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Former West Virginia Neurosurgeon Dr.

Charles Rosen Discusses Migraine and

Headache Awareness Month

Morgantown, WV, June 15, 2019 --( Dr. Charles L. Rosen, a neurosurgeon whose expertise is
focused on cranial base and neurovascular surgery, as well as complex intradural tumors of the posterior
fossa and spinal cord, is helping people understand headaches during National Migraine and Headache
Awareness Month (MHAM) in June.

The purpose of MHAM is to bring communities together to recognize headaches as a legitimate

neurobiological disease and to encourage individuals to seek proper diagnosis and treatment.

In Dr. Rosen's online article, he outlines six simple questions to help individuals determine when a
headache is not just a headache: severity, location, duration, timing, triggers, and effective self-treatment.

“If a violent headache seemingly comes out of nowhere, this could mean that an aneurysm has ruptured,”
said Dr. Rosen, neurosurgeon at Central Illinois Neuro Health Sciences (CINHS). “If a headache wakes
you up from a sound sleep or you experience chronic migraines, it's important to consult your doctor.”

These questions will not only help your doctor understand the nature of your headaches, but it will also
help determine whether or not imaging is warranted.

While there are several types of headaches that can affect one's everyday life-migraine, tension, cluster,
sinus-it's important to remember that brain tumors are relatively uncommon.

In fact, most headaches are not due to brain tumors.

As Healthline mentions, “the majority of brain tumors actually start somewhere else in the body and
spread to the brain, such as metastatic brain tumors.”

“Metastatic tumors, by definition, are high-grade tumors and are almost always treated with radiation or,
if larger, with microsurgery,” said Dr. Rosen.

Dr. Rosen currently practices at both Central Illinois Neuro Health Sciences (CINHS) in Bloomington,
Ill., as well as Champaign, Ill.

In previous years, Dr. Rosen served as Department Chair of Neurological Surgery at West Virginia
University (WVU) School of Medicine from 2012 through 2017, following his 2011 appointment as
Interim Department Chair.

He joined the faculty at WVU in 2001 and held various positions in the WVU Department of
Neurosurgery, including vice chair, program director of the neurosurgery training program, director of
research and the neurosurgical research laboratories, and director of cranial base surgery.

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Dr. Rosen's website,, discusses relevant neurosurgery topics through written articles
and first-person videos that address aneurysms, Chiari malformation, face pain, head injuries in children,
and more.

For the latest neurosurgery news from Dr. Rosen, visit

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