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Schedule for OzCon 2019

Friday, July 26th

10:00 AM Baum canon and how they line up with the

Registration opens in Baum's Bazaar along teachings of Theosophy. Concepts of identity,
with the Dealer's Room. unity, and other popular themes from the Oz
Introductory games and activities. series are explored and juxtaposed with the
doctrine of the 19th century philosophical
11:15 AM movement.
Emerald City Room
Welcome from the OzCon organizers Off to See The Wizard of the Emerald City—
Rainbow Room
12:15 noon
Eighty years ago, in 1939, Alexander Volkov
Lunch Break—Dining Rooms
released The Wizard of the Emerald City for the
If you have not registered for meals in advance,
children of the Soviet Union. This loose,
please refer to the dining options flyer from
unauthorized adaptation of Baum’s Wizard of Oz
produced its own series of books and movies,
which became better known behind the Iron
1:30 PM
Curtain than the original. Jay Davis explores this
“Are You a Good Witch, or a Bad Witch?”:
incarnation of Oz.
When Glinda Isn’t Good—Emerald City
4:00 PM
Oz fans can list all sorts of ways that MGM
Baum’s Best Non-Oz Books—Emerald City
changed Baum’s classic American fairy tale, but
not all changes are created equal. When the
We remember L. Frank Baum best for his Oz
witches of the North and South are blended into
books, but he created many other stories under
one witch, Glinda is transformed into an
many other names. He wrote fantasy and science
extremely powerful, manipulative force. Dina
fiction, adventures for girls and boys, even some
Massachi’s presentation will examine Glinda the
adult books. Which of these titles are the most
“good” in post-MGM Oz tales with an eye on
rewarding to read? Join this discussion with a
what her power and her goodness mean in relation
panel of Baum fans.
to Baum’s utopian feminist vision.
It’s Not Easy Being Green!—Rainbow Room
2:45 PM
Kurt Raymond, Wicked Witch of the West
L. Frank Baum: A Searcher After Truth—
impressionist extraordinaire, takes your through
Emerald City Room
his artistic transformation from a mild-mannered
L. Frank Baum was a member of the
gentleman to the beautiful wickedness first
Theosophical Society of America, where
portrayed by Margaret Hamilton in MGM’s
followers combine Eastern and Western religion
Wizard of Oz.  
and thought to uncover the truth about life. Erica
Olivera presents a talk about the themes in the
5:00 PM vaudeville, nightclubs, motion pictures, and
Opening reception for All OzCon Attendees— around the world. Come experience Woodward’s
Ozma’s Courtyard and Wizard’s Lounge long career not only as Hank the Mule, but in his
Join us and celebrate Princess Ozma’s birthday by other forgotten connections to Oz. Presentation by
wearing your best shade of green, to be seen Eric Shanower
where green! What party would be complete
without a birthday cake, tea and coffee or 8:15 PM
something Ozzier at the cash bar. Ozma has Exploring the "Magic" Manuscript
commissioned Wizard Stan Sieler, to perform How did L. Frank Baum create The Magic of Oz
magical tricks to dazzle you. —our centenary book, published in 1919? J. L.
Bell shares the secrets of that handwritten
6:00 PM manuscript and what it shows us about Baum's
Dinner Break—Dining Rooms writing process.
If you have not registered for meals in advance,
please refer to the dining options flyer from 8:45 PM
registration. Break

