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Category Place Entry Title Entrants Name Comments
Interesting tale that
Different roads - on civil sends an important
Editorial/Op-ed First Place discourse - Page 10 Kathleen Chesto The Tamarack message.
Editorial/Op-ed Second Place A hair story with a history Essence Boyd Southern News
Editorial/Op-ed Third Place The hate that kills - Page 3 Madeeha Sheikh The Tamarack
Feature First Place A lot to juggle Jacob Waring Crescent magazine
Victoria Bresnahan,
Feature Second Place Thriving on campus Tamonda Griffiths Crescent magazine
QCard office’s ‘Hall’ of fame:
David Hall celebrates his 50th
Feature Third Place year at Quinnipiac Matthew Fortin Quinnipiac Chronicle
beautiful, touching
moment. The facial
expressions and
lighting are
complementary to
Feature Photo First Place Faith Meghan Olson Crescent magazine telling the story.
Feature Photo Second Place Rising above adversity Meghan Olson Crescent magazine
Feature Photo Third Place Coffeehouse photo - Page 7 Fabian Gonzalez-Rojas The Tamarack
General Earth matters: Tide is high
Column/Commentary First Place (and very red) - Page 10 Alyssa Katz The Tamarack
Column/Commentary Second Place ‘Lotta ties, lotta ties’ Logan Reardon Quinnipiac Chronicle
General Revolutionary rhythms: R-E-S-
Column/Commentary Third Place P-E-C-T for a queen - Page 8 Alyssa Katz The Tamarack
Records show award-
nominated professor violated
General Reporting First Place sexual misconduct policy Kristina Vakhman The Recorder
Study finds New Britain's
eviction rate above national Central Connecticut
General Reporting Second Place average Thomas Hopkins State University
Storrs Center is dying- and
LAZ Parking is killing it, store
General Reporting Third Place owners say Gabriella DeBenedictis UCONN Daily Campus
News Photo First Place The 22nd time Will Aliou Southern News Captures the moment.

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Winners List

of the hands is
stunning and the
layout of the rest of the
photos does a nice job
illustrating the
progression of her
Non-Page 1 Layout First Place Beads of courage Sam Fix Crescent magazine journey
The and illness.
graphic treatment
of Khalid’s name is
clever and eye-
Non-Page 1 Layout Second Place Khalid wakes the giant Christina Popik Quinnipiac Chronicle catching.
The pie chart
illustrated to look like a
Non-Page 1 Layout Third Place It's not pizza, it's apizza! Sam Fix Crescent magazine pizza is clever.
A strong lead photo,
Victoria Bresnahan / the graphic and above-
Kevin Crompton / the-fold package
Michael Riccio / August makes this a page
Page 1 Layout First Place May 1 Pelliccio Southern News pleasing to the eye.
Page 1 Layout Second Place Funky hair Meghan Olson Crescent magazine
Page 1 Layout Third Place Beads of courage August Pelliccio Crescent magazine
Sports Feature Story First Place The truth behind concussions Kevin Crompton Crescent magazine
Sports Feature Story Second Place Team Connecticut Patrick Gustavson The Recorder
Sports Feature Story Third Place Crossover athletes Matt Gad Crescent magazine
The author wrote the
story in a compelling
Volleyball wins NE10 way that answered all
tournament for first time in my questions (and
Sports News Story First Place program history Matt Gad Southern News chose great quotes).
was nicely compiled
and the Q&A was a
good idea -- especially
Monmouth head coach King for a matter that only
Rice elaborates on postgame concerned QU on the
Sports News Story Second Place comments about his son Bryan Schwartz Q30 Television periphery.
suspensions as
suggested by the
headline, I would like
to know more about
what led up to Kohl
kicking the chair and
Men’s basketball drops two; whether he was mad
Kohl and Hugley suspended at Hugley or it was an
Sports News Story Third Place indefinitely Ryan Jones The Recorder accident.

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Sports Photo First Place 'Nova notables Morgan Tencza Quinnipiac Chronicle
up the incident and
interviewing multiple
people while tackling
the bigger question of
security. Just one
question, though: What
Suspicious man sells protein Cali Kees and Brooke is "bang energy
Spot News First Place powder in lower cafeteria Reilly Q30 Television powder"?
incident, but it
assumes people know
what happened. How
many victims were
there? Why not
interview a student or
STN2 University of two to show how
Spot News Second Place Quad stabbing reporter: Jorge Rosas Hartford people are feeling?
Good reporting, but the
Quinnipiac associate story was organized in
professor and chairperson a way that was tough
Spot News Third Place exposed as internet predator Cali Kees Q30 Television to follow.
apart from all the
others. The producer
has made a piece that
could easily be utilized
for broadcast or social
media. As a
supplement to a
written piece, this
video introduces the
viewer to a move
larger story in a
succinct way. It really
Therapy dog paws way into captures the modernity
Video Storytelling First Place students’ hearts Kristina Vakhman The Recorder of video storytelling.
incredibly evocative
and moving. The
timing was good but
the selection of b roll
felt as though it didn't
Central Connecticut adequately support the
Video Storytelling Second Place "Be the Match" donor Alexandra Tio State University story.

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Winners List

silhouette shot. The

story and setting were
both grate and the b
roll supported the
story. A wider range of
shots to capture
variety would have
Video Storytelling Third Place Proving herself Jeff Lamson Crescent magazine improved the video.

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