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I drove my truck down to La Push. I had reopened my cut from my 18th birthday.

I had to go to the hospital. The doctors were curious but I just shook my head at them. The Cullen’s have been gone for about 11 months. I need them. My birthday was coming up. Jacob wanted to throw me a party, but I didn’t want to. Jacob was my sun. He created warmth. Ever since I found out he was a werewolf I had started a relationship with him. We were now together. When he kissed me sparks flew. He said he didn’t imprint but I was ready for the day he would.

That day I would loose him just like Edward. But he said he would stay, just like Edward, but I knew they both wouldn’t keep their promises. I am only human after all. I pulled into La Push beach and got out of the car. I saw Jake standing there with his shirt off and his muscles out. We did have sex 4 times so it didn’t bother me, more like turned me on. I stepped up to him to give him a kiss. He backed away from me. I looked at him confused as his dark eyes flashed to my bandaged arm.

“Bella, this has to STOP!!” he yelled at the end. I cringed away from him. “The Cullen’s AREN’T coming back so get on with your life Bella! He isn’t coming back!” he spat. I felt tears fill my eyes. I couldn’t believe Jake. I glared at him. His face suddenly softened as he realized what he said. I knew it was his anger talking but he didn’t have to say that! “Bella, I didn’t mean it…” he stepped forward as I stepped back. “You know what?! I don’t even know why I came down here! You’re just a bastard like him! You’re going to leave me! I should have known. I don’t need

you to make my decisions Jake! Just like I didn’t need him!” I yelled. “That’s a load of crap and you KNOW it! You needed him more than he needed you obviously. Bells, I don’t know about us anymore, if you’re not going to give him up!” he yelled back. I turned red. I stomped away leaving my truck behind. I started away into the forest next to the beach. I walked and walked to blow off some steam. I finally stopped and broke down. I wrapped my arms around my chest to keep myself together.

I looked down at the scars on my arms. So many. All the time I felt pain. All the time. I grabbed a sharp looking rock. I pressed it firmly to my arm and it bled openly. I stayed like that for awhile until I looked up. I saw a beautiful man. He had blonde hair and was very pale. He had on dirty clothes and the last thing I saw about him was blood red eyes. Vampire… He looked down at me. He smiled warmly.

“Hello Isabella.” He smiled. “H-how do you know my name?” I scrambled to my feet. “Oh, Victoria told me that.” He grinned. Victoria?! He continued. “Yes, she’s been killing many humans to get to you. Making vampires. She sent me here to check on the Cullen’s, but their not here.” He sighed and shook his head. “I know she won’t like me killing you, but after that cutting stunt I can’t help myself.” He grinned. Bella…get… out…of…there…Edward’s velvet voice rung thru my head. It was

just a whisper now. It never yelled anymore. It was like it wasn’t concerned. It sounded…bored. I faltered a step back and the blonde haired man followed me. He grabbed my shoulder (which broke my shoulder blade) and threw me against a tree. I heard one of my ribs break and I screamed out in pain. He flashed over to me and looked at me with wild eyes. He looked down at my arm. He turned back to me and smiled. I felt blood trickle down my arm as I screamed out again. I felt his cool breath on my neck and then bite into my neck. The fire coursed

thru me as I screamed. I suddenly fell to the ground. I heard growls everywhere. I opened my heavy eyes to see Jacob (In wolf form) looking at me desperately. “Jake…” I whispered. I felt the fire course thru my veins again and I cried out. Suddenly a figure attacked Jake and started punching him. “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” I screamed. I screamed not because of the fire but because of Jake. He barked out and bit the head off. He got in front of me protectively and another figure charged into him.

I screamed as I heard bones crack and I blacked out. I felt the fire die down some as I breathed in and out. I was on something comfy I knew that. A bed or a couch, maybe? I shifted my weight as I heard something move from beside me. “Is she any better?” I heard a familiar voice. It was Embry’s. “I don’t know,” Sam said. “I think so.”

“WHOA! Did you hear that? Was that Bella? Holy shit! Hey she’s hot…” Embry laughed. “Shut up!” Jacob yelled. “You shut up! She isn’t even your girl anymore.” Paul yelled back. Really Paul? I heard everyone gasp. “Was that her?” Seth crowed. “But we’re not in wolf form!” Embry sulked. “Here I’ll change.” I heard ripping. “Bella?” it was Seth’s voice.

Yes Seth? SHIT! It was her!! I heard clothes rustling. “Yeah! That was her.” Seth said. No shit, Sherlock. “Hey smartass.” Sam warned. Sorry. “Bella, can you wake up?” Sam asked. I think so… I blinked my eyes open. It was so clear.

I looked at the ceiling. So defined. I looked around me and sat up. It was a really quick movement. I looked at Sam, Embry, Paul, Jacob, Seth, Leah, Emily, and Hazel (our new girl). I frowned as they watched me carefully. Then Embry and Seth smiled. “Your HOT Bells!” they laughed. Jacob shot them a look. “Where am I?” I gasped at my voice. It sounded like an angel’s voice.

“At my house.” Sam answered. “Bella, do you know what happened?” I tried to remember but couldn’t. Things were blurry. I shook my head no. “You were attacked by a vampire named Riley. He bit you and then Jacob was attacked by others trying to save you. We managed to defeat them but not the red headed leech. Nothing seems to be wrong with you…” Sam trailed off. “Your eyes are a little different.” Jacob said. “Are you okay?” Jacob asked. “I’m fine. What am I?” I frowned.

“I think you’re a vampire but you don’t smell like it. You smell better actually.” Sam explained. “Oh…” I sighed. “I think she’s leech.” Paul said. “Shut up Paul.” Seth said. “Does she have to leave?!” Jake growled. “I think she is a vampire. She doesn’t smell like one.” Jake frowned. “Jake, do I have to leave?” I asked. “It would be for the best.” Paul muttered.

“You guys promised...” I sighed as I stood up. I felt my eyes prick but I couldn’t cry. “Bella don’t leave, you seem to be in control and Emily is here.” Sam said. “Well, does she hunt?” Leah asked. “I don’t know. Bella, do you feel thirsty?” Sam asked. There was a tingling in my throat but not really noticeable. I shook my head. They all grinned. “Cool!!” Seth laughed.

I smiled. I was a vampire. Cool. “What about Charlie?” I blurted out. Everyone frowned. “We could fake her death.” Embry thought. “Nah. I think we should let him try to figure out.” Emily said. “I agree with Em.” Jake said. “Let him think what he wants.” “So I go home?” “Not yet. I’ll take you somewhere then get your clothes. Then I’ll take you hunting and then Charlie.” Jake grinned.

Jake drove me to a hotel. I walked around in the room and decided to take a shower. I undressed quickly and looked down at my arms; they were smooth and creamy white but I wasn’t interested in that. They didn’t have any scars. I was happy. I got into the shower and turned it all the way on hot. It was just warm though. Maybe because I’m always warm now. I turned the water off and wrapped a towel around me.

I walked to the room and plopped down on the bed. I saw a luggage next to the bed. It had a note on it. I opened it carefully. Bella, Change so I can take you hunting. Jake I walked slowly to the mirror. I slowly eased down my towel and was in awe. My face was so different and perfect. Not even Rosalie could compare.

I had pink, full, rosy lips. I had big blue and green eyes. They were kind of hazel. My hair hung down my back and was definitely longer. It was golden and it seemed to fit me. It made me look…beautiful. My skin was creamy white and well muscled. I had long legs and I had CURVES!!

I touched my boobs. They were about a DD 34. I used to be an A. I smiled at my reflection and it gave a dazzling smile back. I took out the clothes in the bag. It was a blue tank top with tiny black shorts. It had no shoes but socks and skimpy underwear. I put it all on and called Jacob. He was outside of the door so he walked in. He looked at me shocked. “DAMN BELLS!!” “What?” my bells voice asked.

“You’re fucking hot!!” he laughed. We ran into the forest and I smelled in the air. “Just let your senses overpower you.” Jake said before he changed. Got it Bells? I nodded and I took off. I jumped on a tree and breathed in the air. I licked my lips when I smelled a mountain lion. Edward’s favorite. I ran for it and tackled it to the ground. I bit its neck and sucked on it as it scratched at my back. It didn’t hurt. It

felt like fingers dancing across my skin. It roared for me to get off. I grabbed its head and snapped it. It made a sickening crack as I sucked the blood. It was dry by time I wasn’t even close to finish. I sighed and threw the body off of me. Bells? You okay? “I’m fine Jake…” I sighed. Want to hunt more? “No, I think it’s time to go see Charlie. I’m going to tell him what I am.” I smiled.

WHAT!? WHY!? “Because. I want him to know. I’m going away Jake. Far away from here. Somewhere.” I sighed as I grabbed at my torso. Where Bells? Jacob whimpered. Away from here. Are you sure? Positive. I need to say goodbye. Okay. Come on! He sped away. I followed after him.

We got to my house and I opened the door. I saw Charlie in the hallway looking a mess. I didn’t know if he was asleep or dead. I listened to his heart and sighed. “How long was I gone Jake?” About 4 days. Not good. I poked my dad’s side and he grumbled. “Dad? I’m home. It’s me Bella.” My wind-chime voice called. Charlie turned his head towards me and squinted. His eyes suddenly got wide.

