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City of Malolos Integrated School – Sto.

Sto. Rosario, City of Malolos, Bulacan

SY: 2018-2019

Name: Ross Christian R Reyes Grade 12

King Jovan Sacdalan DR. HELEN B. AGGABAO
Oliver Manahan Principal IV
Jan Meyzon Salvador RESEARCH MATRIX Mr.Christopher Francisco
Fendinand De Jesus Research Teacher

No. Year Author/s Title Publications Findings

1. 2017- MARK BRYAN EFFECTS OF HAVING AN OFW The education of the children is the most essential
2018 MACULADA PARENT ON THE ACADEMIC thing that the parents should provide and support in all
PERFORMANCE term at any means. It only means that education in
children are vital because in them relies the future of a
certain country. This education trains the students how
to be skillful andacademically inclined individuals that
can be used to provide them somehow a better future.
Nevertheless, how can a student be skillful and
academically inclinedif they are emotionally unstable in
the sense that they need their parents to supportthem
not just financially but also morally.The economic
status ofparents can also be concluded as to affect the
academic performance of somestudents. This whereby
some of the students who come from families, which
arenot economically stable, tend to be chased out of
school for fees whereas othersare not able to purchase
some of the reading materials.
2. 2015 JOSHUA DELA EFFECTS OF HAVING AN OFW According to Hearts Apart Focus Group Discussion
CRUZ PARENT ON THE ACADEMIC Research, the departure of one or two parents leaves
PERFORMANCE an emotional mark on the young children left behind.
The children long for the presence of the migrant
parent(s), especially when mothers areaway. (Arlan,
2008) suggests that the children are attended to by the
family- mostly themothers when it is the fathers who
migrate, other female relatives and extended
familywhen both parents are out. Despite the
emotional displacement, the children of migrantsare
not disadvantaged the children of non- migrants in
many dimensions of well- being.Thus, when the family
is stable, it can withstand the separation imposed by
migration. Interms of socio- economic variables, the
children of migrants are markedly better offcompared
to the children of non- migrants. Aside from objective
indicators of Socio-Economic Status (SES), such as home
ownership and ownership of durable goods,
thechildren of migrants also perceive their families as
doing well as far as economic statusis concerned.