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MedicaTech Celebrates FDA Approval of Advanced Digital X-Ray System

100% US Made and Modular Framework Offers Amazing Benefits to the Medical Community

Irvine, CA, June 15, 2019 --( MedicaTech of California proudly announces FDA approval of
their modular and fully customizable, MasteRad™, Digital X-Ray system.

The new MasteRad™ system brings unprecedented features and benefits to the digital X-Ray market,
which previously, were unavailable.

“MasterAd™ is the only digital X-Ray System that is 100% manufactured and supported in the US,” says
company president, Dr. George Makar. “This is incredibly beneficial to our clients, as 100% American
Made eliminates huge shipping costs, heavy import taxes, long lead times, and Customs delays.”

"A problem that most practices have to deal with, is costly down time while they're waiting for spare
parts to be delivered from overseas," Dr. Makar went on to say. "This is currently a huge problem in the
industry. With MasteRad™, all spare parts are manufactured in our California facility, which completely
eliminates that problem."

Since MasteRad™ is completely modular, it gives customers the option of customizing the system so it is
specifically suited for their business. With its customizable features, MasteRad™ can be used in every
type of practice, including hospitals, private clinics, chiropractic offices, urgent care and imaging centers.

The software behind MasteRad™ is Voyance™, the newest and most advanced acquisition software on
the market. Voyance™ is fully loaded with time saving features, including advanced tools, one page
design, and fast database search.

Other options of MasteRad™ include the choice of an elevating or non-elevating table, manual or
motorized movements and a wide range of DR panels in both regular and high definition. In addition, the
length and size of various components can be customized based on the client's available space and
individual needs.

With its cutting- edge features, modular components and numerous benefits, MasteRad™ is the new
hallmark of digital X-Ray Technology. For pricing or more information about MasteRad™, please
contact Medicatech at the details below.

Medicatech is a complete Digital Radiology provider headquartered in Irvine, California. It was founded
in 2005 with the goal of offering a full scope of integration and support services. Medicatech strives to
provide the most cutting edge, innovative and best priced digital x-ray systems to both Veterinary and
Human Medical Markets.

For more information about MedicaTech, please visit

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