“Bells?! What happened to you?!” he screamed as he scrambled to his feet. Jacob rolled his eyes. Charlie turned to Jacob and screamed. “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?” he screamed. “That is Jacob.” I crossed my arms. Jacob barked at his name. “NO THAT’S A BEAR!!” Charlie yelled. Bells I think we should leave. “Maybe…listen Charlie. I didn’t come here to listen to you rant about my

appearance or to scream about a dog. I’m leaving and I wanted to say goodbye.” I frowned. “I can’t stay here. I want to get away from Forks. Please understand dad.” I sighed. I ran upstairs and grabbed everything. I jumped out of the window with my stuff and packed it in my truck. I said goodbye to Charlie and Renee. I said goodbye to Forks. I sad goodbye to Bella Swan…to my life.

I got up from my bed and looked at the clock.

8:03. Time to get up. I patted to the living room and found Amy on the couch. I smacked her ass playfully while she grumbled. “Get up Amy! School starts in 30 minutes.” I yelled in her ear. “Shit, Swan!” “It’s Gregg to you!” I frowned. “Whatever Marie.” My middle name. My OLD middle name. Amy giggled as her blonde hair fell down her back.

Amy Foster was my new family. She was half human and half vampire. I found her in a forest feeding off of animals. She was very kind and sweet. We were going to pose as sisters. The only difference is that she had golden eyes while I had hazel.

I heard a grumble from the back room and the toilet flushed. And out stepped Josh. Our brother. He had dark hair with soft green eyes. He was half vampire and half wolf. He loved us.

He was like our brother. He was gorgeous with his serious looks and great body.

I had found him a couple months ago. About a few days after I found Amy. I was posing as Katrina Gregg (AKA Kat). I was 17 along with Amy since we were posing as twins. Josh Hutchison was our brother but our adopted brother. He was 16. We heard the master bedroom door open and out stepped our mom. Kelly. She was half vampire and half warlock. She’s the one who found me and welcomed me her home. She had blonde hair with green eyes.

She reminded me so much of Esme. I heard a sharp cry and Mom sighed to go to the back room. Our other sister, Crystal, was the most spoiled baby you could ever find. She was only 6 months old. Mom wanted to adopt her. Of course we loved her with all our hearts. She had red hair with light pretty blue eyes. Her skin was pale besides the little color in her cheeks.

She was really messy but was smart for her little months. She rings a bell when she was hungry and already knew how to crawl. I know that we’re really dangerous mythical creatures but we would never hurt Crystal. As soon as I saw her I thought she was adorable. Never appetizing. Mom put her in the high chair and started feeding her. “Hey squirt.” Josh grinned as he mussed her hair. “Don’t mess up her hair, Josh! She’s going to the nursery down the street and

I want her to be the cutest one there.” Mom cooed at laughing Crystal. I sighed and made some eggs for everyone. After eating I took a shower and brushed my teeth. I put on my regular smoky eyeliner. I put on gray skinny legs and a blue tank top. It clung to me and made my boobs look perfect. I threw on some silver flats. I threw on a bunch of accessories too. I put on the best for last. My bracelet from Jake. I had gotten this 2 months ago.

It had a small brown wolf on it and it looked so real. Jake said he made it himself. The other charms were form Amy, Kelly, and Josh. You ready? Josh asked. Yeah! C’mon. Amy complained. One sec! Jeez! Be nice to your sister! Mom yelled. Yes mom…they murmured in my head. I didn’t know why but for some reason my head linked to theirs and I could talk to them in my brain or they could talk to me. It had something to do with my shield.

I sighed as I grabbed my book bag and went out of my room. I let my hair my bangs fall into my face. I had got a haircut when I first moved here. It now reached my shoulders. It had blue streaks going thru it. We entered the car with mom. She buckled up Crystal and kissed her forehead as she got in the front. “Seatbelts children!” Mom screeched as she drove off. “Mooooooooommmmmmmmmmmm…” we complained. “SEATBELTS!!” she screamed.

“Ok, ok!” we said as we buckled our seatbelts. Crystal let out a tinkling laugh. We arrived at the school and mom led us inside. She carried Crystal on her hip as she laid her head on her shoulder and was sound asleep. Mom smiled at the pudgy lady behind the desk. She smiled at us. “You must be Katrina and Amy Gregg, and Josh Hutchison.” We all nodded. “Ok well here are your schedules and school map. Have a nice day!” she grinned. We all walked into the hall. We turned to mom. She was grinning.

“Have a nice day!” she grinned then turned to Amy. “Amy no floating people in the air.” Amy could levitate things or people. She used it when she got mad. “But moommm!” she whined. “No!” she turned to Josh. “Josh no burning people.” Mom said. “Fine!” he huffed. Josh could catch anything or anyone on fire. She turned to me and rolled her eyes. She took a deep breath; this was going to be long.

“Kat, no using your shield to play pranks. Don’t use your shield to move objects. Don’t use your shield to hurt people. Don’t use your shield to float in the air. Don’t use your shield to shock or electrocute someone. Don’t use youryou know what!? Just don’t use your shield.” She shook her head. “But mom-” I started. “No buts!” Josh snickered. We all looked at him. “What? You said butts!” he busted out laughing. Amy and I rolled our eyes.

“No powers you guys! Please!” Mom begged. “Fine!” we all yelled together. “Good. See you later on.” She kissed each of us and then turned. She kissed Crystal repeatedly as the infant stayed fast asleep in her arms. We all sighed. “Well, I’m leaving!” Josh grinned as he threw away his schedule. “Don’t burn nobody’s face off!” Amy yelled. He flipped her off and kept going.

“Ok, well I’m leaving too!” Amy smiled as she turned for the hall. “Me three!” I walked off to the right. I stopped at Mrs. Brown’s room and walked in. I am definitely everyone’s eye candy. I walked out the front of the class and gave the teacher my slip. She smiled and gestured toward the seat next to a blonde curly headed kid. Then his scent hit me. NO! No, no, no, no, no! Please NO! Please not-

“Jasper…” I whispered. His head immediately shot up to hear his name and he locked his gold eyes to mine. “Bella…” he mouthed. I hesitated then stomped over to the desk and sat down next to him. I scowled at him and moved my chair faraway from his. “Bella-” He started. “No, my name is Katrina. You must have me mistaken.” I sneered.

I took out my binder, trying to distract myself from having a nervous breakdown. Or worst…breaking the school. “Bella, Alice saw you coming. She had hard time seeing you…barely saw you… What happened to you? Your hair…your scent?” He asked. I whirled around to face him. He flinched away from my glare. “That is none of your fucking business. Stay out of my way and I’ll stay out of yours. “Are you upset Jasper because you don’t have to worry about attacking me? Happy birthday to me right? Great present!” I spat.

Jasper looked at me with shocked eyes. I glared back. “Is there something you would like to share with the class Ms. Gregg?” Mrs. Brown asked. “No of course not Mrs. Brown.” I smiled. She looked faltered by my sweetness then turned back around, to continue her assignment. Jasper left me alone for the rest of the period but kept sneaking glances at me.

The bell finally rung and I bolted right up. I stomped out of the class only to bump into the annoying pixie. She looked at me in surprised. “Bella-” I scowled at her. She immediately stopped. She looked at me with wide golden brown eyes. I walked past her. “I didn’t tell Edward!” she yelled after me. I froze. I turned to face her.

“Alice, I don’t need you to do anything for me. I don’t care about Edward. Let him know. Let him pay hell for it.” I sneered. She gasped as I walked away. Guys! Guys!? I yelled in my head. Yes? Amy asked pleasantly. What?! I was sleeping! Josh complained. Really? You were sleeping on the first… day…of…school? Really? Amy sighed. I’m not anymore am I? Josh snapped. Oh shut- Amy snapped back. You guys! I yelled.

WHAT!? They yelled. The Cullen’s. I answered. WHAT!? They yelled again. Ugh them. I’m going to rip them to shreds! Light those bitches on fire. Josh snarled. I looked into his eyes to see he was in the boys’ restroom with two giant fireballs in his hands. NO! You blockhead! Let’s do this in a sophisticated manner. Amy protested. Like what? Josh and I asked at the same time.

Muffins! Muffins always help! Amy chanted in my head gleefully. Newsflash! Vampires DON’T eat!! Josh snarled. Oh. Perfect dumb blonde moment. Josh laughed. You guys this is serious! Jasper might be here! I yelled to break up their stupid fight. Who have you saw so far? Amy asked. Jasper and Alice. I answered glumly. Ha! You’re screwed! Josh laughed.

Shut up Josh! You are not very supportive! Amy snapped. I rolled my eyes. They were no help. Bye guys! And Josh if you see a Cullen don’t light him on fire! I shook my head. No promises. He said smugly. I suddenly bumped into something rock hard. I looked up to see my heartbreaker. My true love. My only reason for existence. Edward Cullen.

