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Alyah Rosario

The topic of this essay was if Shakespeare was relevant and if it should be taught in schools. I said that
Shakespeare was relevant because as students we still are able to relate to the things that happened
in his stories. What made me take this position was i was able to prove why it was relevant and
should be taught. At first i did not have reasons on why it was relevant so that was probably the most
difficult part but then i came up with reasons why and it became easy from there on. The most easiest
thing about writing this essay was providing evidence because we already had our othello logs to help
us. I'm proud that im actually able to write an essay at first it was hard but became easier because of
how many essays we had to write this year. I will focus on being able to explain things better. I felt
somewhat prepared although I struggled a little bit in the beginning. I had all the evidence I needed
for my reasonings. It would of been better if i had my reasonings before hand but they were not that
hard after I found my first reasoning.