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Citations of the publications authored and co-authored by S.A.


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papers authored by S.A.Ostroumov:

Skulachev V.P. 1989. Скулачев В.П. — Энергетика биологических мембран

М.Наука. Год издания: 1989 Количество страниц: 564 p. From index:
...Остроумов, С.А. 33, 242, 437, 438, 449. - Сохраненная копия;


Filter-feeder macroinvertebrates as key players in culturable bacteria biodiversity

control: a case of study with Sabella spallanzanii ...


Citation of the paper : Ostroumov S.A. On Some Issues of Maintaining Water Quality
and Self-Purification. Water Resources, Vol. 32, No. 3, 2005, pp. 305–313. [the
article is covered by SpringerLink (online); DOI: 10.1007/s11268-
005-0039-7 ] Translated from Vodnye Resursy, Vol. 32, No. 3, 2005, pp. 337–346.

This paper was Cited by 2010, November 5, in the following papers:

Impact of dam construction on water quality and water self-purification capacity of

the Lancang River, China

GL Wei, ZF Yang, BS Cui, B Li, H Chen… - Water resources …, 2009 - Springer

Page 1. Water Resour Manage (2009) 23:1763–1780 DOI 10.1007/s11269-008-

9351-8 Impact of Dam Construction on Water Quality and Water Self-Purification

Capacity of the Lancang River, China GuoLiang Wei·ZhiFeng ...

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陈丁江,吕军,金树权… - 环境科学, 2007 -

首页; 期刊大全; 知识社区; 学者空间; 学术机构; 专题导读; 会议展览; 教育培训; 登录注册充值中

客服中心. 维普资讯中文期刊·专业文章. 维普专业检索. 工程技术 >> 环境安全 >> 社会与环境


摘要. 非点源污染河流的水环境容量估算和分配. 评论推荐. 在线阅读下载全文收藏本文. ...

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[PDF] 非点源污染河流水质的人工神经网络模拟

[PDF] from 陈丁江,吕军,沈晔娜… - 水利学报, 2007 -

Page 1. 年月水利学报第卷第期收稿日期基金项目国家计划项目国家自然科学基金资助项目



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Identification of the self-purification stretches of the Pinios River, Central Greece

[PDF] from vliz.beY Chatzinikolaou… - Mediterranean marine science, 2007 -

The Pinios River basin in Thessaly, Greece, is intensively farmed and heavily
polluted with poorly

treated domestic and industrial waste. The river was divided into 35 homogenous
stretches. We

investi- gated the self-purification capacity along the different stretches of the
Pinios ...

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Towards the general theory of ecosystem-depended control of water quality

S Ostroumov - Ecologica, 2009 - CEON/ CEES

Generalizations presented in this paper represent, in a systematized form, the basic


of the qualitative theory of biotic control of water quality and water self-purification
in freshwater

and marine ecosystems. The theory contributes to a better understanding of the

issues of ...

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许磊,李华,陈英旭,姚玉鑫,梁新强,周李… - 环境科学, 2010 -

首页; 期刊大全; 知识社区; 学者空间; 学术机构; 专题导读; 充值中心. 客服中心. 维普资讯

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Patricia H. Longstaff, Nicholas J. Armstrong, Keli Perrin, Whitney May Parker,
Matthew A. Hidek. Building Resilient Communities: A Preliminary Framework for
p. 1-23; [WWW.HSAJ.ORG]; Full text of the paper:
fullarticle=6.3.6; cited the paper by S . A.Ostroumov on a new , modernized
definition of ecosystem. [Doklady Biological Sciences, Vol. 383, 2002, pp. 141–143.
Translated from Doklady Akademii Nauk, Vol. 383, No. 4, 2002, pp. 571–573.
Original Russian Text Copyright © 2002 by Ostroumov; the full English text:
=en; ]

About the journal 'Homeland Security Affairs': Homeland Security Affairs is the peer-
reviewed online journal of the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland
Defense and Security (CHDS), providing a forum to propose and debate strategies,
policies, and organizational arrangements to strengthen U.S. homeland security.
The instructors, participants, alumni, and partners of CHDS represent the leading
subject matter experts and practitioners in the field of homeland security.