His sweet scent filled my nose. The scent I loved. The memories... His sweet lips against mine. His heady scent entering my mouth. “Bella…” he sighed, with…relief? “No, Katrina Gregg. Nice to meet you.” I forced a smile. “No, Bella. What happened to you? Your hair…the scent…?” he explained. He looked at me desperately. “That’s none of your concern.” I turned away.

I heard the late bell ring and all the kids were in their classes. I gasped when his hands wrapped around my waist and I felt his breath at my ear. I pushed him away from me. “Don’t touch me!” I spat. “Bella.” He said as he reached for me again. “I said don’t touch me!”. “LET GO OF HER FUCKER! IT’S TIME TO MAKE SOME FIREWORKS!!” Josh turned on our hallway and his hands holding giant firespheres.

“What the-” Edward didn’t get to finish. Josh lunged at him and threw fires. They flew everywhere and Edward neatly dodged them. “JOSH! STOP!!” I screamed. He turned to me with angry green eyes. He breathed in deeply and the balls disappeared. I grabbed his arm as he glared at Edward. “DON’T YOU EVER TOUCH HER AGAIN OR SO HELP ME-” “Shut up Josh! Let’s go!” I squeezed his arm. He was starting to shake.

I turned a few hallways until I finally came to a stop outside of the school. Josh was still shaking. “Why would you just let him touch you?!” he growled. “I was about to move until you came down there like a maniac!” I protested. Amy! I called. Yes? Josh attacked Edward in the hall. I frowned. With FIRES!? Amy’s voice echoed thru my head.

Yeah. I sighed. I am so telling mom. She thought smugly. I turned to Josh who was grinning at what he did. “Not funny Josh! Someone could’ve seen us! Or worse you could’ve caught the school on fire!” I argued. His green eyes lit up. “But I didn’t.” he grinned. I sighed angrily and walked in the school with Josh. The bell rang. Great! I missed second period.

“Oh well. Time for lunch. Let’s go meet Amy!” I grabbed Josh’s hand and pulled him towards the cafeteria. We sat down next to Amy as she nibbled on her fries. I felt someone looking at me. Actually I felt someones looking at me. I turned and looked at the Cullen’s. “Hey can we sit with you?” a blonde boy, a dark haired girl, an emo looking chick, a black haired guy, and a brown headed girl looked at us. We nodded as they crowded the table.

“So…where did you move from?” the blonde haired guy asked. “Spain.” Amy and I both answered. “Cool.” The emo looking girl grinned. “What’s you guys names?” Josh frowned. “I’m Justin.” The blonde guy grinned. “I’m Casey.” The dark headed girl smiled. “I’m Harold.” the black haired guy frowned. “I’m Molly.” The brown haired girl answered.

“Oh. I’m Katrina.” I smiled sweetly at Justin. He grinned back. “But you can call me Kat.” “I’m Amy.” Amy grinned. “And I’m Josh.” He winked at Molly and Casey, who giggled like idiots. I took a bite out of my chocolate muffin only for it to burn under my venom then hit my stomach. I turned back to the Cullen’s. They were still watching me. “Who are they?” I asked the table. Amy and Josh grinned and looked at them, catching onto my plan.

“Oh that’s the Cullen’s. They just moved here from Alaska. They are like super popular and they’ve only been here for 2 weeks. Jasper and Rosalie Hale are brother and sister. Emmett, Edward, and Alice Cullen are all siblings. Dr. Cullen is like this sex god matchmaker.” Molly giggled. I looked over at the table to see them looking at me stunned. This was just like the first time I saw them. Jessica had told me so much about them. I was really curious. But now I’m just disgusted. I saw a few people get up with their friends to leave and some follow them.

“Their very nice looking.” I spat. “Yes.” Molly grinned. I turned from them with a frown on my face. I suddenly heard someone scrape their chair loudly across the floor. So loudly. Everyone turned quiet and whipped their heads to the back while I stayed still. I narrowed my eyes. She wouldn’t dare… I heard light steps (not as light as Alice’s) walk over to my table. Her heels clicked as she walked to our table.

I tensed ready for battle. Still silent… The person kept walking towards me but I stopped the person. “Come any closer Rosalie and you’ll be missing a limb.” I sneered as I turned to her. “You wish, Swan.” She scowled. I tensed as Josh growled. “It’s Gregg.” He growled. “What do you want?” I asked sweetly while forcing a smile.

“You need to leave.” She said. “We finally found peace. That’s why Edward left. For peace. You caused too many problems in our family. We found a home that’s ours…without you. And even though Edward is desperate to have you back. He isn’t that desperate.” She smirked. I smirked back. I wasn’t mad about her sentence. I felt crappy for her saying that sure. But this was all true. And I have decided to face the truth. I looked at Rosalie coolly. Calm and collected Kat. “Listen Rosalie, just because you can make everyone else feel like crap, doesn’t mean you can make me. And

trust me, all those times you bitched at me, I have learned a little from you.” I grabbed her wrist and saw her memories. A technique I picked up from Amy. I can only see human memories. Only once a month but my shield helps that. I saw her meeting Royce. Her seeing him with his friends one night. Her being brutally raped and left for dead. Her getting picked up by CarlisleRosalie snatched her wrist away from me and I looked up to smirk at her. “Oh…you were raped. That’s why you’re so bitchy.” I grinned as the whole cafeteria broke out in whispers.

“You want to make me feel down,” I shook my head, “You got raped by Royce. But I couldn’t call it rape if you seemed to enjoy it a little.” I heard Emmett stand up and growl. Jasper held him back. “You obviously knew you wanted it. But you were too stupid to realize to know how-” Rosalie interrupted me. “YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT WAS LIKE!! YOU DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH IT AFFECTED-” “No I don’t. But I do share memories with you now.” I whispered. “It disgust me how you actually got a kick out of it. I should know.” I smirked and tapped my forehead.

Rosalie looked at me with glassy eyes then fled from the cafeteria. I watched her retreating figure. “Bella…” Alice walked over to me as Emmett ran after Rose. I looked at her in disgust. “Don’t touch me, Alice!” I hissed as she tried to embrace me. “Bella, this isn’t like you! All this hate! Not the Bella I know!!” she yelled. “The Bella you left in Forks died, Alice.” I spat. My brother and sister got by my side as the others retreated.

Austin smiled at me. “See ya later. K?” he grinned. “Of course Austin.” Earning a growl from Edward, who hadn’t moved an inch? Austin winked at me and walked out of the cafeteria. Soon it was empty, except my family and theirs. “Ok, if we’re going to talk. Talk. Though I won’t listen to half the things you say or ask.” I sighed. “Why?” Jasper asked from his table with a sulking Edward.

“Well, when you left my life you lost any ability to get any answers in it.” I smirked as Edward frowned. Josh snickered and everyone turned to him then Amy. “Who are these people, Be-Katrina?” Alice sneered. “My real family.” I scowled. Josh chuckled while Amy smiled. “What do you mean your real family?! We are your family! We loved you Bella. We still do! We were going to stay but-” “ENOUGH!!” I yelled making Alice flinch and Jasper to rise from his seat.

He was extremely protective. I thought. Damn straight! Josh laughed in my head. Oh shut up you two. Amy scowled. I focused on Alice. She was having a nervous breakdown. “Bella, we didn’t want to leave I swear. I didn’t. I would have stayed-” she started. I was literally shaking. “THAT IS PAST TENSE!! You would have. The past is the PAST!! It cannot be changed. I was alone-” “I did it to protect you!” Edward stood up from his seat.

“NO! How is that protecting?! Protecting is leaving me?! Leaving me with Victoria?! Leaving me with a bunch of werewolves lurking every corner?! I was nearly killed!! I was changed!! That isn’t protection!!” I screamed. I was tired of this game. “It’s over…this…us…is over,” I opened my eyes and turned to my family, “Let’s go before we’re late or absent for another class on the first day of school.” I turned the other way and headed for the door. I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. I could feel him being conjoined with my shield and I heard his quick intake of breath as

serenity entered him. I grabbed his hand and flipped it over my shoulder. Edward landed with a loud BASH! on a table as it broke in two from his weight. I scowled down at him. “Don’t. Touch. Me. Cullen.” I spat and walked past him. My family followed behind me as we made our way to class. Edward POV “Don’t. Touch. Me. Cullen.” She snarled and walked out of the cafeteria. What was that feeling when I touched her? Her shield?

“DAMN IT!!” Alice screamed. “THIS IS YOUR ENTIRE FAULT! I didn’t want to leave-but it was for the…the…best!” she broke down on the ground and Jasper ran over to comfort her as he threw me glares. “Is everything alright?” Emmett walked in with Rosalie. She looked a mess. Her hair was everywhere. Her makeup was smudge and she had a permanent scowl on her face. “I need Bella.” I sighed as my fingers shook from the beauty of touching her.

“WE DON’T NEED HER! DID YOU HEAR WHAT SHE SAID TO ME!?” Rose screamed. “You were being a bitch Rose! No one told you to go over there and piss her off! That is your own FAULT!!” Alice yelled back. Rosalie was taken back. How was it my fault?! She thought. “It was…” Jasper agreed with his wife, “We didn’t know Kat’s new attitude-” I cut him off. “What did you just call her?” I growled. “Kat. That’s her new name. Katrina.” Jasper frowned.

