories and he teaches us life lessons by writing
about gullibility, jealousy, and disloyalty.
Gullibility plays an important role in making Shakespeare relevant because in the story
othello is being gullible when Iago tells him that desdemona is sleeping with cassio. In act 4 sc.
1 lines 200-204 othello states ¨ Ay, let her rot and perish and be damned tonight, for she shall
not live. No, my heart is turned to stone. I strike it, and it hurts my hand. O, the world hath not a
sweeter creature! She might lie by an emperor's side and command him tasks¨. Othello begins
talking about how he is going to kill desdemona because he is falling for Iago's tricks. Youth now
can be very gullible because they don't use communication well enough and quick to just go
along with whatever they were told. As a teenager i was once gullible before when i was told
that i was being talked about by someone. When i had confronted them they said that they
never said anything about me but they also told me that person who told me was jealous
because of me and her friendship. I didn't blame myself for what happened i blamed that other
girl for putting the idea into my head and making up lies. If she never would of told me that i was
being talked about i would have never approached the other girl. It was not my fault for believing
it either because this is someone i also trusted just like when othello believes Iago when he told
him that his wife desdemona was cheating on he was being gullible just like i was.
Jealousy also plays an important role on making shakespeare relevant because in the
story Iago builds up this grudge and become jealous when he finds out that othello made cassio
his lieutenant and hearing rumors about othello and his wife sleeping together. In Act 1, sc. 3,
lines 381-387 Iago states ¨ He holds me well. The better shall my purpose work on him.
Cassio's a proper man. Let me see now, to get his place and to plume my will in double
knavery. How ? How ? Lets see. After some time to abuse othello's ear that he is to familiar with
his wife¨. Iago begins to talk about how much hate he has against othello and how he plans to
ruin his life and relationship by spreading rumors about his wife desdemona that aren't true all
out of jealousy and anger. This is also something that happens in today’s time with us youth. I
personally am not a jealous person but I have seen people my age become jealous over pity
things just like Iago although the situation may have not got out of control as much as it did in
Othello things like this still happen today.
Disloyalty is the last thing that play s a important role on making Shakespeare relevant. The
first time Iago lied to othello was the first time he was disloyal to him. In Act 5 Sc.2 lines 187-192
othello states ¨I say thy husband. Dost understand the word ? my friend, thy husband; honest,
honest Iago¨ and then Emilia states ¨if he say so, may his pernicious soul rot half a grain a day!
He lies to th' heart! She was too fond of her most filthy bargain¨. Othello tells Iago's wife Emilia
that her husband was the one who told her all about desdemona and that he believes that Iago
was being honest with him when Emilia is told that it was her husband, she calls him a liar
saying everything about desdemona was false. Especially now youth experiences a lot of
disloyalty. As a teenager i have had friends walk in and out of my life due to the simple fact they
didn't understand what loyalty was. Just like Iago became jealous of othello and tried to ruin his
life i have had many people do the same to me although i did not handle it the same way this is
still something that happened to me.
Shakespeare's writing is still relevant and should be taught in schools today because we
could relate to his stories and he teaches us life lessons by writing about gullibility, jealousy, and
disloyalty. As a teenager I was able to relate to the majority of the story and i'm sure there are
other youth besides me that go through the same thing. Shakespeare creates these stories to
show how you should not handle situations like this and how it could affect not only you but