Marilin Milian Mosquera, Arais Almaguer Garcia, Angela Parra Perez, Nelida Baez
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the preparation of teachers in training in biology, chemistry career. - Journal of
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Yablokov, Inc. Ostroumov. Nature Conservation. Problems and Prospects. Moscow:
Publishers: Ed Uneshtorgizdat, 1989. [ Actividades de educacion ambiental dirigidas
a la preparacion del docente en formacion de la carrera biologia- quimica. -
Cuadernos de Educacion y Desarrollo. 2010. Vol 2, No. 20, (octubre). Cited the
book: A.V. Yablokov, S.A. Ostroumov. Conservación de la Naturaleza. Problemas y
Perspectivas. Moscú: Publishers: Ed. Vneshtorgizdat, 1989].;

Danuta Wojcieszyńska, Adam Wilczek. Phenolic compounds of natural origin. -

Science and Technology. Chemistry in School. No. 6, 2006 p.6-12. Cited: SA
Ostroumow: Introduction to biochemical ecology. PWN Publishers, Warsaw, 1992.
This is the html version of the file; [Dr. Danuta
WOJCIESZYŃSKA is an assistant professor in the Department of Biochemistry,
University of Silesia in Katowice. ADAM WILCZEK, undergraduate Department of
Biochemistry, University of Silesia in Katowice]. Danuta Wojcieszyńska, Adam
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ekologii biochemicznej. PWN,W-wa, 1992. This is the html version of the file; [dr DANUTA
WOJCIESZYŃSKA jest adiunktem w Katedrze Biochemii Uniwersytetu Śląskiego w
Katowicach. ADAM WILCZEK jest licencjatem Katedry Biochemii Uniwersytetu
Śląskiego w Katowicach].

Sudol T., Krzysko-Lupicka T., Nowakowska E. [Instytut Chemii Uniwersytetu

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Evaluation of microorganisms species growing evaluation in the presence of
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Jankowska B. Impact of intercropping white cabbage with Pot Marigold (Calendula

officinalis L.) and French Marigold (Tagetes patula nana) on the occurrence of
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SPME/GC-MS method for the analysis of MCPA residues in winter wheat tissues.
[Zastosowanie DI-SPME/GC-MS do analiz pozostałości kwasu mcpaw tkankach
pszenicy ozimej] Vol. 54, No 3, 2008. p. 24-32. [Abbreviation: MCPA = 4-chloro-2-
methylphenoxy)acetic acid]; [Robert Krzyżanowski*, Bogusław Leszczyński, Anna
Gadalińska-Krzyżanowska: Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,
University of Podlasie, B. Prusa 1208-110 Siedlce, Poland; Katedra Biochemii i
Biologii Molekularnej, Akademia Podlaska, ul. Prusa 1208-110 Siedlce, Poland]; html
version of the file

Ovsyannikov, Yu.A. Theoretical foundations of ecological agriculture of the

Biosphere. - Ekaterinburg: Ural University Publishers, 2000 .- 264 p. The book
addresses the impact of agriculture on the environment. The author concludes that
it is needed to transfer agricultural sector to new environmental strategy
development. It is based on the use of natural processes. The monograph is of
interest to researchers in agriculture, environment and ecology. It can also be used
by specialists of agricultural sector and students training for behavior in the study
of relevant courses. [Овсянников Ю.А. Теоретические основы эколого-
биосферного земледелия. — Екатеринбург: Издательство Уральского
университета, 2000.— 264 с. В монографии рассматриваются вопросы влияния
земледелия на окружающую среду. Автор делает вывод о необходимости
перевода аграрной отрасли на новую природоохранную стратегию развития. В
ее основе лежит использование естественных природообразовательных
процессов. Монография представляет интерес для научных работников,
интересующихся проблемами сельского хозяйства, охраны окружающей
среды и экологии. Она также может быть использована специалистами
аграрной отрасли и студентами учебных заведений при изучении
соответствующих курсов. Табл. 67. Ил. 13. Библиогр.: 658 назв]. Cited the book:
Urovni okhrany zhivoi prirody, by A.V.Yablokov, S.A.Ostroumov.