“That’s not her NAME!” I snarled. “Well she obviously doesn’t like Bella!” Emmett argued. “Edward, we have to get her back.” Alice whined. “NO! I refuse to have her in the family! She reminded me of Royce. She didn’t even care! She enjoyed it!” Rosalie trembled and Emmett held her tighter. “You enjoyed it when we left! When we left her alone to die! You laughed! So you guys are even!” Alice growled. I should take her down right NOW! Everything she’s done to Bella will not

go unpunished. Alice growled in her head as she glared at Rosalie. Shit! Alice is lethal! Emmett thought. The late bell rung and I sighed. I would have to go to Biology. I hated it now. All it did was remind me when I first met Bella. “Let’s get to class. We’ll have a meeting tonight.” Jasper sighed and helped Alice up. Kat POV I sighed as I entered the Biology class.

Mrs. Hawkins grinned at me and handed me a worksheet and told me to sit in the front. I sat down and started on the worksheet. I was finished in less than 2 minutes. 30 questions too. I gasped when I saw Edward walk gracefully into the room. His eyes immediately locked with mine. They searched mine and tried to pull something out. I looked down at my hands and fiddled with a piece of my blonde hair.

I heard the seat next to me scoot out and his scent filled my nose. My favorite scent in the whole world. I sighed as he scooted his chair closer to mine. I whirled to face him only to see his face was a little closer than I thought. Ok, ALOT closer. “Bella…” he whispered. His sweet scent filled my nose and I could taste it on my tongue. “Can’t you take a hint, Edward?” I turned before he could get any closer.

“Bella, you have to talk to me.” he said. I snorted and turned back to him. “No I don’t.” “Yes you do, Bella-” “Is there something you would like to share with the class, Mr. Cullen?” the teacher spat. “No.” he sighed. “Good. Now if you’ll turn to chapter 11…” she turned to the class. I reached for my book that was between Edward and me. I felt his cool hands reach out and catch my wrists.

I looked up at his eyes to see he was close. Closer than he was last time. I felt his hands send electrical currents thru my wrists as my shield wrapped around him. Can’t let him be that close! Bella? His voice echoed in my mind as he looked at me surprised. “Do you have the answer Mr. Cullen?” Mrs. Hawkins asked. Edward let me go so fast that I almost fell.

“Yes, the Civil War would be correct, from your definition.” He smirked as he let go of my wrists. I breathed a sigh of relief and grabbed my book. I brought it down on the table and flipped to the page. The next class I had Emmett, Jasper, Rose, and Edward. I sighed and sat behind Edward, since that was the only seat left. Rose glared at me and muttered ‘bitch’ under her breath. I chuckled as I sat down.

Edward sighed and breathed in deeply. “I still love your scent.” He whispered. “And I still love tacos but I can’t eat them.” I rolled my eyes. “Speaking about love Miss Gregg, tell me what do think about it.” The teacher asked. I met her eyes. I narrowed mine. This was English Poetry class. I sighed. “Honestly, I don’t believe in it anymore.” I said. “And that is why?” she asked.

“You can’t trust the person. You can keep to yourself saying he won’t leave you but the next day you’re an emotional mess and he’s gone.” I said crossing my arms as Edward flinched. Jasper and Emmett looked at me with wide eyes then at Edward. “Explain.” The teacher commanded. “I did use to believe in love. I used to think he was the love of my life. I thought I would be with him forever. I know it sounds like we were naïve teenagers and we didn’t know any better but I did think about our future. Our hopes. Our love for each other. But just like the coward he was he ran.” I

explained as Edward started to hyperventilate. “Is there anything you might want to add? If you could see him again what would you do? Would you accept him?” the teacher was fascinated by me. “If I could see him again...honestly, I wouldn’t give a shit. Excuse my language but I wouldn’t. He left and it would never be the same in our relationship. I could never forgive him. I could never forget what he did to me.” I glared at Edward’s head. “Edward is there something you would like to say?” the teacher looked at Edward who was shaking.

“Yes, I think the guy did it to protect her-” He started. “But what if the girl just got hurt more in the process?” I cut in. Edward turned to me with wide gold eyes. “I did it for your safety.” He said. “Being a coward and safety is not the same thing.” I argued. “I was not being a coward.” He hissed. “Just face it Edward. You need to grow some balls. You need to face your problems!” I started to yell as the entire class watched us.

“I couldn’t stick around if it meant you getting hurt!” he yelled back. I rose from my seat. “You ruined everything! We had a perfect relationship and you ruined it! I would have given you everything you needed Edward and you just took off! And you took Emmett, Alice, Jasper, Esme, Carlisle, and...Even Rose. You took my family! You took everything!” I shouted. “I did it to protect you!!” he yelled and stood up to stand over me. His eyes blazed into mine. We glared into each others eyes as the class watched us stunned. Emmett was

grinning while Jasper was looking at us cautiously. Rose glared at me. I turned back to Edward. “You left me.” I whispered. His eyes softened and he put his hand on my cheek. I felt electricity go thru my veins as he looked into my eyes. My shield wrapped around him and his eyes widened. The bell suddenly rang and I grabbed my stuff to storm out of the room, leaving Edward and the class stunned. I walked outside like the rest of the students. Amy was already by the car with Mom.

“Hello Katrina.” She embraced me in a hug. “Hey mom.” I hugged her back. “And Josh used fires in the school.” Amy said casually. “WHAAAAAAATTT?!” Mom screamed. I grabbed Crystal from her and cooed at her. She had on overalls with a yellow t shirt under them. She had on little white sneakers and her dark red hair was brush and had a yellow head band wrapped around her round head. I put her in her car seat and turned on the music. I kissed her forehead and left the

door open. She laughed as she clapped her hands together to the music. I buckled her up and turned back to my mom. “He used fires!?” Mom yelled. “But no one saw him.” I reassured her. “Where...is Josh?” she took a deep breath. “Right here!” Josh grinned as he popped behind mom. She turned toward him slowly and grabbed his neck. Her grip got tighter and tighter. Josh started gasping for air.

“Aren’t you going to do something?!” I yelled at Amy who was holding up her phone to video tape it. “As soon as I get this stuff on Youtube.” She grinned. I sighed and pried off Mom’s fingers. Josh wheezed for air. “Sorry honey, you caught me by surprise.” She smiled. And right when I thought the day couldn’t get any worst... Josh thought. He was looking past mom’s shoulder. I turned to see all the Cullen’s coming toward us.

They stopped a few feet away. “Hello.” Alice nodded at Mom. She smiled back but it didn’t reach her eyes. She knew I hurted over the Cullen’s and hated them as much as the rest of us. “I’m Alice and this is Jas-” “We know who you are.” Josh sneered. “Yeah we aren’t that oblivious to Kat’s life.” Amy wrinkled her nose as she grinned. “Bella, about your birthday-” Alice stepped forward again.

“No one wants to be reminded of my birthday, Alice! If I recall, correct me if I’m wrong, my memory is a little blurry, but, I remember your, husband Jasper, attacking me.” I sneered. “Well-” Emmett raised an eyebrow. “I don’t even want to hear what you came over here to discuss.” I smiled and turned away. Edward looked at me desperately. “YOU BITCH! TAKE BACK WHAT YOU SAID!!” I heard Rose come forward. “Take back? Take back what?” I asked. I turned back to her.

“Take back...what you said about me and Royce.” She breathed heavily. “You can’t take back words, Rose dear.” I patted her head. She slapped my hand away. “Take it back.” she said sternly. “Or what?” I got in her face. I felt her hands wrap around my short hair. She pulled it down in one fluid movement. “Bitch!” I shrieked. I pushed her away from me but she still had a tight grip on my hair.

“Josh!” Amy screamed. “Do something!” “Now way! This is hot!” He replied. “GIRLS! GIRLS!” Mom yelled. I pushed Rose down. She still had a good grip on my hair. I was strong though. Since I had vampire strength. I grabbed her neck and twisted in a position so it would snap off and decapitate her. It made a crunching sound as I tried to rip it from her body. I heard another ripping sound and I knew my family saw what I was trying to do.

I felt myself being lifted up. “SHE TRIED TO KILL ME!!” Rosalie yelled. “NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!!” I screamed. “Girls, please.” Mom scolded. Josh carried me into the car to cool off and locked all the doors so I couldn’t get out. He grabbed Crystal out of the car so she wouldn’t get hurt if I got too angry. He gave mom the baby. Edward POV

I walked outside after Bella as she walked to a woman in the parking lot. She embraced her in a hug. I listened in. “Hello Katrina.” The woman said warmly. “Hey mom.” She smiled. That’s her mom? Hot! Emmett grinned. I rolled my eyes. I thought her mom was Renée? Jasper. That’s NOT Renée! Alice yelled in her mind. “And Josh used fires in the school.” the girl, Amy, explained. Bella grabbed the human baby and cooed at her.

