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Rehab Center at 775 Yampa Ave. wa {nave yivel uns @ 1OL UF MHOUgHI gn Have SOIE HixeU fees. 1 UnUeIstaHa OU! TeSeareN atu See where this may be justified for this location. I also can understand if the surrounding neighbors are concerned with the type of addicts" that are going to be living in their neighborhood. Ifthe rehab people can come and go as they please, are they there to get help or just a free place to stay? What type of comments have you heard from other board members or the community? Thanks Randy Marlin Eckhoff ‘Mon 4/29/2019 3:13 PM. You: rkloos miktuc@®; Gilchrist Jarrod Ogden © 775 Yampa rehab facility over.. | Section 16.01.160 & 16.03.03... 298 e14ks Y Show all 3 attachments (2 MB) Download all Save all to OneDrive ae ME me proposi 1b/Treatment | ‘in the School ‘Memoria Repo! Heals proposing open o voluntary Ra cone eet eng 8 Wo ce have eae commas rom several pele ne rent zoning al