Archilovskaya Y.A., V.V. Zabolotskikh (Togliatti State University) Effect of changes in

the mutant maize relationship in the system: the plant - fitofon - entamofon. - In: / All-Russian Olympiad on Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering /
Proceedings. File created 21.11.2009, 5 pages. Cited the book: Telitchenko MM,
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взаимоотношение в системе: растение – фитофон – энтамофон. – В кн.:
Физтех.ру / Всероссийская студенческая олимпиада по молекулярной и
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«Наука», 1990 г.];;

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GL Wei, ZF Yang, BS Cui, B. Li, H. Chen, JH Bai, S.K. Dong [GuoLiang Wei, ZhiFeng
Yang, BaoShan Cui, Bing Li, He Chen, JunHong Bai and ShiKui Dong] Impact of Dam
Construction on Water Quality and Water Self-Purification Capacity of the Lancang
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Samal, N. R.; Mazumdar, A.; Johnk, K. D.; Peeters, F. Assessment of ecosystem

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prey selection by the suspension-feeding bivalve, Atrina zelandica. - Journal of
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-------S.V. Krivitskij, [candidate of geographic science] INNOVATION TECHNOLOGIES

IN NATURE PROTECTION // Природообустройство. 2008. No. 1’’ 2008 17-18.
Bibliogr. 5. Refs. UDK 502/504:627/628.4+712:574.6; Information: tel. 8 (495) 232-
40-57, e-mail:; OOO Innovation company «Ecology and nature»;; ISSN 1997-6011;


The author discusses some nature protection technologies used for conservation
and restoration

of natural landscapes and biodiversity. The suggested bioengineering technologies

make it possible to solve some problems of restoration of the environment,
promoting in particular the ecological rehabilitation of water bodies and purification
of contaminated surface flows.

Key words: water – bog areas, recreation ponds, man-caused pollution of water
reservoir, anthropogenic load, hydroecosystem, bioremediation, biological
ecosystems, biota.

List of literature: 1. Ostroumov, S. A. Pollution, self-cleaning and reclamation of

water ecosystems [Text] / S. A. Ostroumov. – M. : MAKS-Press, 2005. – 100 p., etc.

-------Chatzinikolaou Y., Ioannou A., Lazaridou M. Intra-basin spatial approach on

pollution load estimation in a large Mediterranean river. – Desalination. 2010 (1
January) Volume 250, Issue 1, , Pages 118-129. ABSTRACT: In order to find the
segments of Pinios River which lack the retention capacity of the BOD and nutrient
input, the difference of the estimated input and output pollution loads was
compared at upstream and downstream clustered areas of a total of 73 segments.
Catchment areas ranged from 1 to 11,300 km2. Emissions were always higher than
the actual transport, therefore retention was assumed to take place. Specific runoff,
percentage of the surface water area and the calculated input of pollution loads
(BOD, P, N) varied between the different Pinios River basin catchment areas. The
transport to the emission load ratio was different between large and small
catchments. The rate of retention among consecutive segments revealed that four
lowland segments lacked in their relative retention capacity.
DOI:10.1016/j.desal.2008.12.062 [] KEYWORDS: water
quality, freshwater aquatic ecosystem, Biochemical oxygen demand; Nutrient
retention; Organic pollution load; Nutrient pollution load; large Mediterranean river,
Pinios River, pollution loads (BOD, P, N), retention capacity of the BOD, nutrient
input, Catchment areas, Specific runoff, percentage of the surface water area,
different Pinios River basin catchment areas.