“WHAAAAAAATTT?!” the woman yelled. The baby was absolutely adorable and everyone in the family absolutely adored her. I could hear Rosalie’s pain as she begged to hold the human baby. The bitch has everything, huh Edward? Bella walked gracefully to the car and put the baby in her car seat. Crystal squealed as Bella buckled her up and turned on the radio. The baby danced to the songs as Bella kissed her forehead and left the car door open. “He used fires?” the woman exclaimed.

“But no one saw him.” Bella reassured her. “Where...is Josh?” the woman took a deep breath. “Right here!” Josh grinned as he popped up behind her. She turned toward him slowly and grabbed his neck. Her grip got tighter and tighter. Josh started gasping for air. “Aren’t you going to do something?!” Bella yelled at her sister Amy who was holding up her phone to video tape it. “As soon as I get this stuff on Youtube.” She grinned.

Jasper and Emmett chuckled at that as we made our way to the Volvo. Bella started to pry off the woman’s fingers. Josh wheezed for air. “Sorry honey, you caught me by surprise.” The woman smiled. Suddenly their minds went blank like they were protected by something. “Edward we should talk to them.” Emmett suggested. I think so too. Jasper.

“That bitch can burn in hell.” Rosalie sneered. I rolled my eyes and ignored her. I want her back Edward, as much as you do. Alice’s thought as her eyes met mine. I nodded at Alice and the family followed me as we made our way over to them. They turned toward us as we walked over there. We stopped about 3 feet away. “Hello.” Alice nodded at the mom. The Mom smiled back but it was fake. She had to be motherly, she was a mother.

I’ll talk. Alice stepped forward. “I’m Alice and this is Jas-” “We know who you are.” Josh sneered. “Yeah we aren’t that oblivious to Kat’s life.” Amy chuckled. “Bella, about your birthday-” Alice stepped forward again. “No one wants to be reminded of my birthday, Alice! If I recall, correct me if I’m wrong, my memory is a little blurry, but, I remember your, husband Jasper, attacking me.” she sneered. “Well-” Emmett sighed.

“I don’t even want to hear what you came over here to discuss.” Bella turned. Rose stepped forward. “YOU BITCH! TAKE BACK WHAT YOU SAID!!” Rose screamed. “Take back? Take back what?” Bella asked sweetly and turned back towards Rose. “Take back...what you said about me and Royce.” Rose breathed. “You can’t take back words, Rose dear.” Bella patted her head and pursed her lips. Rose slapped her hand away. “Take it back.” she said sternly.

“Or what?” Bella got in her face. Rosalie took one of Bella’s blonde strands and pulled it down. “Bitch!” Bella screamed. Bella made multiple attempts to push Rose down but she still had a tight grip on her hair. “Josh!” Amy screamed. “Do something!” Josh was leaning on their car. His green eyes flashed, excitedly. “Now way! This is hot!” He replied. “GIRLS! GIRLS!” the mom tried to yell.

Bella pushed Rosalie down and Rose landed on her butt. She still hand a grip on her hair though. Rose lifted herself back up and pulled harder. Bella did the unexpected next. She pushed Rose down again on her knees. She grabbed her head and twisted it an odd angle. I had seen this before. Carlisle has told me how the Volturi decapitated vampires when they have broken laws or wanted to die. No! No not good. What is she doing? No!

What the hell? Oh no Rose! *sigh* let me call the hospital again. Ripping came from Rosalie’s neck as she pulled harder on Bella hair. Josh finally got up and made a grab for his sister. He lifted her up in the air. “SHE TRIED TO KILL ME!!” Rose screamed as Emmett came to comfort her and check her neck. “NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!!” Bella rolled her eyes. “Girls, please.” The woman scolded.

Josh put Bella in the car and closed the door behind him. He locked the doors and turned back to us. He grabbed Crystal as the baby watched us curiously with her blue eyes. “You can just talk to us.” He grinned as he passed the child to the mom. “That bitch tried to kill me.” Rose muttered from the ground as she rubbed her neck. “Well, you were starting shit.” Amy sneered. “Amy...” the mom warned. She turned back to us with a fake smile.

“Hello, I am Kelly and this is my family. Amy, Josh, and I know you have already met Kat, she has a little temper.” She sighed. “Her name is Bella.” Alice said. “Her name is Katrina and if you value your life then you won’t call her that.” Kelly said. “That name is the past. Bella Swan is no longer on this Earth.” Amy said. “I don’t think that’s for you to decide.” I narrowed my eyes at them. “I don’t think it’s yours either since you left her.” Josh growled.

“It was to protect her!” I raised my voice. Suddenly the car door blasted open and there stood Bella. Her eyes were black with anger as she looked at me. Glass flew everywhere and a strong wind was coming. The mom protected the baby as it let out a shrill cry. “SHUT THE FUCK UP!!” she screamed. The wind got fiercer as she lunged for us. “KAT NO!!” Josh grabbed her. She roared as he tried his best to hold her back.

“Like I said. A bit of a temper.” Kelly smiled nervously as Bella screamed profanities at us. “We should go.” Amy said. She turned for the car. Kelly sighed and pointed her finger at the car. It was suddenly another car next to it just like it. They got in the second car and drove away. We were all awestruck. “WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED!!?” Emmett boomed.

“Well, Bella is not very friendly.” Jasper said. Alice rolled her eyes.

“CARLISLE!!!!” when we got home we all screamed his name. He was sitting on the couch reading with Esme. He jumped a foot in the air at our outburst. “Yes?” he asked calmly. “You’ll never guess who is here.” Alice said.

“Um, Tanya?” he asked. “No.” Jasper said. “Uh, wolves.” Esme tried. “No.” Emmett shook his head. “P Ditty?” Carlisle asked. “NO! WHAT THE FU- BELLA!!!” Emmett yelled. “WHAT?! HOW!?” Esme and Carlisle stood. “We don’t know. Someone changed her.” Alice explained. “My baby.” Esme’s eyes glazed over.

“We have to see her.” Carlisle said “We can’t.” Emmett sighed. Just then Rosalie stomped in the house. “What happened to her?” Esme asked. “I’LL TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENED! BELLA TRIED TO KILL ME!!” Rose screamed. Carlisle turned back to us. “Well, Bella reminded Rose of...Royce. Rose confronted her and got into a fight with her. Then Bella grabbed her head and was about to decapitate her. Until her brother stepped in.” I said. He gasped and turned to Esme.

“Wait! Bella has no siblings.” Esme said. “She does now.” Alice shook her head. “She has changed?” Esme asked. “Yes, she hates us.” I sighed. “She should.” Alice broke down. She crumbled to the ground and wailed out. Kat POV “What the hell happened?!” Mom yelled as Josh, Amy, and I sat on the couch. She was pacing the living room as she held the now sleep Crystal to her chest.

“If I could say something? I’m the only one who didn’t use their powers today.” Amy smiled. “Oh shut up goody, goody two shoes.” Josh glared at her. “Both of you shut it!” Mom was pissed. “Sorry...” they muttered. She turned to me. “And you try to control your anger.” She warned. “And remember sis, this is only the first day.” Amy grinned. I groaned.

I sighed as I got out of the shower. Edward was going thru my mind 24/7. I needed him. I combed thru my short hair. “Get yourself together Katrina! You are strong independent woman. You’re hot and you can get any guy.” I said at my reflection. “And talking to your reflection does not make you crazy at all!” Josh appeared next to me eating an apple. I laughed and playfully shoved him. “Ow!” he rubbed his side.

“Oh grow up. I just needed a little pep talk.” I said. “Right. Or you’re just going crazy because you saw Edward today.” He took another bite. “Josh, what am I going to do?” I sighed as I sat on my bed. His eyes widened and he swallowed his bite. “Honestly, Kat, I don’t like this guy. I think he’s full of bullshit and he needs to grow some balls. But Kat, when you saw him today, you were mad as hell but every time you looked into his eyes, I know this might seem cheesy, but every time you looked into his eyes you

became softer. You changed back into the Bella they know.” He said. “I just don’t want to take him back. He will hurt me again. I can’t take it Josh. I built myself back together and if he left again there’s no chance I can build again.” I explained. Josh thought about this awhile. “Ok, well, maybe if you get interested in a different guy it might get your mind off of Edward.” he grinned. “What?! NO!” I yelled. He chuckled. “Bella, just think about it. Maybe that Austin guy could help you.” he said.

“He’s a player.” I said. “Exactly.” He winked. “Goodnight Josh.” I said. He got up. The door closed softly behind him. I sighed. Do I really want to sleep? Yeah maybe to clear my head. As you could see I’m not a plain vampire. I actually can sleep. I turned off the lights and drifted to a dreamless sleep. I got up in the morning and skipped the shower since I did it last night.

I brushed my sharp teeth. I put on heavy eyeliner to cover my eyes and blush. I threw on a skin tight tank top. It had a giant glittery skull in the middle. It stopped on my upper thighs. I put on white shorts under it and some knee high black chucks. I put moose in my hair to make it have a rock star edge to it. It was curly, but edgy too. I put on bangles and bracelets. I put on my charm bracelet from Jake and grabbed my stuff as I ran a hand thru my hair. “Josh! Wake up! School!” I yelled into his room.

