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Join us for a fundraiser honoring

At the home of Cherri and Charles Porter
With Special Guests:

Sheriff Bryan Bailey &

Sheriff Randy Tucker

Tuesday, June 18th

6:00 p.m.
208 Fountains Cove • Brandon, MS 39047

$250 • Friend
$500 • Host
$1,000 • Chairman
Judy and Gerald Adams Georgia and Truitt Grubbs Susan and Max Nalder
Bryan Bailey Tina and Chas Gualano Brent and Natasha Powell
Marilyn Baker Dawn Hall Ashley and Jake Purvis
Tammie and Bart Ballard Janice and Colman Karen and R.J. Reed
Bonnie Barker Hammons Alaina and Jeffrey Reed
Erin and Trey Baxter Andrea and Josh Harkins
Charlotte and Monte Reeves
Janette and Randy Berg Pam and Gary Harkins
Lydia and Gary Rhoads
Penny and Jay Bishop Michele and Thomas Harris
Brian and Ashley Rhodes
Donna Boland Sue and Hugh Heflin Judy and John Roberts
Nancy and Guy Bowering Brian Horton Shirley and Ray Rogers
Celeste and John “Bubba” Helen James
Bill Russell
Bramlett Wendi and Chris Johnson
Kenny Saranthus
William A. Brown Gail and Larry Jones
Katie and Brendan Sartin
Lana and Chris Bulger Wendi and Steve Joyner
Fred Shanks
Chris and Melissa Caughman Marilyn and Charles Julian
Dana and Hoopy Stringer
Keri and David Clark Walter Ketchings
Cynthia and Pat Sullivan
Kathy and Lu Coker Dean Kirby
John Sullivan
Fay Collins Tonya and Walter Leach
Linda and Larry Swales
Linda and Tom Cook Mike Love
Debra and Simon Taylor
Emily and Jim Cooper Rhonda and David Luckett
Mitsi and Travis Tigrett
Tricia and Trey Copeland Susan and Jody Macon
Melissa and Jack Torrence
Monica and Steven Corley Amy and John Marler
Tonya and Randy Tucker
Laurie and Tim Coulter Kim and Brian McCarthy
Karen and Ben Turnage
Toni and Christian Cowan Mary Jane and Kirk McDaniel
Tom Underwood
Amy and Beau Cox Rita and JD McIntosh
Sorena and Cris Vinson
Susan and Scott Crowdus Gail and Dwight Middleton
Cindy and Price Wallace
Stephanie and Noel Daniels Evangeline and Matthew
Gail and Lonnie Westbrook
Joe Davidson Miller
Tana and Harry Williams
Eddie Dear II Adrian and Brad Mills
Dawn and Hal Williams
Joe Deaton Mississippi Automobile
Dealers Association Lane and Richard Wilson
Tahya and Kevin Dobbs
Mississippi Independent Judy Windham
Dawn and Robert Dozier Pharmacies Association Gary Windham
Shannon Elliott Sandra and James Morris
Gloria and Tom Windham
Marisa and Marty Elrod Sheila and Bob Morris
Haley and Josh Windham
Carolyn and Russ Espiritu Sheila and Jared Morrison
Kristen and Jake Windham
Suzanne and David Farmer Bubba Morrison Stacy and Michael Wolf
Donald Flynt Sue and Bob Morrow Wendy and Wayne Womack
Judy and Billy Fortenberry Dee and Ronnie Moses
Courtney and Lee Yancey
Nita and Steve Gaines Laura and Ryan Murphy
Cynthia and Buddy
Kim and Don Griffin Courtney and Trey Murtagh Youngblood

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