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Edward Friar

B1 Engineer

• FAA certified
• EASA B1 Licence
• Full driving license
• Full EU passport
• Type rating on Boeing 737-800
Expert aircraft maintenance
SKILLS engineer with in-depth technical
knowledge and manual dexterity.
• Disciplined professional approach
Task oriented and organised,
• Languages: English, French and German I strive for success. Adept at
• Attention to detail identifying signs of problems
and addressing them proactively.
• Excellent motivator
Excellent communicator
• Proficient in relevant safety and quality regulations who works well with others.
• Extremely organised and detail-oriented Committed to ensuring aircraft
safety and optimal level of
• In-depth knowledge of all aspects of aircraft systems

2010 - present
Outdoor pursuits including
• Conducting routine inspections of aircraft, specialising in engines fishing, hiking and rock
• Identifying, repairing and replacing damaged parts climbing. Enjoy team sports
including football, badminton
• Performing maintenance checks and activities to ensure optimal and handball. On weekends I
systems function currently volunteer at the local
• Using computer software to enter, maintain repair and inspection dog shelter.
• Signing off on completed work

2003 - 2010 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Air East

38 Mable Road,
• Testing repairs to ensure high quality Manchester,
• Inspected and repaired aircraft systems components M1 EDN
• Ordered and tracked supplies, parts and equipment for variety of
aircraft types
• Scheduled preventative as needed
07335 175 548
• Scheduled regular performance tests to ensure optimal functions
of all systems
• 2000 - 2003 BSc (Hons) in Aircraft Engineering, Manchester
University Find your dream job
• A Level Mathematics (A), Physics (B), Chemistry (B), Fullwood Sixth