I heard him groan and get out of bed. I walked into Amy’s pink room and saw her walking around picking up books to put in her bag. She stopped to smile at me and fixed her skirt. Josh stepped into the room. His hair was brushed and he had on jeans and a black t shirt. “MOM! We’re ready!” I yelled. I grabbed a banana as Mom came out of her room with her cell phone pressed to her ear. “Ok, let’s go.” She smiled as she hung up. She held Crystal close to her. She

only had on tiny shorts for a baby and a white and red striped shirt. Mom kissed my forehead when I got out. Josh followed me as Amy skipped to the school. I leaned against my car as Mom and Crystal took off to the forest. Josh growled. I looked at him but he had his eyes focused on Edward and Emmett as they made their way over to us. I sighed and looked away. I ran my fingers thru my short hair and kept my eyes on the ground.

“Bells...” Emmett started as they stopped. “Katrina.” I growled but kept my eyes away. “Kat, can you look at me?” Edward asked in his smooth voice. “No, I don’t think I can.” I said. “Bella, if you don’t talk to me we can never fix this.” he said. “Maybe I don’t want to fix this! Maybe I want someone else! Maybe it’s over for good! And my name is not FUCKING BELLA!!” I yelled and looked up to meet his eyes. “Maybe if you stayed Edward, you would have known my name by now.” I sneered and started away.

I felt his hand reach out and grab my wrist. Josh was in front of him in a flash. I felt Edward let go of my wrist as Josh growled at him. “What did I say about touching her?” he snarled. “I think that’s for Bella to decide.” Emmett stepped in. “Whoa, whoa, boys, let’s calm down.” Amy’s perky voice came out of nowhere. Emmett and Edward were growling at Josh. I hissed and they all looked at me.

“Class is starting Josh let’s go.” I grabbed his arm and pulled him from Jasper. “Bella! Can we please talk?” Edward yelled. “No, we can’t. See you in Biology.” I sneered and walked into the school with my family following me. Josh walked to the junior’s hall while Amy and I went to class. I sat down in the seat I sat in yesterday and took out Wuthering Heights. I heard the chair next to me scrape loudly and I saw Edward’s messy hair.

His sweet scent filled my senses and I became dizzy. I looked at Edward and he looked back at me. I narrowed my eyes back at him and looked down at my book. “Bella-” he started. I whirled to face him. He was close to my face. I snarled. “How long is I going to take for you to call me Katrina?!” I hissed as I moved back from him. He breathed a sigh. “Never.” He said. “That’s my name.”

“No, no it’s not.” He looked away from me and crossed his arms. Class began and Edward didn’t look at me at all. He kept his eyes strained on the board but I knew his thoughts were about me. The bell rang and I shot up. After lunch I walked to English poetry class. The teacher grinned at me but her eyes were cautious. She was thinking about my speech about love. Soon class started and she went back to the topic.

“Love, people think you kids are too young. But I think even babies are capable of love. Tell me around the room if you have ever felt love like the classic Romeo and Juliet. What do you think of Shakespeare?” she started on the first row. Luckily I was in the last row with Jasper and Edward. “Edward what do you think? What are your opinions on love? And don’t give me any bull. That talk you had with Katrina was enough to say you have opinions.” The teacher crossed her arms as she leaned against her desk. She was obviously ready for his long speech.

All the students leaned forward, excited. “I think Shakespeare was a genius. I am in love. And I can relate to anything he puts in his book. When I was in love with this girl our love was forbidden. We were from different worlds. She was innocent and I was...a monster. I couldn’t hurt her. But I did...twice.” he sighed. “Katrina?” the teacher asked. “Yes, I have. It was perfect, but as Edward said we weren’t right for each other obviously, I wasn’t good enough-” Edward suddenly whirled around to face me. Emmett sighed. “Here we go again.” He shook his head.

Edward growled lowly at me. “I didn’t say that.” He hissed. “Well, you might as well have.” I crossed my arms. “Be-Katrina I never said you weren’t good enough for me. It’s the other way around.” He whispered so that the humans would have to strain to hear us. “Edward, I can’t talk about this right now. Now leave me alone so I can pay attention.” I sighed and looked away. The teacher started talking again and I hid behind my hair.

The bell rang and I jumped up. I grabbed my books and started out but Edward wasn’t having that. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me to him. He nodded his head for Rose, Emmett, and Jasper to leave. They grabbed their stuff and left like the rest of the students. My shield wrapped around Edward and his thoughts were connected with mine. He looked down at me with wonder. You’re going to talk to me. He hissed in my head. I shook my head.

Edward pulled me from the room and pushed me against a locker. The hallways were clear. It was the end of the day. “Bella, you need to listen to me. I love you and the only reason I left was to protect you.” he kept his eyes locked with mine. “NO!” my voice bounced off the walls. “You can’t just keep using though lies. You can’t stand here and tell me Edward Cullen that you did this all for me!!” I yelled and snatched my wrist away from his grip. “But I did.” He protested.

“Edward, I gave you everything! I wanted you to change me so we could be together. I wanted to spend eternity with you! Stay with you all the time! You could have been my first,” I whispered remembering Jake. How we made love in his garage. How we made love in my room, in the woods. “Wait, you had sex with someone else?” Edward was livid. “Of course Edward! I couldn’t just wait around for you! Yes I had sex! And it was with Jacob! And yes he is a werewolf! Am I still good enough for you now Edward?!” I yelled. He was silent.

“That’s what I thought.” I sneered. He suddenly grabbed my left wrist and brought me back to him. “What the hell is this?!” he spat as he looked at my charm bracelet. The brown wolf dangled from it and Edward glared at it. I snatched my hand away “A gift.” I walked to my car and got in shot gun after Josh and Amy. I closed the door behind me and gave Edward a look. He looked at me with desperate eyes but I turned away. Edward POV

“She had sex with a werewolf!!” I yelled at my family as we all climbed into the car. “Maybe she has a thing for mythical creatures.” Em laughed. I glared at him. “Sorry.” He muttered. “I just can’t stand the thought of a dog just touching her.” I growled as I turned on the engine. “I hate the idea too.” Alice sighed. “I think that Bella used him to forget about you...” Jasper said.

“Or...she really had a thing for the pup and went out with him.” Emmett shrugged as we speeded towards our house. “Who cares?” Rose muttered. Everyone ignored her. “No, Jasper she didn’t. She actually had this charm bracelet she got from the mongrel.” I sighed. “Whoa, you’re screwed.” Emmett chuckled. “Ok, can you not talk anymore? You’re making everything worst!” I yelled at Emmett as my hands tightened around the steering wheel.

“Hey it’s not my fault she slept with a dog.” He replied. I growled at him and Rose hissed back at me, protecting her husband. “Watch where you’re showing your teeth, Edward.” She snarled. “Gladly.” I murmured, thinking about plunging them into her throat. Jasper flinched from my anger. “Ok, everyone just calm down, okay?” he inquired. “I see her.” Alice said.

“You know why do we have a physic in this group. I mean isn’t her powers a little useless?” Em asked. “NO!” Jasper yelled. “Bella is really pretty now. Not that I’m saying she wasn’t pretty before just better.” Alice said thoughtfully as she squinted her eyes. “Hmm...She still uses the same shampoo.” Alice smirked at me. I couldn’t help but look now. Sure I might be a peeping Tom, but who cares? “Alice? Is she hot?” Emmett whispered.

“Shut up Emmett.” I sighed as I looked into Alice’s mind. Bella dropped her towel. Her long pale legs gracefully walked into the shower. The water bounced off her perfect skin. Her blonde hair fell down in curls as she swept her hands thru it. Her face became calm and she let out quick breaths thru her rosy lips. She tilted her head back to show her beautiful neck“Ok, that’s enough of a show, Edward. Jasper is starting to get uncomfortable.”

Alice grinned as she cut the vision off and thought about Seventeen Magazines. Emmett let out a boisterous laugh. “Jasper can pitch a tent in his pants!!” he crowed. I sighed as we pulled into the driveway. I parked the car and everyone got out. I walked into the house with my hands stuffed into my pockets. Esme came to give me a kiss and she saw my facial expression. “Well, how am I supposed to kiss my son if he has a frown on his face?” she teased and put her hands on her hips.

I gave her a crooked smile and she grabbed me in a tight hug. She let me go and placed a kiss on my cheek. “Thanks mom.” I grinned. “No problem. I’m hip! I’m cool! I’m fly!” she said in a smooth voice. Everyone turned silent and looked at her. Emmett let out a booming laugh again while shaking his head. He went inside with Jasper who was trying to contain his laughter. “What did I say?” she was confused. Alice let out a tinkling laugh with Rose then followed after the two boys.

“Edward?” she turned to me with an arched eyebrow. “I’m not saying anything.” I grinned. I walked past her and up the stairs as she kept calling my name.

I sat down at my piano. I hadn’t touched this since I left Bella. Alice, Rose, and Esme went shopping. Jasper and Emmett were playing a silly game on the game station or Xbox as they liked to call it. And Carlisle was at the hospital taking a late shift.

