300K51N WALKATHON – Saturday 10/23/10

Thank You for a GREAT DAY!
We beat the rain! With 620 kids walking almost 8000 miles, and 400 volunteers working more than 800 hours, we took Booksin to the 23rd Power! Thanks to all Booksin families and staff for making this another successful event. The kids showed the Power in their Numbers, and now it’s your turn: Send in your checks today! Pledge cards came home with the students this week, telling you exactly how much you helped the Booksin community. Please congratulate yourselves and your students, as we thank you for proving once again that Booksin School has no equal!

Thank you! David Keller & PH Mullen , W alkathon Volunteer Co-Chairs
We welcome your thoughts ... email info@BooksinWalkathon.com

Collection Deadlines


Next Friday, November 5
Your child’s pledge Card (Sponsor Sheet) was returned to you this week. Please be sure to collect and return your pledge money to your teacher as soon as possible! Please turn in all of your money at the same time. Checks are made payable to BESCA. A huge thanks to all the sponsors! All pledge money must be in by Friday November 5, 2010 for your child to participate in Top Club parties, if he/she has qualified.

Your child must submit all money due by Friday, November 5, in order to qualify for Awards and the Top Club Party.

Special Awards
Only for students who submit all th money due by Friday, Nov. 5 : Most Miles Walked (by Grade): Gold, Silver, Bronze medals for st nd rd 1 , 2 and 3 place, respectively. Most Money Earned (Top Ten): rd th Gold, Silver, Bronze (3 -10 ) medals for the top dollar amounts across the entire school. Most Miles (Class): Fun and Games Party for classes that walk the most miles at each grade level. Most Money Earned (Class): Theme Party for the class that brings in the most money (prorate per student) 100% Participation (Class): Special prize for ALL classes that have full, 100% participation of all students walking or submitting pledge money (any amount).

Qualify for Top Club!
To honor the walkers who have made outstanding achievements in fundraising and distance walking, we host a “Top Club Party” in December, where honorees will receive a special celebration at school just for them. Only students who submit collected pledge money by November 5 will be eligible for Top Club. Even if your student walks enough miles, money must be submitted by the deadline to qualify. Students can achieve “Top Club Status” by walking a minimum number of miles (with money submitted on time) OR raising a minimum of $150, all submitted before November 5: Kindergarten & First Grade – 10 miles walked or $150 raised. Second & Third Grade – 12 miles walked or $150 raised. Fourth & Fifth Grade – 15 miles walked or $150 raised. You can still increase your own pledge – or let your child collect additional donations – to qualify for Top Club; Just raise $150 to join the party!

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