-------Mohneke, M., Rödel, M.-O. Declining amphibian populations and possible

ecological consequences - A review. // Salamandra, 2009, 45 (4), pp. 203-210.
ABSTRACT : Amphibian declines likely result in measurable changes in aquatic and
riparian ecosystems. Here, we concentrate on potential consequences of the loss of
larval anurans for aquatic ecosystems. In rural savanna regions of West Africa,
freshwater ecosystems are essential water resources for humans and cattle.
Altering these ecosystems therefore may have important economic and health
consequences. Prospective impacts on water chemistry, algae and aquatic
invertebrate taxa are highlighted. [© 2009 Deutsche Gesellschaft für Herpetologie
und Terrarienkundee. V. (DGHT).; mo.roedel@mfn-];

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microbiological accumulation capability of the commercial sponge Spongia
officinalis var. adriatica (Schmidt) (Porifera, Demospongiae) Water Research, 2008,
vol. 42 (10-11), pp. 2499-2506.

-------Bussell, J.A., Gidman, E.A., Causton, D.R., Gwynn-Jones, D., Malham, S.K.,
Jones, M.L.M., Reynolds, B., Seed, R. Changes in the immune response and
metabolic fingerprint of the mussel, Mytilus edulis (Linnaeus) in response to lowered
salinity and physical stress. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and
Ecology,2008, v. 358 (1), pp. 78-85 . []; ABSTRACT: Mussels,
such as Mytilus edulis, are common keystone species on open coasts and in
estuaries and are frequently used in environmental monitoring programmes.
Mussels experience a wide range of environmental conditions at these locations,
including rapid changes in salinity and physical disturbance (both natural and from
aquaculture practices). This paper addressed the hypothesis that reduced salinity
will lower mussel blood immune function and influence mussel blood metabolic
responses, and that this will in turn increase the susceptibility of mussels to other
stresses such as physical disturbance. To test these hypotheses, experiments were
conducted in controlled laboratory tank conditions and mussel blood was analysed
using a combination of metabolic fingerprinting with FT-IR and immunological assay
techniques. Reducing seawater salinity to half that of normal caused a significant
reduction in several measures of immune function, including the concentration of
haemocytes, percentage of eosinophilic haemocytes and phagocytosis. Mechanical
shaking of mussels for 10 min caused a reduction in the level of respiratory burst
activity. However, there was no evidence of additive or interactive effects of
lowered salinity with shaking on the immune response. Analysis of mussel blood
metabolic fingerprints revealed differences in response to half salinity (vs. full
salinity) but there were no detectable effects of shaking. Increasing frequency and
magnitude of flood events at coastal sites due to climate change could lead to
longer, and more frequent, periods of reduced salinity. The potential impact on the
immune function of this keystone species within or near estuaries could have knock-
on effects on the wider ecosystem including altered nutrient cycling, changes in
biodiversity and aquaculture production..

-------Licciano, M., Terlizzi, A., Giangrande, A., Cavallo, R.A., Stabili, L. Filter-
feeder macroinvertebrates as key players in culturable bacteria biodiversity control:
A case of study with Sabella spallanzanii (Polychaeta: Sabellidae) // Marine
Environmental Research, 2007 , v.64 (4), pp. 504-513. See the text:
res.2007.04.004.pdf ;

-------Stabili, L., Licciano, M., Giangrande, A., Longo, C., Mercurio, M., Marzano, C.N.,
Corriero, G. Filtering activity of Spongia officinalis var. adriatica (Schmidt) (Porifera,
Demospongiae) on bacterioplankton: Implications for bioremediation of polluted
seawater // Water Research 2006, v. 40 (16), pp. 3083-3090 .
-----Chatzinikolaou Y. 1, 2 and M. Lazaridou1 [1Department of Zoology, School of
Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece; 2Institute
of Inland Waters, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, 46.7 km Athinon - Souniou
Av., 190 13, P.O. Box 712, Anavissos, Hellas; e-mail:]
Identification of the self-purification stretches of the Pinios River, Central Greece . -
Mediterranean Marine Science, 2007, Volume 8/2, p.19-32.