Friday Evening Program 9:00 PM

Emerald City Room The Royal Historian of Oz: Stories Behind the
Stories of L. Frank Baum
7:30 PM The original solo play is set in the final years of
Opening Remarks Baum's life at Ozcot in Hollywood California.
The audience will join the journey with the stories
7:45 PM behind the stories of "the one and only L. Frank
Hank’s Hidden History: The Life and Legacy Baum." Performed live by Raymond F. Wohl
of Fred Woodward
Learn Hank the Mule’s lost history through 10:00 PM
photos and footage. Actor Fred Woodward played Closing statements
Hank on stage in L. Frank Baum’s Tik-Tok Man of Join us for a drink at the OzCon after-party
Oz. When Tik-Tok closed, Hank took off—to (complete with cash bar) in the Wizard Lounge
Saturday, July 27th

complex, pioneering, accident-prone, and

9:00 AM eventually beloved cinema.
Registration Opens—Baum’s Bazaar
Welcome from the OzCon organizers— Quiz Time—The Wizard’s Lounge
Emerald City Room Test your knowledge of Ozzy trivia by taking one
Baum’s Bazaar—The Dealers Room opens for of the annual quizzes. There are separate quizzes,
business. and prizes for novices, fans of the movie, and
trivia masters.
Costume Contest—Emerald City Room 12:30 PM
See fellow Ozians parade on stage in their Ozzy Lunch Break—Dining Rooms
outfits and vote for your favorites. Prizes awarded Join us in the dining room for a catered meal.
to the best children’s, adult, and group costumes. If you have not registered for meals in advance,
please refer to the dining options flyer on the
10:15 AM registration desk or in your tote bag.
MGM’s Special Effects Magic—Rainbow
Room 1:45 PM
Robert A. Welch, co-editor of The Wizard of OzCon Auction—Emerald City Room
MGM, returns with his popular presentation about Join in the bidding for Oz collectibles of all
how the prestige studio’s special-effects kinds! The auction is a great place to find
department, headed by his grandfather A. Arnold bargains and never-before-seen items to round out
“Buddy” Gillespie, brought the magic of Oz to your collection. Proceeds benefit the International
movie screens in 1939. Wizard of Oz Club. (The auction will last until
Collectors’ Show and Tell—The Wizard’s
Lounge Ray Bolger: The Scarecrow and Beyond—
Freddy Fogarty hosts a gathering of Oz collectors Rainbow Room
sharing their unusual finds and favorites. Bring Holly Van Leuven is author of the new book Ray
your latest Oz discoveries and questions. Bolger: More Than a Scarecrow, the first
biography of the famous song-and-dance man.
11:30 AM She describes how a young dancer from
Auction Preview—Emerald City Room Dorchester, Massachusetts, became a star in
Check out all the Oz artifacts and collectibles to vaudeville, movies, Broadway, and television.
be sold this afternoon. Sign up for a bidder’s
number and start participating in the silent auction 3 PM
Researching the Golden Years of Hollywood—
How MGM Made a Classic—Rainbow Room Rainbow Room
Aljean Harmetz, author of The Making of “The The American movie capital not only created
Wizard of Oz,” tells the best stories from the stories that entertained the world, it was also the
setting for dramatic tales of oversized fundraising to enrich the OzCon programming
personalities and ambitious artists. Join veteran fund. If you have not registered for meals in
movie journalist Aljean Harmetz and young advance, please refer to the dining options flyer
scholar Holly Van Leuven in a discussion of the from registration desk or in your tote bag.
challenges and rewards of researching the movie
industry. Saturday Evening Program
Emerald City Room
Envisioning Oz—The Wizard’s Lounge
Artist Vincent Myrand talks about the inspirations 7:45 PM
and techniques he brings to his Oz artwork, which OzCon 2020
draws on both the MGM movie and the books. Plans already well underway for the OzCon.
OzCon’s Chairman will introduce you to next
4:15 PM year’s Vice Chairpersons. Learn about the themes
A Personal Connection to Oz—Rainbow Room and plans for 2020.
Barry Bregman, grandson of Jack Haley, and
Christianna Rickard, niece of Ray Bolger, discuss 8:00 PM
growing up with an intimate link to the MGM There’s No Place Like Home: A Memory and
classic and what they learned in creating their Musical Tribute to Oz
books about their famous relatives. Mike Chamberlin, “The Singing TV Guy,”
performs his informative and entertaining songs
What We Know About Nomes—The Wizard’s with a personal story of the MGM Wizard of Oz
Lounge Munchkin Margaret Pellegrini interspersed with
songs from the beloved musical.
The word Nome, Baum wrote, means “one who
knows,” and Nomes know about precious gems
9:00 PM
underground. But what do we know about these
Break—The Wizard’s Lounge
rock fairies? J. L. Bell mines the clues from The
Mike Chamberlin CD sales and signing. (All
Life and Adventures of Santa Claus through our
proceeds from the CD go to the Disabled
last glimpses of the (g)nomes in the Oz books.
American Veterans charity.)
Last hour to shop in Baum’s Bazaar!  
9:15 PM
The Witching Hour
Auction Settlement—Yookoohoo Lounge
The Meanest, Greenest, Wickedest Witch in the
West is back, and she’s more wicked than ever!
6:00 PM
Hear tales and exposés from her greenness herself
OzCon Saturday Royal Awards Banquet—
as America’s most iconic movie villain from 1939
Dining Rooms
MGM classic The Wizard of Oz.
Join us in the dining room for the Royal Banquet.
It’s an OzCon tradition that we try to dress up a
10:00 PM
bit for this dinner. During the meal, the winners of
Finish off the night with Ozzy fellowship and
the Treasure hunt, the quizzes and the costume
karaoke hosted by Raymond F. Wohl (complete
contest will be announced as the winner of the
with a cash bar).
Winkie Award. We will also put the fun into
Sunday, July 28th