I pressed down on an ivory key and the beautiful sound filled the air. “Perfect.” I whispered to myself. I let my mind wander to Bella and I let my heart connect to the keys and I played her lullaby. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked up to see Jasper. My face must have looked crumbled because his face was contorted in my pain. “Edward, I’m so sorry.” He said. He was thinking about the night he tried to kill Bella. The night everything changed.

I remembered what went thru my brother’s mind that night. Blood, blood, blood, blood, Bella’s blood!! “Jasper, it’s not your fault. I should’ve got you to go hunting.” I sighed as I looked back down at the keys. “I’m just so stupid.” He said at the same time as he shook his head in frustration. I looked up and smiled sadly at him. “You’ll win her back Edward, don’t worry.” He grinned as he patted my back.

“Or she’ll find someone else and dump your ass.” Emmett shrugged as he walked into the den. Jasper and I looked up to glare at him. “Sorry,” he muttered, “Maybe if you try to seduce her Edward.” He suggested. Jazz’s face lit up. “Yeah, that’s a great idea Em.” He pondered all the things I could do. I looked into his mind. I bet she looks hot in a bikini... Pictures of Bella in skimpy bikinis and lingerie filled my mind. I glared at Jasper.

He flinched away from me. “Sorry, but that edgy outfit she had on today really made me uncomfortable. In a good way.” He grinned. I punched his arm. “Ow!” he yelled. I rolled my eyes as Em and Jazz try to fill my head with crazy ideas into seducing Bella Swan. Kat’s POV I cradled Crystal on my hip as she let out little wails. She wanted mom but mom was still at the office.

“Shh, it’s okay.” I cooed but she only screamed louder as tears fell from her beautiful blue eyes. “Shh, baby...” I cooed again. She looked at me thru tear filled eyes and stopped crying. “You hungry?” I asked with my eyebrow up. She let out a whimper. I take that as a yes and grabbed her baby food. I put her in her high chair. I heard Josh groan from his spot on the floor. He was working on Geometry.

“I can’t do this! This is too hard! I wish Amy was here.” He complained. Amy went shopping with Casey and wouldn’t be back until later. “Oh stop complaining. I’m the one who has to take care of the baby.” I grumbled as I grabbed her tiny spoon. I dipped it into the banana food and stuck it in her mouth. She smacked on it gratefully and swallowed. Josh groaned again. “Ok listen, I’ll do your homework and you feed and bathe the baby.” I suggested.

“Cool! I’ll do it.” He jumped up and grabbed the baby food from me. I went over to his homework and filled out the questions in less than 4 minutes. I put it down as I heard the doorbell ring. I walked to the door and opened it to see a happy Alice. I growled and tried to close the door but her foot stopped it. “Please Bella.” She pleaded. I sighed and let it open. She walked inside and looked at our house. “Nice place.” She grinned.

“Thanks, what do you want?” I asked as I put my hands on my hips. “I just wanted to come and see you. Bella-” “Katrina.” I said. “How about Kat until we get this problem situated?” she offered. “Fine.” I grumbled. “Kat, who changed you?” she asked. “Well, when you left you also left Victoria. So that was a lot on my plate. I was walking thru the woods from being mad at Jake-” “Jake?” Alice asked.

“My ex boyfriend.” I said. “EX?!” she screamed. “Alice, let me finish my story. So I was walking thru the woods,” I skipped the cutting part, “and I sat down and waited for someone to find me. They usually did. I looked up and there was a vampire. He said Victoria made a lot of newborns and he bit me. I just remember it burning and being really painful. Then I woke up and the pack helped me. They said I didn’t have to leave but I did to find a new life. So I said goodbye to my family and everyone else. I came here and roamed the streets. Soon, Kelly, my new mother, found me and took me in. Then I went hunting one day and I found Amy. She was a vegetarian and really nice.

Then I found Josh, who was half dead from fighting with another werewolf. I took him home with me. Then Crystal. Mom wanted another baby and she found Crystal in Russia. Her mother died and was put in a foster home as a newborn. We didn’t object so we got her and that’s how this family formed.” I finished. Alice looked at me with narrowed eyes then sighed. “I’m truly sorry we weren’t there. I know you went thru a lot. But Edward...when he came back from leaving you he was a mess, he didn’t even come back on his own. I had to go find him. He was curled up in a ball by a tree in South America. I don’t know how he got there but he was there. But Edward wouldn’t come back. He wanted to go back to you but we

didn’t want him to hurt himself. So I brought him back to Denali and he took off. He tracked Victoria, or tried to. He would only call every two months. He was a wreck when we saw him and he hated anything that was close to your name.” she let out a long sigh as her eyes darkened at the memory. She looked back at me. “Even if you don’t take him back, you will always be my sister.” She grinned. I smiled. “Of course Alice.” She outstretched her arms and I did the same as we embraced each other. She let out little sobs as I buried myself into her shoulder and she gripped tightly onto my shirt.

She pulled away a little and looked at me with glazed eyes. “Sisters?” she asked. “Sisters.” I declared. I stepped out of the shower and brushed my teeth. I put on eyeliner. I grabbed a white camisole with a black cardiac. I put on pre ripped skinny jeans and black converses. I put my hair in a pony tail. When I was done Alice opened Josh’s door he sighed and walked past her. He grabbed my arm and pulled me into a different room. “I know she can hear me but Kat are you sure about this. I mean they hurt you

once. Don’t let them do it again.” He whispered, urgently. “I know Josh. Right now, I’m not ready for Edward, but I’ll try Emmett and Jasper. But right now Alice has been nothing but a sister to me; I want to return the favor.” I answered. Josh sighed and looked at Alice as she danced into the room. “Ready to go?” she grinned. “Yup.” Josh and I said together. I jumped out of Alice’s Porsche and immediately searched for Emmett and Jazz.

I saw them teasing each other while leaning on the Volvo. I took a deep breath and walked towards them. Their eyes snapped up to me to watch me carefully. I opened my arms slowly as I felt my eyes prick. Em walked slowly and carefully towards me and engulfed me with his huge arms. I cried into his chest as he patted my hair. “Take me back?” I choked out. “Of course Bells.” He whispered back as he kissed my hair.

I let him go and turned to Jazz as he watched me with cautious eyes. “Are you going to stand there all day?” I choked. He grinned and took 3 huge strides and took me in his arms. He held me close to his chest and I wrapped my arms around him. “Thanks Jazz.” I smirked. “Anytime.” He grinned. He let me go and I looked up to meet eyes with Edward. His eyes were sad. I sighed and walked towards him.

“I guess we have to talk sooner or later.” I breathed. He reached up his hand, trembling slightly, and stroked my cheek. His black eyes looked like they were filled with tears. I felt my shield immediately spike at his touch and reach out to grab him. He was engulfed in my shield and serenity floated into me. I felt fear and a stab of pain as I flinched from his touch. “Bella.” He whispered as he cupped my cheek. “Edward, I can’t....” I choked out.

“Bella, I just want everything to be back how it was.” He breathed. “It’s not possible. And it won’t ever be the same. You left. You hurt me.” I rambled. “But we can make this right. We can fix this.” he said desperately. “I don’t think we can.” I shook my head. “We can try Bella.” He said as he took my face between his hands. “Edward...” I pleaded. He was getting too close to me.

Please Bella. I need this. I need you. I want every part of you. I want to claim you. I need you to be mine. “Edward please...” I pleaded as he let his fingers knot into my hair. Josh got in between us. “Do I have to remove your hands?” he asked in a polite tone. Edward growled. “Josh c’mon.” I said as I grabbed his arm and pulled. He glowered at Edward. “Not until he learns his lesson,” he growled. Edward hissed. “If that’s how you want it.”

Josh’s hands lit up. “Bring it pretty boy!” Amy grinned as she stepped around everyone. “Excuse me, pardon, thank you.” she said to Em, Jazz, and Alice as slid in between them to get to us. She put her hands on her hips. “Now Josh. That is no way to act.” She mocked mom. She turned to Em. “I’m Amy by the way.” She smiled. I rolled my eyes. What a blonde.

I heard that! Rose stepped in front of Em. “He already has a blonde.” She growled. Amy’s nice act vanished and she growled back at Rose. I grabbed both of my family’s arms. “Sorry, we have to go.” I pulled them away from the Cullen’s. When we got into the school I turned to them both. They crossed their arms at the same time and looked away from me. “You guys, I’m trying to fix it with them. Please try to be a little nicer...” I begged.

“As long as that Barbie Bitch stays out of my way, I’m fine.” Amy rolled her eyes. “As long as Cullen doesn’t talk to you or touch you, I’m good.” Josh grinned. “I was letting him touch me. I can make my own decisions.” I spat at them. I turned on my heels and stalked away.

I sat next to Casey at lunch. She grinned at me. “You know Bella, everyone’s going around saying you’re with Edward...” she trailed off.

“Well, I’m not.” I shrugged and looked down at my salad. “OMG! How can you not be?! He’s perfect.” She gushed. “I know.” I sighed as I stabbed my fork into a piece of lettuce. I turned to the Cullen’s table. Rose and Em were making goo-goo faces at each other while Alice and Jazz were whispering in each other’s ears. Edward Cullen is staring at you... Amy whispered into my head. I turned to Edward and his eyes met mine. They searched mine for something.