ABSTRACT: The Pinios River basin in Thessaly, Greece, is intensively farmed and
heavily polluted with poorly treated domestic and industrial waste. The river was
divided into 35 homogenous stretches. We investigated the self-purification
capacity along the different stretches of the Pinios based on the responses of the
benthic macroinvertebrate community to municipal, industrial and agricultural
pollution in the basin. Water quality was assessed by the performance of six
diversity and biotic indices and scores for assessing water quality. Self-purification
found by the downstream amelioration of water quality was evident at five
stretches. These stretches should be safeguarded and priority should be given to
restoration projects along the most water-quality-degraded stretches that lack the
capacity for self-purification.

KEYWORDS: Self-purification; benthic macroinvertebrates; The Pinios River basin in

Thessaly, Greece, water quality, domestic and industrial waste, municipal,
industrial and agricultural pollution in the basin, diversity and biotic indices and
scores for assessing water quality, restoration projects along the most water-
quality-degraded stretches that lack the capacity for self-purification, fresshwater
aquatic ecosystems;

Dingjiang Chen 1, Jun Lu 1, 2 *, Yena Shen 3. Artificial neural network modelling of

concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorus and dissolved oxygen in a non-point source
polluted river in Zhejiang Province, southeast China. // Hydrological Processes. Early
View (Articles online in advance of print); Published Online: 21 Oct 2009; Copyright
© 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

[1Department of Natural Resources, College of Environmental Science and Natural

Resources, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310029, China; 2China Ministry of
Education Key Lab of Environment Remediation and Ecological Health, Zhejiang
University, Hangzhou 310029, China; 3Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of
Subtropical Soil and Plant Nutrition, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310029, China;
email: Jun Lu (; *Correspondence to Jun Lu, Department of Natural
Resources, College of Environmental Science and Natural Resources, Zhejiang
University, Kaixuan Road 258#, Hangzhou 310029, Zhejiang Province, China].

KEYWORDS: artificial neural network , agricultural non-point source pollution , total

nitrogen , total phosphorus ,dissolved oxygen , river water quality, freshwater
aquatic ecosystem, A back-propagation algorithm neural network (BPNN), modelling
tool for managers, spatiotemporal water quality variations, agricultural drainage
river, Changle River, southeast China, Monthly river flow, water temperature, flow
travel time, rainfall and upstream TN, TP and DO concentrations,
ABSTRACT: A back-propagation algorithm neural network (BPNN) was developed to
synchronously simulate concentrations of total nitrogen (TN), total phosphorus (TP)
and dissolved oxygen (DO) in response to agricultural non-point source pollution
(AGNPS) for any month and location in the Changle River, southeast China. Monthly
river flow, water temperature, flow travel time, rainfall and upstream TN, TP and DO
concentrations were selected as initial inputs of the BPNN through coupling
correlation analysis and quadratic polynomial stepwise regression analysis for the
outputs, i.e. downstream TN, TP and DO concentrations. The input variables and
number of hidden nodes of the BPNN were then optimized using a combination of
growing and pruning methods. The final structure of the BPNN was determined from
simulated data based on experimental data for both the training and validation
phases. The predicted values obtained using a BPNN consisting of the seven initial
input variables (described above), one hidden layer with four nodes and three
output variables matched well with observed values. The model indicated that
decreasing upstream input concentrations during the dry season and control of NPS
along the reach during average and flood seasons may be an effective way to
improve Changle River water quality. If the necessary water quality and hydrology
data are available, the methodology developed here can easily be applied to other
case studies. The BPNN model is an easy-to-use modelling tool for managers to
obtain rapid preliminary identification of spatiotemporal water quality variations in
response to natural and artificial modifications of an agricultural drainage river.
[Copyright © 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.] Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

