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Project: Manyata Front Parcel

Contractor: BL Kashyap & Sons Ltd
PMC: Synergy Property Development Services Pvt.Ltd

1. Scope of Work

2. MasterProtect 1812 System for STP Tanks

3. System Proposal

4. Sequence of Application Procedure

5. Material: Information and Details (Technical Data Sheets)

a) MasterProtect 1812 – Protective Coating
b) MasterSeal 910 – Hydro Swelling Waterbar
c) MasterSeal 911 – Adhesive for Waterbar
d) MasterEmaco S 348 – Repair Mortar
e) MasterFlow 150 – Plasticised Expanding Admixture
1.Waterproofing treatment for STP Tank: (MasterProtect 1812)


MASTERPROTECT 1812 is a two-component solvent free pitch extended epoxy resin system
to provide high build protective coating that protects concrete and metal substrate from a wide
range of aggressive chemicals

Applications include:

❖ Sewage treatment tanks & pipelines

❖ Effluent treatment tanks, drains, pipes
❖ Splash zone of off-shore structures
❖ Structures exposed to sulphate attack
❖ Below ground protection to concrete and metal structures


❖ Resistant to a broad spectrum of chemicals

❖ Durable

2. Application Procedure
a. Construction Joint Treatment –
• Installing hydro swelling waterbar MasterSeal 910 with MasterSeal 911 adhesive
while doing casting of concrete
• Packing and filling of construction joint with MasterEmaco S 348 and injection
b. Surface Preparation – Grinding the surface and cleaning the surface

a. Coving – Coving with MasterEmaco S 348 at slab and wall joint

d. Water Ponding – Initial water ponding test for 36 hours

e. Treating Leakages – Any leakages found must be treated with injection of MasterSeal
901 and observe for 12 hours for further leakages

f. Defects in the concrete surface – Defects treatment with MasterEmaco S 348 mortar

g. Treatment with SBR latex mixed with cement as putty

h. MasterProtect 1812 Application – Applying 2 coats of MasterProtect 1812

2.a) Treatment for Construction Joints -


Construction joints at the retaining wall shall be installed with MASTERSEAL 910; 20mm x
10mm cross-sectional sized hydro-swelling water bar based on advance vinylacrylate
polymers. The waterbar shall be formulated to exhibit low pre-mature swelling (less then
50% with in 12 hours) and shall not be based on super absorbents. The water bar shall have
low swelling pressure; not exceeding 0.25 MPa at full swelling capacity. The waterbar shall
be installed with special adhesive.

Installation of Masterseal 910 in Construction Joints

1. MASTERSEAL 910 hydrophilic acrylate-based water bar shall be placed in all construction
2. The concrete substrate to which the MASTERSEAL 910 is to be fixed must be smooth and
3. Cut the MASTERSEAL 910 to the required length .
4. Fix the MASTERSEAL 910 to the concrete substrate using MASTERSEAL 911 Adhesive.
Apply light tension to the MASTERSEAL 910 as it is being fixed. Allow the adhesive on
the verticals to dry at least over night before concreting.
5. Protect the fixed MASTERSEAL 910 from mould release oil and dirt. Do not saturate the
water bar before concreting as this may cause it to swell. Protect is against rain and curing
6. After placement of the MASTERSEAL 910, cast the next concrete pour.

➢ Grove Cutting – Construction Joint must be grove cut until the depth of 25mm
X 25mm and filled with MasterEmaco S 348 repair mortar and allow it to cure
for 7 days

➢ Injection Grouting – After MasterEmaco S 348 attains its 7 days strength

injection grouting to be done with MasterFlow 150 by installing packers at every
one meter in zigzag pattern using MasterEmaco S 348 at 45 degrees and inject
the grout material as per the below ratio

2.b) Surface Preparation –

• concrete should be at least as old as 28 Days can be coated, and surface should
be dry

• The concrete Substrate shall be free from oil, grease, mold release agent, curing
membrane, to do the application

• Clean the surface laitance using grinding or by wire brush

• Arises shall be rounded off and surface protrusions shall be ground do wn to

ensure a smooth substrate

• All the defects with MasterEmaco S 348 mortar

2.c) Coving –

Providing coving of 75mm X 75mm at wall and slab joint with MasterEmaco S 348 thixotropic
repair mortar

2.d) Water Ponding – After coving with MasterEmaco S 348, fill the tank with water and
observe the leakages after 36 hour
2.e) Treating of Leakages –
Any leakages found after water ponding to be treated by injecting three component MasterSeal
901 (Vinyl Ester Methacrylate Resin) by installing packers in zigzag pattern using
MasterEmaco S 348 at 45 degrees and observe for 12 hours for any further leakages continue
the same procedure for the treatment of leakages.

2.f) Defects in the Concrete –

All the defects in the concrete has to be filled with MasterEmaco S 348 mortar.

2.f) Treatment with SBR latex mixed with cement as putty

Add approximately 1.5-2 parts of OPC 53 grade cement by weight to MasterEmaco

SBR 2 above mix to get brushing consistency.

Mix to get a lump-free creamy, consistency for 2-3minutes

Using a stiff brush, work the bonding slurry well into the damp surface (the surface
needs to be in SSD condition)

After application, cure the surface for minimum 3 days and then do application of
Master Protect 180

The above activity needs to be done after all the surface preparation works like removal
of loose particles, construction joint treatment and other preparatory works is complete

2.g) MasterProtect 1812 Application –

Providing and applying two component, solvent free, pitch extended epoxy resin system
MasterProtect 1812


MASTERPROTECT 1812 is supplied in pre-proportioned kits for complete mixing. Properly

stir each component separately before mixing together to ensure uniform consistency.
Combine Hardener and Base component in a suitably sized container. Ensure to scrap the
sides of the containers to ensure a complete reaction. Mix properly for 3 minutes with a slow-
speed drill and wing style mixing paddle at 300-400 rpm until a homogeneous colour is
achieved. Keep the paddle below the surface to avoid entrapping air. Do no t mix by hand.

MasterProtect 1812 can be using short nap roller, shorthaired brush in two coats and each
at wet film thickness of 150 microns and the second coat applied after the first coat has dried
(4 to 6 hrs)