I shook my head at him as tears formed. I turned back to Casey and she saw my tears. “Is there something wrong?” she asked, concerned. “No...No! I’m fine. I’m just not hungry. I have to go anyway. I’ll see you later.” I said quickly as I stood up. I walked away quickly, throwing away my lunch as I ran out of the suddenly stuffy room. I walked down the empty hallways until I ran into Josh. He looked at my face and sighed. I let out sobs as he wrapped his arms around me.

“I knew you would crack.” He smirked as I buried my face into his chest. I choked out a chuckle as he pushed me gently against a locker and we both slid to the ground. He handed me an apple as my crying stopped. “Hey, aren’t you supposed to be in class?” I asked. “Yup.” “Aren’t you going to go?” “Nope.” I shook my head and smiled at him lazily. I leaned my head against his shoulder.

“You know you’re my favorite brother right?” I asked. He grinned. “I’m your only brother.” “True, but if I got another, you would still be my favorite.” “Good, because you’re my favorite sister.” He smirked. “Hey, I heard that.” Amy shook her head as she rounded the corner to us. She sat down next to me and we all held hands. “Family,” I whispered. “Family.” they said together.

Josh sung a song as he walked into the house with Amy and me. “Oh good your home!” Mom squealed as she put Crystal in her swinger. Amy and I sat on the couch and stared at her with confusion. “Josh come sit down.” Mom called. “I NEED food!” he yelled back as I heard him rummage thru the fridge. He came out with some pizza and he sat down next to Amy. “What is it?” he asked.

“Well, you’ll never guess who I met today.” Mom gushed. “Who?” Amy asked. “Esme Cullen.” “No way! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!” Josh chanted. “What the hell? Why are you screaming Jerry Springer’s name?” Amy asked. “I don’t know. I’ve always wanted to do that.” He shrugged. “Why did you see her?” I asked. “Well, she came over and she was so nice. I loved her and she loved Crystal.

So she invited us over to the house.” Mom shrugged. “No way am I going on Cullen land!” Josh growled and stood. “We’re going Josh!” Mom argued. “And we’re going tomorrow after school.” What?! No way! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! SHUT UP JOSH!!! Sorry...

“Great you’re here.” Alice grinned as she opened the door. “I still don’t like this...” Josh grunted. “I’m on the same page...” Amy growled. Mom squealed and ran off with Crystal to go find Esme. I had my hair in a ponytail. I had on a short plaid red skirt, with fish nest on my arms and legs, thigh high white socks stuck out of my shoes. I had on black and white knee high chucks. Bangles and rings decorated my fingers and wrists. My makeup was dark. I had on a white tank top that showed my black bra straps.

The reason I was wearing this was because I wanted them to know I have changed, especially Esme and Carlisle. I walked inside, playing with my skirt. Carlisle walked up to me and smiled warmly. “Hello Katrina. How have you been doing?” he asked. Let him have it Kat. Josh said in my head. I smirked. “Well Carlisle, after you guys left me, I was a wreck for months then I finally snapped out of it and had sex with a werewolf. I then started cutting myself; I was stupid enough to go into the woods

by myself. And oh wait, I’m not done. It gets better,” I smirked as Carlisle and the rest of the family watched me stunned, except Amy and Josh who just smirked, “I ran into your old friend Victoria, except it wasn’t Victoria, it was another friend of hers. Then I was changed and it all went down hill for me. So how have you been, dad?” I asked with a sweet grin. Carlisle was speechless. “I-I’m sorry.” He whispered as he turned away. Esme came in front of me with an agonized face. “Katrina, I know you hate us but I love you like no other mother can. Please find

it in your heart to forgive me.” she whispered as he eyes turned glassy. I smiled. I couldn’t stay mad at Esme. “Esme, of course.” I smirked. “Thank you!” she gushed as she engulfed me in a hug. “Hey baby, sis.” Jazz and Em walked up to me. “Hey you guys. Do you know where Eddie is?” I asked. I hadn’t seen him. “He’s upstairs in his room.” Em smirked. “Keep the moans down to a minimum.” Jazz grinned as he pecked my cheek and walked off with Em.

“And I love the outfit.” Em smirked. I rolled my eyes and walked up the stairs. I stopped outside of his open door and leaned against his doorframe. He started my lullaby. I had missed it so much. Hearing it every night in my ear.... I let out a shaky sigh. I walked into the room and sat down beside him, letting his sweet scent fill my nose. He turned to me. “Hey.” I whispered. He stopped playing and turned to me.

“Are you having fun?” he asked with a cocked brow. “What do you mean?” I asked. “Well, from what I heard, you started cutting yourself, and oh wait, there’s more, you had sex with a werewolf!” he hissed. “Okay, let’s get one thing straight here, you don’t own me.” I stood up. He stood with me. “I’m not saying I do Bella. I want to keep you with me.” “What if I don’t want to be?” I asked. “It’s not your choice!” “Your right, it’s yours. But I have a choice in it too. Just one more chance

Bella.” He pleaded. He cupped my face in his hands. “I-I can’t...” I whispered as I tried to shake my head from his grip. He let his fingers knot up to my hair and pull out the holder so my wavy hair fell around my face. “Please Edward.” I begged as he got closer to me. “Please what, Bella?” “Don’t do this...” I whispered as my eyes filled with tears for the first time in 12 years. “Why?” he questioned.

“If you do this....I won’t be able to stop.” “Good.” He whispered and placed his lips on mine. It was indescribable. I couldn’t remember his lips being this sweet. His scent was everywhere and it had only been two seconds. He knotted his hands into my hair again as my breathing sped. I was finally able to use my arms. I reached up my hands to fist them into his hair. His lips became firmer and fiercer. His hands traveled down my back until they found the circle of my waist, to hold me to his body roughly.

I let out a whimper as his tongue cautiously came out to dash across mine bottom lip. His teeth grazed it and I opened my mouth in compliance. His tongue met mine and our mouths moved together in sync. “About damn time.” I heard Emmett’s booming laughter. We both jumped apart from each other in less than one second. “Hello, favorite brother of mine.” Edward said sarcastically. “Hello, my tongue kissing brother.” Em grinned.

Edward glared at him as I rushed out of the room, still crying. “Bella!” Edward yelled as he followed me. I turned to him while I was running down the stairs. “It’s fucking Kat! And if you ever kiss me again, I will get Josh to burn your fucking dick off!!!” I yelled at him as his family and my family watched us stunned. Josh’s hands lit up as he stepped forward. “He kissed you?!” he asked. He looked at my face and knew the answer.

“NO Josh! Let’s go.” I grabbed his arm as he screamed profanities at Edward and his family. The next day was school. I was feeling very well so I snuggled my way into an oversized hoodie. I put on skinny jeans and converses. “You okay?” Josh asked as we entered the school. I sighed and looked away. “I just...have a bad feeling about today.” I shook my head. He put an arm around me and smiled.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” he grinned. I gave him a small smile. I was still worried. I turned on the next hall and immediately froze. Edward looked up at me and frowned. He started walking towards me. I looked at Josh. “What do I do?” I asked. “Let me handle it.” He growled as his body began to quiver. Josh didn’t change into his werewolf form a lot. Only when he was really angry.

“Or we could turn the other cheek.” Amy shrugged. Edward stopped in front of me and eyed my family. I sighed and turned to them. I shooed them off. “Rude!” Amy mocked as she dragged away a shaking Josh. I turned back to Edward and crossed my arms. He took in my attire and frowned again. “You okay?” he asked. “You mean since I’m not wearing a sluttish outfit I can’t feel alright?” I asked.

“Bella, you know I didn’t mean it like that.” I sighed. “I know. I just don’t feel like it today.” I shrugged. Suddenly, there was a familiar scent. I was not used to the smell, but suddenly my brain filled with warmth and tranquility. I frowned and looked at the front doors when my savior came in. Jacob Black... “Son of a bitch.” Edward POV

Suddenly, I smelled a putrid smell. It was like wet dog and the garbage mixed in one. My nose wrinkled in disgust. Bella whipped her head to the front doors of the school as a tall russet skin man stepped thru. I frowned as she whispered something under her breath. “Son of a bitch.” then a giant grin stretched across her face. “Jake!” she exclaimed and ran toward him, faster than a lot of humans. He looked up, startled, and grinned too, his ultra white teeth shining against his dark skin.

He shook since it had been raining before, water flew everywhere, his short hair falling into his dark eyes, before catching Bella in his big arms. “Bella!” he grinned as he kissed her face repeatedly. So this was the dog that had sex with her. I growled and headed toward them, but surprisingly, Amy cut me off. “Don’t.” she shook her head. “Why?” I snarled.

“Bella likes Jake. Don’t make her life already harder than it is by you two fighting.” She pleaded. “Too late.” I frowned and walked around her. I stopped behind Bella as the dog let her go and brushed her short hair behind her ear. I growled. Jacob’s ears twitched and he sniffed the air. He looked up to glare at me and snarled. He looked back down to glare at Bella. “What is Cullen doing here?” he growled as he grabbed Bella and pushed her behind his body.

I hissed as I stepped forward.