ELLEN KRACAUER HARTIG [Center for Climate Systems Research, Columbia

University, and Stone & Webster Environmental Technology & Services ], OGNYAN
GROZEV [Forest Research Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences], CYNTHIA
ROSENZWEIG [NASA/Goddard Institute for Space Studies, and Center for Climate
Systems Research, Columbia University ]. Hartig E.K., Grozev O., Rozenzweig C.
Climate change, agriculture and wetlands in Eastern Europe: vulnerability,
adaptation and policy // Climatic Change 36: 107–121, 1997. ABSTRACT. Naturally-
occurring wetlands perform such functions as flood control, pollution filtration,
nutrient recycling, sediment accretion, groundwater recharge and water supply,
erosion control, and plant and wildlife preservation. A large concentration of
wetlands is located in Eastern Europe. A significant amount of Eastern European
wetlands has been converted to agricultural use in the past, and remaining
wetlands are subject to agricultural drainage. Drained wetlands are used as prime
agriculture lands for a variety of food crops. Other agricultural uses of wetlands
range from growing Phragmites australis (common reed) for thatch and livestock
feed, to collecting peat for heating and cooking fuel. Altered hydrologic regimes due
to global climate change could further exacerbate encroachment of agricultural
land use into wetlands.

Timofeev N. P. Ecological relations of agricultural populations of ecdysteroid-

containing plants Rhaponticum carthamoides (Willd.) Iljin and Serratula coronata L.
with herbivorous insects report 2. Composition variability of phytoecdysteroids in
agrocenoses and their role in the vulnerability of plants to phytophagans. . -
Contemporary Problems of Ecology [MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica distributed
exclusively by Springer Science+Business Media LLC.; ISSN 1995-4255 (Print)
1995-4263 (Online)] 2009 (December)] Volume 2, Number 6 p. 531-541. [DOI
10.1134/S1995425509060071]. translated from: Sibirskii Ekologicheskii Zhurnal,
2009, Vol. 16, No. 6, pp. 829–842. [Scientific-Production Enterprise Farm
“BIO”, Koryazhma, Arkhangel’sk oblast, 165650, Russia] ABSTRACT. The
accumulation and variability of ecdysteroids, which are analogs of the insect
molting hormones, were studied during ontogeny of agricultural populations of
Rhaponticum carthamoides (Leuzea carthamoides DC.) and Serratula coronata with
relation to the plant age and cultivation conditions. The physiological role of
ecdysteroids in the ecological interactions with pests was evaluated. It was found
that the enhancement of herbivore activity coincided with biochemical changes in
the composition of ecdysteroids having different physiological activities and was
accompanied by damage to reproductive organs. During ontogenetic (age-related)
changes and seasonal development in the vegetation season, the content of the
physiologically active ecdysteroid 20-hydroxyecdysone decreased and relatively
moderately active inokosterone and weakly active ecdysone were accumulated in
reproductive shoots. Accumulation of the weakly active ecdysone in phytomass is
affected by environmental conditions and anthropogenic factors of cultivation. The
factors contributing to the damage potential are environmental microclimate, relief
features of population locations, and agrotechnical measures (frequency of
phytomass removal, excessive moisture content in the rooting layer). KEY WORDS:
agricultural populations, Rhaponticum carthamoides (Leuzea carthamoides DC.) ,
Serratula coronata , analogs of the insect molting hormones, phytoecdysteroids ,20-
hydroxyecdysone , ecdysteroid ecdysone - moderately active inokosterone,
herbivore damage , cultivation conditions, biochemical ecology. Contact Information
: N. P. Timofeev Email:

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