9:00 AM to-watch classic on disk, MGM’s Wizard of Oz is

Exploring Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz— part of the fabric of American culture. OzCon
Emerald City Room 2019’s many experts on the movie and its cast
Warner Bros.’ latest cartoon spin-off of the MGM join in a panel discussion of what accounts for its
Wizard of Oz is Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz.  enduring appeal.
After screening a couple of hand picked episodes,
Colin Ayres and Jay Davis will discuss the shows’ Animals in Oz—Rainbow Room
in-depth references to the books of  L Frank The Magic of Oz offers a glimpse of life in the
Baum and Ruth Plumly Thompson. Forest of Gugu, where wild animals live by their
own rules. From the beginning Baum described
Building a Bibliography with the Oz Book animals as part of daily life in Oz and yet
Detectives—Rainbow Room separate. This panel of Oz book fans considers the
Is a bibliographer a harmless drudge or a book special place of animals in Ozma’s kingdom.
maniac? Most bibliographers love the books they
examine, delight in tracking important changes 12:15 noon
from one edition to another, and carefully build Lunch Break—Dining Rooms
up a trail of evidence for their findings. They are If you have not registered for meals in advance,
actually specialist detectives, helpful to collectors. please refer to the dining options flyer from
Learn more from two experienced Oz registration.
bibliographers, Bill Thompson and Peter Hanff.
1:30 PM
10:00AM Baum as a Man of His Time—Emerald City
Exploring Lost in Oz—Emerald City Room
L. Frank Baum was born four years before the
The Co-Creators of Lost in Oz will screen the U.S. Civil War and died before the ratification of
pilot episode of the multi-Emmy Award-winning woman suffrage. He participated enthusiastically
animated series. After the screening, they will in American popular entertainment at a time when
discuss their approach to adapting L. Frank it was largely based on ethnic stereotypes. Yet his
Baum's story for a new generation of Oz fans.  most enduring stories offer a vision of inclusion.
They'll share development artwork, behind-the- Anil Tambwekar moderates a panel discussion of
scenes anecdotes, discuss the show's in-depth fans and scholars discussing how we can both
references to the books, and answer your appreciate and critique Baum.
2:45 PM
11:15 AM Preview and Farewell—Emerald City Room
MGM at 80 Panel—Emerald City Room Hear about plans for OzCon 2020, get involved,
Once a prestige family musical in cinemas, then a and say goodbye to old and new Ozzy friends.
beloved annual treat on television, now an easy-